Monday, December 14, 2015

serving and panties

I haven't posted anything in quite some time, just too busy to write about it.
Our empty nest has not been quite as eventful and life changing as I had dreamed, but there is certainly a change and progress in our relationship.  T is enjoying having me do dishes and laundry on a regular basis.  I do little things like unfastening her bra each evening, taking her shoes off when she comes home and drying her feet after a shower.
The past two weekends were very busy painting our dining room, ceiling and walls, including installing a new light fixture.  We worked together, went to a party each weekend in between work.
All 4 days of those weekends, she had me dress in panties.  At one point I scrubbed the floor in panties and she bent me over and gave me an ass whipping with an extension cord.  Then knelt in front of me and took my erect cock in her mouth, quickly brought me to the edge, and left me denied and wanting more.
We are enjoying our empty nest.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pins & needles, oh my!

I have been doing some cross dressing for a few years now. I often wear panties and even bought a new pair for myself recently. A few months ago my wife said I needed something sexier to wear at home in the evening rather than baggy sweatpants and she gave me an old pair of her black yoga pants. I wear them nearly every day now. My interest in cross dressing has been getting stronger lately and I recently spent some time trying on several of my wife's dresses. This was very exciting.
She also gave me an old flannel night shirt of hers to wear. It was a Casper the ghost shirt, so not only is it feminine, but also juvenile. I have worn it to shreds and asked her recently if she could get me a new nightie for me birthday.
She is an avid sewer and bought some fabric to make me something. She showed me a pattern for a little baby doll nightie. With winter coming on I was thinking of something warmer, but in the red color fabric she bought, it should be hot!
Last night she showed me the fabric, then draped it around me to see how the color, (red with gold sparkles) would look on me. She fashioned a top, then a short skirt based on a leather belt buckled around my bare waist. Then she wrapped the fabric through my crotch to model a sort of panties. Things got interesting when she got her pin cushion and used straight pins to make some tucks and form the fabric tighter to my crotch. She pinned it up between my ass cheeks, then started pinning it formed around my cock and balls. I was having some very erotic thoughts about the pins poking me as she stuck them carefully through the fabric. I was breathing very heavily, maybe even moaning. She looked me in the eye and asked if I was good with this. “Oh yes”, I groaned. She pinned very close to my ass crack, then had me crouch down. The pins along the edges of the fabric poked me in the ass. It was so exciting! Then she pinned very close to my cock and balls and had me bend forward to make the pins poke me there. Unfortunately, they didn't really poke me much and I was hoping that she would just shove the pin through the fabric and stab me.
She was getting hot too and laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide for me to eat her pussy. As I did so the pins were stabbing me in the ass. Her pussy was super hot and wet and I was very excited to lap it up and lick and suck her clit. After a few minutes she pushed me away. She told me to prepare the bed and get the magic wand out. I put down a waterproof pad and a towel and got out the vibrator while she went to the bathroom.
When she came back I kissed her as she fondled my wrapped and pinned cock and balls. She started using the vibrator on herself and I pulled the pins out of the crotch cover and reinserted them straight in. Some of them did poke me as I did so. She was getting very hot and told me to take the ones from my ass out. I did so and put them in my mouth like a seamstress. When there were too many to fit in my mouth I started sticking them into the fabric around my cock and balls. There were several layers of fabric so I really had to shove them in.
My wife is a nurse and I have long fantasized about her sticking needles into my cock and balls. Now, as she built toward her orgasm I began sticking these straight pins through the fabric and into the skin on my cock and balls. She was trying to hold off her orgasm till I got all of them pulled out from around my ass and stuck in my crotch. It was obvious by my reactions that I was poking them in me.
When I had only one left, I asked her where I should put it. She pointed out a spot and said that there was nothing there. I stabbed that pin hard into the base of my cock. At that sight she began to orgasm. Her cries of pleasure were met by my cries of pain as I pushed several pins into my cock head.

As she came down from her orgasm, I pulled the pins out with grunts of pain for some that were stuck in more than others. She noticed a wet spot on the red fabric. “I think you are bleeding!”, she exclaimed. We unwrapped the fabric and there were several bloody spots on my cock and balls.
I didn't care, it was super exciting and I hope that the blood didn't scare her away from sticking pins and needles in my cock and balls in the future.

Of course, I did not have an orgasm during this. She did and we both happily fell asleep.
The next morning I was shocked to see that the whole underside of my cock was covered with purple bruises from scrotum to foreskin. Apparently this is what happens when you poke pins into a bofy part that has lots of  very full blood vessels.
What a badge of honor to remember this by until they fade. Every time I go to the bathroom I see a reminder.

I am looking forward to helping her sew my nighties. I have also hinted that a maids uniform might be useful!

