Friday, December 21, 2012

You said you want to wait till....

Browsing around a few tease and denial oriented blogs I see that there are at least a few men looking forward to the possibility of a long delayed orgasm over the holidays, be it a Christmas gift or a New Year, "wait until next year" goal.

Some are waiting anxiously, maybe feeling desperate in their countdown, and there are some who seem to have the attitude of maybe not wanting the end, and ironically perhaps looking forward to holding out even longer.

As I said to TW last weekend, the anticipation is so great, what is left to enjoy after it is all over.  Just like those long awaited Christmas gifts of your youth, will the opening of that big box be all it was hyped up to be and will that long denied orgasm be as mind blowing as you hoped for.

I've only gone three weeks as of this coming weekend and I truly feel that is a minimum time for me to strive for.  Bring on the new year, yes, make it a full month.

Last night as were getting in bed she said "you weren't expecting anything were you?".  "Because you told me you didn't want it yet".  Well I must have had a very shocked look on my face as I mumbled about not wanting orgasm yet but any other level sex was very good. There was none of that either.

 I think TW misses my orgasms more than I do.  Good thing or I might be in big trouble.
When I lust for a month of denial and think that if I did that all year long I would only come 12 times a year that sounds crazy.  TW thinks I am crazy to want this at all.  But then she also can't see how I find pleasure in crushing my nuts against her knees, being spanked and belted or being tied up and left to suffer in the closet.  Fortunately she seems to have come to accept that is the way I am and is willing to accommodate my kinks to a certain extent as a way to please me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I want for Christmas is hot kinky sex.

All I want for Christmas is hot kinky sex.

That's what I told TW and she provided some over the last few days.
Friday night we got in bed and she offered up her knees for me to grind against. She does this a few nights a week. It facilitates my masochistic activities of grinding my balls against her knees and getting my jollies without her having to take an active part in “hurting” me.
I was really grinding hard when she began fondling my cock. It was getting hard and she said she wanted that inside her. I got on top and we had some good screwing, although I felt that I was ready to come after about the fourth stroke. I managed to regain my control by thinking about work and other mundane things to keep from coming since I certainly was no where near having permission to do so.

She apparently was looking forward to our both being home the next day and the benefits of my being aroused and denied. She told me it was time to stop fucking as we didn't want to ruin our arousal for the next day. She included herself in this orgasm denial which was interesting since my goal and usually hers is for her to orgasm as often as possible while I don't.
I had at one point this evening been assuring her that I liked being denied and staying horny for long periods of time and related it to looking forward to Christmas when you are a kid, anxiously awaiting the moment when you can open your gifts, but then having the huge let down when it is all over. Just like how it feels after orgasm. So deny me please!

I mentioned to her recently that maybe for Christmas I could have an orgasm, hinting that she might deny me till then. While we were fucking she was talking about how I could not come then and said maybe she wouldn't let me till after New Years. “Yes, I think maybe you won't come till next year” she said. That really makes it sound like a long time!

After I rolled off her I again humped her knees with my swollen balls. She played with my cock again and began using her fingernails to pinch my foreskin and cock head, really hard! I don't know if she realized how much pain it was causing, but if it did she has really come a long way. She did mention some time over the weekend that she had become less worried about hurting me since she saw how much I could take and that I seemed to enjoy it so much. She also used her nails to pinch my nipples hard. She seemed to enjoy the dents that left in my skin. Eventually she said it was time for us both to go to sleep frustrated and save it for the next day.

Next morning I woke her by fondling her naked ass. We had a little morning sex then had to get up and shower since she had to meet someone. Before I got dressed she surprised me by placing the locking leather strap around the base of my cock and balls. I love it when she snaps that lock shut and claims her ownership and control of my sex!

We didn't get much chance to tease and play all day. In the early evening she called me into the downstairs half bath. She said it was time to change what I was wearing and had me drop my pants and she unlocked the strap. She pulled a pair of her panties out her pocket and told me to put them on for a holiday decoration. They were small and red plaid with lace and red bows. I told her I would be her little sexy slut with them on.

Finally late that evening I was leaning against the mantle warming my ass by the woodstove and pulling my sweatpants down to reveal the panties. That finally got her attentions and we started making out there. WE gradually pulled our pants down and played with each others parts. I stuffed 4 fingers in her cunt as the front of her body got very hot by the fire. It was dark in the room and she told me to get a candle off the table. I wasn't sure what she had planned for it but I took the lead and slowly inserted in her hot wet cunt. I fucked her with that long candle and rubbed her clit. I thought for sure she would come. Then she told me to get the other candle. She took it from me and lit it. Then she held it over me and dripped hot wax on my belly, then proceeded down and dripped it up my hard cock.
It was really fucking hot! I moaned, gasped and breathed very heavily. She then dripped it on my nipples, ouch! She took the candle out of her cunt and gave it to me to lick her juices off. Then she lit that candle while it was in my mouth. I leaned back and let the wax drip on my nipples. It was literally very hot to be doing that to myself at her bidding. I dripped it on my cock as well as I could, but eventually my legs were cramping from doing a back bend.
She handed me the candle and offered her breast to me. I held her tit from the underside and dripped the wax on it. I held the candle much higher than she had, knowing that her pain tolerance was not like mine. I put about eight drips around and on her nipple when she said that's enough.
TW then said that she wanted me to go outside in the cold to let the wax get hard so it could be flaked off and not make a mess in the house. I went out naked while she was dressed again and she scraped the wax of my nipples and hard cock.

Then we dashed to bed to get warm. She immediately got her magic wand vibrator and used it on her clit while I finger fucked her. She had a great, squirting orgasm after which I went down on her and licked up her juices.

