Sunday, December 11, 2005

spanking lunch

After having such success with our "lunch" date and my birthday spanking, we may be starting a new tradition of Tuesday "lunch". Last week I came home in the afternoon, it was a cold day and I was cold from the drive home. We didn't feel like getting naked, so headed for the bed and a bunch of heavy blankets. We hesitantly started touching each other with chilly hands. I rubbed briskly to build up some heat of friction. My wife murmured something about how we could be noisy without the kids home, spanking would be ok, and I had gotten the last one for my birthday. I had been fantasizing already about trying to get another, longer spanking. Sounded like she was looking for one though. Well I aim to please, so I began fondling her breast, tugging and rolling the nipple. She was warming up now. In fact we were warming up enough to pull those blankets down enough to see what we were doing. I started lightly slapping her breast, quickly moving into slapping it from side to side. I focussed on her reddening nipple, giving it stinging swipes that made it hard and red as it rebounded from the impacts. I switched to the other breast and gave it a series of open handed heavy spanks centered on the nipple. I was pleased with the heat emating from her tits, but she was feeling like that was enough.
She rolled over and put her pillow and a waterproof cover under her hips and presented her ass for heating. I was happy to start in on this receptive target. I started out with light slaps spread around her quivering cheeks. ONce they had warmed up I began giving her ass some solid spanks that were nice and loud. Her hand found its way to her pussy and she began diddling her clit. I kept up a steady pattern of slaps, alternating from one side to the other, then working down to the base of her ass and down the back of her thighs. She had her legs spread pretty well so I gave her a few on the inside of each thigh. I spread her ass crack with one had and spanked down the inside of the crack on one side, slapped across her pussy lips and back up the other side of her ass. After a few rounds like that I finished up with ten spanks right on her spread and bulging asshole. She was getting very hot now, her pussy was all engorged and red as she worked away on her clit. I wanted to make sure her ass stayed red for awhile so I gave each cheek a steady series of cupped hand spanks in the same place in a rapid succession. I was suprised to see just how red that spot got and how quickly it got that way. She was just about to come so I pushed her over the edge by spanking down into the crack of her ass and then spanking her wide spread pussy as she came with pants and groans.
I stroked her ass as she came down. My hard cock was streaming precum, so I wiped it over her red cheeks. She said she had meant to wait for me to come with her. I told her it was good that she came when she did because it was my goal to spank her till she did. She said maybe good, maybe not. Does that mean I'm not spanking her enough yet?
I got into position behind her and worked my cock into her cunt. I knew I wouldn't last long after the warmup we had already. She reached back and spread her ass checks so I could get in deeper. As she held her cheeks, she began stroking them with her fingers, and rubbing them harder. I thought after the spanking , she wouldn't want them touched at all, but she really started working them over. She was squeezing harder, then she began raking her nails over her ass, leaving long red scratches. As I pumped away and tried to keep from coming so I could see what else she would do, she clawed at her ass, making it much redder than I had with a long hard spanking. This was too much for me and I came with a roar.
The only thing we wanted to do after this was to nap, but we couldn't since this was just a "lunch break". As we dressed, she looked at her red ass in the mirror and wondered how that would feel as she drove around town running errands that afternoon. I went back to my office and tried to keep my head off my desk.