Thursday, April 14, 2016

I want to be a bride

T told me that she missed tugging on my pubic hair so I had started growing it in nearly a month ago. Two weeks ago she also said that it was time to start letting my leg hair grow back. I have regained a short pubic puff and my legs are covered with short hairs. She says it is like I am going through puberty. I think it is more like going from girl to man and already am saddened by the change.

T recently “discovered” her wedding dress which had gone missing in storage. She decided to try it on and see if it still fit. The zipper would not go up the back, but she still looked lovely. Of course, I was secretly yearning to try it on too and she surprised my by telling me to put the dress on! How exciting it was to get naked and pull the layers of lovely lace over my head and down my body! She was able to zip it up and it looked quite lovely on me. This certainly fueled my fantasy of renewing our wedding vows with me being taken as her slave wife.

That evening, T pulled out the sheer white, ankle length, negligee that she received as a bridal shower gift. She gave it to me to put on to wear to bed. How exquisite this felt as I snuggled in to bed with her, feeling like her blushing bride! I have been wearing it for the past three nights now.

After our recent talk, I am determined to either wear what she tells me to for bed, wear something feminine of my own choosing, or go naked.

I have started reading chapters from a book called “My husband is my maid” to T and she certainly appreciates the part about me doing the dishes and cleaning.

She said that she really enjoyed all the service she received during her medical leave and I told her that I did not intend to stop. She does appear to be getting more comfortable with the idea of having me do things for her and telling me do them. Last night she told me to put her socks on her feet, then jokingly chided me for not kissing her feet. She said “I'm getting used to telling you what to do, you don't mind do you?”. I assured her that I did not mind at all and that I am here to joyfully serve her.   

Friday, April 01, 2016

Dress me up

I brought my wife home from the hospital after surgery six weeks ago. She had a hysterectomy including removal of the uterus and cervix. The surgery went well as did the recovery eventually.
We knew that she would be out of work for six weeks and there would be no intercourse for that long either. I did hope that there would be some sexual activity during that time and there has been including some oral for me, a few belt whippings, some anal probing of me, and some cross dressing.
I have not been allowed an orgasm during this time, although she just had her first two days ago.
I noted previously that I had shaved my legs and would be keeping them shaved for the six weeks. I have enjoyed doing so, but yesterday she said it was time to grow the hair back before shorts season.
I feel that if she wanted me to keep them shaved I would have done so, even though someone, at least my doctor, would have to notice. She does not want anyone to know what we do in the bedroom. Well maybe someday that will change and she will wish to out me as a shaved cross dresser.

I mentioned in my last post the great time I had when she dressed me for dinner. After wearing the garter belt and stockings to bed, the next morning the stockings got a hole. I shopped on Amazon for new thigh highs and found some nice ones, also bought a garter belt that has an attached crotchless thong. The package arrived when I wasn't home so I had to confess to T what was in the package, then wait for the right time to try them out.

Two nights ago, T saw an e book that I had open on my tablet and started reading it. It was the very last chapter of “My husband is my maid”. I had hoped that she would read it someday, but not to start at the last chapter and scare her off. I then read the prologue to her. She didn't have much to say about it although she was already okay with me doing some crossdressing and doing most of the household duties.

The next night when I got home from work she told me to change work clothes, do my outdoor chores, then change into what she had put out for me on the bed. I was so excited to see that she had laid out the new garter belt and stockings, a grey sparkly tight fitting sweater of hers and a knee length flowing black skirt.

It was with some anxiety that I presented myself to her for inspection in my feminine attire. She smiled and had me turn to show her. My hard cock was tenting the skirt. Then she sent me to finish preparing dinner. We had a lovely dinner together, her in sweats and me in sweater and skirt.
After dinner she said I could clean up the kitchen, but first she pulled the skirt up and tucked it into the waistband so that it was mini skirt length and she could see my stocking tops and garters.

I cleaned up and then reported to her assignment of a few chores. After doing them I went to her with my tablet in hand. She asked if I wanted to read to her. I said yes, if she would like to hear more.
She said she would listen while looking at a craft catalog. I read her another chapter about becoming a submissive maid to your wife. When I got up from the couch I left a drop of precum which she told me to lick up.

We went up to bed then. She found that I had left the box of moist wipes open earlier. She took a leather belt off the hook and told me to bend over the bed. I did so, pulling the skirt up to my waist.
She whipped my ass, the first six moderate, then much harder for the next few. I don't know if they were that much harder than she has done before or if I was just not warmed up yet, but they hurt!
She said that might teach me to do better. I agreed that I needed lots of training and thanked her for punishing me.

I went to bed then wearing my garter belt and stockings. It was a restless night, but every time I woke I thrilled at my sexy lingerie.