Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Prelude to HHMS (Hot Hotel Monkey Sex). (Thanks to Mr MD at Over 40 Married Sex  for that term) Wednesday night we got in bed and TW requested I spoon her to warm her up. My cock was warm already from working up my Mothers Day entry. She soon asked me to put it inside her and we had a quickie fuck as she talked about what she would do with me at the hotel. She talked about having me sleep with my face at her crotch. She said that would put my cock by her mouth where she could suck me any time. She could also have her hands on my balls to rub and squeeze them hard. I said yes they are yours to use however you wish. This was all getting me very close to the edge, so she made me pull out so she could go to sleep.
This morning I woke up with morning wood which TW discovered when she presented her knees for me to plant my balls against. She rolled over and offered up her ass for me to enter her pussy with my hard cock. We had a really good fuck and she was very wet with her fertile phase. We both needed to get up for work so we had a good reason to cut me off this time. That and I am on strict orgasm denial until sometime this weekend.
We are now at our hotel, actually one of those suites with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom. TW cranked up the heat when we got in the room, all the better for me to be naked. We'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow morning. I packed a whole bag full of toys, ready for anything!

Thursday night we got naked and TW put some lotion on her legs and requested that I rub it in. I did so and eventually ended up with her feet in my crotch grinding against my cock and balls. She had me sit leaning against some pillows at the head of the bed and she did the same at the foot and had me continue lotioning her legs. I got distracted from that when she put her feet in my crotch and ground them against me. Since I wasn't doing her legs anymore she came up with something new to do.
She stood up on the bed and had me hold my arms straight in front of me while I was laying down. I really didn't know what she was planning on when she put her hands in mine and placed her foot on my cock. Wow! I have seen photos and video of trampling but never mentioned it to her and now she was placing more and more of her body weight on my cock and balls. Have I said before that she is the most amazing woman in the world? Or that I am the luckiest man?

After a few minutes of this wondrous act she stepped aside and said she would have to do that again sometime when on a more secure surface where she didn't feel like she was on a rocking boat.
Then she knelt over my head and plastered her sopping wet pussy on my face.
She ground hard on my face and I licked and sucked like a man possessed. Eventually she even slid forward and placed her asshole against my mouth. I always enjoy kissing her ass and it makes me feel very submissive, especially when she is on top and sitting on my face. She ground her ass hard on my face and I pushed my tongue as far into her asshole as I could.
When she eventually rolled off me my cock was sticking up super hard. I had just shown her a picture the day before which was a graphic of a silhouette of a woman riding a man's face while he was sporting a big erection and I mentioned that was just what we were looking like.
She loves having my cock in her pussy and she sat on my cock then and rode me for a few minutes all the while telling me nasty things to tease me towards coming. I was so close to doing so and it was such a struggle not to. She pulled off me before I could of course and rolled over and asked for her vibrator. I got it for her and finger fucked her as she used the magic wand to bring her to a hot orgasm.
She was ready to sleep then and once again I was left to try and go to sleep as I lay there hard and horny. I am a lucky man!
To be continued.....

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