Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Birthday spanking

Wow, I sure did miss a whole lot of time since the last post! Had several awesome experiences that I only remember the highlights of now. Spanking and fucking T on the dock one evening. An awesome sex session after going to bed bound that finished up with me eating her out to a drenching, nearly drowning for me, orgasm as I held my own face tightly in place with the ropes that were around the back of my head. But the most recent was my long awaited birthday spanking.
We had planned for months to get away together for our 20th anniversary. When we got right to it, we had no time for anything but dinner out for the anniversary and planned to go away 2 monts later for the weekend on my birthday as our anniversary trip. We considered traveling upstate, but didn't want to give up too much time driving. The kids were going to be away, so we decided just to stay home and do things locally! After dinner out Friday night, we went home and I built a fire in the fireplace while T went upstairs to "slip into something more comfortable".
She returned in her robe, which was quickly shed after some kissing and fondling. My clothes were falling off too, but I just wanted to see what panties she was wearing. They were nice, hard to describe, but they fit well and just inspired me to kneel behind her as she leaned on the mantle and warmed her breasts by the fire, while I nuzzled her ass cheeks. I finally pulled those panties down with my teeth and licked her asshole. She was having a tough time standing up and finally I let her go. She encouraged me to warm myself by the fire and she started giving me my spanking. I don't know how many she placed on my ass, I wasn't counting and I hoped she wasn't either. I had given her a birthday spanking just over a month ago, and I hoped she would follow my lead and give me lots of spanks all over just like I had given to her. She spanked my thighs, then my back, spread my cheeks and spanked deep in the crack. Then she had me turn around, although I really didn't need to warm my ass by the fire by then! She spanked the front of my body, full hand slaps on my chest and nipples, smacks on the belly and the inner thighs. I arched my back to present my genitals and she slapped my balls gently and spanked my cock hard.
I was hot all over, but she was a little chilly, so she leaned on the fireplace again and waggled her ass at me. She loves to recieve a spanking, probably more than giving, so I spanked her full ass, starting out light and building to solid spanks and making her ass rosy red. She turned around and I slapped her breasts, enjoying make them sway with the impact. I slapped her engorged pussy, splashing the wetness dripping from her juicy cunt as she held it open for the stinging spanks.
I had worn a leather belt and planned to make use of it, I picked it up from the floor and had T turn around. I started out light, but as she fingered her cunt, I started whipping her ass harder. Then as she started moaning loud, I used the belt to make long swipes up her back. Whipping the strong muscles of her shoulder blades and curling around to catch her underarms and the sides of her ribs. This had to lead to whipping her breasts from the side. She was furiously masturbating and came as I whipped her back, ass and thighs. I helped her to settle on the couch and recover.
When she regained some composure, she looked at my still hard cock, and said " you're still not done are you?". I had to admit that I wanted more, including some of that belt. I think she just wanted to sleep at that point, but to her credit, she managed to get up and have me go outside nude to get more firewood, then lean on the mantle.
She used that belt on my ass, thighs and back just like I had just done on hers. JUst what I was looking for. Then she had me turn around and used it on my chest and belly. But it was when she started whipping my hard red cock, that I really started to fly into space. I felt like I was offering it up to her to use and abuse, to whip as long and hard as she wanted. And she did. During the whipping of my chest and back, some of the strokes had hit my neck and ears. I wanted to give her more and pointed to my cheek. She looked at my face and said "are you sure?". I nodded and she looped the belt and slapped my cheek with it, then slapped the other cheek on the return. She was very worried about leaving a visible mark on my face and was trying to be careful, but she did begin to get in to it, whipping my face with the belt. I had to go all the way and put my tongue out, offering it up to her. She really looked uncertain about that, but knew I wanted her to do it. She began softly with the belt on my tongue, then harder as she saw that I was taking it well. I felt like I was offering myself up to her, holding my tongue out for her to hit and take as a sign of my love and devotion. I dropped to my knees and tipped my head back, holding my tongue out for her to whip again and again.
T. finally decided that I'd had enough and pulled me to the couch. I knelt over her and grabbed my cock. She said she wanted me to jerk off for her while I whipped myself on the tits. So that's what I did, stroking my over stimulated cock and slapping my chest with the belt. My cock was right by her mouth as I started to come, so she took it in her mouth and I came hotly into her mouth.
We collapsed onto the couch and dozed off. An hour later, we stirred and realized the fire had died down. We were getting chilly by then so we staggered to bed and slept very well.