Thursday, November 03, 2011

Birthday lunch

As usual much time has gone by without updating any of the very exciting things that have happened. Too much time spent on line reading other people's stories and not keeping up with my own.

This week is my birthday and I always look forward to a reason for my at least annual spanking. T is not too eager to give me any kind of spanking or really anything much in the way of inflicting pain. I guess it runs contrary to a nurse's nature. Hopefully I will get back to writing up details of our anniversary weekend in which I bound her breasts, then tied her to a tree in the woods and whipped her ass with her belt.

But to the details of the present and my birthday lunch. Recently we were having sex and got to talking in the heat of the moment about putting things in her pussy (stuffing) like a cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, or as we were reaching orgasm, an orange. Some place along the way cocktail franks came up and it was discussed stuffing her with multiple little franks. It was great fantasy talk.

I thought it was just fantasy until last Tuesday. As I left for work T suggested maybe I might like to come home for lunch. That means afternoon delight while we have the house to ourselves. I didn't need a second invitation, but she made one when she called me at around 11 and suggested that I stop at the store and get some cocktail franks. Wow! I never thought she would actually do something like this. Being a nurse she is very particular about getting things where they don't belong and may create an infection or irritation. So I stopped at the store and found the franks along with a roll of crescent roll dough.

We cooked up some of the franks as mini pigs in blankets to have a preview for lunch. During that time T put the remaining franks in a bowl of hot water to warm them up. I noticed she also placed two full size hot dogs in the bowl.

After lunch we went to the bedroom. It's always hard to just get started with something like this in the middle of the day. We stripped to underwear and got under the covers and did some necking and fondling to get us warm and heated up. It was chilly in that room!

T then spread her legs wide and invited me to eat her pussy before we started with the franks, I was glad to dive in! As we were making out, she hinted that the franks would do well to really fill her, including her ass, which I was surprised at, and also hinted that some would likely make there way into my ass, which I was thrilled to hear.

After I ate her tasty pussy, I got the bowl of franks and pulled out a string of 3. I put the first one in my mouth and got it warm, then pushed it in her pussy. The next 2 quikly followed. I grabbed another string and pressed them in. Six and counting. After nine she said she wanted my cock in there too.

I shoved it in there along side the franks and it felt great to me. She was tight and those franks were just rubbing all around me. I pulled out and grabbed some more franks. A full dozen of little franks up in my wifes hot pussy! One of the full size dogs easily slid in, leaving a few inches hanging out. I went down on that hot dog like it was a little cock sticking out of her. I sucked and licked it and ate her pussy.

Then I took another string of franks and pressed one into her asshole. One frank was hanging out by the string between them and it looked so nasty hanging out of her like that. Of course I had to lick and suck on that one and lick her asshole good. I kept on filling her ass with the franks and don't remember how many I put up there, at least 6, maybe 10.

I put the other hot dog in her ass and enjoyed the sight of her with one sticking out of each hole. I couldn't resist getting on my back and sliding up under her to eat her pussy with that hot dog sticking out. Ok I was sucking hot dog more than pussy. T started to get into it and pumped her hips to fuck the hot dog in my mouth.

She finally pulled me up and said she thought she was ready to give me my spanking. I laid down on the bed and offered up my ass. She started spanking my ass, not nearly hard enough for my tastes. She told me to kneel up and then she spread my cheeks and blew on my anus. Next she started rubbing it with her finger and finally what I had been waiting for, the cool wet frank. She pressed it into me and it popped in. She asked if I was ok and if I wanted another. Of course I did! She kept on pushing more of the little franks up my ass until I had 11 in there. She asked if I wanted one more for the dozen and I said yes, but I want the hot dog. She giggled and said that's what she had in her hand already. She stuffed that hot dog in my hole and said it looked like my cock going in her, it wrinkled up some as it went in. She got it in me then began fucking it in and out. The feeling of it rubbing on my sphincter as it went in and out felt really good. I told T that we had created a monster because I was definitely going to want to do this again.

In betweeen the insertion of the franks she was spanking my ass, including spreading my cheeks and spanking my bulging asshole. She started out counting spanks, but I think we both totally lost track. She then told me to get up and look at my ass in the mirror with the hot dog sticking out of it . It was hot alright!

Finally she said it was time to finish up and she wanted to get fucked. She got in an appropriate doggy position and got out her Hitachi magic wand. She quickly brought herself to a squirting orgasm as I switched between fucking her frank filled cunt and humping her ass crack.

Early on in the session she talked about whether I should come or not. I remember it was something about the choice of coming or getting some punishment (which I would enjoy either way) and I said I really wanted to come, but had recently been finding the concept of being not allowed to come to be strangley extremely exciting.