Then we slept, her satisfied and me hot and horny.

Friday, December 14, 2012

"you asked for it"

Yes I suggested that perhaps an orgasm for me would be a nice Christmas gift.  It's been almost 2 weeks since my last one so that would be just over 3 weeks if we go till Christmas.  I've gone that long before, but I'm really starting to want it now and who KNOWs really if I will get to come then or with all the holiday buzz going on if it may just easily extend to the new year.
You know what the saying is: "be careful what you wish for"!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

so many blogs, so little time

Have been reading way too many blogs lately and came upon a list of the top 100 sex bloggers of 2012.
THis led me to a very interesting blog called THe Domme Chronicles written by a young woman named Ferns.  She had a really good post about invoking and maintaining submission of your partner.
Basically it says that without the dominant working at it also, the submissive cannot carry on alone.
I've read this concept before but it was nice the way she related this to any loving partnership and noted that it is always something that both partners have to be invested in and working at to make it happen.
Here's the link to her post

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bend over and butter up

Saturday morning I woke horny and daydreamed of sex as T slept. Finally she woke at nearly 10am. We really needed that extra sleep. I told T that I had been thinking of making breakfast for her while nude and perhaps she could encourage me around the kitchen with a wooden spoon. We had our shower and she got dressed while I only put on my robe. I made her breakfast and she teased me a few times as I worked at the stove and counter. After breakfast as I wiped the counter she came up behind me and pointed out some spots I had “missed”. She fondled my ass as I bent over further. Then she opened a drawer and got out a spatula and started spanking my ass with it. I was getting aroused quickly. She tried a few different implements and I finally took off my robe entirely. She kept getting more things out to use on me including spatulas and wooden spoons including some very big heavy ones. I was totally enjoying it as she paddled my ass very rosy red. She even spread my cheeks and paddled right into my crack. I was up on my toes trying to open my self as much as possible. She was blowing air on my ass hole as I panted in lust. The big surprise was when she got out the butter dish and put a big glob of butter on my asshole. She smeared it around and it started to melt. She was looking for something with a useable shape and finally settled on the plastic handle of a spatula and started working it into my ass. She started out slow and it soon started to feel really good to me. Then she started spanking my ass, my cock and even my balls as she worked that handle into my ass. I was so excited as I thought of a recent story I read by Strict Julie where she played doctor with her husband and spanked him hard as she worked a series of dildoes up his ass.
T then got down in front of me and had me hold the spatula up my ass. She took a scoop of frosting off the cake on the counter and smeared it on my hard hot cock and then stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked me wonderfully as I fucked my ass with that handle. I must have been getting my prostate pretty well because I had the most incredible orgasm ever. I was yelling out loud for the longest most intense come ever. I don't know how I ever remained standing through it.
After I came back to the real world T helped pull the spatula handle out of my ass and wiped it off. She said I could take a shower to clean up the butter from my ass. I decided to wash the dishes that had been used on my ass while I was still naked and servile before showering.
I guess my service manner didn't last all day and T mentioned a few times when she indicated she wanted me to do something and I was hesitant to react. That evening she got out the leather cock strap and locked it on me. An hour later we were folding laundry and she said the she expected me to fold her underwear and in the proper way. So I made sure that I knew how she wanted them folded as I usually don't fold things the same way she does. After I got all done she came over and said “You didn't kiss them!” and tossed them back in the basket for me to do over . I was quite surprised at this response. I had briefly thought of doing so but decided she might think it was foolish. Apparently her dominance was lasting longer than my submissiveness today. After I kissed, folded and stacked each one she said that I hadn't kissed them in the crotch of the panties and threatened to make me do it all over again. Wow! There is hope here yet. She really is naturally dominant and she just needs to get over the attitude that it is not proper for a wife to dominate her husband. We are certainly making progress there although I don't think I would want her to be as harsh to me as she is with our daughter. I wore the locked cock and ball strap through the night and she took it off me the following morning before our shower.

We talked a few times in the following days about my attitude after coming. She said “ Does that mean if I want you to do the things I want that I have to keep you from coming?”. I agreed that it would probably help. Anytime that I comment on my state of denial she reminds me that it was my idea. As the saying goes “Be careful what you wish for”.
She does seem to be gaining more of a dominant attitude towards me though, including feeling less guilty about causing me discomfort from denial or pain from spanking. She says that it helps to have positive feedback from me that it's okay with me too, so I made a point of thanking her several times for this session including bringing her a bouquet of flowers.
For some reason I deeply crave being spanked, paddled, flogged and cropped by her and can only imagine if things continue to progress as they have in the past year where we may be a few years from now.
We are having fun with great sex and totally love and respect each other.

