Tuesday, October 25, 2022

bend over bitch


Recap on recent events.

I did not shave my pubes all summer in hopes of getting another fire trim.

Last month we were away at a hotel.

Just before the trip I presented her with a “zapper” dog trainer that I bought to use on me.

I put it on with the contacts under my scrotum. She found it to be great fun to zap me and see the reaction. I wore it for the 4 hour drive and she occasionally reminded my of it with a zap. She thought it great fun to use when I was in the men’s room at the rest area.

I had brought a lighter just in case T decided to burn my pubes off and I believe she had hinted it might happen.

She had me strip naked and put a ball gag with attached chains to nipple clips on me. The gag has holes in it so I ended up with droop all over my chest.

She used the over the door cuffs to hang me up from the bathroom door.

Then she burned my pubic hairs off with the lighter. Some of them flamed up quite a bit and burned me, but I told me myself this is what I wished for. The room did smell pretty bad of burned hair afterward.

After she burned all the hair off my front, she had me turn around and whipped my ass.

Then she brought herself to an O while I licked her ass.

A few days later we were at our daughter’s house. She and her husband had left for work and we were leaving later that morning.

I was hoping that we might do something that morning and was happily surprised when T told me to get naked. She blindfolded me with a bandana then used an extension cord to do a shibari style tie around my chest and tight around my nipples. Then she used a thin leather belt from the dress to truss up my cock and balls.

She had me bend over the bed and whipped my ass with her belt. She then used the zapper on the underside of my cock and the magic wand vibrator on my cock head. This was all too much for me and I came for the first time in 3 months.

A few weeks ago T asked if I wanted to do some play on a Sunday morning and had me take a viagra before making breakfast. Of course I did and she asked if was interested in anal play, even maybe pegging. Yes of course, so I dug out the strap on.

She first got me very hard and had me tie my cock tight with a rope.

Then she had me lick her pussy to get it wet, then put some lube on and had me fuck her. After a while she switched to doggy position and I fucked her from behind. With thoughts of the days before I was submissive, I scratched her back and ass like I used to do. I then spanked her ass. This was too much for me and I had to pull out, but I knew that my cock was already trying to spasm although I could not ejaculate with the tight rope on.

T then put on the strap on, had me bend over and fucked my boi pussy. I enjoyed it and was rocking back against her. She put the zapper on my balls and somehow got the vibrator on my cock too. We were both talking about how she was fucking me like I was her bitch It was amazingly stimulating, but even with the Viagra and the still hard cock I just could not organize a full orgasm. Too much going on at once. We stopped fucking and used the magic wand to bring her orgasm out as I licked her asshole.

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Weights and chains and floggers, oh my!


Sometimes I get frustrated with what feels to me like lack of sexual activity in our relationship.

But usually when I am feeling like it is all over, T will do something amazing that makes it all wonderful again.

Recently we were visiting out daughter. Considering we were staying at her house and it was rather chilly in the room I did not expect anything sexual to happen. T surprised me when she came back to bed in the morning and went under the covers to attack my sleepy cock with her mouth. I really did not think it was up to getting hard at that point. It did start to rouse and just to help things along she straddled me and sat on my face. Her pussy was already damp and swollen. I licked and sucked and occasionally managed to pull in a breath of air. I love this position as her asshole is right over or right on my nose. Every breath that I struggle to pull into my nose is breathed from her ass. I love the feeling that my struggle to stay alive is fought with my nose in her asshole. With this in mind I totally lost control and came. There was no thought or even capability to ask permission. T kept me from screaming out loud by keeping her ass cheeks secured around the sides of my face.

When she did release me I was again surprised by my wonderful wife when she appeared before my face and kissed me. I” did not think she would want to kiss me after I had eaten her pussy and nose fucked her asshole. I was even more surprised when she released my load of come from her mouth into mine. We had stated at one time that if I came without permission I would be required to eat my come.

So I swallowed it down.

This past Saturday T was working. It was a warm day for this time of year and I played a little bondage in the woods with some rope tied tightly around my swollen cock and balls and wrapped tight around my chest. My leather belt was used to whip my ass, my cock and my chest.

