Monday, September 28, 2020

Mind blown Anniversary

 Wow, been almost a year since my last post.  Well, it's been a tough time for all.

We had a great start to the season last Christmas. With an empty nest, T surprised me with a Christmas day session in the cistern under the kitchen of our old house. I had long fantacised about being taken down there, restrained and abused and left there in the dark to ponder my fate.  That is just what she did and it was great.  I thought we were starting a whole new female led relationship lifestyle. 

Not much happened after that. Then in March our adult son moved back home. That has generally put a big damper on things. That and T just does not have the hormones to desire much sexual activity.

Unlike me, who at this advancing age still thinks about sex nearly all the time.

So what a surprise when this scene happened last week.

T was doing some sewing so I headed to bed before she did.

I was feeling very horny for a Tuesday evening and wanted to do something while waiting for her to come to bed. I tied a thin green rope around my cock and balls.

The long tail I innocently draped across the bed to her pillow. Couldn't miss it!

It was nearly an hour later that T came into the room. I pretended to be asleep and waited for her reaction. I did not expect that she would fling the blankets off me!

She inspected my handiwork and my tightly bound and bulging balls. I really did not expect that she would do anything that late at night.

A few minutes later she got in bed and grabbed the rope and began tugging it.

Then she began stroking my cock which began to wake up despite the late hour.

I really got excited when she started roughly squeezing and pulling on my balls. I moaned and groaned with the delicious agony.

She then surprised my by pulling my nightgown up and spreading my legs. Then she mounted my hard cock and began fucking me. Yes, my wife was on top and fucking me. Yes, I loved it.

This was all too much for me and I was close to orgasm very quickly. I warned her and did all I could to get her to slow down, which got me over the hill and to a point that I was not about to burst.

She continued fucking me for much longer than she is usually able.

Then T started playing with my nipples. She knows this sends me right into orgasm territory. I also know that she does not want nipple play to be an instant orgasm trigger because she would not be able to play with my nipples then. But she was seriously testing me this time, pinching and pulling my nipples hard. I was ascending the orgasm hill quickly. I am not supposed to orgasm without permission and am expected to ask for permission. I honestly could not even think about asking for permission as she grabbed my nipples with her fingernails and dug in with excruciating pain. I bucked and roared in a completely mind blowing orgasm. Between the nipple pain, the tight rope constricting my cock and balls, and having her ride me like her bitch, it was an amazing orgasm. When I finally caught my breath again, my only words were “mind blown”.

I was surprised again when T moved up and straddled my chest. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “You did not have permission!” she said with mock anger.

Then she straddled my face and planted her wide spread, hot, swollen and cum dripping pussy on my face. “Time to clean up your mess”.

I licked and sucked and swallowed my cum and loved it. I love her.

Happy Anniversary.

Monday, April 06, 2020

Whipped lunch

I have not written anything here in ages, but this just happened so I will post it while it is fresh and I forget.

I went home for lunch, it’s a nice sunny spring day and my wife is home today.
She was working in her flower bed when I got there. She suggested that I might “get dressed” for lunch and eat outside where she was working. I looked a little puzzled and she said “I know you get naked and tie your balls to the chair when you are home alone for lunch, so you can do something”.

I quickly made my sandwich and “got dressed”. She sometimes complains when I do everything in self bondage and leave nothing for her, so I a tied a rope around my waist, cinched my balls then pulled up my pants with four feet of rope hanging out the fly and wrapped through my upper legs and crotch.

She was interested to see what I was wearing and asked if I was comfortable. “Yes”, I replied and she said that the idea was to be uncomfortable. I told her that I left the extra rope for her to apply the uncomfortable and sat down on the porch to eat my lunch.

As soon as I finished eating she had me stand alongside the porch and unwound the rope. She mentioned my belt and I hinted “use the belt”. She took my leather belt off, then used the excess rope that was tied to my balls to fasten my wrists to the porch railing. She pulled my pants and panties down, commenting on the panty shield that was in them.

