Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whip it, Whip it good!

My last post, quite some time ago, talked about enjoying the little things in our occasional FLR. Not much has happened recently that was special enough to write about, until last weekend.

I had been feeling frustrated with the lack of activity in our relationship, probably also tired and crabby at the end of the work week. I know that I had read some great posts by some of my favorite bloggers like Mistress Marie and Strict Julie. I would love to be used the way they treat their men. Mistress Marie has made her boyfriend into her feminized shemale slave.
Strict Julie takes great pleasure in humiliating and harshly spanking and whipping her husband.
How I yearn to be abused so, especially when I feel that nothing is happening. But then my wonderful wife will totally surprise me and do things I never would have expected, like sounding my cock with a chopstick, or inserting a catheter into it. This weekend was very satisfying.

Like I said, I was tired and crabby on Friday, but I wanted to make dinner for TW. Things weren't going well with dinner preparation, it was getting later and I was more hungry, tired and frustated. I was basically having a temper tantrum, which is unusual for me. TW asked if she could help and I hinted that she could use a wooden spoon on me. A few other times, I made suggestions of that nature, and much to me frustration, they were ignored.

Later, as we were undressing for bed, she pulled her belt from her pants and gave me a playful smack with it. A few more and she told me to bend over the end of the bed and proceeded to whip my ass well. I was loving every painful stroke and stripe she laid on me. She told me to stand up and started whipping my front, including my soft white belly, thighs and my hard cock. She whipped my cock hard as I moaned in pleasure. I told her once that as long as it was hard, she wasn't hitting me too hard.
She had me sit on the bed and whipped my inner thighs and gave some lighter stroke to my balls. I really love when she abuses my balls. Then she knelt down and took my hard cock in her mouth and soothed the pain, oh what heaven. She even licked and sucked my balls, one of my favorite things ever.

She told me to get up then and she laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I dove right in and started eating her pussy. I love to lick and suck her pussy so much. Since we have started controlling my orgasms, I can reach near total satisfaction just eating her as my hard cock waves in the air with no orgasm forthcoming.

I had recently bought some new sex toys and asked her if she would like an early birthday present. I got out the chin dildo and strapped it on my face. Now I could eat her pussy and fuck her at the same time!
I slowly inserted the dong into her pussy. It is bigger than my cock and when I have my mouth plastered against her the thing is really too far in. She started using the Magic Wand vibrator on her clit and brought herself to a great orgasm. I ripped the dong off my head and licked up all her juices. Then I rested my mouth on her wet pussy lips as she calmed down. I really felt totally satisfied at that point and almost thought that I had come since I felt so good. But no, no orgasm for me this day.
I actually prefer not to orgasm at the beginning of a weekend as I want to maintain a good servient attitude for the weekend.

The next morning I placed a brass ring around the base of my cock and balls to ensure my service to TW. I spent the day doing chores for her. During the afternoon we were working on the garden fence with plastic zip ties. She told me to drop my pants and placed one of the ties around the base of my cock and balls along with the brass ring. I have always thought that zip ties could be good sex toys, and that's why I bought the great big container of them.

That evening when we went to bed, I had left some clean laundry on the bed. TW said “look at the mess you left, you should be punished” and picked up her belt. I was happy to bend over the bed and receive my punishment. After she had reddened my ass she had me stand up. She said that this whipping was for punishment and surprised me by whipping my back and shoulders. It hurt so good and I hoped that she was leaving lots of nice red stripes. I told her that I had recently been fantasizing about being whipped all over my body and being covered with red marks. Then she had me turn around and whipped my chest and belly, all the way down my thighs and even a few on the tops of my feet. She then whipped my cock into a rock hard redness.
She laid back on the bed and told me to put my hard cock in her. I happily shoved it into her hot, wet cunt. After a short time of fucking she told me to go to the kitchen and get two hot dogs. I ran off and got them, rinsed them off well and brought them back in a bowl of warm water.

I shoved the first one in and she moaned and asked me what it looked like. I told her it looked like she had a little cock. Then I pushed the other one in along side and fucked her with both. It didn't take long before she told me go for some more hot dogs. I brought another six and gradually stuffed 3 more into her. The last one stuck half way out and I sucked it like I was giving her a blow job. After fucking her with the dogs for a minute she told me to put one of them up my ass. I gladly shoved that hot dog up my tight ass hole. It felt so good as I pushed it inside myself and began fucking my ass with it.
TW wanted to get fucked with my cock now. I pulled the hotdogs out of her cunt and began fucking her, but the dog popped out of my ass as I thrust in to her. She took one of the hotdogs that had been in her cunt and pushed it in to my mouth.
As I fucked her, she fucked my mouth with that hot dog and vibrated her clit. She was working up to an orgasm and I sure was too. I knew that I wasn't allowed to cum without permission, but it was hard to ask when my mouth was full of hot cock dog. I tried to whimper my request and presumed that she was implying that I could as I launched into a gut wrenching orgasm, all the while holding the dog in my mouth with my teeth and trying not to bite it in half.

What a great weekend, whipped twice, hot dogs up my ass and down my throat, and an awesome orgasm. I have no reason to complain.