Tied & Denied

Thursday is not a typical day for us to have sex, with work and meeting schedules. I had a rare occasion to have dinner with my sister at which I had a beer. In my middle age I am finding that alcohol and end of day tiredness can inhibit my sexual response.
I was surprised when we went to bed that T was appearing to be sexually interested. She hinted when I went upstairs that I could bind myself up or something. It was chilly in the room and my penis was hiding to say the least so I put on the hollow strapon over it. When she got in bed and found me already large and very had she was surprised. After a few minutes of intercourse I penetrated her with the dildo and fucked her for a few minutes but she doesn't really enjoy the strapon that much. No problem, she got her magic wand vibrator and started using that. I got out some rope and bound my cock and balls. My cock got hard then and with the tightness of the rope it got super hard and engorged. It became so tight it was shiny. I fucked her with that super hard cock. Then I pulled out and moved up to her face and put it in her mouth. It was super sensitive as she licked and sucked. I put my swollen balls in her mouth and had the inspiration to release enough rope to wrap around her head a few times and by doing so tied her mouth in place with my balls in her mouth. This was super hot as she was being force fucked in the mouth with my balls and my super hard cock rubbed up and down on her nose. Finally I untied her and popped my shiny, hard balls out of her mouth. She rolled over and I fucked her from behind. She got her magic wand vibrator and used that on her clit. The vibrations were getting me close so I pulled out and fucked her ass crack. She orgasmed as I humped her ass crack hard enough to bruise my cock as I found out later.
After she had a few minutes to recover she looked at my hard, frustrated cock and said that she thought this would be a permission night. I was excited to think this meant I might get permission to come, even though it had been less than week since my last come. Then she told me that I was to ask permission every time I needed to get up and pee and that I would also need to kiss her pussy each time. Then she had me untie my cock and balls and use the rope to tie a leash around my waist attached to her wrist. We said good night and I tried to sleep despite my aching cock and swollen balls
The first time I woke in need I wasn't sure how best to go about waking her and decided just to go for the pussy kissing first. I wriggled around and got my face down to her pussy without tugging the rope on her wrist and dove in to her sloppy wet cunt. She woke up fairly quickly and enjoyed my method.
She needed to pee also and lead my to the bathroom by my leash. I had to listen to her peeing which made my need more urgent. Then she waited for me to go. I am still a little shy about doing this in her presence which is silly considering some of the other things we do together. It was easier in the dark and I told her that I would need more training to become better at peeing for her.
Twice more I woke during the night and woke T by going down on her. She had me untie her wrist since she didn't need to get up then.

An O., a D.

Some fun activities the past few weeks. One morning after a extra long goodbye “kiss” on T's pussy I was very aroused too and ended up with quite a wet spot in my underwear from precum. I mentioned that later to T and said I needed a panty shield. The next day after she had me aroused in the afternoon and was sending me on my way with a hard on, she said wait, and got out a panty shield and stuck it in the front of my boxer briefs. It was extra tough zipping up my jeans with that and the hardon in there.
I kept the shield attached to my shorts all day and it was a pleasant reminder everytime I saw it of my arousal and of my submissiveness to T. I think it would be very interesting if she makes me wear a full size sanitary pad someday. That would cause a bulge in my shorts!

On Saturday morning I woke up very aroused and started thinking about the time that T made me sleep with my head down by her crotch. I decided to just go for it and wriggled my body under the covers, letting my legs fold up at the bottom of the bed. My head was completely under the covers and I couldn't see a thing. I pressed my face forward and was surprised to bump up against bare bottom. By this time T had finally figured out what the heck I was doing behind her. I started kissing her ass and finally made my way down to her pussy and kissed and licked it. I gave her a good pussy eating, including tonguing her asshole. Finally she pulled me up and had me fuck her for while, then she got out the vibrator and got herself off.

That evening we were both tired but started to cuddle and got aroused. She got out the vibrator and used it on my cock. It was very intense, now I know why she cums when she puts that thing on her clit.
She wanted me to fuck her and I did. I was thinking that I didn't want to come yet so that I could be good and submissive for her the next day. But then I started to fantasize about eating my come out of her pussy the next morning and that got me really close to coming. T knew I was close and said it was okay to come. I had only been fucking for a very short time and yet I came very hard.

The next morning we slept late and there was no time for any pussy eating, even if she somehow thought of me doing that. WE had a very busy, stressful afternoon of hard work with a honey bee hive. In the evening I was talking my pants off outside since they were too dirty and sticky to wear in the house. The joys of living in the country! T asked if my underwear was sticky too and pulled them down. She fondled my cock and them gave me some oral foreplay. About then I noticed a honey bee landing on her hair and the dog was approaching us with interest. If it's not kids getting in between us it's the darn dog! So, too many distractions and I got my bare ass in the house.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back her wet panties were under the covers by my pillow.
She said I had not paid enough attention to her panties that day since they were special ones. She said I could wear them, but I might stretch them out with my hardon. She hinted that I could put them on my head. I gave them a good sniff. Then I told her that one time when she was away I put her used panties on my head all night. She said she knew that. Well, now I just had to place them on my face with the damp crotch right over my nose.
I turned out the light and fell asleep that way with my balls against her knees. I woke once during the night when she got up to go to the bathroom and I still had them over my nose. Next time I woke though, they had fallen off.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Surprise home alone evening

After the morning in which I brushed TW's hair, she said that she would have me towel her whole body dry after her shower the next day, after which I hoped to give her a long wet kiss goodbye on her luscious pussy. I heard her in the shower while I was at the kitchen table finishing breakfast and reading. Intently reading, I realized that the shower had stopped and headed up stairs. Too late, she was out of the shower, dried off and half dressed. She said you missed out, no muff diving for you!
I was very disappointed and annoyed at myself.

After the weekend of house of kids we lucked out on Sunday afternoon when youngest daughter went to a movie with a friend. Then, she called and asked to stay overnight since there was no school on Monday. Whoopee! Bonus home alone time. I made dinner for TW and I, nice t-bone steak and fried potatoes. I had a glass of wine with dinner and she asked if I would be ok later. I thought if I weren't planning to come, it didn't matter if I had a little trouble getting hard.

We were really hungry and raced through dinner, after which she said that she was thinking about taking advantage of me and my servile attitude to have me clean up the dishes while she sat and knitted. I assured her that it would not be unfair or selfish and that it was exactly what I wished she would do. Although I probably wouldn't feel that way if she just took my doing this for granted and made not connection to my service to her. She asked if I might enjoy my chores more if she had me do them naked and trussed up a little. I sure would and she requested that I get naked and return wearing my robe, with a collar and some rope. I brought those items along with the toy bag that I had packed for the weekend away and still haven't unpacked.