That evening I went out to a movie theater by myself wearing fishnet stockings, black panties, a cock and ball ring and nipple suckers. After the movie I tortured myself. Attached a leather harness to my balls that has hooks hanging from it to attach weights. Tied ropes tight around my chest above and below my big pumped nipples. I have a bunch of brass rings that I usually wear around the base of my cock and balls and two “gates of hell” ring devices. All these I hung from my balls. Clover clamps on my nipples and finished up with two heavy ball stretching weights hung from my straining balls. My cock needed to suffer also and I covered it with clothes pins. As I stood in front of the mirror swinging the weights viciously back and forth my wife pulled into the driveway. How fast could I get all this stuff off myself? I rushed to pull off ropes, clamps and straps and had it all off by time she came to the bedroom.

Of course I was very aroused by then but it was very late and I could not expect her to want to do anything then. She had mentioned the day before that she might have me take a viagra and then have some play. I slept naked just to be ready.

The next morning I got up and made coffee and her diet Coke, then brought a snack of sliced bananas and oranges to bed for a snack. As we had our morning snack she commented upon my having slept naked and asked what I was in the mood for. Of course I said that I wanted to submit to her and be abused. She asked if I had done anything the day before. I sheepishly gave her a run down of all that I had done in her absence. She considered that then told me she wanted to see what all I had put on myself. Okay! She asked for it so I proceeded to put on all those weights and the nipple clamps. Clothes pins up the underside of my cock and around the head, a few more viciously clamped the rosebud of my asshole. She told me to get out what I wanted her to use on me. I got a leather belt, a leather paddle with red “SLAVE” written on it. She said that she thought I would get out the flogger, so I got that too. Glad I did!

She grabbed the weighted chains and swung them around. The clover clamps had hooks on them and she attached a pair of clover clamps with a chain connecting them to the hooks. She clipped the few remaining clothes pins to the chain.

She told me to bend over, but I had another idea. I had seen a picture of someone restrained with a device that is a 2 foot long bar with 4 velcro cuffs on it. I happen to have one and got that out. She had never seen it before. I knelt on the foot of the bed and helped her cuff my ankles to the outer pair. Then I put my head down and put my hands between my legs and put my wrists on the cuffs. She secured my wrists. I was helpless and at her mercy.

T started with the leather paddle and it felt great as she warmed up my ass. She spanked all over my ass and between my cheeks. After a few minutes she switched to the belt. She did not fold it over as I would but used it full length so it was quite stingy. I squirmed some with that but she really whipped me very long and hard. She said that would leave some marks and I thanked her for marking me.

Next came the leather flogger. This was very “thuddy”, the weight of it really making an impact. I really felt the impact when she used it on my back. The weight of it on my back just pounded me so well, I really enjoyed it almost like it was a massage.

Through all of this the weights were hanging from my balls down the foot of the bed. The clover clamps on my nipples burned painfully as my chest ground on the bed. It was awesome. This is what I crave for her to do. She said that she doesn’t want to hurt me but knows that I do this to myself so felt that is what I want and I certainly do. This session was probably the most pain she has ever dealt me and I am so proud of her for doing so.

T then released me from the cuffs and helped me unfold myself. She took off the clothes pins (ouch!) and had me take off the weights and ball harness. Then she told me to stroke my cock. I masturbated for her and got it good and hard. She told me to put on the “magic green string” a length of paracord which I tied around the base of my cock and balls. That always gets and keeps me hard.

She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, then told me to get her wet. I dove into her already wet pussy and licked and sucked it. I was laying on my chest and the clover clamps were tearing at my nipples, but I focused on making her feel good. After a few minutes she pulled my head away and said she wanted that hard cock in her.

I knelt up and put my hard cock in her wet pussy, she moaned in pleasure and I began fucking her. I was so aroused after all the activity of the day before and this day that I was soon groaning and struggling to not come. She asked if I wanted to come or be denied. I said that my body wanted to come, but my mind really wanted her to control me and not let me come. She said “That’s good, because you are not coming today, I am!” She then made me stop fucking her and get her vibrator.

