Friday, January 29, 2016

Shave and a peg

We went to a business conference last week. In the past this meant a few nights without kids so we could have wild sex.  Now that the kids are out of the house we don't have to go away to have privacy, but it is still a great reason to have hot hotel monkey sex.
I was hoping for the best and brought a whole bag full of toys.  It was last year on this trip that T put on the new strapon and pegged my ass so I brought that along since she indicated that was something that would be done only while away from home.

I have been shaving my cock and balls for some time now, leaving just a puff on my pubic mound.  Thinking that it would look like a woman's trimmed pussy.  I keep my ass completely shaved clean, just so I'm always ready.  I have been thinking that this trip may be a fun time to shave my pubes off entirely.  I brought the hair clippers along in hope of doing this and I was dreaming of going all the way and shaving my legs too.

T saw the clippers and asked if I needed a trim. I told her I would like one and we went into the bathroom.  She had put the over the door restraints on my wrists so she could tie me up while she did so, but then I could not watch in the mirror so she didn't.

She mowed my pubic hair with the trimmers, starting with the long attachment, then switching to the next shorter till it was quite short.  I asked her to please go all the way and she asked if I was sure and used just the clippers to make it very short.  She trimmed a few inches down my thighs and I asked her to please not stop.  She asked if I really meant that.  I said, "yes, please, go all the way down".
She then used the trimmers to shear my legs all the way to my feet.  It took a while to do all and there was a pile of hair on the floor.

After she was done she told me to get in the shower.  She then used a razor and shaved my legs completely clean. I had no hair on my legs for the first time in over 40 years and it was so exciting that I was shaking. I was also erect and dripping precum.

She told me to dry off and come to bed.  She wanted me to put my hard cock in her and I did, fucking her hard.

Before long I was on the edge and had to pull out.  She pushed me down and I dove into her with my mouth, eating her hot wet pussy.  I did that until she grabbed the magic wand and brought herself to an orgasm while I finger fucked her.

The next evening as we dressed for dinner she opened a new pair of pantyhose and found they had a defective spot.  She tossed them aside and wore another pair. I picked up the defects and put them on myself and wore them for the whole evening.  It felt very strange to have my pants rubbing against the pantyhose and of course I had to sit when going to the bathroom.  That was exciting as I pulled down my pantyhose over my clean shaven thighs.

We did not get a chance for me to be pegged while we were at the hotel, but I was happy with being shaved.

The next night at home as we dressed for bed, T struck me with her belt as I did my evening stretching, naked. She had been afraid to whip me at the hotel and make too much noise.  No worries now and she gave me a very thorough belt whipping including my ass, thighs, shaved belly and nipples.  This felt like the hardest she has ever whipped me and I was loving it.

I was very surprised when she told me to sit on the end of the bed and lay back, pulling my legs up.
She was putting on the strapon!  She lubed my ass hole and slowly penetrated my eager hole.  She had me pull my legs open and spread them wide for her.  It was very hot and I felt like a hot slut.
She fucked me harder as she stroked my hard cock.  I told her to fuck my man pussy hard.  She began pounding me super deep and hard as I said she was going to fuck the come right out of me.  I have only come a few times while she fondled my cock, but I was completely unable to stop coming this time, permission or not!
She kept on stroking my cock after I came and I have never experienced such intense post orgasmic torture!  I was squealing and moaning and begging her to stop, but she just kept working over my desperate cock.  Finally she released me and slowly pulled her long red cock out of my man pussy.
I was completely spent and had all I could do to clean up and collapse on the bed.