She then had me take off the robe and tied a chest harness on me with one rope, then bound my balls and cock with another. She said that the fire needed some more wood but that it had started raining. I went right out in the cold, wet dark and got some more from the pile across the yard. Then she told me to put nipple suckers on and get to work in the kitchen.

I cleaned the kitchen very well including cleaning up the smudge of pre-cum left on the front of the sink counter where my cock had rubbed up against it. Returning to the living room I warmed myself by the woodstove. TW came over and kissed me and fondled my cock and balls. Then she knelt in front of my and licked my cock, then sucked both of my bound balls into her mouth together. This was really intense and I was worried that I would fall backwards against the hot stove. My ass and the backs of my thighs were getting very hot from the stove and she finally got up and told me to turn around. Then she said she would help cool my ass my fanning it, with a small leather flogger!
I don't think it was cooling, but I liked it. She flogged my ass, back, thighs, spread my cheeks and flogged up in my crack and against my balls. Then she had me turn around and flogged the front. She whipped the suckers off my nipples and whipped my lower belly, right where I like it. She flogged my cock and bound balls.
I switched places with her and told her it was time for her to warm up as I knelt in front of her and went down on her juicy pussy. I did that until the back of her thighs were getting too hot. She had originally asked for a back rub and still wanted that so we spread a blanket on the floor and I fetched a stack of pillows. I couldn't resist her upturned bottom and got the flogger and started using it on her ass. After a few minutes she asked for the magic wand and applied that to her clit. It was a new and unique perspective to be flogging her ass as I stood straddling her back and using a downward swing to give upswings to her ass cheeks interspersed with occasional zings to her labia. I was happy to see this having the desired effect as she had a groaning orgasm.
After a few minutes of recovery she rolled over and told me that she wanted me to lick her pussy again.
I got down on the floor and ate her out thoroughly for several minutes. I really enjoyed when she pulled her knees up and held my head tight between her legs. She could tell I liked that too as I moaned my appreciation. I was feeling quite aroused during this time as I ground my cock against the blanket spread on the floor and got in position for some fucking, but alas the wine and the late hour were not helping my erection along. I was not surprised, although I was disappointed that I couldn't do that for her since she does like getting screwed. Earlier in the evening we had talked a little about what feels best to my cock and I concluded that among many great things, my favorite is still being inside her and fucking.
Now she would finally get her back rub. After I released the rope harness from my chest so that I could work my arms properly, I applied lotion to her hot ass, then gave her a long massage with the lotion on her back from neck to upper thighs. Finally, I covered her with a blanket and rolled over on my back. Some time later we both woke from napping and accused each other of snoring.
As I picked up the ropes and other toys she thanked me for cleaning up from dinner. I thanked her for letting me serve her so and for the bondage she had applied to me.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Tease Tease, you're happy when I'm on my knees

Yesterday morning TW asked if I was interested in giving her pussy a kiss goodbye before I left for work. Of course, I'm always interested in kissing her pussy! I gave her a good long eating out and eventually she used her magic wand vibrator to give herself nice orgasm. She was happy to see that I had a stiff erection in my pants as she sent me off to work.

Last night we both were feeling restless and started to fondle each other. Soon she had me hard and got on top of me, slid my hard cock in her and rode me for a few minutes. Then she got tired and rolled over. I was going to fuck her right away, but she said she wanted me to eat her pussy first. I liked being told to do that! After awhile I did get to fuck her with my cock but as I was getting close to feeling like orgasming she told me that was enough for now, and that I could save myself for the next morning.

This morning she asked if I was ready to give her a kiss goodbye and whether it would be in the bathroom or bedroom. I wish she would just tell me to do it rather than asking, but I said I thought she would be more comfortable on the bed. She brought her hairbrush since she had just gotten out of the shower. She sat down on the bed and handed me the brush. This is rather unusual, but I was happy to see her having me serve her, and no she didn't ask, she just gave me the brush and expected me to do it.
I was happy to lovingly brush her hair and when I was done she rewarded me by pinching both my nipples through my shirt.
Then I got down on my knees and ate her well. Eventually she began telling some fantasies about having objects placed in her pussy, mainly vegetables. She started with carrots with the tops still on and the greens hanging out of her, then proceeded through cucumbers, zucchini squash, corn, beets with greens and finally as she came hard with the vibrator it was sweet potatoes. All that time I was licking away and stuffing 3 or 4 fingers up inside her. She had a squirting orgasm and I licked it up immediately. I kept licking her for some time and she said that must be what it was like for me when she kept up the stimulation after I have come. What I would call post orgasm torture.
Finally she said I needed to go to work. She checked to see that I had a nice big hard-on, told me to brush my teeth and hair before I left. WE will have a house full of kids this weekend and little opportunity for hot sex. She said maybe she will let me come tonight so I'm not all over her all weekend. I would love to come now, but love when she keeps me aroused and denied orgasm.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strapon sex

A week after the hotel weekend and we are at it again.  I had a  busy day out sailing and was fairly tired by time we got to bed.  We had some foreplay and were getting very horny when TW suggested I get out the strapon dildo that she had seen in my bag.  She thought maybe I could strap it on my head and use it to fuck her with my face.  That sounded great, but before I got too hard I wanted to demonstrate for her the way it was designed to be used as a sheath over my penis.  She liked that a lot and I fucked her to a great orgasm with the help of her magic wand.  Then we both went to sleep.
Next morning I made breakfast for her. Naked. Before I started she suggested that I restrain my balls, and I put on a ball harness.  Then she told me to put a butt plug in my ass too.  THis is very unusual for her. WE ran out of time and both had to start our day hot and aroused.  THat evening we had another round with the strapon, this time with her in the doggy position.  This thing is a few inches longer than I am, quite firm too and she got fucked deep and hard.  She was sore for a few days after this.  I confessed to her that I looked forward to the day when she would strap it on and fuck me.