She had me bend over as far as I could and stick my ass out. That made the rope from my balls pull on them, stretching them upward. Then she began whipping my ass with my belt. I have been craving a whipping lately and this was divine. It was so exciting to be whipped in broad daylight while helplessly restrained. She gave me a good solid belt whipping, but it never exceeded feeling good to me, although I secretly craved that she would make it so painful that I really wanted to be released. She fondled my cock until it dribbled precum and pulled my balls causing them to ache delightfully.

When she was satisfied with the redness of my ass she put the belt on the railing by my face and returned to her gardening. I was left panting and red assed with my pants and panties halfway to my knees. We were in the front yard, but we are a long way off the road and extremely unlikely that anyone would arrive. Still, I felt very exposed and helpless, wondering how long she would leave me there as the breeze cooled my hot butt. She commented about how nice it was to have her submissive close by at her beck and call, even if I could not respond to her call until she released me.

After 15 minutes she untied my wrists. She asked me who was her mistress. “You are”, I said as I looked in her eyes adoringly. The same question and answer for Queen, Goddess and boss.
I looked down to see precum streaming from my cock. “You better catch that before it drips on your pants” she said. I wiped it up with my finger and licked it off.

“Go get yourself dressed and take your red ass back to work” she said as she put my leather belt in my mouth to carry it.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ass. ass ass

I recently succumbed to an Amazon suggestion and bought a leather paddle or slapper.  It is black with red cut out letters spelling SLAVE.
I "gifted" it to T. 
This morning I was about to leave for work when she asked if I had 5 minutes.  "ok"
She told me to drop my pants as she picked up the new paddle.
"You did say that you need this on a regular basis?", she asked.  I agreed that I did.
She then paddled my ass for what she says was 5 minutes. I was ready for more!
She sent me off to work with a hot ass.

Last week we had a discussion about our sex life.  I always want more. Her lidido is nearly gone.
It did result in cuddling in bed, then having some great multi position intercourse.
Finished up with me fucking her from behind and she told me that I could come but that I was to finger fuck my ass.  I had a roaring orgasm as I screamed "Fuck me!" while jamming my finger up my ass.

I had no orgasms during all of "Locktober", during which I tried to be locked up in a chastity device nearly every night, sometimes during the day too.

The prior two orgasms in October both were hand jobs by T as she finger fucked my ass.
Is this the new normal?  I hope so.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Nasty, kinky animal in the woods

I have in past had some nasty play time while alone in the woods. I enjoy tying myself up to trees, whipping my ass with a belt or stick, getting down and dirty.
I had a chance to play like this today and it was very dirty, even for me.

I came upon a spot where young people apparently partied, based on the evidence of a bonfire and a couple beer cans. They had made some rough benches around the fire pit with logs.
I used one of those benches to sit and take off my shoes and socks, then stood up and stripped completely naked there in the forest.
There was a path nearby, but it was highly unlikely at this time that anyone would come by.
I had brought along an 8 foot length of rope for a little bondage.

First things first, used my heavy leather belt to whip my ass.
Then I sat down in the leaves and used a small stick to whip my pubic mound and nipples.

I had seen a fetlife posting recently of a woman posing half naked bent over a log.
I sprawled over a granite boulder and enjoyed the rough rock surface grinding into my body as I hung on the rock.

The stem of a small fern was shoved into my pre-cum weeping cock.

I used my belt to secure myself to a sapling.

Then laid down on the ground and bound my feet together with the rope and pulled my feet up off the ground. Used my belt to cinch my wrists together, then laid there pretending that my mistress had left me here, naked and helpless, wondering when she would return.

I found a small tree with a branch at the right height for me to bite the branch, then used the rope to bind my head to the branch, then tied the rope around my head and eyes, leaving me feeling very helpless indeed.
I had a very nasty idea, released myself and found a stick about half and inch in diameter and gingerly stuffed it up my ass. Then I bit the stick again and bound my head to the branch, with my eyes blindfolded by the rope.
I used the belt tightly around my neck, then put my hands behind my back and pretended that I was left to suffer helplessly. It was so exciting!

There were a few other minor things before the finale.

The partiers had left a hatchet (small axe) in a stump. It had an hammer head on the back side which they had been using to pound nails in the stump for a drinking game.