Monday, October 05, 2015

Big F, small m

I followed a link from the Strict Julie blog to one called Tomy's wife.  Which lead to me reading a post on there from January 2014 that had a comment written by me!
I thought it was interesting so here it is:

Hi, Just found your blog today, I think a link from the long running, just concluded MBS blog.
My Bottom Smarts opened up many things to me, including learning that I was not alone in my feelings and also in introducing things like wife led relationships, tease and denial, etc.
I have been spanking my wife occasionally for many years and maybe once a year for my birthday I would get spanked. I realized that she liked to be spanked, but didn't seem to want it nearly as much as I. During the past year I have talked at length with her about wife led marriage. I have learned to be very attentive and helpful to her and she has become more comfortable with treating me as her submissive or sex slave.
She does still like to have me "take" her at times and be rough and domineering. Sometimes I still spank her, but I crave all the time that she will spank me and whip me hard with her belt.

So I guess you could say she has gone with my encouragement from a small "f" to a large one and I hope that she will continue to grow in that role and feel comfortable treating me as her small "m".

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bound, beat and buggered in the garage

After a refreshing swim, my wife and I returned to the house and found that the dog had peed on the floor. I got some rags to clean it up and she noticed that the spot I wiped up looked very clean compared to the floor in that region which is just inside the door. She told me to take off my bathing suit and keep on cleaning that part of the floor. I got down on my knees, naked, and cleaned the floor. She was doing some other chores, but I was not aware of what she did as I was on all fours, focused on my task.

She said that looks good and to come out to the garage as she needed me to do something for her there, clothing optional. I put away my cleaning supplies and went to the garage, still naked.

When I entered the garage, she commented on my being still naked, then blindfolded me with a towel.
She had me move to a different location, then placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles. She had me spread my legs, then I felt her clip a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs. Next she had me raise my arms and attached my wrist cuffs to a spreader and pulled my arms up over head with a rope over the ceiling joist. She fondled my hard cock, then began flogging my body with a small leather flogger.

After she had flogged me everywhere: ass, back, belly, chest, cock, balls and legs, she lowered my arms.
She then tied ropes around my torso in a very tight Shibari style binding. I exhaled as she tightened the ropes around my chest so she could get it as tight as possible. When I inhaled the ropes kept me from breathing fully and cut in to my flesh delightfully. I hoped that I would be left with some wicked rope marks. She removed the blindfold. Not being able to see was exciting, but I had missed not being able to see her and her expressions.
She then placed a ball gag with holes in my mouth and buckled it around my head. I was surprised at how large it felt in my mouth. I didn't know if I could handle having my jaws forced open for long, but knew that I would just have to suffer through it. This is what I wanted, right?
I was then bent over a saw horse covered with rugs and the ends of the shibari ropes were attached from my elbows to the sawhorse, holding me in place.
She then used her leather belt to whip my ass, as the drool from my mouth ran through the holes in the gag and began dripping off my nose onto the floor, pooling below me.
The coolness of lube being dripped onto my ass hole was a strong contrast to the feel of my hot, red cheeks. A finger stroked my puckered rose bud, then was pressed in. I groaned in appreciation of her using my ass. Several minutes of fingering then was supplanted with a small butt plug being shoved deep inside me. I groaned and drooled.
My lovely wife then got out her Hitachi magic wand and used it on her clit to bring herself to an orgasm, as I lay helplessly bound over the horse.
After her release, she thankfully didn't leave me for long, but returned the attention to my ass. The plug had fallen out of it's own accord, but she now pressed a much larger vibrating dildo into my eager ass.
I felt like I was taken, whether I like it or not, unable to get away or voice any objection. Of course she could tell that I wanted this, craved it and welcomed it. If I could have spoken, I would have been saying “Yes, please, fuck my ass!”. And she did, fucked me deep with that fake cock. She then managed to use the magic wand with one hand while fucking me with the dildo with the other. Unfortunately, she did not know where the strapon is stored hidden away. I will have to make sure she knows where to find it in the future.
She placed the magic wand against my cock and I knew that I was a goner. I had not come for 11 weeks and there was no way I could ask for permission to come now with the gag in. Not coming was really more my own enforced denial, though I will not cum without asking her permission. She was not giving me a chance to hold off, she was going to make me come whether I wanted to hold off or not. I screamed though the gag as the orgasm ripped through my body, my ejaculate pooling on the floor beneath me, just like the puddle of drool. I was done, but she kept the wand buzzing against my cock in post orgasmic torture. I writhed and groaned and tried to get away, but of course I could not.
It was terrible, it was wonderful.
I collapsed on the saw horse. She untied me, but I still felt like I couldn't move. The ball gag was thankfully pulled from my mouth, the drool wiped from my face and I gratefully kissed my wonderful wife and domme for the day.

“You have some cleaning up to do”, she said, and left me naked in the garage to pick up the toys and clean my mess from the floor.

