Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bouncing balls

This past weekend we were home so I hoped to be of service to TW and she thought that would be good too. We had some nice sex in the morning, she came, I was not given permission. After we showered, she handed me a rather small pair of her panties to wear for the day. Yummy!

There were some teases here and there during the day. In the evening TW was on the couch watching a show and I sat down with her. She mentioned that if she told me to I would be willing to take off my pants right there and show her the panties, right? I said I certainly would. Then she said if I was tied up there I couldn't do anything about that other than enjoy it. I told the that I fantasized about just that, having her bind my cock and balls and then just keep me by her while she enjoyed her show. Perhaps having me massage her feet while I sat on the floor before her. She told me to go get some string. I couldn't find any string right away, but returned with a 6 foot length of ¼ inch rope.

She led me into the bathroom off the living room and closed the door since our daughter was home. Then she had me drop my pants and show her the panties. She pulled them down and proceeded to bind my balls and cock. My balls were separated, hard and shiny and my cock was rock hard. She pulled the panties up over my cock with my balls sticking out each side and told me to try and get my pants up over that. Then we returned to the couch and watched the rest of the show.

After it was over we went to bed. She had me eat her pussy as she used the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm. Then she wanted my cock inside her and I gave her a nice fucking. AT one point she had her hand down there in a way that as I thrust in her my bound balls were pounding against her hand. This felt so good, and it was a mind trip as when I thrust deep into her my balls would get hurt.
I told her that this really touched on the core of my current sexual yearnings which have been focusing on my balls and torturing them.

She pulled her hand away and I fucked her hard and she told me that she wanted me to come. I was so ready to come, but I gasped out a request, “hit my balls!”. She started smacking them hard. I don't know if she was hitting or punching them, but this was something I have been fantasizing about and craving for some time. I came pretty fast then, and once I had done so the pain quickly became too much and fortunately she stopped hitting them.

We untied my cock and balls and before we dropped off to sleep she put on the panties that I had worn all day. I slept naked like a good sub.

Brief review of a couple other recent FD actions:
Sunday afternoon and we went to the bedroom for some afternoon delight. The room was chilly so I turned on a small space heater. We both got naked and I bent over to warm my hands in front of the heater. This did leave my bare ass sticking up in the air and I was thrilled that TW took advantage of this to start whipping it with her belt. She gave me a great all over body whipping and then she laid down on the bed and told me to eat her pussy. I ate her and she used the magic wand on her clit until she came, her pee squirting into my mouth as I drank it down.

She told me to lye down on the bed next to her and as I came around the end of the bed she tossed my pillow to the foot of the bed. I laid down with my head to the foot of the bed and massaged her foot. The other foot found it's way to my neck and pinned me down. I licked and kissed her toes until she had me eat her pussy to another squirting orgasm.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Controlled and Cathetered Anniversary date

Not much to write about lately, some decent sex, nothing noteworthy.
Then our anniversary came about. 27 years and the little princess was going to a friend's for an overnight. Yippee!

It had been a long week and we were both tired. Didn't feel that we could make dinner out worthwhile, so I got take out Chinese and a bouquet of flowers along with a very nice card and we had a nice quiet candlelit dinner, just the two of us.
After dinner, T asked why I didn't get the chop sticks out. I think she meant for more that just eating with. I built a fire in the wood stove (first time this season) so we could be warm enough to be naked for a while. T asked what I had in mind for our anniversary and I told her truthfully that I wanted to serve her and hopefully have some kinky sex. She told me to collect the chicken eggs and I put on my ball stretcher along with nipple suckers. I went out naked and came back with the egg basket hanging from my balls. That got her attention!
She brought some cushions, blankets and pillows to the living room and made a bed on the floor.
Then she told me to get some toys including the over the door cuffs. The cuffs were in one of my two toy boxes so I brought both along with a bag containing 2 floggers, a crop and some ball vices.
I got an extension cord and plugged in her Hitachi magic wand.

First things first, she laid back and told me to eat her pussy. I love doing this and hadn't given her a good eating in a while. Then she used the vibrator on her clit and had her first orgasm. When she really lets go, she has become comfortable enough with my submission to release her bladder along with everything else and I drank her urine as it flooded my face. I hoped I would orgasm tonight, but it had only been a week, so I wasn't desperate at all, not yet.