I just had to try and get that up my ass. I sat down on it and spread my cheeks. Then I spit on the hammer for some lube and tried again. I imagined that I was being forced to lift my feet and let my body weight cause me to be impaled. Yes, force fucked, raped with a hammer up my slutty boy pussy!

After I unfucked myself from that, I bent over the log, ass up for a final ass whipping with the belt .
I saw a piece of trash on the ground and picked it up to see what it was. It was a tampon, still in the wrapper.

I have read of sissies having to wear a tampon in their boy pussies to make them have a semblance of a feminizing “period” What a wonderful find! Yes, I had to open the package and inspect it. Then, I had to try inserting it in my nasty pussy. \Yes, it went in, the applicator came out and I was showing the tell tail signs of a string dangling from my crotch! I could only imagine the hot college girl who had dropped this here and dreamed of her making me wear it. My mind flew to visions of her catching me in the act, stealing my clothes, and forcing me to be her sissy slave.

But the rain was approaching, time to end this nasty play.
I did wear the tampon for the rest of the evening while I went to a brewpub for dinnner.
It was very strange to feel something like that inside me.
If my wife was interested in feminizing me, I would encourage her to do this to me.
Alas, she does prefer to have a manly man and would probably be freaked out at the suggestion that she use tampons in me.

It was a fun, nasty time in the woods.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


I recently brought up the concept of “maintenance” spankings with T. I explained that I understood that she found it difficult to “hurt” me due to her medical career but that I “needed” to receive spankings and whippings. If she didn't give them to me, I would do it to myself.
I talked to her about having a routine “scheduled” time to give me regular spankings. For one thing this would help her become more accustomed to hurting me, it would help remind us both of our roles as dominant and submissive and by having it scheduled, would help keep it going and not forgotten about. Then I hopefully waited for something to happen.
She did give me a few unexpected canings, to my delight (maybe not at the time!).
I basically always wash the dishes. I usually put away leftovers, then go to the bedroom to “prepare” for dishes. This means putting something on my cock and balls. Sometimes a sex toy, often just a brass ring or two or more around the base of my cock and balls. I then present myself for “inspection”, before proceeding with the dishes.
I was putting away leftovers last night when T asked if I was “dressed” for that. I said “not yet” and she told me to go get dressed for dishes. She asked if I was inspired to serve her and I said “yes Ma'am.” I went to the bedroom, put two brass rings around the base of my cock and balls and a smaller one around just my balls. Then I put a pair of supple nip suckers on my nipples. I presented myself for inspection, then did the dishes. Towards the end I accidentally splashed water on the window sill over the sink. I don't know if I made an exclamation or if T saw it but she ordered me to “come here”
She asked if I had gotten water on her window sill. I tried to lamely explain that it was an accident.
I was surprised when she actually scolded for it, then told me to bend over her lap. I did so rather awkwardly. She then used a lint brush to spank my ass. He made a funny hollow sound, but wasn't very painful.
She told me to get up and finish the dishes and to not be such a duck in the future.

This was a step forward as she chose to punish me for something, and not just spank me sexually.
Somewhat scary, but exciting.

Sexually, I was denied an orgasm from January 1 till February 23. Not nearly a record, but fairly long.
T provided me a great scene that weekend when she had me get the under bed restraints out, secured me to the bed, then used a back scratcher on me, all over including my balls and asshole. She then lubed my ass and put something up it. It felt great as she fucked my happy boy pussy. Even better when she used her magic wand vibrator to force me to orgasm without permission. To top it off she caught my cum in her hand and fed it to me.

Last weekend I wore a ball stretching weight over night and had it on when we showered the next morning. T surprised me by stroking my cock in the shower. She got me very erect, then lubed my cock with conditioner. She pumped me hard and pulled on my weighted balls. The pain was glorious and when she bit my nipple I knew I was not supposed to come, but could not stop. I groaned “no, no, no” as she forced me to cum. I was left slumped against the shower wall, totally shattered.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Craving control

I posted a response to a blog post on one of my favorite blogs "Male Chastity Journal".
It got a bit long so I thought I would copy it here.