I went down on her again and she used the magic wand on her clit. This tends to leave no room for my tongue on her pussy, but I don’t mind as I am pushed aside and left with having to tongue her asshole.

That’s what I did, licking her rosebud, pushing my tongue in her ass just as far as I could until she had a massive orgasm, releasing her pee that I sucked up out of her ass crack.

What an incredible session. I did buy her a bouquet of flowers as a thank you!

Monday, January 17, 2022

Balls on Fire!


In my last post I briefly described the scene when T used a lighter to burn my pubic hairs off. She said at that time that it was a shame that I did not have hair on my cock and balls that she could have burnt off too. I stopped shaving right then and grew out nice long hair in anticipation of the day that she would decide to light me up again. I even gave her a lighter for Christmas as a reminder that I was hairy and ready.

She gave me permission to shave my legs, which I have been doing every winter for about 5 years, so I did that.

Last weekend she told me to turn on the heat in the bedroom and strip. She told me to get out a rope then she tied my wrists together and had me stand with my back to the door and put a knot over top of the door and closed it. She put down a towel to catch the ashes and asked if I really wanted this. I assured her that I had been eagerly looking forward to it since summer.

She then sparked the lighter into flame and brought it to my genitals. We were both amazed at how much the hair would flare up and spread the fire
Several times the fire got pretty hot and I whimpered and jumped in surprise and pain.

She burnt the hairs of my balls then my pubic mound
After she had singed off my hair to a stubble she used a wet wipe to clean up the ashes.

The room smelled terribly of burnt hair, a lasting reminder that would linger for days.

She noted that she had missed a few areas and said that we would have to have another session. I was happy to do that!

The following weekend we slept late. T told me to get the spreader bars and some rope. I got out wrist and ankle cuffs and she attached them to the spreaders, lie on my back and hold my legs up so that my crotch was exposed and very vulnerable. She gave me a small mirror to hold so that I could see what she was doing. Then she lit the flame and burnt the hair off the underside of my balls, the taint and then burnt my ass crack clean. It was scary and exciting to feel the flame between my cheeks.

She then did clean up to burn off the pubic mound even closer, then the hairs up to my navel. I don’t have any hair on my chest other than a few around my nipples. It was scary to see the flame of the lighter right before my eyes as she played it around my nipples and singed off those few hairs. I had been looking forward to her burning off my armpit hair, but the position didn’t work and she said I would have to shave them.

That evening I did shower and shave from my neck to my toes. I am delighted to look at my smooth hairless body in the mirror.

T said that the pyro in her had fun doing that. I certainly hope that she will do so again and despite loving my hairless body I will grow that hair right back if she tells me she wants to set me on fire again!

Friday, November 12, 2021

Hot time in the Summer


sexual highlights of summer 2021

While camping T tore nipple holes in my worn thin blue nightie, then put clothes pins on my nips then...

Major highlight—T used a lighter to burn my pubic mound off!!!. She also burned some hair off my thighs.

Very exciting to me and she thought it was fun too. She said if my balls weren’t shaved she could burn that off too. Have not shaved my cock and balls since then and will not until she burns it off me.

Leather whip was sticking out from under mattress one night and T pulled it out and had me bend over for a whipping. I think it was the first time she used it on me.

May have been the same day that I left whip and some other toys on bed with door open. She was angry that son may have seen them. She caned my ass with no warm up, so painful! Will not do that again.

While on our cruise I told her my fantasy of being tied up naked in our cabin and having her leave me there to go talk with people, maybe even standing on the roof right over my head.

She put clothes pins on my nipples and tied up my balls and cock with the “magic” green string which was then tied to my wrists over my head. She sucked my cock and got it very hard.

She gagged me with her used panties and left me to suffer.

When she returned she told me it had been 20 minutes. I thought she was just checking up on whether I was ok and I was prepared to ask her to leave me longer. An hour sounds exciting but would probably get boring. She told me to release myself and get dressed and come out then left me to my own devices,

A week later we had sex at my mother’s house. She can’t hear anything without her hearing aids.

T whipped my ass, then tied up my cock with the green string. She sucked me till I was dying to come then she mounted me and rode me until I did come. Then she sat on my face and I ate my cum from her pussy.

