Friday, November 28, 2014

Tie me up and fuck me

Quick recap on a recent evening.  We were home alone and I was hoping for, but not expecting, some sexual activity.  T called me to the bedroom and asked if I was interested.  Of course I was! She told me to strip. I stood before her naked wondering what she had in mind.  She produced a hank of thin rope and tied it around my chest, framing my nipples. Then my hands were tied together and she had me hold my arms over my head. Another hank of rope was pulled from under the bed covers and she tied it very tightly around my waist. I was surprised that she had another hank of rope, this one was tied around the base of my cock and balls, then up my ass crack, finishing up in a way that kept my ass spread open nicely.  Yes, she had more rope that was tied in a daisy chain fashion down my thighs.
She told me to sit on the floor, that really pulled the ropes tighter!  She grabbed my ankles and dragged my bare ass across the carpet. Very interesting with my ass cheeks spread open.
My knees were tied together, my balls behind my thighs and my erect cock standing up.  She couldn't resist that and sat on my cock, taking me into her hot, wet pussy.
I was already extremely aroused at this point but thought I could hold off for a good fuck.  I was doing pretty well until I started to think about how I was not feeling like I had to cum.  Just thinking about it brought me to the brink immediately.  I tried to let her know that I had to stop, but it was too late.  I came hard, but in an agony of desperation at my failure to not be able to stop.
I had no time to even recover my senses when T was suddenly straddling my face, then planted her hot wet pussy on my open mouth.  I was very surprised, but happy that she was making me eat me cum from her.  I licked and sucked and swallowed and tried to clean every bit of my cum from her.
Her knees soon gave out and she got up and staggered to the bed.  She left me lying there tied up on the floor and went for her magic wand vibrator.

I managed to get up on my knees and shuffle my way to the bed.  I jammed my face into her pussy below the big vibrator and licked her till she squirted in my mouth.

Now, that is a meal to be thankful for!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful evening for you both. We are not that much into bondage but she does love to wrap my balls and cock in rope. Straddling your head after you climaxed was a great treat for you. then to top it off you get to lick her and she squirts into your mouth. A great evening.

sub hub in phx said...

What a wonderful story MARBILL. Forgive me for not knowing, but does your wife always make you eat your ejaculate, or was this a one-off, one time thing?

I have been thinking a lot about having to eat my ejaculate lately. It's not something I have ever done and Mistress K. thinks it is gross, so naturally she doesn't think to inflict that kind of thing on me.

I've read where some FLM couples require that the husband consume everything that he ejaculates. Other might have the husband consume only unauthorized ejaculations (all ruined orgasms are considered unauthorized orgasms by at least one couple, which makes some sense) and still others seem to do it occasionally, when the Mistress feels like it.

The idea of eating my own cum is not something I like, in and of itself. Just like I don't like how my ass burns when I am being punished. But ... the idea that I am required to endure an ass whipping is all a part of the dynamic on a FLM I believe, and is therefore necessary. I wonder if being required to consume my own ejaculate fits in that category. I know I have an erection just writing about it.

MRBILL said...

sub hub,
No, my wife does not make me eat my cum on a regular basis, in fact she has only had me do it a few times.
I don't really mind it that much, although it seems more appealing just before the orgasm than after.

I have also read of other FLM couples requiring that the husband consume his cum and I am very interested in having my wife require me to do so for all unauthorized ejaculations.

It is extremely rare any more that my wife will let me ejaculate in her mouth, but she did recently. She spit it out as quick as possible.
With a little forethought, I think that would be very hot for her to spit it in my mouth and make me swallow.

Anonymous said...

I'm often required to lick my wife clean after ejaculating over her clitoris.

If she comes from me rubbing my cock against her clit, then I squirt as well, and she's then too sensitive to be licked.

But otherwise, I come first, and am promptly told to get down below and clean her up and finish her off.

M in UK