Over the knee

I have made a ritual of stretching both before getting in bed and first thing in the morning. Simple, four sets of bend at the waist for 30 seconds, then stand up arms overhead for 10. I try to do these nude or nearly so and hope to catch my wife's attention when she enters the room and sees me bent over bare assed.
Recently she did and called me over to the bed as she sat down. She had me get over her knees and gave me a wonderful spanking. I don't know if she has ever given me an over the knee spanking before and it was emotionally very exciting. It was physically exciting too when she spread my cheeks and spanked my ass hole. I was doing my best to spread my legs and afford her most access.
She then had me stand up, then lay down on her lap, face up, or rather cock up. She spanked my lower belly and groin, saying “You like to spank yourself here, right?”. She spanked my hard cock, then as I spread my legs she felt free to spank my balls too. It hurt, but I thought to myself, this is what you wanted, so be happy. And I was very happy.

Of course, I wish this would happen on a regular basis, but will take what I can get, when she chooses to give it.

Monday, June 08, 2015

First caning

A few hours home alone, but T was busy gardening so I didn't have my hopes up for any fun. She called to me across the yard and I responded “What?” She told me to “come here”. Well, she either did not want to yell, unlikely, or she was being controlling and telling me what to do!
I went to her and she asked if I knew whether there were any spare twist ties by the trash bags, or had I thrown them out. I dutifully went and found them for her.

She had purchased some thin bamboo sticks, about 3 feet long to stake some of her flower plants up. I immediately recognized the potential of these to be used as a cane and we did joke about it briefly. I helped her stake up the plants. When she got all done, there were 3 left and she told me to come with her as she led me around the corner of the house to a more private area.

T told me to drop my shorts and gave me a few test hits with the cane. She was starting out easy, but I was getting very excited quickly. She had me bend over a retaining wall and began caning my ass. She said, “you like it when I mark you, right? Well this should leave some nice marks.” The rate at which she built up the force of the hits was perfect as it felt wonderful to me. She caned the back of my thighs and I had visions of neatly spaced red stripes appearing. We were going to a wedding the next day and she said this should leave something nice for me to wear to the wedding. She had me stand up and present my front as I thought with glee about wearing T's marks at a wedding and how this made me feel owned by her.

She caned my belly and the hollows where my belly meets the thighs. She knows that I crave being hit there hard and having red marks on my soft white flesh. She caned the front of my thighs and I again fantasized about being caned hard and left with brutal bruising stripes. The cane marked the outsides of my thighs too, then she told me to pull up my shirt and she laid down some stinging stripes right across my eager nipples. I thanked her and encouraged her to leave her marks on me.
She finished up with a few slashes to the top of my cock, then a couple real stingers right on the cock head. A few gentler ones struck my balls from below, then one last wicked slash right on the head of my cock. I groaned and nearly crumpled at that one, this I think is the closest I have been to my limit and asking her to stop. She knows me well though and she finished with that.

I was so incredibly aroused and submissive at this point, that I sunk to my knees before her and hugged her around the hips as I nestled my head against her chest. She said, “that's enough for now, get up and finish your chores, maybe we can play with this again later”.

We didn't get to play later, but the next day after I finished packing the car she asked if the little princess was upstairs. I said yes, as she picked up one of the canes from the shelf by the door and told me to drop my pants. I was very happy to do so and she gave my four stripes across both ass cheeks to remember her by during the hour and a half drive and the over an hour wedding ceremony.

This was the first time that she has caned me and from what I have read, caning seems to be one of the more severe methods to inflict a beating on your loved one. Due to that it was a little scary at first, but I totally enjoyed it and hope that she will become comfortable with caning me often in the future.
The only disappointment was that by time I used the men's room after the wedding ceremony, the marks on my ass had nearly completely faded. There were a few red stripes on the outside of my thighs that lasted till the next day. I dream of a day when I may be whipped on a regular basis and required to always bear some marking of my submission and T's ownership of me.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

boy toy

Recently, T mentioned to me that she was becoming more interested in playing with my ass, but that she wanted me to be very clean. Since she is a nurse, clean is like sterile. She indicated that I should strive to be clean at all times, just in case she decided to play that way. Since then, I have been very happy to have her play with my ass three times. This is amazing since she had said before that would only happen when at a hotel. Okay, maybe she meant that pegging would only happen at a hotel.

Last night, after coming home from the neighbor's hot tub, we had a little necking in the yard which included her pulling down her bathing suit top so I could suck her tits and pulling down my swim trunks so she could give me some great oral. We headed for the bedroom in the child free house!

We got naked and she laid back on the bed and told me to start by eating her pussy. I was only too happy to do so as she said she had not had an orgasm in quite a while. I ate her for a few minutes, then she asked if I was hard. I was, as kneeling before her usually gets me going. She wanted me inside her and I was happy to fuck her. During this she was teasing me by talking dirty. I got so close to coming but she told me I was not allowed to come. She had me going as she talked about controlling me and making me do all her chores the next day. The more she controls me, the more I love her.

