Monday, March 06, 2017

Chair bound and ass fucked

Despite the fact that our joyous empty nest did not last long before our oldest child “boomeranged” back home again, we do still get some chances to have wild sex.

The last time I came was an example. This was at least a few weeks ago so I don't remember the details other than it ended with me standing next to the bed and T giving me wonderful oral sex.
She brought me to the edge and over the top to a stunning orgasm as she crushed my nuts against her knees. I'm not sure how she managed to do that, or how I managed to stay standing through it, but it was great. That was my first orgasm this year, probably about a month to six weeks since my last.

This past weekend, we had an “empty house” on Saturday night. Did I mention that now our youngest has decided to move home from her nearby college after 2 years? So much for my cross dressing lifestyle!

Since we had a rare opportunity, I thought we should make use of it have immediate sex games. That did not happen and I was rather sulky by Sunday morning.
Fortunately, the kids stayed away over night and we had some time for fun the next day. T had been asking me to repair a dining room chair for several weeks and I just did not get to it. She finally did it herself on Saturday and I found the chair very bound up with one of my long sailing ropes. I told her that I had long been coveting that rope with thought of being bound up like that chair was.

Sunday morning she told me to bring the chair and rope to the bedroom. I unbound the chair.
T had me bend over the chair and used her belt to punish my ass for not fixing the chair.
She told me to get out a butt plug. When I got out my jeweled plug she asked if I were sure that was what I wanted. I did not need another invitation to get out a bigger glass plug with nubs the whole length and a loop at the end. She had me bend over the chair again as she put on a pair of latex gloves, she is a nurse after all. She put cold lube on my asshole, then fingered me. I was in heaven as she pushed a finger in me. She filled my ass with her finger and then fucked me hard, slamming her hand against my ass. Then she pushed the plug in me, filling me with the cold hard glass. I moaned and groaned in appreciation.

Once I was full, she had me put a towel on the seat of the chair and sit down, then she used the whole 30 feet of rope to tie me to the chair, finishing up by binding my cock and balls and put the end between my teeth. Then she used her belt to whip my thighs and belly, cock and yes my balls. Then she left me in the chair while she went downstairs. “Don't go anywhere” she said as she left the room.
I certainly could not. I believe she only left me for a few minutes, she knows this is something that I fantasize about, being bound and left and not knowing for how long.

When she returned, she used her Magic Wand vibrator on my cock and balls to bring me right to the edge of cuming, then stopped. She laid down on the bed then and used the wand to bring herself to a squirting orgasm as I fucked my ass on that glass dildo.

After she recovered, she untied me and told me to kiss her feet.  As I did so she whipped my ass with her belt. I felt so incredibly submissive during this and just felt that THIS what I truly wanted to be, her slave on the floor, worshipping my Mistress while she beats me.
When she stopped whipping me she grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her.  I hugged her around the waist and murmured "Thank you".
She told me to clean up and crawl to the bathroom for my shower.