In the week since that time, we have both been very busy.  We did have a very ordinary fuck this past weekend.  It was like sex in the past, regular intercourse, I came, she didn’t. 
The next day I was not horny, did chores all day and didn’t come on to her, pamper her or show any physical interest.  A day later she commented on this and indicated she kind of missed my attentions, even my puppy dog attempts to get her attention.  I told her that was what happens when I get to come and have a hormonal slump.  Will I get denied orgasm now?  I do crave sexual attention with orgasm denial but unfortunately it will more likely be just life as usual, with no hint of FLR.  I better start pampering her more!

Hot hotel monkey sex

Ah the long awaited weekend away.  I always pack numerous sex toys for such rare occasions and this time TW had even talked about doing so, therefore I packed a lot of toys.  At the last minute I spotted a package of hot dogs and cocktail franks in the cooler we were taking and went back to pack a separate bag with my dildos.  I recently bought a unisex strapon which has a hollow dildo for the man's penis to be placed in (prior to erection!).  I hopefully brought this and of course TW's magic wand vibrator.

After settling in to the hotel in the late afternoon we decided to take a quick shower to freshen up before going out for some dinner.  After the shower TW had me eat her pussy for a few minutes, then she indulged me with some flogging with the small flogger.  This was a nice start, but I really wanted more and offered her my belt and bent over.  She gave me a wonderful whipping on my ass and back, then had me stand up and worked over my chest including a long series of whips on my lower belly.

It was fairly dark in the room with the curtains closed and she couldn't see all the wonderful red stripes she was leaving.  She was somewhat shocked when she saw them in the light, but I loved them.
She had me put on a ball strap and get dressed before we went to dinner.  Dinner was good, but uneventful, although the long walk down the street after dinner was interesting with my balls all trussed up.  We found an ice cream shop with amazing flavors and had a dish of ice cream.  We sat toward the back of the shop near the bathrooms and ate our ice cream. 
They had a very interesting mural on the wall with some provocative drawings.  TW came up with a little fantasy story about taking the candle from the table into the bathroom and dripping it on me.  Several minutes later she went to the bathroom.  I had my back to the shop and was wondering if she gestured for me to come how I could sneak the candle with me.  It was a heady thought and I didn't know if I could follow through but secretly hoped she would as a test of my obedience.  Unfortunately, she didn't like the conditions of the loo well enough to want to have any sex games and she didn't call me in.

When we got back to the room, she cleaned up while I laid out the contents of my toy bag, but not the ass toys.  There were a lot of things from cuffs and ropes to nipple clamps, floggers, crop and nipple suckers. She chose a pair of over the door cuffs and strung me up from the closet door.  She also had me put on a ball stretcher harness.  She flogged the front of me, then used the crop, but was nervous about the slapping sound being heard.  Eventually she took me down.  It had been less than a week since my last orgasm, but after all the hours of foreplay I was ready to come soon.  When she used the majic wand on my cock I totally lost it and came unintentionally.  It was a fairly intense orgasm, even if I did not want it to happen yet, and felt like it was somewhat ruined since I couldn't really let loose and enjoy it.

The next morning we slept late, then had some leisurely sex.  I had been looking forward to being denied and horny all weekend, but since I had already got mine the night before I wasn’t as inspired to have TW deny me.  She wanted to have me come in her with a good pounding fuck and that’s what I did.
Then we went sightseeing for the day.  It was a long busy day and we were too tired to do anything that night.   WE had lots of great sex plans including shaving her pubes, ass play with the hot dogs and cocktail franks and all the other toys.  Unfortunately it was a very busy weekend and there was no more sex.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fifth week and finale finally

Yes, five weeks of orgasm denial.  I could have had my release sooner, but after 3 weeks, it was only one more week for a full month, and then would only be another week until we are going for a long weekend away at a hotel and that means some hot hotel monkey sex.  Worth waiting another week for at this point and go for 6.  But no, during a hot sex session on week 4, day 6, things got too exciting as were fucking, I tried to pull out and stop, but it was too late.  Ejaculation was happening and it was not the roaring orgasm I had planned on to cap off my five weeks of tease and denial.  "Oh shit" I said, " That's not how this is supposed to happen!".
T was understanding and the next morning we had a long leisurely morning, including some more great sex. I was nearing the edge and she was telling stories about the hot things we would do at the hotel.  It was all too much.  I didn't quite ask for permission to come, but did ask if she wanted it, and with her affirmative answer, I had that roaring orgasm.  That was more like it.
So, that was the great orgasm denial marathon, I never would have thought six months ago that I would willingly go that long without coming and enjoy repeatedly being brought to the edge in the meantime.  Does this set the new standard to attain after formerly going 2 weeks?  I think this next period will only be a week.
There hasn't been any sex play in the few days since then, only some talk about what fun we will have this weekend and that we will need to pack some special toys.  Should be fun!!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

4 weeks

After several runs of 2 weeks of orgasm denial, I'll be at 4 weeks without orgasm tomorrow.  WE just got past two weeks this time when I sent a quote from a chastity website to my wife.  That evening she inquired as to whether I was spending time at work looking at this like this.  I sheepishly admitted that I was and that it really is a problem that I needed help with.  THe next day she gave me a reminder in the morning and then gave me a small padlock from my cock collar to carry in my pocket as a reminder.  She told me if I was tempted that I should take the lock out and switch it to a different pocket and get back to work.  I did quite well for the next few days.  I happened to read a magazine article on day 4 about the problem of porn addiction.  It recommended that the woman work with her man and help give him extra attention to keep his mind off the porn. It also indicated that it would take at least 2 weeks of effort to make a change.  That was at two and a half weeks and she was ready to reward me for being good at the end of the week.  But I thought that I should really wait till at least the end of 2 weeks of behaving on the computer before my reward.  So here I am at a month of orgasm denial.  Some times I am crazy horny and occasionally I think this may be what it is like when we just don't have sex much anymore.
Right now, I really want it, but it has been a challenge that I feel proud of making it to this point of.