After T recovered, she had me get out the cuffs and put them on my wrists. I'd been wearing the nipple suckers for well over an hour by then and she asked if I wanted them pulled off or flogged off. Of course I chose the flogging. She then had me stand with my back to the door and my hands up and put the over the door part of the cuffs behind the door and shut it. I was not going any where.

She then used the small black flogger on the front of my body, trying to knock the nipple suckers off.
I thought they would pop off right away, but they held up to some healthy flogging to my chest. She also flogged my belly and my cock. I arched my back and encouraged her to flog my balls from below.
That also made my ass accessible and she managed to flog that too. I was practically standing on my toes trying to offer as much as my body as possible for her to flog. It was great and I was super aroused.

Then T said that since I wanted her to control my cock she planned something to do to me that would control me intensely. She said that would control whether I could fuck her. That made me a little curious as I didn't think she knew anything about male chastity devices. She left me hanging from the door and told me to close my eyes. I could hear noises like packages being opened. I guessed that she might be planning to use a catheter on me since she had talked about that recently and she even had one at the time. I was really surprised that she brought up the idea. She is a nurse and had used them on patients, but that usually means it's off limits for sexual activity. She had talked while we were having sex and she was teasing me to the edge of coming about putting a catheter up my cock and controlling my ability to pee. Maybe even making me beg to be allowed to pee. This was a really hot fantasy to me.

Now she was kneeling down in front of me and spreading open my dick head. For some reason I kept my eyes shut as she started to insert the catheter. It did hurt some as she pushed it in. Then it apparently came back out to my relief. I suggested she use lube and she said that she had, but would use more, then she pushed it in again. Less pain this time, then as it went deep it felt amazing as it went deep into my body. She was inside of me, not with her body, but all the same, I had been penetrated deeply, through my sex. I'm sure that I was shaking all over, it was so intense.
While my eyes were closed she used a syringe to inflate the balloon at the end that would prevent the catheter from coming out. It would stay in until she removed it from me. I was under her control.
She showed me the clamp that would prevent me from peeing, but did not put it on. Instead she attached a plastic bag to my leg and fitted the catheter to that so that any urine would go in the bag. I would not be using the bathroom.

I was in such a state that I was thanking her for doing this to me. Then she picked up the flogger and started whipping me all over my body. I arched my back and stood on my toes so she could flog me from my back to my ass, my chest to my thighs. She flogged my belly and my cock and balls. It was incredible to see the tube of the catheter sticking out the end of my erect cock.

Then she opened the door and released my. She lay down on her back and pulled my face into her pussy. I licked, sucked and ate that hot wet pussy. I was delirious as I pleasured my Queen. In between licks I was telling her how much I loved this, how happy I was that she would do this for me. I told her that I may be drunk on my sexual high, but I thought that we should do our marriage vows again. This time I would vow to love, honor, obey, worship, serve her. I really meant that I wanted to have our relationship be truly female led, not just an occasional game. I worked a finger into her pussy and finger fucked her, first one, then two and four fingers shoved deep into her. I was in her and she was in me with the control of her catheter, up my cock and into my bladder.
She got the vibrator and brought herself to an orgasm that sprayed over my shoulder and landed in the middle of my back. We cleaned up, then collapsed in sleep.

I woke up a few hours later and felt like I needed to pee. There was none in the bag, but it didn't seem to be coming out. I tried getting up on me knees, hoping gravity would help. I pushed and it felt like there was a shuddering going on and some urine did show up in the bag. It hurt some to pee, but I felt better afterward and went back to sleep, marveling at the tube sticking out of my penis.

A few hours later I woke, feeling like I really needed to pee. I was standing and trying to get some out when T woke up and asked if I was okay. I told her that I had passed a little urine, but it didn't seem to be coming out. The clamp was not on so it should have just run into the bag, without my having any control. She was fiddling with the catheter and suddenly it hurt a lot! Next thing I know, she had taken it out. I hadn't expected that, but she is in charge and she is the nurse too.

I went to the bathroom then and was able to pee with some discomfort.

When we woke in the morning, she asked if I was okay. Then she asked if I could get hard as she wanted to fuck. She got up on her hands and knees and said that I could scratch her back like I used to. I started scratching her, leaving long red marks, getting hard as I did. I scratched her ass, including all around her wide spread ass hole. Then I started fucking her. It felt so good and I really wanted to spank that red striped ass. I had not given her a birthday spanking this year. Mostly too busy, but also a little tricky to do when I am trying to be submissive to her.