She said “that's enough of that for now” and pushed me away. She told me to get a belt and as I presented it to her, she told me to kneel on the bed before her and put my hands behind my neck.
The first strike to the belt was to my left nipple. Since we had already warmed up well, she started out hard and asked if I planned to go without a shirt the next day. I told her that I loved when she marked me and encouraged to whip me hard. She whipped my chest and belly, leaving many long red stripes. Then she whipped my hard cock. I spread my legs wide and she whipped my balls, though not hard.

She told me to turn around and began whipping my ass. She was hitting more to the top of my ass, with no sign that she would whip my back, so I bent over to encourage her to whip the lower portion of my ass. She did so wonderfully and I bent over more exposing my ass crack for the belt. The belt fell on my wide spread ass hole and I repeatedly thanked her.
T stopped whipping and I felt her moving behind me. I was surprised when she began to finger my ass hole. She was toying with it like I would her pussy lips. To my delight, she started pushing her finger in and gradually shoved the whole length into my asshole. I thrust my ass back and spread my cheeks as wide as possible. It felt so good, but she really blew my mind when she reached between my legs and grabbed my hard cock. I was moaning and groaning and quickly at the edge of coming. It didn't help that she was talking dirty to me. I was surprised to hear her say that she was fucking my man pussy and fondling my clit. I moaned in agreement with her at this, as this was precisely what I was feverishly thinking. She recognized that I couldn't hold out any longer and released my clit and pulled her finger out of my tight man pussy.

T said “my turn” and had me turn around and eat her pussy again. This time she got the magic wand vibrator going on her clit. I put three fingers in her pussy and finger fucker her until she had a wonderful squirting orgasm. I was literally drinking her nectar as it gushed out and I slurped it up.

After she had a few minutes to recover, she had me kneel before her while she played with my cock and balls. She got me hard and had me fuck her again. I was able to hold out much longer without coming after all this action. When did pull out she stroked my cock hard while pulling my balls with the other hand. She told me I was not allowed to come as she pulled my balls harder. It was such glorious pleasure and pain! T stopped before I came though and we both collapsed together. This was such a great sex session that I truly felt like I must have come, even though I had not.

Later as we talked in the afterglow, I thanked T for treating (or mistreating) me so well. I told her that having her dominate and control me made me very happy and I thanked her again for being willing to go along with my kinks. She had to admit that she got some good benefits from it, like great orgasms and a very helpful, dutiful husband. She said that she did enjoy the power that she felt, particularly when she kept me from coming when I was desperately on the edge. I enjoyed hearing that she felt that way.
She also said that she had been thinking of something very dirty. She admitted that she had thought about peeing on me and thought it was nasty, but arousing. Earlier that evening as we had walked home from the hot tub, T had to pee really bad and squatted along the dark path and peed. I had thought briefly at the time about her peeing on me while I was laying on the grass. I told her that this was something that I found arousing too and indicated that it would be fine with me if she wanted to do this sometime. She talked about a time when she sat on my back while I was on all fours and she masturbated until she squirted on me and her juices ran down my ass. She and I both found that to be very hot. The fantasy talk then lead to her talking about me being staked out on the ground as she pees on my chest. I groaned in agreement as she described the pee splashing onto my face and my mouth. I was thinking about having her pee in my mouth, maybe someday!

We are both looking forward to more opportunities to be uninhibited at home when our youngest goes to college at the end of the summer. T said the other day that she can't believe that 2 years ago she said that she was getting old enough that she really had no interest in sex anymore. Now she is having great orgasms and our sex life is better than ever!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Crow like a rooster

During my evening stretching exercises, T playfully whipped my bare ass with her belt. I was hoping she would do more, but she said that with the open windows, she didn't want to make too much noise that our daughter would hear.
A few nights later, out daughter was out for the evening and T asked if I wanted to watch some TV. I responded that I would rather make some noise since there was nobody home to hear. She said, “let's go upstairs then.”
I went to the bedroom and stripped while she freshened up. She came into the bedroom and asked what kind of noise making I had in mind. In my submissiveness, I try and let her call the shots and said whatever she would like. She told me to do my stretching and I began to do so as she gently whipped my with her belt. I usually count by the second, but this time I did my counts of 30 as she whipped me which took a bit longer.
After my set of 4, she laid back on the bed and told me to get the magic wand for her along with a towel. She put the towel under her, a sure sign that she planned to orgasm, and began using the wand on her clit. She told me to get some wipes and clean her feet. I cleaned her feet, then began to kiss them. Shortly she began getting very hot and I was licking and sucking her toes. She brought herself to orgasm as I slobbered over her feet and shoved her foot as deep as possible into my mouth. It was very hot for both of us.