Anniversary day sex I had on a steel ball ring T sucked me till very hard. She pinched both nipples and I asked if I could please cum, she said that she hadn’t had her fun yet and mounted me. She fucked me so well and I begged to cum. She looked me in the eye, smiled and said NO.

Then she rolled off me and told me to get her vibrator out. I fucked her with a glass dildo as she brought herself to a great orgasm. Then I went to sleep frustrated and loving her so much for controlling me.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Belt whipped because she can

 My wife really does not spank me for cause, unless I leave the wipes container open! She recently belt whipped me with no sexual context at all, which she did find somewhat remarkable. So did I. For the next few days whenever she thanked me for doing a chore I told her that doing the chore was a thank you for the whipping. Last night she told me to bend over the bed and whipped my ass, then had me stand up and whipped my hard cock. She said it was a thank you for all I had done for her that day. I suppose that means it wasn’t a “just because” spanking. Whatever the reason, I am thrilled that she is feeling that she can whip my ass without it being a sexual scene, then just carry on with life.

I desperately crave to serve her and submit to every use and abuse that she is willing to bestow upon the body that i offer up to be owned by her.

Monday, March 22, 2021

New normal?


After my last orgasm at the end of November, T joked about not letting me come again that year. I held out for a goal the end of the year. We got that and then some. As the weeks and months passed by with no orgasm for me she joked about not letting me come at all this year. I found that to be scary yet very exciting. I thought perhaps a Valentines day come would welcome. Secretly I wondered if it could be possible to be denied for a whole year. I know it is possible, but would she do it?

I found out on March 14.

Finally after months of no privacy at home, out adult son went away for the day. I hinted that this would be a good day for the kitchen floor to be cleaned. In the past there have been a few times that I scrubbed the floor while naked on my hands and knees with my balls restrained and weighted. It has been a few years since we did this game and the last time we did our college aged daughter showed up in the middle of it. We had locked the front door, but she showed up at the kitchen door to see her Dad naked but for a collar around his neck. She fled, I fled and we never mentioned it.

So today we had a chance to play. I vacuumed the floor, then got my scrub bucket and rag.

I stripped naked, put a harness on my balls with attached hooks and rings, also a set of tweezer clamps on my nipples. I presented myself to T with my collar and riding crop. She placed the collar around my neck and I swooned. This is what I crave.

I also had a remote controlled vibrating butt plug. I put a condom on it and placed it up my ass, then presented the remote control to T.

I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor as she “supervised” and distracted me by switching the action of the plug. At one point I spilled some water on the floor and earned a serious punishment with the crop.

When I finished, T picked up the action including kicking me from behind. I have long fantasized about her kicking me in the balls and she did that now along with kicking my asshole. She cropped my balls and cock which was very hard. I was still down on the floor on my knees with my ass up in the air. She started fucking my ass with the plug and reached around to stroke my cock. The sensations were just too good and I begged her to let me come. At the same time I did not want to come like this. After all these months, I wanted to orgasm while we were making love. But there was just too much stimulation. My nipples were screaming in pain, my ass was loving the fucking and she was threatening to make me come on my clean floor.

I came in a roaring, screaming, mind blowing orgasm.

My last orgasm, 19 weeks ago, was brought about the same way. The vibrating plug up my ass, T stroking my hard cock and forcing me to cum whether I wanted to or not.

Is this the new normal?

Good times


Quick notes about some great action

Bought a new plastic chastity cage that came with an estim controller and a shock pad that goes at base of balls and an insertable that goes into the urethra to provide shock there.

This estim gives a wicked shock, so that even touching it with my finger was too much.

I thought it would be great to have that thing in my cock and being tormented with it, but I really was too afraid to try it.

Also got an electric vibrating butt plug that has writhing action too and a remote control. Thought that T would have fun with that and she did.

She had me get the “princess chair” that is a steel wire frame. She had me take the seat off and sit on it naked on the bare wire frame with that butt plug in. She tied me to the chair, then tormented me with that vibrating plug while playing with my cock. I am sure she did other things too that I don't remember now. Finally I had a mind blowing orgasm. Totally overwhelming sensations. I wasn't even sure if I was coming or what, but just had to do something.

