Friday, May 25, 2012

Best foot forward

Things just keep getting more interesting on the sexual scene here since I communicated to TW how much I really crave taking the submissive role and wish to do all I can to please her.
A few nights ago we went to bed at the usual time, which usually means too late for sex.  I had lots of stimulating sights during the day while touristing in the big city and seeing lots of lovely women.  We were tired but feeling interested in connecting.  So we did finally have some very good sex during which we talked about some fantasy scenes including my providing some foot service to her.  She came up with some great talk about having me worship her feet including licking and sucking her toes, maybe while I was kneeling naked on the floor with my balls bound and hands tied behind my back, or her playing with my cock and balls with her very talented toes while I was bound to the chair.  I was trying to hold off on orgasming but finally had a very satisfying cum as TW talked about having me kiss her pussy goodbye in the morning and eating my cum out of her before I left for work.  Unfortunately our daughter missed the bus and I had to drive her to school so no pussy eating that morning. 

A few days later I was saying goodbye to TW and pulled the covers off her and her panties down and gave her a very thorough pussy licking.  Finally she requested that I get out the golf balls and put them in her so she could keep them in while she showered.  I put them in my mouth one at a time and then transferred them into her hot wet pussy.  After a wet kiss on her lips, I dragged myself off to go to work with my cock hard and wanting.  She said she had the longest orgasm ever as she was bearing down on those balls inside her.

This morning I was looking for another chance to kiss her goodbye when she said she had something for me to do for her.  She was searching around her nightstand for something as my imagination ran wild.  Turns out she wanted me to put some athletes foot lotion on her feet.  With this fantasy talk lately of my foot worship she wants to clear up any fungus so I can lick and suck her toes.  So I gave her a nice foot massage, with special attentions to her talented toes as she told tales of what we could do with them.  She mentioned once recently when I sat on her heel and ground it into my asshole and how it would feel to put her big toe up my ass and how that would feel to her and me.  This foot play is sounding more exciting all the time.  Well, we both needed to get to work so put the lotion on and we got going.  She told me not to do any foot fetish research as she did not want me to get ahead of her.  She wants this play to be based upon what she comes up with.  I told her that I never had any foot interest before but that she had really sparked my interest and that I thought she could help me develop quite the foot fetish on her own.  She said at the rate we were going since we "started this new interest" of me serving her, pretty soon all our body parts would be erogenous zones.
Sounds good to me!

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