Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Caught and Punished

We were just getting ready for bed when T dumped a load of laundry on the bed. “let's get this folded before bed” she said, “and take your clothes off first”. This was sounding like more fun than chore as I quickly stripped. She turned to me with the locking leather strap. “Put this on”. I fumbled with it as I was already starting to get hard. After I finally got it buckled in place she told me to put the nipple suckers on too.
I did a nice job of folding her panties making sure to kiss each one. She gave me reinforcement by spanking my bare ass each time I kissed a pair. She had pointed out in the past a time that I had left a pair inside out and I was a bad boy this day as I intentionally left one pair like that this time. I wondered what she would think when she found that pair, hoping it might earn me a punishment.
By the time we got done folding the spanks had resulted in my having a nice erection which she thought should be put inside her. I obliged by doing just that and giving her a good fucking. Somewhere along the way the strap came off. T apparently thought I was deserving an orgasm and gave me permission to do so and I enjoyed a good one.

A week later we had just gotten showered in the morning when I entered the bedroom to see T with a shirt on but no panties yet. This was unusual so I sort of waited to see if I might get to kiss her pussy good morning. Then I noticed the inside-out panties on the bed along with her wide leather belt. Could it be that she intended to punish me for my transgression? “What do you see there?”, she asked.
“Inside-out panties?” I said, “and your belt”.
“Bend over the bed”. I did so and she gave me about a dozen smacks with it. I stood up and told her I was sorry for doing her panties improperly. Then I confessed that I had done it on purpose to see if she would notice and punish me. I admitted that I enjoyed the “punishment” that I had brought upon myself. “Bend over again, you haven't had enough”. She gave another dozen stripes on the ass, then told me to stand up. My cock was hard and streaming pre-cum. She used the belt to whip my cock about 20 times. Then she wiped the precum off on me.
“I really would like to come now” she said, but our daughter was downstairs and she was worried that she might come up. I offered to go make sure that she stayed there so T could enjoy her time with the magic wand. I did and she apparently made the most of it.

The next day she asked me to put lotion on her legs when we got in bed. I did so and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. That got me started but I was also just getting aroused stroking her legs and fondling her knees. My erection was growing and finally she spread her legs and told me to put that thing inside her. It felt great to be inside her sweet pussy. I told her that I had enjoyed my “punishment” the day before. She started talking about different little scenes related to laundry and punishments and general kinky play including some really hot ones with me hanging her laundry on the line while naked. She really got me going when she mentioned the time she had me outside naked and laying over the doghouse with my nipples grinding on the shingles as she flogged me ass. I was really having a tough time holding off from coming as she fantasized about sending me out to hang her panties on the clothesline with the necessary clothespins attached to my body. I would certainly be hanging them up as quick as I could to get the pins off.
Then T said that I had been good lately and that she wanted me to have a good come. I did just that and had a roaring orgasm.
After I recovered somewhat though I mentioned that she hadn't come, but she said she didn't need to come every time, and that it was more my goal than hers. So true, but still I owe her one or 2 or ...