Incredibly hot.

She let me orgasm a few weeks before Christmas. Had some great sex Christmas day and day after, lots of O for her, denial for me. She said that I might not orgasm until next year, which was next week.

It's now third week of January and I have not come yet. She tells me that I don't know when I will come again and she does not either. Maybe not this month, maybe not this year. It is scary exciting to consider that my denial this time could end up being a whole year.

Last weekend T was taking a shower in the evening and asked if I wanted to also. I thought might as well, at least be naked together. Before I got in shower she asked if I wanted to shave. It's that time of year when she let's me shave my legs. Of course I did. I got the electric trimmers and mowed all the fur off my legs. Then got in the shower and shaved them smooth. So exciting to be smooth and sexy.

Last time I shaved she told me to keep my pubic mound, so I left it this time. I was sure tempted to cut it all off while she was in the shower, but did not have permission. Got to leave something for her to do.

Later I wore fishnet stockings and a thong, caged cock and jeweled butt plug.

In the bedroom she scratched my back for me, then had me lay back on the bed and scratched my front harshly, leaving my chest, belly and thighs red. She had me pull my legs up and tortured my balls, stretching, squeezing and pinching them. I had a steel cage on my cock so she could only pinch the head. She got out a riding crop and cropped my inner thighs while I held my legs up and spread with a wooden spreader bar behind my knees.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Mind blown Anniversary

 Wow, been almost a year since my last post.  Well, it's been a tough time for all.

We had a great start to the season last Christmas. With an empty nest, T surprised me with a Christmas day session in the cistern under the kitchen of our old house. I had long fantacised about being taken down there, restrained and abused and left there in the dark to ponder my fate.  That is just what she did and it was great.  I thought we were starting a whole new female led relationship lifestyle. 

Not much happened after that. Then in March our adult son moved back home. That has generally put a big damper on things. That and T just does not have the hormones to desire much sexual activity.

Unlike me, who at this advancing age still thinks about sex nearly all the time.

So what a surprise when this scene happened last week.

T was doing some sewing so I headed to bed before she did.

I was feeling very horny for a Tuesday evening and wanted to do something while waiting for her to come to bed. I tied a thin green rope around my cock and balls.

The long tail I innocently draped across the bed to her pillow. Couldn't miss it!

It was nearly an hour later that T came into the room. I pretended to be asleep and waited for her reaction. I did not expect that she would fling the blankets off me!

She inspected my handiwork and my tightly bound and bulging balls. I really did not expect that she would do anything that late at night.

A few minutes later she got in bed and grabbed the rope and began tugging it.

Then she began stroking my cock which began to wake up despite the late hour.

I really got excited when she started roughly squeezing and pulling on my balls. I moaned and groaned with the delicious agony.

She then surprised my by pulling my nightgown up and spreading my legs. Then she mounted my hard cock and began fucking me. Yes, my wife was on top and fucking me. Yes, I loved it.

This was all too much for me and I was close to orgasm very quickly. I warned her and did all I could to get her to slow down, which got me over the hill and to a point that I was not about to burst.

She continued fucking me for much longer than she is usually able.

Then T started playing with my nipples. She knows this sends me right into orgasm territory. I also know that she does not want nipple play to be an instant orgasm trigger because she would not be able to play with my nipples then. But she was seriously testing me this time, pinching and pulling my nipples hard. I was ascending the orgasm hill quickly. I am not supposed to orgasm without permission and am expected to ask for permission. I honestly could not even think about asking for permission as she grabbed my nipples with her fingernails and dug in with excruciating pain. I bucked and roared in a completely mind blowing orgasm. Between the nipple pain, the tight rope constricting my cock and balls, and having her ride me like her bitch, it was an amazing orgasm. When I finally caught my breath again, my only words were “mind blown”.

I was surprised again when T moved up and straddled my chest. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. “You did not have permission!” she said with mock anger.

Then she straddled my face and planted her wide spread, hot, swollen and cum dripping pussy on my face. “Time to clean up your mess”.

I licked and sucked and swallowed my cum and loved it. I love her.

Happy Anniversary.