Thursday, June 06, 2013

mind blower

One day this week I caught TW in the morning right after her shower and she let me go down on her pussy. I gave her a good eating out although she was trying not to get too carried away and pushing me away. Finally she decided to just go for it and got the magic wand. She used that on her clit while I finger fucked her to a nice long orgasm. I went to wash my face before work. I came back in the room and her bare ass was up, so I kissed it, and kissed some more, then spread her cheeks and gave her fresh clean asshole a complete eating out. By time I came up for air to go to work I head a huge hard on tenting my pants. Off to work I go.

That night I was pressing my balls into her knees and TW started fondling my cock to hardness. She said she wanted it inside her so I climbed on top of her and slid it in her warm cunny. It felt very good but I was controlling myself really well as I had no plans to come. That all started to fall apart when she started talking about some of our recent hotel sex. Then as she talked about her toes in my nose she started putting her fingers in my nose. I was starting to feel that I couldn't hold back after all. TW said I had treated her well that morning and deserved to come. I wasn't sure I wanted to, it had only been a few days since my last. But when she started to spank my ass I asked if I could come. She told me yes and started stuffing fingers in my mouth along with my nose. I was overwhelmed with sensations and had a mind blowing orgasm! Wow! What a woman!

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