Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bouncing balls

This past weekend we were home so I hoped to be of service to TW and she thought that would be good too. We had some nice sex in the morning, she came, I was not given permission. After we showered, she handed me a rather small pair of her panties to wear for the day. Yummy!

There were some teases here and there during the day. In the evening TW was on the couch watching a show and I sat down with her. She mentioned that if she told me to I would be willing to take off my pants right there and show her the panties, right? I said I certainly would. Then she said if I was tied up there I couldn't do anything about that other than enjoy it. I told the that I fantasized about just that, having her bind my cock and balls and then just keep me by her while she enjoyed her show. Perhaps having me massage her feet while I sat on the floor before her. She told me to go get some string. I couldn't find any string right away, but returned with a 6 foot length of ¼ inch rope.

She led me into the bathroom off the living room and closed the door since our daughter was home. Then she had me drop my pants and show her the panties. She pulled them down and proceeded to bind my balls and cock. My balls were separated, hard and shiny and my cock was rock hard. She pulled the panties up over my cock with my balls sticking out each side and told me to try and get my pants up over that. Then we returned to the couch and watched the rest of the show.

After it was over we went to bed. She had me eat her pussy as she used the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm. Then she wanted my cock inside her and I gave her a nice fucking. AT one point she had her hand down there in a way that as I thrust in her my bound balls were pounding against her hand. This felt so good, and it was a mind trip as when I thrust deep into her my balls would get hurt.
I told her that this really touched on the core of my current sexual yearnings which have been focusing on my balls and torturing them.

She pulled her hand away and I fucked her hard and she told me that she wanted me to come. I was so ready to come, but I gasped out a request, “hit my balls!”. She started smacking them hard. I don't know if she was hitting or punching them, but this was something I have been fantasizing about and craving for some time. I came pretty fast then, and once I had done so the pain quickly became too much and fortunately she stopped hitting them.

We untied my cock and balls and before we dropped off to sleep she put on the panties that I had worn all day. I slept naked like a good sub.

Brief review of a couple other recent FD actions:
Sunday afternoon and we went to the bedroom for some afternoon delight. The room was chilly so I turned on a small space heater. We both got naked and I bent over to warm my hands in front of the heater. This did leave my bare ass sticking up in the air and I was thrilled that TW took advantage of this to start whipping it with her belt. She gave me a great all over body whipping and then she laid down on the bed and told me to eat her pussy. I ate her and she used the magic wand on her clit until she came, her pee squirting into my mouth as I drank it down.

She told me to lye down on the bed next to her and as I came around the end of the bed she tossed my pillow to the foot of the bed. I laid down with my head to the foot of the bed and massaged her foot. The other foot found it's way to my neck and pinned me down. I licked and kissed her toes until she had me eat her pussy to another squirting orgasm.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Controlled and Cathetered Anniversary date

Not much to write about lately, some decent sex, nothing noteworthy.
Then our anniversary came about. 27 years and the little princess was going to a friend's for an overnight. Yippee!

It had been a long week and we were both tired. Didn't feel that we could make dinner out worthwhile, so I got take out Chinese and a bouquet of flowers along with a very nice card and we had a nice quiet candlelit dinner, just the two of us.
After dinner, T asked why I didn't get the chop sticks out. I think she meant for more that just eating with. I built a fire in the wood stove (first time this season) so we could be warm enough to be naked for a while. T asked what I had in mind for our anniversary and I told her truthfully that I wanted to serve her and hopefully have some kinky sex. She told me to collect the chicken eggs and I put on my ball stretcher along with nipple suckers. I went out naked and came back with the egg basket hanging from my balls. That got her attention!
She brought some cushions, blankets and pillows to the living room and made a bed on the floor.
Then she told me to get some toys including the over the door cuffs. The cuffs were in one of my two toy boxes so I brought both along with a bag containing 2 floggers, a crop and some ball vices.
I got an extension cord and plugged in her Hitachi magic wand.

First things first, she laid back and told me to eat her pussy. I love doing this and hadn't given her a good eating in a while. Then she used the vibrator on her clit and had her first orgasm. When she really lets go, she has become comfortable enough with my submission to release her bladder along with everything else and I drank her urine as it flooded my face. I hoped I would orgasm tonight, but it had only been a week, so I wasn't desperate at all, not yet.

After T recovered, she had me get out the cuffs and put them on my wrists. I'd been wearing the nipple suckers for well over an hour by then and she asked if I wanted them pulled off or flogged off. Of course I chose the flogging. She then had me stand with my back to the door and my hands up and put the over the door part of the cuffs behind the door and shut it. I was not going any where.

She then used the small black flogger on the front of my body, trying to knock the nipple suckers off.
I thought they would pop off right away, but they held up to some healthy flogging to my chest. She also flogged my belly and my cock. I arched my back and encouraged her to flog my balls from below.
That also made my ass accessible and she managed to flog that too. I was practically standing on my toes trying to offer as much as my body as possible for her to flog. It was great and I was super aroused.

Then T said that since I wanted her to control my cock she planned something to do to me that would control me intensely. She said that would control whether I could fuck her. That made me a little curious as I didn't think she knew anything about male chastity devices. She left me hanging from the door and told me to close my eyes. I could hear noises like packages being opened. I guessed that she might be planning to use a catheter on me since she had talked about that recently and she even had one at the time. I was really surprised that she brought up the idea. She is a nurse and had used them on patients, but that usually means it's off limits for sexual activity. She had talked while we were having sex and she was teasing me to the edge of coming about putting a catheter up my cock and controlling my ability to pee. Maybe even making me beg to be allowed to pee. This was a really hot fantasy to me.

