Monday, March 18, 2013

breakfast of champions

Had a few moments of balls grinding against her knees last night after a weekend of home alone. That means Lots of arousal between hours of surfing the web and hours of solo play including bondage, ass whipping and doing chores while suitably trussed up. But we were both tired and went to sleep quickly.
This morning I was just saying goodbye before running off to work and TW mentioned my ball grinding of the previous evening. She said she thought of it as a little good boy reward. This got me going right away and she noticed the bulge in my pants. She said she was tempted to have me kneel down and kiss her pussy right then but was worried that I might fall down the stairs that we were standing at the top of. I thought about that for one moment and made a very dominant move for a submissive by pushing her towards the bedroom. She was quite willing to go and laid back on the bed as I got to my knees and began kissing her knees and up her thighs.
I started kissing her pubes and wondered if that might be all when she pulled her feet up and spread her knees. I dove into her widespread cunt and buried my face in her wetness. It was wonderful!
I licked and sucked and she moaned and groaned. After a few minutes she pulled her legs up higher and I was delighted to see that see was offering up her asshole for me to lick. I love eating out her ass, it makes me feel so submissive and I just find it really enjoyable to lick, suck and stuff my tongue as far up her asshole as I can. She was enjoying it too and moaned her approval.
Eventually she directed me back to her pussy and I stuck two fingers up inside her and gave her a finger fucking. All this time I had a super hard erection tenting my pants and I thought someone should be getting an orgasm.
I grabbed her thighs and pulled her body towards the head of the bed. She was confused at first but when I pulled her magic wand out of the drawer she knew what I had in mind. I turned it on and applied it to her clit and she gave out a huge groan. I rammed my fingers back up her cunt and massaged her g-spot. Within a few minutes she had a huge squirting orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, I turned off the vibrator and went down on her again, licking up all her juices with big lapping licks up and down her pussy. My face was wet from my chin to my eyebrows, but I was very happy. I rested my head against her thigh and swooned in a total state of love and submission as she stroked my head.
Finally TW looked at the clock and said “Wow, it's late”. We both needed to get to work, so I struggled to my feet. My cock was still huge in my pants and TW stroked it and said I deserved a reward. My first thought was that I didn't want to come, I wanted to be spanked. She said that she better stop before I got a wet spot in my pants, but it was too late, as my precum had already soaked through. She said that now she owed me an orgasm, unless I was still considering that I owed her for all the orgasms I had in the past 21 years while she went without. Yes, that is fine with me. I washed my face and brushed my teeth again and went to work horny and frustrated, just the way I love to be kept.

ps  Three weeks since my last orgasm.  Perfect


submanhub said...

So nice isn't it.
Plastic pants of course prevent that little wet spot you know.

Mistress Marie said...

Just figured out you have a blog. Loved this post. Perfect she goes to work having cum and all licked clean and you go frustrated. Love it.

Anonymous said...
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