She calmed down, then had me put the towel on the floor and sit on it. She then began to tease me with the vibrator on my cock and balls. I had recently seen a video that I now told her about. In it, a man was tied down naked and spread eagle while blindfolded. A magic wand vibrator was then suspended over his cock and he was teased with it. The caption that went with the video clip said that his mistress so enjoyed watching him wriggle and squirm while trying to get enough contact with his cock on the vibrator to make him come, that she left him there for hours until he finally did come. I told T that this was very exciting to me as she toyed with my cock, teasing me as I tried to chase the vibrator with my straining cock, never getting enough pressure on it to bring me off. She ground the vibrator into my balls as I groaned loudly. I lifted my ass up and she ground it hard against my asshole, spreading me open and pushing it into my eager boy pussy. She told me to roll over and get up on my knees so she could spread me wide. After getting me super hot she said that my ass needed her cock. I thought she meant her strap on, when my ass was struck hard with the leather rooster shaped fly swatter. She whipped my ass hard with this tool until it was hot and red.
She told me to stay there, then came back in a few minutes and surprised me with a cold ice cube stroked across my hot ass cheeks. T knows that I usually don't like cold things on my skin, but this skin was so hot it felt good. I did jump when she ran the cube across my ass hole, but I immediately began thinking that I really hoped she would put that ice up my ass. She kept running it around my ass, melting it down, and when it went over my asshole I would press back eagerly until she did press in and shove it right up into my grateful hole. I was flying high on endorphins by then and felt like I had an orgasm without it even happening. T told me to get up then and I had a tough time doing so. I staggered to my feet and hugged and kissed her, telling her I loved her and thanking her again and again.

Friday, May 08, 2015

making progress

A few new developments in the FLR.
A while back I was wearing my old baggy sweatpants around the house and T said I needed something more attractive to wear that fit my ass better.  I started thinking about women's yoga pants and even looked on line for some to order.  One day, T tossed me an old pair of her old paint spattered yoga pants and said I could wear these while we are home alone. I was very happy to do so and they fit my ass nicely.
Shortly after that I had a coupon for Kohls cash that was about to expire.  Last moment I went on line and ordered a pair of new women's yoga pants for myself.  There was money left after the pants so I found some nice panties, pinkish red with white lace backs and bought those also.  This is the first time I have outright bought women's panties for me although I have bought some as a gift for T that I fully intended for her to have me wear.  But these are mine, stored in my drawer, not hers.
I was a little apprehensive about wearing the new yoga pants and panties for her the first time, but she said they looked nice and she even offered to hem the pants for me as they were a little long.

I have taken to a routine of stretching in the evening to try and loosen up my upper back and shoulder.  I bend over at the waist for 30 sec. then stand up with hands up for ten.  I do 4 sets.
I have made a ritual of doing each set while thinking of T and my submission.
1. Face the door and think of being in bondage including being cuffed up to the over door restraints.
2. Face the mirror and think of T making me be either naked or dressed up in panties, etc. and being feminized.
3. Face the hook where T keeps her leather belts and think of being whipped on my ass, thighs, belly, chest and cock and balls.
4. Face the bed (with T usually sleeping there in the morning as I stretch) and think of being submissive to her, worshipping her, being dutiful and obedient.  I also fantasize at this point of her fucking my ass and making me her sissy ass slut.
I began doing this in the morning and now have begun doing them in the evening before bed also.  This is nice because I usually do them naked as T is getting ready for bed and she sometimes takes notice and gives me some fondling.  She has also told me to begin doing another stretch where I am to kneel down, bend over with my hands and forehead on the floor, then stretch one leg at a time up and back, then pull my knee up as close to my chest as possible, then switch legs.  I have only done this a few times now but it is nice as she sits on the bed behind me and enjoys the view of my ass and cock and balls.
As I was doing this last night she asked if I was clean.  I wasn't sure what she meant and she said that she was getting interested in doing something with my ass, but wants to be sure I am very clean there.
She told me to be sure and keep myself clean and ready for her in case she should feel moved to do something.  I was also told to get a new box of finger cots (rubber gloves for individual finger). Yes!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

panty boy toy

As we dressed for bed last night I had just put on my usual silky boxers when T said "Oh no, you can't wear them tonight!  Take them off and I will choose some panties for you."
She tossed me a flimsy pair of indigo blue lace panties, that were nearly a thong.  The back was a lace piece less than two inches wide.  She said these are the silly things that men design for women to wear, totally uncomfortable!
I pulled them on and modelled them for her.  She told me to pull them up higher in the front.  Of course that pulled the lace back tight against me ass hole and the front to separate my balls.