Now she was kneeling down in front of me and spreading open my dick head. For some reason I kept my eyes shut as she started to insert the catheter. It did hurt some as she pushed it in. Then it apparently came back out to my relief. I suggested she use lube and she said that she had, but would use more, then she pushed it in again. Less pain this time, then as it went deep it felt amazing as it went deep into my body. She was inside of me, not with her body, but all the same, I had been penetrated deeply, through my sex. I'm sure that I was shaking all over, it was so intense.
While my eyes were closed she used a syringe to inflate the balloon at the end that would prevent the catheter from coming out. It would stay in until she removed it from me. I was under her control.
She showed me the clamp that would prevent me from peeing, but did not put it on. Instead she attached a plastic bag to my leg and fitted the catheter to that so that any urine would go in the bag. I would not be using the bathroom.

I was in such a state that I was thanking her for doing this to me. Then she picked up the flogger and started whipping me all over my body. I arched my back and stood on my toes so she could flog me from my back to my ass, my chest to my thighs. She flogged my belly and my cock and balls. It was incredible to see the tube of the catheter sticking out the end of my erect cock.

Then she opened the door and released my. She lay down on her back and pulled my face into her pussy. I licked, sucked and ate that hot wet pussy. I was delirious as I pleasured my Queen. In between licks I was telling her how much I loved this, how happy I was that she would do this for me. I told her that I may be drunk on my sexual high, but I thought that we should do our marriage vows again. This time I would vow to love, honor, obey, worship, serve her. I really meant that I wanted to have our relationship be truly female led, not just an occasional game. I worked a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her, first one, then two and four fingers shoved deep into her. I was in her and she was in me with the control of her catheter, up my cock and into my bladder.
She got the vibrator and brought herself to an orgasm that sprayed over my shoulder and landed in the middle of my back. We cleaned up, then collapsed in sleep.

I woke up a few hours later and felt like I needed to pee. There was none in the bag, but it didn't seem to be coming out. I tried getting up on me knees, hoping gravity would help. I pushed and it felt like there was a shuddering going on and some urine did show up in the bag. It hurt some to pee, but I felt better afterward and went back to sleep, marveling at the tube sticking out of my penis.

A few hours later I woke, feeling like I really needed to pee. I was standing and trying to get some out when T woke up and asked if I was okay. I told her that I had passed a little urine, but it didn't seem to be coming out. The clamp was not on so it should have just run into the bag, without my having any control. She was fiddling with the catheter and suddenly it hurt a lot! Next thing I know, she had taken it out. I hadn't expected that, but she is in charge and she is the nurse too.

I went to the bathroom then and was able to pee with some discomfort.

When we woke in the morning, she asked if I was okay. Then she asked if I could get hard as she wanted to fuck. She got up on her hands and knees and said that I could scratch her back like I used to. I started scratching her, leaving long red marks, getting hard as I did. I scratched her ass, including all around her wide spread ass hole. Then I started fucking her. It felt so good and I really wanted to spank that red striped ass. I had not given her a birthday spanking this year. Mostly too busy, but also a little tricky to do when I am trying to be submissive to her.

I know she does sometimes miss my being aggressive with her and now I started giving her that overdue spanking. 50 spanks on her ass. Then I grabbed that small black flogger and flogged her back 50 times. Spread her ass wide and spanked her ass hole. Pulled her up and spanked her tits: top, bottom, sides and nipples.
Fucked her some more, then spread her legs and spanked her thighs. Then I spanked her hot wet pussy, counting out the 50 smacks as I spread her pussy lips and slapped her clit.
Since she was on her knees, her feet were in position for me to spank the soles of her feet, the same feet that I have been kissing and sucked her toes lately.
Some more fucking to keep her in the pleasure zone, then pulled out and spread her ass cheeks so that I could spank her stretched wide ass hole. 50 spanks on that tender pink pucker.
My cock back inside her for more fucking, I was really getting close to coming now and had to pull out. She said that I had to give her 50 strokes with my cock and started counting. I pulled out again and she said that now the counting would start over! I slid back in and tried to control myself, but knew that I couldn't. T had told me recently that if I couldn't hold back she wanted me to just let go and really enjoy it. So I started spanking her ass again and drove for the finish, coming with a roar.

We collapsed in a heap and rested for a while, but couldn't go back to sleep as there were things to do and people to see.

My cock was a little sore during the day, but in the evening I noticed blood in the toilet when I urinated. Okay, that would probably be expected. Next time there was more. When we got home I was shocked to see that the inside front of my black boxer briefs were covered with sticky drops of blood. This was rather unnerving and I nervously told my wife nurse about it. There was a fair amount of blood in the slit of my cock and we cleaned that up to see that there was no damage there. She said we would see how it was the next day.
The next morning there was a little blood and she told me to drink a lot of water and juice to flush things out. By that afternoon there was no blood, much to my relief.

T was very concerned that she had hurt me or caused damage and as a nurse she blamed herself. I assured her that I had totally enjoyed the experience and despite the pain and the blood I would be very willing to do it again. She said it has been many years since she placed a catheter and it was certainly not in the half dark with a man standing with hands restrained over his head. Next time, if there is one as I hope, she says it would be with me lying down, with lights on and her with gloves on.

This was a rather extreme activity for us and we have both thought about it a lot since then and talked about it some. She had planned to keep the catheter in me all night and most of the next day. She told me afterward that she planned to control my peeing and make me wear the bag on my leg when she sent me out to run an errand. I found the whole activity extremely exciting and do hope that she will do this to me again.
What an anniversary!