So now she has pegged me at home on our own bed, which she said she wouldn't do.  She has shaved my legs, leaving me girlishly smooth.
Yes, girly shaved thighs and crotch, spread wide and fucked hard!  I am a happy submissive hubby.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic time you had. I keep myself smooth front and back from my belly button to about 3" down my legs she won't let me shave further it had to be very erotic watching her and feeling the razor doing it's job. And to top it off she pegged you at home and in such a good position you can watch each other while she fucks your man pussy. When I get taken in that position after I cum and while she is still in me she feeds me my cum.
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Bill- the part about your Wife using the wrist restraints as She helped you meet your fantasy of shaven legs is exciting. Congratulations! Great visual here.
Hotels are always a great "break" place to have some fun! :)
i've wondered about how good it would feel to have pantyhose/stockings on without hair! (i do shave my 'bikini line' and balls... or perhaps i should admit to epilating there, lol!)
Great you got your pegging at home -- a change of opinion from your Wife!
i guess you'll be in charge of keeping them shaved from now on, huh? ;)

MRBILL said...

Thanks for the comments.
I was too far gone at the moment to even think about eating my cum, but I was in a great position to do so. My wife does not find that too interesting now, but I would love it if she would feed it to me!
It was so exciting to watch the hair clippers taking off swaths of hair from my legs, then to have her shave them smooth was the ultimate. She has said that I should keep them shaved for a few weeks before letting it grow out. I don't know if she wants me to grow it out so that I get to experience the itching as it grows back in or that will be the end of shaved legs for now. I don't know how long it will take to grow in enough to be presentable for summer shorts and swimming season, but I would like to keep up the shaving for long enough for the novelty to wear off. I still love to look at and stroke my smooth, sleek legs. Of course, in my mind I would love for her to make me keep them shaved forever in my fantasy of further feminization.
Yes, very exciting that she decided to peg me at home. This, just a week after she stuffed my ass with mini hot dogs and a carrot, then forced me to orgasm.
As I get older, I think it only natural that the focus of my sex play transitions from my fading cock to my ass. My hormones are naturally shifting from aggressive male behavior to more submissive, so I hope that fucking my ass becomes standard practice.
AFter 30 years of being the one doing all the fucking and the coming, I half jokingly tell my wife that she gets to do all the fucking and coming from now on. I would be very happy to focus on her orgasms while she fucks me hard and I don't reach orgasm myself, it's what I deserve... and desire.

Anonymous said...

Ha, i was wondering about your next doctor appt date, and the summer beach/outside season! :)
i think you'll have alot of fun shaving them for a few weeks! i hope the itching doesn't really bother you... i've wondered about that; usually my balls/bikini line aren't a problem (but not always, lol!)

So interesting you commented on decreasing testosterone, and shifting thoughts and actions. i've been thinking the same thing here. So many good years of fucking, and now... well, it's me on my back, and my Wife spanking me and playing with my boi-pussy (only through my panties) as i cum into panties -- like just a short while ago.

i have to admit, after a spank and paddling, i'm feeling on my butt as i sit here. Just enough to remember what happened, and a reminder how i submitted to Her.
Take care, sara

MRBILL said...

I just had a doctor appt and don't have another till end of June, that's why I wanted to do this now. Though see my next post about how long this might last

Just last night as we went to bed, T commented that she was not wearing panties, so if I should wake up hard I could have easy access. I replied that I should use it while I still can as I don't know how much longer it will work. She siad that I could start winding down my sexual drive though she knows of some who keep it up into their 70's.
I dream of swapping sexual roles and her fucking me from now on, but her libido probably is not up to that. Well, being on my back in panties while spanked and having my boi-pussy played with wouldn't be too bad.

Anonymous said...

Gawd, i just read your latest post, and it unexpected "got" to me immediately!
Yes, that's probably enough time :)

So hot of T to make that comment to you in bed! i think with Her guidance, you'll have many more good years of fun.
Yes, i'd love my Wife to fuck me routinely as well, but know Her libido won't satisfy all that i would love. Well, we get what we can. Sometimes i regret giving up any "approaching" Her for sex (only She decides now, when and where), but it HAS been good for our relationship, as i don't pester Her. Does make for some longing mornings, though, lol :)