AS I fucked her full pussy and tried to fight off my orgasm I was intent on not coming unless she told me it was ok. I don't think I ever saw my cock look so big and ready to come. Finally she blurted out, yes! Come now! And I had the loudest mind blowing orgasm that I think I have ever had.

I am writing this the next day. All the franks came out ok, we are both none the worse for the experience and have both been thinking about it a lot over night and today. IT was really kinky and hot and I think we will likely do something like this again. I hope it is sooon!

Once again, we may not have sex that often, but when we do it just keeps getting better!

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Boat Striping

Yes, putting new waterline stripe on the boat inspired very hot sex this time. T was helping me for a while with the project and dropped a few hints including sticking some small sections of tape to my jeans. I worked to get done as soon as possible, both to escape the ravenous mosquitoes and to have time for a hot sex before LP got home. T
T went in to "clean up" while I was finishing with the tape and I found her in bed with a book. I got naked and hopped in too. We kissed and necked for awhile, then talked about the first time we used bandage tape while having hot hotel sex. That time I shaved a patch of her pubes, taped her labia shut, then we went out to dinner. Soon we were both ready to try some tape and she got a few handy rolls off the dresser. She taped me first, beginning with my chest, tearing the tape down the middle, then placing the two halves of the tape on each side of my nipple and curving in above and below to push my nipple up into a nice little mini tittie.
Then she used some longer pieces of tape to tape across from the top of one thigh to the other, folding the tape sticky side together in the middle to minimize the amount of pubic hair removal.
Last, she taped from the inside of my ass cheeks, up through my crotch and attaching to my belly, again with a twist in the tape so that it wouldn't stick (too much) to my pubes on the way by. This created sort of a tape jock strap that was firmly stuck to me front and back.

Now it was her turn. I used the same method of split tape around her nipples, taping up high to give her breasts lots of lift. Then I took a long piece, split at each and and taped across both breasts, using the tape to pull them together. A very nice tape bra, with her hard nipples sticking through for tonging and sucking.

I wanted to do something with her ass, so had her get up on her hands and knees and ripped off two pieces of tape. I put a split in one end of each and taped them down on each side of her crack, taping out to a v around her asshole, then pulled the other end as tight as possible to tape out to her ass, spreading her cheeks as much as possible.

We played with each others taped bits for a while then I licked her pussy from the back. I had visions of her smothering me with that spread ass, so I laid down on my back below her and began eating her pussy from below. I was really getting into this and grabbed the tape on her ass and tugged her ass open. She said " I bet you wish you could see what that is doing". I did, but was enjoying the face sitting as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on my mouth.

We were both loving it and I was fantasizing about her sitting on my face after I had come in her and making me eat my come out of her pussy. It was something I really wanted to do before I came, but I knew I wouldn't be so enthused after I had come and the reality set in. That made the fantasy of her making me carry through on my commitment even more exciting in my mind.

But anyway, time was running short and she DOES like to get fucked. So she slid off my face and I slid up on the bed so that she could sit on my cock instead. T was riding my cock like a cowgirl while played with her taped tits. She reached for the Hitachi Magic Wand, saying she needed some pleasure with the pain. I was playing rougher with her tits, having pulled some tape loose so I had something to pull on as I bounced them around. She soon was approaching orgasm and told me to pull the tape off fast. I ripped it off one tit and she screamed with orgasm, squirting all over me. This was too much for me and I ripped off the tape from the other tit and had a screaming orgasm myself, she kept squirting a small pond on to my belly. I was wet all the way up to my armpits!

We both felt like we had died and gone to heaven. As we recovered, she said it's amazing, we just keep finding new and more exciting things to do together, after all these years. Oh Yeah!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sleep well