I got in bed and snuggled my balls against her knees.  After a few minutes I rolled over to turn off the light and T reached down and fondled my bare ass cheeks.  I squirmed like a cat enjoying the attention, then pressed my ass against her and clenched my cheeks against her knees. It was almost as good as the feeling I get grinding my balls on her knees, which can send me into spasms of pleasure.
She said I was a slut and I replied that I was her boy toy.

T had a hot flash then and pushed me away.  I said what a change for you to be hot and I'm cold.
She said "yes, lot's of things have switched lately, you are wearing panties, cooking the meals, doing dishes and laundry.  I'm not even going to talk about what else has".  I was thinking about my fantasy of us changing gender roles.  A funny thing she told me was recently her sister joked about her being a dyke.  She does not wear makeup or very feminine clothes and she has a brusque manner at times.  I dream of us privately gender swapping and I think we would actually fit those swapped roles quite naturally.

T said she was thinking of having me wake her every time the panties scratched my ass crack and annoyed me, but she didn't want to disturb her sleep.  I didn't find them uncomfortable and any time I did wake during the night I smiled happily.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A happy submissive

There have been a few times in the last couple months when I was frustrated and disappointed when what seemed like a great opportunity for sex play was “wasted” T and I would be home alone on a weekend and she would spend the whole day on the computer or sewing. I don't expect a huge scene every time we are home alone, but even just a little attention. I have hinted that she doesn't even have to actively do anything, just instruct me to do something, even dressing up or being naked. I would even enjoy sitting at her feet while she watches TV.
This past weekend she surprised me when she was in her sewing room and she called me in and asked if I wanted to “help” her in a way that hinted at fun. I said yes of course and she told me to get undressed. I stripped as fast as I could. She told me to get the vacuum cleaner and clean up the snips of fabric on the floor. When I was done she asked if I had got them all. I really hoped that she would inspect and find that I had missed some leading to punishment. That did not happen, but I found a few hanks of parachute cord and commented upon them. She took interest and used one to tie a chest harness on me. She used another hank to add more ropes in a Shibari style to frame my nipples. Then another length was tied around my hips, and up my ass in a way that held my ass crack open and the ropes bisected my ass cheeks. It looked and felt really great. T then turned on the vacuum and sucked my nipple with it. This is a new powerful vacuum. We have played like this before with the old one and could let the hose hang from my nipple. If this one was left on for any time I am sure it would leave a bruise. Unfortunately she did not leave it on long enough to do that.
T told me that my ass looked like it needed a whipping and told me to get the crop. She had me bend over and present my ass, then she cropped it. She told me to put my hands on the floor, not easy for me as I am not too flexible. Then she said “get down on the floor on your knees, ass up”. I got down on the floor, feeling extremely submissive. She whipped my ass with the crop, including right on my wide spread ass hole and my dangling balls. She told me to put my face on the floor and I groveled before her and offered my ass and balls for whipping.
She told me to stay there and left the room. I didn't know if she was just leaving me there to think about my position or if she went to get something. She knows that I love it when she leaves me bound and naked, not knowing how long I will be left alone.
She returned shortly and I gasped as I felt something cold and wet being dribbled on my ass hole. My forehead was still planted on the carpet and I could not see what she was doing. She used her finger to smear the lube around, then slowly put her finger into my ass. I was loving this as she finger fucked me for several minutes while I moaned and groaned. I was certainly in my happy space as my loving wife gave me a wonderful experience, as I sprawled naked on the floor, surrendering my self to her as she probed inside my body. I felt intense love for her at that moment as I groaned “thank you” to her.
She pulled out her finger and wiped my ass with a chilly wet wipe. She told me to get up and I struggled to stand and follow her into the bedroom. Sometime along the way she had stripped naked and she now lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I dove in face first and licked and sucked her hot wet pussy. After a few minutes she pulled my face away and told me that she wanted my cock. I was very happy to stuff it in her and give her a good fucking. She told me to fuck her hard and fast.
After a couple minutes of that, at which I was proud not to have an orgasm without permission she had me pull out and get the magic wand vibrator. I knelt between her legs and she told me to do to myself what I do when she is not home. I grabbed a small black flogger out of the cabinet and began flogging my crotch. I flogged my cock and then held it out of the way and flogged my swollen balls. She was getting close to coming now and I flogged my cock mercilessly hard as she exploded in her orgasm.
As she came down from the intensity of her orgasm I gently licked her pussy. I felt like I had an orgasm myself. But happily for me, no I hadn't and I would continue to lust for my queen for at least the next whole week as she will be traveling.

