Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You aren't dressed properly for dishwashing, you need to be disciplined

"You aren't dressed properly for dishwashing, you need to be disciplined" is what T said as she grabbed me by the belt buckle and pulled me away from the kitchen sink and towards the bedroom.
She stopped off at the bathroom and sent me on my way to the bedroom to start getting dressed properly.
Recently she saw that I had been wearing a restraint around my cock and balls at the end of the evening.  "I told you that I want you to show me when you wear these things" she said.  Last night I came to her before kitchen duty and displayed the 3 brass rings around my cock and balls.
Now I got undressed as far as just a T shirt when she entered the room.  She took 4 of her leather belts off the rack and presented them to me.  I thought maybe she was going to "dress" me by putting all 4 around my torso.  "Pick one", she said.  I chose the heaviest leather one.  She told me to take the shirt off and present myself.  She then whipped my ass with the leather belt as punishment for doing dishes without being "dressed properly".  Then she had me turn around and whipped my nipples smartly, then my smooth shaved white belly.  Of course my hardening cock was encouraged to become more erect by numerous strikes of the belt.  Lastly was half a dozen to my balls.

"Get dressed now and go back to the dishes", she said.  I put on three brass rings along with a heavy rubber band connecting my cock and balls.  Nipple suckers to enlarge my nips for a better target for her belt.  My sexy capri work out pants and topped off with a cute turquoise crop top.  I went downstairs and presented myself for inspection.  "Aren't you going to be cold in that?" she asked.
I told her I was feeling very hot and went to do the dishes.

After I finished we went to bed, me naked but for my restraints.  She fondled my cock and found it to be a drippy mess of precum.  She got me good and hard and kissed me good night.  I said "Thank you" and "I love you", then rolled over to take off the rings and things along with turning off the light and left the sheet a wet mess of precum as I rolled.
Funny how I get to sleep on the wet spot now.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Shaving follow up

Follow up to how long I will be hairless.  My wife will be having surgery in 2 weeks. Hysterectomy, so there will be no vaginal sex for awhile.  I am fine with that as there are so many other things to do.
She will be out of work for about 6 weeks and she told me that she thinks I should keep myself shaved for at least that long.
I am sure she will have little interest in sex during that time, so it will be up to me to keep up the interest and pretend I am being denied.
Two nights ago she got me hard as we were going to bed.  She had me fuck her for a few minutes.  She said we have to do that while we can.  As we fucked we were talking about the last time we had sex as she ass fucked me as I lay on my back with my clean shaven legs spread wide.  She was using the magic wand on here clit and brought herself to orgasm as we said things like I was a slut for her to fuck and how she fucked the cum right out of me.  I don't know how I managed to control myself and not come as I told her I wished to be her slave wife.
After she came and recovered a little she told me that "these things" are really turning her on more now.  I presume that these things are me being her submissive and having my boi pussy  fucked.
"New pathways", she said.
Then she told me to take my hard cock out of here and go to sleep.
sweet dreams