Later Edit:  Wrote the above in a hurry last night.  My loving wife has unfortunately got her period right now and she is looking forward to a good fucking when she is done.  That means no orgasm likely for me today on the 4 week date.  She hinted that maybe I will get a reward this weekend if things aren't too busy.  We are going away on a long weekend together on Sept 8.  Great time for some hot hotel sex!  She warned that she might make me wait until then which would put me out to  almost six weeks.  Yikes!  Be careful what you wish for!  She reminds me that this was all my idea and yes I do love it.  Thanks for the comment and I'll see if it gets easier after 1 month.  Last night she promised to tease me and keep me aroused every day this week.  Started off last night after a few sexless days by her telling me to "put something" on my balls and place the suckers on my nipples and then give her a backrub.  While I massaged I brought up the topic of some photos that she found on my camera that I had taken while at the beach last week.  Several were of a very tan young woman in a bikini.  They weren't close up but it was obviously the subject of the photos.  I apologized for doing this and suggested that this might be something I should be punished for.  I told her that I thought corporal punishment would be in order, hoping for a serious spanking or whipping.  She thought I might enjoy that too much and that not allowing me any attention from her would be more punishment than doing something physical. Darn!  AFter a while she rolled over and had me give her a front rub.  I admit that it was difficult to rub anyplace other than her breasts.  During that I was grinding my cock and balls against her feet.  She got out her magic wand and had a great orgasm while I humped in vain.
Then she rolled over and offered her knees for me to grind against as she drifted off to sleep.
This morning she again rolled over towards me with her knees up and I accepted this as an invitation to grind.  Eventually I got to the point of really crushing my balls against her knees and reveling in the pain.  I told her this was an effective method for a masochist to get their pain. As I got out of bed, I knelt down and kissed her knees in appreciation.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fantasy berry picking

So, it's been a week and a half and we've been traveling and camping for half that time.  Not too conducive to sex games with the youngest daughter and friend along and sleeping close by.  A few teases, some knee humping during the night.  One night as I ground my balls against her knees, TW spun a quick fantasy about the berry picking we would be doing the next day.  She said imagine that you are picking blackberries (very thorny bushes) wearing chaps with your naked cock and balls exposed to the thorns.  The next day as we toiled in the patch, sweating with long pants and sleeves, she said "imagine you are wearing just chaps".  As the backs of my hands were all scratched up it was an interesting thing to imagine.  When we got done, TW showed me her forearms and said that at one point there were trickles of blood on them from the thorns.  I thought of my upper thighs, cock and balls and white ass scratched and bleeding like that.  Pretty intense, then I thought of her soft white breasts subjected to the same, yow!.  That night she mentioned whipping me with a slender branch, "what do they call that" she asked.  "A switch" I replied and thought of those stories I've read years ago of the Victorians and the birches they used to inflict brutal whippings.  Yes, some interesting fantasies.  For now.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

2 weeks - howling at the moon

Is this the new standard?  2 weeks between the orgasms that I am allowed.  Oh, I have gone that long before, but this is 2 weeks of teasing, hot sex including intercourse, without being allowed to come.  I love it.
Yes, after that last post I did not come that night.  She was tired so nothing happened. But the next night we played and the whole following day was one long tease session and I finally was granted release on Sunday.
Then another two weeks including some super hot sex sessions before I got to come again a few days ago.
After being permitted orgasm during intercourse on Tuesday morning we had some really hot sex that evening.  I did dishes while my balls were tied to the kitchen cabinets. Then TW lead me by my ball harness outside naked and attached my ball harness to the dog run and made me stand with my back pressed into the rough bark of a large tree while she went back inside to take a shower. There was a full moon shining and she said I could bark or howl if I liked what I saw through the bathroom window.  It was hilarious when I barked at her bare ass (a full moon) and our dog in the house started barking back at me!
After her shower she came out and used a small flogger on my body front and back. It was dark enough that she couldn't see if I was getting red and she gave my ass a good hard flogging.  Then she lead me to the dog house and bent over it and told me to fuck her.  She pulled up her shirt in the front and let her nipples grind on the roof shingles.  After I had fucked her for a few minutes she changed places with me and bent me over the house and ground my hard cock and my nipples into the shingles as she flogged me then pressed down on me with her full body weight.
Then we went into the house and up to bed where she had me eat her pussy.  Finally she used the magic wand vibrator to bring herself to a squirting orgasm after which she finally released my bound balls and went to sleep with my balls crushed against her knees.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'll tell you when you want to come

Yes, TW has been taking to the FLR more all the time.  We were at a wedding last weekend and we got separated in the crowd at the reception for the first 20 minutes or so.  When we got together she told me that I was to tell her where I was going if I left her for the rest of the evening.
She was away for three nights last week and told me that I should think about sex with her as much as possible, particularly when I was in places that usually did not involve sex.  So I thought of her as I scrubbed the kitchen floor on my hands and knees, naked, balls bound and dragging a full 20 oz bottle from them and my ankles hobbled.  And with a riding crop to my ass when I spilled water.
Or naked in her garden weeding.
I masturbated often, to the edge without orgasm, until I accidentally went too far.  I brought myself to the edge and thought if I squeezed my balls it might stop the cum, but instead it gave me a mindblowing orgasm.