The following day, T asked if I would come to the bedroom and help her choose clothing for her trip.
She told me to close the door and take my pants off.  She pulled the belt from her pants and started whipping my ass with it.  I was struggling to get my shirt off quickly so it wouldn't impede her actions. After a nice warm up on my ass, she told me stand in front of the door. "Hands up", she said.
I raised my hands and she said that I apparently could not do that properly as she got out the over the door cuffs.  She cuffed my wrists, hung the straps over the door and shut it behind me.  Now I found myself naked and secured to the door.  T already had her shirt off and now removed her pants and proceeded to try on different pants and tops.  I offered helpful and complimentary advice.  During this time our daughter returned home and the good girl came to our room to tell us she was home. T told me to be quiet as she harshly pinched my nipples.  I gritted my teeth and held my breath.  My playful wife kept up the conversation with our daughter who was on the other side of the door I hung from naked.  She teasingly fondled my cock and balls.  After the conversation ended, T knelt down and sucked my cock.  Oh, that felt so good.  She got me right to the edge, then left me hanging in more ways than one as she returned to clothes packing.  When she was done, she released me from my bonds, gave me some panties to wear, and told  me to put those on with my clothes over them and go make dinner.  Yes, I love this woman so much!

The night before, I took off her socks and kissed her feet. I got hard and she had me fuck her, then she had her orgasm while I knelt on the bed and gave oral sex to her foot, stuffing it deep into my mouth.

Now she is away for 4 days and she left me 4 pairs of pretty panties to wear, one each night to bed.

Today I cleaned the kitchen floor by hand, crawling on my hands and knees naked with a ball harness hanging from my nuts, a 16 oz water bottle dangling from the chain.I sent a text to my wife to tell her that the floor had been cleaned.  She would know what that meant.

Friday, March 20, 2015

All dressed up

Last week T mentioned that she planned to do some house cleaning over the weekend. “You can be my maid”, she said and I hinted that a maid should be dressed for the part. I was looking forward to the weekend and hoping something would happen.
Saturday morning we slept late and when we got out of bed, T dug through her dresser looking for something. She pulled out a black lace bustier and handed it to me. She dug some more and tossed my a black garter belt and a pair of black stockings. “Time to dress as my maid”, she said.
I needed a little help getting the bustier pulled over my shoulders, but I sure enjoyed my feminine outfit. T enjoyed my erection and had me fuck her, then eat her pussy while she brought herself to an orgasm with the magic wand. She needed me to be submissive and servile, so no orgasm for me, as it should be!
She had another orgasm after she showered. It was chilly in the house, so I wore sweats over my lacy lingerie and two brass rings around the base of my cock and balls. I spent the day cooking, doing laundry. I did strip and clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees in my maid's outfit. Unfortunately, T was working on her laptop in the living room and she never did come out to check on me.
That night as we got ready for bed, she had me take off the black lingerie and gave me a short pink baby doll nightie to sleep in. First she had me kneel before her and eat her pussy, leading to her third orgasm of the day.
I am so happy that she is taking the lead at times in having me wear feminine clothes. I recently bought a new batch of jockey briefs and threw out all my old tightey whiteys. I told T about this and mentioned that some women threw out all their husbands male underwear and replaced them with panties so that was all they had to wear, all the time. She doesn't understand why a man would want to wear uncomfortable women's undies. I don't understand it, I just know I want to!

Last night as we got ready for bed T pulled me over her lap and began spanking my ass. She gave me some nice hard ones as I moaned in pleasure. I thanked her and she said sleep well as I ground my balls against her knees.

Ride her, cowboy!

It's been difficult to find a free moment to keep up with this blogging, but I do want to keep up with some of this great sex before I forget it.
I had recently mentioned that we were planning a few days in a hotel and that T had hinted that I might get some anal play. A night in a hotel always makes me hopeful for hot, hotel monkey sex, aka very kinky. Unfortunately it is more likely to lead to a tired wife with a migraine, but she surprises me too.
It has been a while so I won't go into detail ( can't remember them anyway). T asked me what I was hoping to do at the hotel. I told her I didn't want to top from the bottom but was hoping that it might include a good whipping, being tied up in the closet while she pleasured herself and of course I hoped to get fucked in the ass. She is a wonderful wife who did whip my body wonderfully, tied me up naked in the closet to listen as she used the Hitachi magic wand to bring herself to orgasm while I hung there in the dark closet with numerous painful objects on my body.
Yes, then she did put on her strap on, bend me over the bed and fuck my ass. Then she laid down on her back with her hard red cock pointing at the ceiling and told me to ride her. Having her fuck my ass was very exciting, but it was humiliating and exciting to spread my ass and sink down on her hard erection, forcing it up into my ass. I think she wanted me to fuck it so I could take it at my pace, which soon became fast and hard. Then she started to use the magic wand on my hard cock. This was just too much for me and I had a mindblowing orgasm as I humped her cock hard. It felt like I was having a seizure as my arm flailed in the air uncontrollably.
Yes, hot hotel monkey sex

bound to the bed

Another evening at home with no kids in the house and T asked if I wanted to watch a movie. Not really I said, seems like a waste of good alone time. Last weekend was the same, great opportunities and nothing happens. I admit I was feeling frustrated and a little cranky. I can happily go for weeks and months without orgasm, but total lack of any activity leaves me feeling very unfulfilled.