Just like so many men, I am excited by the feeling of submission brought about by my wife having control over me.  This is enhanced by doing humiliating things or being "forced" to do or wear something.
I wear panties all the time now.  Yes, it just becomes forgotten about when they are under my pants just like any underwear.  There may be a momentary reminder when I go to the bathroom and see them, but that's it.
Years ago I read of men who were required to wear panties, even having all their men's underwear disposed of, leaving no choice.  Oh, how I craved to have my wife control me in that way. Oh well, most women don't really care about these things so I bought my own panties and replaced my briefs with them.
So many times, in the heat of passion, I have implored my wife to own me, use me, abuse me even in any way she desires. No time for that when life is taken up with TV, facebook and sewing projects.
Am I complaining here?  I suppose so, but when she does take an interest it is wonderful, so I shall appreciate what I have, continue to love and serve her as best I can and enjoy reading about other people wearing purple panties and bunny tails.
I do have a nice long fox tail, she has never made me wear it. pout

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

vibed and controlled

It has been quite some time since I wrote anything. That usually indicates either a lull in the activities or just all is good and proceeding. Sex life has taken a hit over the past year and a half since our oldest son moved home, followed not long after by our youngest daughter who is attending college near enough to commute. So much for empty nesting!
There have been some occasional hot sex scenes that I have not written up since I really didn't get a chance to at the time. One of the reasons for writing this journal was to remember these scenes. I will try to capture the basic activities of a few that I remember, even though it won't be a detailed story.

First off though, I have read about people doing “chemical torture”, meaning applying some type of lotion to the skin that may cause a reaction. Usually this is something menthol like BenGay or IcyHot.
I have been curious about this since reading about a woman who used this to punish her husband when she could not spank him when the kids were home. She would tie him to the bed naked, apply IcyHot to his cock and balls and leave him locked in the bedroom for an hour to ponder his burning bits and better behavior in the future.

I bought a tube of icy hot today. I put some on my balls, spread it all around. It does cause an interesting cold burning sensation. Of course my cock got aroused at this and started to erect, so I put some icy hot on the head, then spread it all down the shaft. Might as well jump right in! So I am writing this as my cock and balls are burning. It is not too bad, tolerable, but a very constant reminder.
I think I will offer the tube to T and see if she would be interested in tormenting me with it. She does like to tease!

Just the other day we had just got out of the shower in the morning. I was naked and hoping for some attention. T picked up a back scratcher that I got recently. It is shaped like a tiny metal hand, with fingers to scratch with. She gently scratched it on my balls, then cock. She eventually got to scratching my cock pretty hard with and and using the little metal fingers to pull wide the opening on my cock head. I was very excited!

She then had me turn around and bend over. She scratched my ass very well, then moved between my legs, eventually getting right in there and scratching my ass hole. She spread my rosebud wide with the little metal fingers. I was soo hot, then she flipped the tool around and poked my ass hole with the handle. She put it in my and fucked me in the boy pussy. My cock was super hard and dripping precum, which she wiped off and fed to me.

She had my fuck her then. Then she had me eat her. At one point she was playing with my cock and sucking the head while she spanked my ass. She had me eat her again and she came, squirting into my mouth.

Last month I bought a new sex toy, a vibrating butt plug with a remote control. I thought it would be very fun to give T control of something like that. I do love giving her control of things to do with my body. I have a ritual now of “dressing” to do dishes. This means putting something on my cock and balls. I usually present myself to T for inspection to show her what I have put on before starting the dishes. This night she told me to get dressed for dishes. She said to put the new vibrating plug in, put on a flowered apron and bring the remote control to her.
She had a great time tormenting me while I did the dishes, turning the vibration on and off, changing the pattern. She especially liked surprising me when she switched it on and watching me jump.
After the dishes were done we watched tv for awhile during which she would occasionally switch on the vibe just to watch my reaction.

We went to bed and she played with the vibe and got me hard. She had me give her a good fucking then. Of course no cumming allowed for me.

This is exactly what also happened on New Years Day but that time she ran the vibe in my boy pussy and told me to come hard in her. I had a roaring orgasm. She said that since it was on New Years day she would be able to know how long she was denying me in the new year.
I do hope it will be for a long time in a tiny cage.