Friday, November 18, 2005

birthday spanking

Nothing like jumping right in the deep water with both feet. My deep thoughts so often run to sexual topics of bondage and discipline. I look forward to my birthday for months in anticipation of getting a good spanking. Well this year was no exception. Finding the time and opportunity as usual was tough.
So I finally had to come home from work at lunch time to get a little peace and quiet or I should say a time when we could not be quiet and the kids wouldn't know.
My wife was on the couch when I came in, wearing a pink silky dress, a candle burning on the table in front of her. AS I went to kiss her I realized that she had some sort of chain on her glasses, like those old lady glasses holders. In fact it was a set of our nipple clamps hooked to her glasses! She also had another one clipped around her neck. After a quick make out session she had me get undressed, of course I was already hard and sticking out of my silk boxers. She knelt on the couch in front of me and pulled up her dress. Then I found another pair of tweezer nipple clamps connected with a chain on her labia. She said it had really got her hot walking around the house with them attached and dangling.
We didn't have alot of time before our daughter got home so she got naked and pulled a belt out from under the couch pillow. She put this around my chest and buckled it tight. This belt had seen some hard use and a section about 8 inches long had broken off. She used that piece as a mini slapper and slapped my chest, belly thighs, cock and balls. She next pulled out a long piece of leather boot lace. She looped it around the back of my neck then around the base of my scrotum and back up to tie off to the neck loop.
Back to the stash under the pillow, she pulled out a heavy leather belt and a leather rooster shaped fly swatter on a wooden handle. We often joked about using it for spanking but never had. She told me to stand with my back against the door with may hands over my head.
She held up the two implements and asked which one I wanted to get my spanking with. I selected the leather rooster. She stuck the mini slapper in my mouth and told me to bite it if I needed to or just cry out.
She started on my chest, that thing had quite the thud, heavier than I expected. She moved down to my belly, then my thighs, the front and insides. It hurt, but not too bad. She occasionally counted out loud.
Pausing from my whacking, she removed the clamps from her glasses and fastened them to the base of my scrotum, one right under my cock and the other back nearer my anus. Then she told me to turn around and lean on the wall.
The rooster then started in on my back, working down to my thighs and ass. She finished up the count of 47 with smacks in the crack of my ass as far in as the wide heavy rooster would fit. I wished then I had chosen the belt which could have really got in there and stung my asshole.
I thought of requesting another full round with the belt, but I knew time was short and I sure wanted to finish up with hot sex.
She told me to foll ow her up stairs. I walked slowly with the leather around my balls and the chain swaying from the clamps tugging on my sac.

She laid down on her back and told me to start eating. I thought quickly about which direction to approach and decided to go from the top, kneeling along side her chest, leaving my bound balls in easy reach. I told her I would lick harder when she did something that hurt. She sure took the hint and tugged the chain right away. I lunged into her hot, wet and swollen pussy with my tongue. I licked like a madman as she clawed at my ass with her nails. She was really out of control as she dug her nails in all around my asshole. At one point I had to pull away as the pain, which I had asked for, was too much! I finally pulled out of her pussy and rotated around to prepare to enter her. She asked me to kiss her with her pussy juice on my face. She hungrily licked it off my chin and thrust her tongue in my mouth. She took the last pair of nipple clamps from around her neck. This set has a pretty heavy chain. She told me to shove the chain up her cunt and fuck her with it in there.
Then she insisted I get my cock in her, it slid in easily, she was so wet. I tried to go slow but started rocking away quickly. She grabbed my ass and started squeezing and scratching again. For my own sake, I knew I better hurry. The chain felt like little bites on the shaft of my cock. When she started spanking my ass I knew I was gone. She could sense it by my grunts and told me to let go. She spanked my ass hole as I came with a roar. I continued to spasm and gently stroke as she reached down and started rubbing her clit.
I picked up the pace of my fucking again and helped her to a huge climax. She squirted a huge amount which sprayed all the way up her chest and hit her chin. She took advantage of having the house to ourselves and yelled and screamed too.

We gradually came down to earth and laughed about the spray. Finally I went to get off her, but was held down by something. I realized the chain to the clamps on my scrotum was stuck under her! I reached back and undid the clamps, owch! We got up and staggered in to the shower. AS we showered we heard the front door slam, our daughter was home from school! She must have wondered what we were doing taking a shower in the middle of the afternoon. She's 14 and probably figured out the basics, but there was a whole lot more than the basics that went on that day as I finally got my birthday spanking.