Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maintain submission

We have had some super hot sex in the last few weeks, including a big fantasy enactment of a bondage, whipping and torture session in the shed.  But no orgasm for me for 3 weeks now.  I'm not complaining, just keeping tracking.  Maybe bragging, certainly enjoying and encouraging my continued denial.
Last night my sleep was broken by the sudden placement of TW's knees very close to my crotch.  I wasn't sure if it was accidental or an offering and request for response, but I dutifully jammed my balls against my love's knees.  I was immediately swept up with the feelings and was throbbing with lust.  Heavy breathing from me occurred as I fantasized about my submission.  Soon enough heavy breathing indicated that TW had drifted off to sleep.  She finds it so relaxing to have my balls grinding on her knees.

Later in the night I awoke again to what appeared to be offered knees and I hastened to respond.  I'm not sure what was where, but I ended up with what felt like her leg against my belly and my balls grinding something else.  Having something pressed against my belly was a new sensation and surprisingly arousing.
I pressed my belly harder as I fantasized about her pinning me down with a shin to the belly.  It was all very hot until she rolled away.

I woke this morning as TW thrust her ass in my direction.  Her bare ass at that and I know she was wearing panties last night.  I thankfully was sporting morning wood and immediately began fondling that naked ass and grinding my hard cock into her crack.  Obviously she wanted some fucking, so I wet my cock with saliva and made haste to get it in her pussy.  We had a nice fucking session as we talked about upcoming events and whether I would get to come in the near future, like today.

We are going on a weeklong family reunion camping trip in two days and she talked about how subservient I would be to her if I didn't come before then.  I tried to encourage her without appearing too eager.  She talked about practicing knot tying and having me wear a sailors bracelet on my wrist and on my cock as a constant reminder to both of us that I was her servant.  She talked about making me kneel in front of her to put her socks on while the whole family was there to see.  This was really bringing me to the edge of coming so I had to pull out.

The thought of more openly demonstrating my submissiveness to TW is scary, but I hope that she will push me to do it.  I am so happy since I opened up and talked with her about this and she has taken an active role in making my submissiveness be real.  She has really enjoyed my service to her and I love serving and worshipping her.  I think all the couples in our family should try female led marriage and I hope to lead by submitting to my wife.

I was now happily licking and sucking her pussy.
"Time to get ready for work", said TW as she pushed me away.  I rolled back on the bed with my hard cock waving in the air and silently thanked her for once again not letting me come.  Four weeks sounds great.