Last night I was working a project for work at home, which is unusual. Worked on it right up till I went to bed, very tired.
T was getting ready for bed too and she didn't seem to be putting on her warm pj's even though it was a little chilly in the room.
Yes, she was coming to bed in panties only, an invitation for sure. She said she wanted to help me get to sleep and not be thinking about work.
She asked if she could warm her hands on me, "of course".
Then I put my hands on her bottom, not too warm yet.
We fondled each other then began to kiss. As the fondling got more involved, the kissing got hotter and wetter. I was tugging and stretching her labia and she was working my nuts.
Then T climbed on top of me, this is unusual but welcome. She wriggled around and got my hard cock inside her and started humping. I'd been thinking about sex and not having any for over a week, so I was quick to get up to speed. She was too and sat upright as she rode me. I took this as an inivitation to play with her tits. I fondled them, then stretched her nipples. I was thinking about a video I saw that day of two women torturing each others labia, pinching and stretching. I played rougher with her tits, grabbing a handful and roughly massaging it, then tugging them upward and outward. I told her I was feeling like I was about to launch and she said "go ahead".
That's all it took and I had an explosive orgasm. She was shushing me to be quiet as our daughter was in the next room (hopefully asleep), but I just couldn't and made quite a bit of noise, though I tried to muffle the noise with her breast in my mouth.
Today at work, I still smell her pussy on my hands. Yum.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Yes, the always eagerly anticipated Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!
During a 2 night stay at a very nice hotel last week, we had some great sex.
I always pack my bags for these opportunities, just in case, and this didn't disappoint.
The first night I treated T to oral sex for a super long time, my neck may never recover. During that time I fantasized about a replay in a switched format of something we had done before at a hotel. I had tied her up in the closet, flogged her, closed the door and left her there for while. I was now dreaming of her tying me up in the closet and leaving me there while she went to bed and masturbated.
I told her about this dream as we were getting revved up for the second night. She asked me to get out the things I had brought so she would know what she had to work with. I placed the following on the bed: a 20' rope, leather flogger, cock and ball harness, supple nip suction cups, Japanese rope bondage cuffs and a pair of over the door cuffs.

THese nip suckers work very nicely on my nips. I got larger ones for T but she just can't get them to stay on. I think her nips are too nubbley.
First she put chapstick on my nipples to help get a good seal, then applied the suckers, yum!
Then she started to put on the cock and ball harness, she had a little trouble figuring out which way was up, by time I helped her, it was tough to turn over since I was already hard.
Then she did a very nice shibari style tie with the rope starting out draped around the back of my neck with well place knots down the front, through the crotch and up the crack, then ties from back to front and around my chest. This cinched my cock and balls nicely and made my chest squeeze out between the ropes like little titties. Rowr.
Then she told me to kneel on the floor and bend over the bed. This really pulled those ropes tight. She then used the flogger on my ass, thighs and back. Yes things were getting really hot in the room. Then T pulled me up to my knees in front of her and told me to eat her pussy. I was happy to do so and licked and sucked as well as I could in this position.
Back to my fantasy, she told me to get up and put the bondage cuffs on me and led me to the closet. She had me put me hands on the back of my neck and somehow managed to use the over the door cuffs to tie me up from the ropes around my back to the clothes rod in the closet. This and my hands behind my neck caused me to have to keep my face towards the floor, very submissive like. Then she used the flogger on the front of me, flogging my chest, my cinched up cock and balls and my thighs. I was loving all the attention when she draped the flogger around the back of my neck, closed the closet door and left me there to think about things.
My fantasy come true! I totally enjoyed it, and even more so when I heard her start up the Hitachi magic wand and bring herself to a great orgasm while I was left straining in my bondage in the closet behind closed doors. If I weren't getting pretty uncomfortable by then with my hands behind my neck, I would have craved being kept there for longer, waiting for her to allow my release. Fortunately for my neck, which already ached from all the muff diving the night before, she didn't wait long before she came and got me out of the closet.
She loves to be fucked and I couldn't wait do get unrestrained enough to do just that, leading quite quickly to a roaring orgasm that I'm sure the people in the next room heard very well.

Monday, January 17, 2011

start the day right

Well, looking back at when my last post was, I've missed out on writing about many things. I did finally get that birthday spanking. The details are vague in my memory now, but it did include many belts, mostly buckled around me, but one was used to whip my ass.
Also had a great rope bondage session recently, began with binding T's breasts, then after she had a great orgasm I said what about my turn and she bound my cock and balls very nicely, finishing up with a great screw.

But, before I forget all about it I'll recount yesterday. I woke up with a serious hardon. We just watched the movie "The Bucket List" wherein one of the characters says that as you get older "never waste an erection". T has said before that if I wake up horny during the night that I should just go for it and snuggle up with her. She was wearing the one piece footed sleeper that I got her for Christmas, which does not provide easy access. So I got up, closed the door and dropped my shorts and stradled her chest. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was my hard cock. She said "oh my" and took it in her mouth. She gave me some great head for a few minutes. Then I pulled out and moved her around on the bed so that her head was hanging over the edge. I stood in front of her and slid my cock deep into her mouth and throat. This was great, and I fucked her mouth, nearly coming, but after a few minutes there was too much blood rushing to her head, along with my cock head, so I let her up on to the bed. I straddled her again and placed my scrotum on her mouth. She licked my balls then sucked them each. Then she took them both in her mouth and held on as I fucked her mouth with my nuts. I loved pulling on them as she held them in her mouth.
But I know she loves to finish with me in her pussy, so I popped my nuts out of her mouth, turned her around on the bed and sunk my cock in her. She was very wet and I slid in quickly.
The fucking was fast and furious and I came hard and fast.
What a great way to start the day!