So, I apparently let on that I wanted some sex play and T suggested watching some home videos we had made many years ago. I jumped up and ran to get my laptop! The first was one that she made for me while I was not home and included her playing with her breasts and nipples, very aggressively!! She scratched, pinched, pulled, bound, clothespinned, slapped, whipped and finally dripped candle wax on her breasts and nipples. The video ends as I walked in the door to find her dripping wax on her bound breasts. The next one I returned the favor and did a cock and ball torture session including lots of bondage and clothespins.

After watching these we were both in the mood for some real sex and moved to the bedroom. We cranked up the heat and got naked. I had bought a set of under mattress restraints a few months before. I had introduced them to T by cuffing myself to the bed before she entered the room. Turns out she had other things in mind and was annoyed that I had done this myself and that I was spending money on sex toys. I had hoped since then that just maybe she would let us use them and was very surprised that she now told me to get the restraints out from under the mattress. She told be to lay down with my head toward the foot of the bed and cuffed me spread eagle on the bed. I was anxious to see what she planned to do then and was very happy when she sat on my face and placed her hot, wet pussy on my mouth.

What happened then we are wondering?  I don't know.  This was a little over a month ago and that's all I had time to write. That's one of the reasons I started this blog, to keep a journal of these great sex acts that I would otherwise forget.  
I am sure that great sex ensued, she likely had an orgasm, I most likely was not allowed.
I do remember now that I spent the night with at least two of the restraints binding my arm and leg to the bed. I didn't want to disturb her during the night when I got up to pee, so released myself and them tethered myself to the bed upon my return.
It was great!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

HAPPY New Year!

New Years eve we visited with our neighbors after T had me dress for the occasion in a small pair of burgundy panties that I had bought “for her” as a Christmas gift, planning that I would hopefully be wearing them.

We had a pleasant evening including some time in their outdoor hot tub in the 19 degree cold. It was actually very comfortable and pleasant looking up at the full moon and star studded sky while fondling each other under the water. We didn't think we would stay up till midnight, but managed to make it till the new year.

Next morning we slept late and woke up ready to have some follow up on the arousal we had built up the night before. I won't go into all the details of the great sex we had, but there were some memorable highlights. After getting me hard by sucking my cock, she had me fuck her for a while. Of course I was trying me best not to come without permission and she was doing her best to tease me into being on the edge. She asked how I would like to come when I was allowed to. I replied that I love being in her pussy it's always so great that I want to come right away and always have a great orgasm, but that coming in her mouth is a very rare treat and is an incredible mind blowing orgasm. I told her that coming in her mouth, then having her spit my come into my mouth for me to swallow would be the ultimate. This talk was enough to put me dangerously close to coming and I had to pull out.

T directed me to lay on my back. She then straddled my face and planted her hot, wet pussy on my mouth. I licked and sucked and reveled in eating her. I felt totally submissive as she had my head pinned between her thighs. I wasn't going anywhere and there was no place I would rather be. I licked her clit, then stuck my tongue as far up her vagina as possible. She was enjoying this greatly, but wanted an orgasm, so she got the magic wand and used that on her clit as I licked and sucked her labia.
She soon started having an orgasm and squirting her juices in my mouth. I have had her squirt when I was eating her before, but not when she was riding my face. She started gushing and I panicked a bit when it went up my nose. Drowning in cunt juice would be a hell of a way to go! I drank it down as quickly as possible as she came right in my mouth. This was such an incredibly intense experience. Finally she began coming down from her peak and pulled away from my mouth. She collapsed on the bed beside me and I also felt just as spent as if I had cum myself.

After a few minutes T got up and rummaged in her bed side table. I was hopeful that she was going to do something more for me and expected that she was getting out the locking cock strap. She tossed a pair of thigh high stockings on my face, “Put these on” she said. Then she was searching in her lingerie drawer as I began carefully pulling the stockings up my legs. She pulled out a red lace camisole and a pair of red and black tap pants style panties. “You want to dress up pretty, I want you to wear these for the rest of the day”. I put on the lingerie and she told me to stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I felt somewhat silly and embarrassed, but did so.

T then got a leather belt off the hook and started lightly whipping the back of my thighs. She found it amusing to watch the lace at the legs of the panties fluff up when the belt hit my thigh. Then she had me bend over and gave my ass a nice little warm up. But that it for now, since our daughter was home there would be no prancing around in lingerie all day. I put my clothes on over top of them, but was very aware all day of being dressed as her feminized hubby.

I don't know when I will get to come, but she has hinted that I may get some ass play when we are at a hotel in three weeks. She has stated that I can only expect to be pegged when we are away and that is not something that is likely to ever happen at home. I am hopefully looking forward to our time away!