Monday, March 09, 2009

Well, that will make things more fun for me to read; just learned how to add photos to posts and added some to the last post. I've been putting up some pictures on a site called Fetlife, a place for people into kink and fetish and also on Flickr. Can't believe that I hadn't posted at all in 2008, well it was a really busy year, renovating the kitchen, but it's done now, so hopefully this year will be more fun!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Valentines chocolate

Been waaaay to long since I wrote anything, haven't caught up on the Hitachi magic wand on our anniversary, many birthday spankings, sex on the sailboat in the V.I., getting shaved at the hotel.
So I'll just start with the most recent and try to catch up eventually!

It was Valentines week and T had been making some home made chocolates. We had joked about spreading that melted chocolate on our bodies. That evening, after the youngest child had finally gone to bed, T said she was going to change into something more comfortable. She returned with her robe on and opened it to show me her chocolate covered nipples! Yummy, I wasted no time at getting one of them in my mouth and licking and sucking that chocolate. By the time I got done cleaning off the second one, she was trying to pull my shirt off over my head. I peeled off the long sleeve shirt and kept on the t shirt. I had prepped for this event by wearing some old underwear that was due to be retired since it was full of holes. I hoped she would take the hint and rip it off me! Well, she picked up on that clue quickly and expanded the big hole on the back of the shirt.
I peeled off my jeans so she could see that my underwear was ready for the same type of shredding. I had worn my favorite leather belt and she pulled it out of the belt loops, all right, she was picking up on all the hints! T then started expanding the holes in my tattered jockey shorts. She also tore long narrow strips of fabric out of the t shirt and used these to tie up my nuts. I helped her get this nice and tight since she was worried about hurting me and that's just what I wanted.
She managed to tie several pieces of the shirt very tightly around my chest, nicely framing my nipples and making my chest bulge like mini titties. She knelt down and sucked and licked my cock and balls, which were bulging in their bonds.
When she stood back up I reached for the belt and began using it on her ass. I wrapped my left arm around her shoulders and hugged her to me and used the belt to whip her ass, thighs and back. It was really hot to be hugging her lovingly yet holding her in place for the whipping. We talked about it afterward and she also really enjoyed that concept.
I eventually gave the belt to her and asked to be warmed up. She used the belt all over my body, whipping my ass, thighs, belly, chest and back. Some of those strokes the belt really wrapped at the tip and I knew there were some welts that would last.

After a while she said maybe I'd like to see what I was doing and she knelt on the couch and presented her ass. I used that leather belt to stripe her ass nicely, then gave her some shots in the ass crack and up her crotch onto her hot pussy. I whipped her back and she raised up so that I had access to her breasts which also got some hot licks from the belt.
Her ass looked so hot that I had to lick it, so I knelt behind her and kissed and licked her hot ass cheeks. Then I spread her legs and licked her pussy. It was hard to get in there well at that angle, so I sat down on the floor and tipped my head back on to the couch cushion and pulled her pussy down onto my mouth. She rode my like this until my neck ached and so did her knees.
She got up, turned around and sat down and offered her self to me, but I had another game in mind.
I said, "Aren't there some clothes pins in the next room?" She said, you go get them, I'll stay here and masturbate. So I went and got the basket of pins. I said, "I'm going to take turns, putting one on me, then one on you." I put the first one on the bottom of my restrained scrotum. She thought I would put it on the same location for her and was surprised when I put on her breast. Now she would get to anticipate right to the last moment where it was going.
I continued placing those clothespins on both of us, up and down both sides of her labia, on my nuts, her breasts, my foreskin. Several times she said no that's too much when I tried places like her inner labia, clit hood or nipples. The last one I put on my lip, then went to do likewise with hers, but she said no that hurts too much so I took another one on my lip for her.

The whole time I was placing the pins she was rubbing her clit and working towards an orgasm, I was determined to wear the pins till she came and fortunately she did soon. I took off the pins from both of us, leaving the four that were on each side of my nipples for last. Anyone who has worn clothes pins for any length of time know that they usually hurt more taking off when the blood rushes back in. I said to T, "I want you to take these off my nipples, so that you inflict the pain of release." She stood and took them off, licking and sucking the blood back in as I gasped and groaned. AFter she removed the last one I asked her to suck my nipple hard, then to bite it!

It was sooo hot. My tightly tied balls were still straining for relief and she asked if I wanted to come now. I asked if she thought I should or not. She said do you really want to take a chance that I say no? I thought about it and said that was a somewhat scary concept, since after all this buildup I really wanted to, but the concept of having her control whether I could come or not was very exciting. She said let's go up to bed and see what happens. We gathered up our clothing and went upstairs, my bound balls rubbing against my thighs.

WE got into bed and she soon had me fucking her. She got out the Hitachi magic wand and started buzzing her clit with it, that meant she was going to come anyway. AS she panted toward orgasm, I struggled to control mine, determined to not let go unless she said I could. She started to come and I asked "May I come?", fortunately she managed to say yes, come now, and I did with a roar.

After we settled down some, I managed to release my aching purple balls, then collapsed into a deep sleep. When I woke in the morning, the t shirt strips were still wound tightly around my chest and there were some purple belt marks on my belly. Signs of a great night of hot sex!