Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I kneed denial

Yes, I'm loving being denied orgasm. The buildup and prolonged sexual arousal has been really hot, though sometimes quite frustrating.
My last orgasm was 16 days ago and during that time we have been extremely busy with two weekends taken up with scout camping trips.
We did have one major sex scene during the week in which I went down on TW and ate her till she couldn't stand it anymore and pulled me up to fuck her. She loves to be fucked so fortunately I don't expect that any future chastity games will cut me off from that, just my own wish to be denied orgasm. Well, that was what happened that night too, no orgasm. Although it was less a case of being denied than that we were both tired and had enough and were happy to fall asleep horny without either of us orgasming.

Also during this time I've had several solo arousal sessions. I'll call it that because it generally means getting myself hot and horny through cock and ball torture, bondage, spanking, etc. and very little actual masturbation and of course no cumming.

One of the games we have played involves my pressing my balls and cock up against her knees when she lays on her side in bed and pulls her knees up towards me. It's a little scary placing my nuts in such a position where she could give them a good kick in her sleep without even meaning to, but it's exciting taking that risk and so far no accidents, although I secretly crave that she would give them a good crushing. A few nights ago I did this when were first settling in. I kept them there for a good portion of the night. We talked about it the next morning and she joked about noticing during the night that I was no longer in “position” and how she should have woke me up and scolded me. I let her know that would have been very acceptable to me. I really appreciated that she is even thinking that way.

So last night we managed to get to bed early and after putting on clean sheets (which often leads to us thinking we should get them dirty right away!) I offered to give TW a “goodnight kiss”. I started by kissing her lips, then pulled the blankets down and kissed my way down her breasts and belly to her pussy. I had kissed her goodbye that morning by giving her a quick pussy licking and I think she is enjoying that attention as she had shaved her pussy lips after wards, then enjoyed an orgasm with the magic wand after I left for work. I gave her a good eating out this time and eventually she started playing with my cock and balls too. She was tugging and squeezing my nuts and I was moaning and groaning my approval. Then she started sucking my cock. We both enjoy this, but it seems like it's been quite a while since we have.

We soon moved into position for some good old fucking. During this I told her that I know she sometimes feels guilty about me not coming or worries that I am missing out. I assured her that not only is it ok, but that I really enjoy being kept hard and horny without relief, particularly if she intentionally does so. I told her that I really love when she gets to come and I don't and the best of all is when she comes and not only am I denied but also suffering some pain while she is having pleasure. Some of my favorites were when I was tied up to the bathroom door with weights hanging from my balls and a hair scrunchy biting hard on my cock head while she is moaning with pleasure and orgasming on the bed. I told her of another favorite time when she tied my hands behind my back and placed clothes pins on my balls, then proceeded to use the magic wand to orgasm while I was lying there in bed next to her, helpless and in pain. I loved it!
As I reminisced about these scenes she got the magic wand and started using it on her clit, the vibrations soon got to me and I had to pull out before I came. I realized then it was too late as my cock pulsed and ejaculated. This apparently is what is called a ruined orgasm as I was not having a climax at all, but I did appear to ejaculate on her pussy. When I started to lick her pussy there was no question that I was tasting my cum. I've recently hinted to TW a few times that she should “make” me eat my cum out of her pussy after we finish but she hasn't followed through and at the time I was not so eager to do so after coming. This time though I was still hard and horny and happily licked up her sloppy swollen pussy and even my cum that had run down into her ass hole. She was quickly ramping up to an orgasm that I was hoping would be squirting in my face. It wasn't a squirter, but it was good nonetheless.

We recovered and I told her about my “ruined orgasm”. She said she thought she had felt something there and found some humor in my cleaning it up and tasting my own cum. I was still semi erect and horny as we settled in to sleep. TW pulled her knees up in front of her and asked if I could sleep if I was expected to keep myself on them all night. I knew I wouldn't sleep well but was happy to firmly plant my balls on her knees and try. She said that if I woke with the urge to screw that I was welcome to do so. It was a restless night as I made sure that I stayed firmly pressed against her knees. If she rolled away and back to me, I immediately got in place again. It seemed like I was in position for almost all night. The last time she pulled away was 5:20 am and I rolled on my back for the remaining time before the alarm at 6, but less than 15 minutes later she rolled over again and brought her knees up. I dutifully plastered my nuts in place for the last 20 minutes. When the alarm went off I ground my balls hard into her knees for a few minutes before getting up. Then I pulled the covers off her knees and kissed them, to my surprise they were very wet with my precum. I lapped it up, then licked my way up the back of her leg to her pussy and dove in. I gave a quick lick out, then reluctantly pulled out to shower. She asked if I really wanted to stop now, but I needed to shower and get our daughter up for school.
Later when she got out of the shower and I was ready to leave for work I offered to kiss her pussy goodbye. She said “if you want to, I just shaved too”. I knelt before her and gave her a very wet pussy kiss. Then I left for work, erect and horny again.


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