I told TW of my accidental cum when she returned and "suggested" that I needed to be disciplined.  She thought that teasing and denial for longer was appropriate since I desperately wanted to have fulfilling sex with her after her absence.  But what I really want is for her to take control and deny orgasm.
She did that on our last night together before I left for 3 nights at scout camp. She had said before the wedding that she expected to let me come before I went away.  I really wanted to as we had some great foreplay all afternoon, but I hoped that she would make it go longer.

That evening we had some great sex, oral for both of us, intercourse, and eventually she pushed me away and said "no coming for you!"  I thanked her for taking control and told her that I really enjoyed her taking ownership of my cock and balls and hoped that she would lock them up often.

I'm now back from my 3 nights away.  My last orgasm was 11 days ago when I had the accident.  The last time with TW I'm not sure, but has been at least 14 days since she allowed me to come.  Will I come today or in a few days?  She will tell me when.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

laundry service

I was ready to leave for work recently when TW called down the stairs and asked if I could do a favor for her.  "Of course dear" I said, thinking that if we had a real female led, femdom relationship she would tell be what to do rather than asking.  I would be happy to serve her.  Little did I know.
She asked me to bring the small basket of clothespins from the front porch upstairs.  This was curious.
When I entered the bedroom she told me (not asked) to take my pants off. The she told me that there were towels in the washer that needed to be hung on the line.  She then took 6 clothes pins and placed them on my cock and balls and sent me on my way. She was nice enough to say that I could move any of them that got too painfull.  I hang the towels and the only pins I moved were some that became loose.  I came back upstairs and she removed the pins, kissing and licking each spot she removed from.  I was hot and hard and she told me to get dressed and go to work.  Oh, I love this woman!

Fake it!

Well, I haven't had a chance to write in a few weeks or so, but there has been some great sex action including some female control/led/dom.  After that last session where she fingered my ass hole till I came, I told her it was terrific and I owed her.  The next day I brought her flowers to let her know that I really enjoyed it.  Then she has had numerous orgasms to my few.  I have kissed and licked her pussy nearly every day before leaving for work, just to start her day off well.

Last night she came home from a 4 day trip out of town with our daughters.  She had told me that I should bring myself to the edge often and not come. ONe time though while I was trying to edge my self and stop the orgasm by squeezing my balls, I came anyway, really hard and loud. 
When we went to bed last night we were both very tired, but she came to bed without panties, usually an invitation.  She put her knees up in front of her and I responded by grinding my cock and balls against them.
I told her that I had missed her and her knees.  She asked if I had been able to hold off while she was away and I confessed that I had slipped up and come once.  She said that maybe I needed to be disciplined for that and I agreed that I should.  I had scrubbed the kitchen floor for her while she was away, naked, bound, and on my hands and knees.  She thought I should do that again as discipline. I agreed that I should and suggested that she might also deny my orgasm for some time.  She thought that would be interesting too.
After getting us all worked up, we agreed that we needed to get to sleep, kissed passionately and turned out the light. 
During the night I woke to find her sleeping face down, bare assed.  I couldn't resist giving her a kiss on the ass check when I returned from the bathroom and left it at that.  She made a little sound and then asked if I wouldn't like to hop on her right now?  I would and kissed her ass thoroughly as my hard on woke up, then I got behind her and slid my cock in her pussy.  I gave her a good fucking, but I certainly didn't want to come now since I was due for some denial.  She asked if I was close to coming and I gave a positive indication.
"Good", she said, "I want you to pretend you are coming and then stop."  Wow, that's a new one, and hard to comply with at this point, but I used every bit of my self control to pretend I was coming complete with hard fucking and moans and groans and neck biting.  Then I stopped.  AFter a moment she said "that was fun and now I could have you fuck me again right away!"  I don't know how long that would last, but she told me instead to try and go to sleep now.  I thought I would never get to sleep, but I did pulled out, rolled over and eventually did sleep. 
I'm looking forward to her teasing and finding out how long my disciplined denial will last.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dommed, but not denied

Dommed, but not denied

I came home from work for lunch knowing that TW was home. I let her know in the morning that I was planning on it so she could be at least mentally prepared. The delicious aroma of homemade turkey soup awaited me as I entered the kitchen. We had a very nice lunch together after which she asked if I was interested in more that just lunch. I said that I was always interested and she went to “freshen up”. I thought I would make some points, and do some service to her by doing the dishes.

In a few minutes I went to the bedroom, she was done cleaning up and ready to move on. Time is limited so I proceeded to get naked and under the covers. It was a chilly, damp day so she got under the covers too and we snuggled together and tried to get warm. I spooned her from behind, but she said her feet were cold and put them on my legs. I got lower down in the bed and pulled her feet into my crotch and against my cock and balls. This should warm her feet and get me going. As she ground her feet against my balls my cock was starting to get hard.

TW said she wanted to try something she had been thinking about. She asked me if I wanted to do something new to follow her. I had no idea what she had in mind but told her I would be happy to follow her and try anything. She grabbed a towel and lead the way to the next room and put the towel on the floor in front of the couch. She sat on the couch and told me to kneel and take care of her feet.

I knelt down and took her foot in my hands and stroked and massaged it from toe to heel and top to bottom. Then I kissed and licked her toes. I sucked each toe and nibbled the whole bottom of her foot. I sucked her big toe like I was going down on a mini cock, then rubbed the bottom of her foot all over my face. I did the same with the other foot, worshipping her feet like a good submissive husband.

Then she pushed me back with her feet and put them in my crotch, rubbing up and down my erect cock and tumbling me nuts with her toes. She has very dexterous toes and she managed to hold my cock between two toes and slide the toe in between those two up and down my cock. Occasionally she would put her feet back in my mouth so I could lube them with my saliva.

Eventually the toe play made it's way back to my ass and she poked those talented toes all around my asshole. We had talked in the past about her putting a toe up my ass and I was all for it. She suggested I get some real lube so I ran to the bedroom and got the bottle. I wasn't sure how to position myself best for this and tried to spread my cheeks while in a somewhat sitting, leaning back position. This wasn't working too well since she could not see what she was doing so I flipped over on my knees and put my ass up in the air and my head down. Now she put some more lube on and poked her big toe in my ass. Even with short nails I didn't know if I could get it inside, but then she started putting a finger in me and it went in just fine.

I had a solo masturbation session a week before where I had been trying some ass play with my fingers and managed to get 3 and almost 4 fingers inside, so I knew that one was no problem. AS she worked her finger in my ass it felt terrific. She was stroking in and out, then grabbed my cock with her other hand and started masturbating me. Her hand was coated with slippery lube and felt amazing. In only a few minutes at most the feeling of being finger fucked up the ass and the smooth stroking of my cock was overwhelming. I told her I was going to come and she told me it was alright and to let go.

I came incredibly hard, spurting on to the towel. Then TW kept on gently stroking my cock and this was really intense. I've read about post orgasmic torture. Usually after intercourse, I like to grind in and out afterwards and enjoy the “aftershocks”, but this was way beyond that. I don't know how I managed to stay in place without being restrained. It was soo good, but such agony of incredible feelings at the same time.

I was ready to collapse and TW went to the bathroom to clean up her hands. I managed to stagger in after a few minutes and took a quick shower. I felt bad about not providing much sexual stimulation to her and not even close to an orgasm. I had to get back to work and left her with a very warm kiss and promises of “I owe you”.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GOOD morning

GOOD Morning!
Yes it was!  I went to bed last night and TW stayed up watching a movie.  I barely stirred when she came to bed, but I did notice that she was naked, which is unusual.  This morning I took advantage of her knees in front of me and placed my cock and balls upon them.  After a few minutes she rolled over and presented me with her bare bottom.  I played with her ass for a while then moved around to her pussy and fondled her until we were both getting hot.  She then reached over to her bed side table and pulled out 2 golf balls and gave them to me to place inside her.  I put the first one in my mouth to get it wet first, then slid it in her cunt.  I put the next one in my mouth, but this one I transferred direct from my mouth to her pussy, and then proceeded to eat her out.  Eventually I put several fingers in her too along with the golf balls.  While I was eating her out she was really getting in to it and trapping my head between her thighs and pulling my hair.  Then she put her feet on my back and held me down while she humped her pussy against my face.  This was almost as hot for me as the pussy eating was for her.  I was grunting and groaning and really getting in to it too.  She does like getting fucked and she told me to put my cock in her. I had no problem getting in there with the golf balls.  I screwed her for a while and tried really hard not to come.  She asked if I wanted to and I said that I was trying not too and that I was willing to hold off as long as possible if she wanted me to if that was 10 minutes, 1 hour, 10 hours or days.  She said that she would let me know if I could come.  Then she released me and told me to get up and lock the door just in case our daughter woke up.
Then TW told me to gather up all the belts I could find. She had a lot of them hanging up on hooks on the wall.  I laid them out on the bed along with a long scarf I found.  I wasn’t sure what she had in mind to do with the belts, but then she told me to stand in front of her and she started buckling them around me, starting at my chest and working down.  I exhaled and tried to give her room to make them as tight as possible.  There must have been 10 of them and she put them down my belly and the last three were around my thighs.  She said “you missed one”, and pointed to a heavy leather belt with no buckle that is on my side of the room.   I gave her that one and she started lightly slapping me with it.  She was smacking my cock with it and I was loving it. Next she told me to pull one of the golf balls out of her pussy and hold it in my mouth.  She got the Magic Wand vibrator and told me to whip myself with that belt while she masturbated.  I whipped my belly and my cock.  A few times I hit my balls, oh that hurt.  I didn’t want to make too much noise with the belt just in case the daughter could hear, so mainly I whipped my cock.  Finally she did come and I immediately went down on her.  She wanted me to get the other ball out of her pussy, but it wasn’t coming out so she had me lay on my back and she straddled my face, pinning my arms with her legs and plastered her pussy on my mouth.  Within moments, the fluid in her pussy was gushing out into my mouth.  I had to swallow face to keep from drowning. At one point I couldn’t keep up and it was running over my face and into my eye.  Finally she managed to bear down and push that ball into my mouth. 

TW said it was time for me to fuck her and for me to come, but she wanted me to keep that golf ball in my mouth when I did.  It felt so good to sink my tortured cock into her soaking wet cunt.  She rode my hard and I couldn’t move much with all the belts on me and the scarf tied around my wrists.  I didn’t last long and tried to mumble out a request for permission to come. She told me I could and as I exploded I was groaning out “Thank you Mistress”. This had to be one of the most incredible orgasms I have ever felt.
This was such a hot scene.  TW said she really enjoyed the fact that she was enjoying herself with the magic wand as I was suffering in pain with my whipping and that she wasn’t in a hurry to finish as she knew I enjoyed my pain.   This evening I told her that I had really enjoyed our morning.
We are both rather amazed at what hot sex we have been having in the last few months since I told her that I really want to please her and submit to her.  The great thing is that she is seeing the benefit to her and is enjoying a very active role.