I know she does sometimes miss my being aggressive with her and now I started giving her that overdue spanking. 50 spanks on her ass. Then I grabbed that small black flogger and flogged her back 50 times. Spread her ass wide and spanked her ass hole. Pulled her up and spanked her tits: top, bottom, sides and nipples.
Fucked her some more, then spread her legs and spanked her thighs. Then I spanked her hot wet pussy, counting out the 50 smacks as I spread her pussy lips and slapped her clit.
Since she was on her knees, her feet were in position for me to spank the soles of her feet, the same feet that I have been kissing and sucked her toes lately.
Some more fucking to keep her in the pleasure zone, then pulled out and spread her ass cheeks so that I could spank her stretched wide ass hole. 50 spanks on that tender pink pucker.
My cock back inside her for more fucking, I was really getting close to coming now and had to pull out. She said that I had to give her 50 strokes with my cock and started counting. I pulled out again and she said that now the counting would start over! I slid back in and tried to control myself, but knew that I couldn't. T had told me recently that if I couldn't hold back she wanted me to just let go and really enjoy it. So I started spanking her ass again and drove for the finish, coming with a roar.

We collapsed in a heap and rested for a while, but couldn't go back to sleep as there were things to do and people to see.

My cock was a little sore during the day, but in the evening I noticed blood in the toilet when I urinated. Okay, that would probably be expected. Next time there was more. When we got home I was shocked to see that the inside front of my black boxer briefs were covered with sticky drops of blood. This was rather unnerving and I nervously told my wife nurse about it. There was a fair amount of blood in the slit of my cock and we cleaned that up to see that there was no damage there. She said we would see how it was the next day.
The next morning there was a little blood and she told me to drink a lot of water and juice to flush things out. By that afternoon there was no blood, much to my relief.

T was very concerned that she had hurt me or caused damage and as a nurse she blamed herself. I assured her that I had totally enjoyed the experience and despite the pain and the blood I would be very willing to do it again. She said it has been many years since she placed a catheter and it was certainly not in the half dark with a man standing with hands restrained over his head. Next time, if there is one as I hope, she says it would be with me lying down, with lights on and her with gloves on.

This was a rather extreme activity for us and we have both thought about it a lot since then and talked about it some. She had planned to keep the catheter in me all night and most of the next day. She told me afterward that she planned to control my peeing and make me wear the bag on my leg when she sent me out to run an errand. I found the whole activity extremely exciting and do hope that she will do this to me again.
What an anniversary!

Monday, September 16, 2013

I finally came, why am I not happy?

Almost nine weeks, I went 8 weeks and 6 days without orgasm.
I was hoping that my first O would be after a hot monkey sex session. Or maybe after a strict session of domination with spanking, bondage and CBT. Or one of those fantasy sessions that TW whispered in my ear as I was desperately trying not to come and she was doing her best to keep me right on the edge.

TW went to a bridal shower over the weekend and gave an anonymous gift of a bag of cherry life savers and instructions to use them as a vaginal suppository before her man goes down on her.
Ever since she did that she was thinking of doing the same.
While she was at the shower she had given me instructions to clean the kitchen floor. Naked. Balls weighted. Nipple suckers on. On my hands and knees. She did not tell me to use her wide leather belt to whip myself, but I did. She did not tell me to wear the belt around my waist, in case I needed to be punished for spilling water, but I did and I was. I vacuumed my nipples, my cock and balls and the floor. Then I scrubbed the floor as I crawled around with a full bottle of soda dragging from my bound balls. Once again, I was left hot, horny and denied any relief.
So the next day after 8 weeks and 6 days of not coming, TW put a cherry life saver in her pussy and bade me to go down on her. If you have never tried this, it certainly provides extra incentive to eat that pussy when it tastes so sweet.
I licked and sucked and ate and ate. It was great and I couldn't get enough.
Eventually she used her magic wand to give herself an orgasm.
But my love does enjoy getting fucked too, so she pulled me up and had me give her a fucking. I was of course very hard and ready. In no time I was ready to come and she was not helping as she told me tales of how she would make me eat my come out of her pussy. Then she had us roll over and she was on top, fucking me. I wanted so badly to come after all the weeks of arousal and denial. I wanted to wait one more day and make that 9 weeks, but I knew that I wanted even more to come in her pussy and eat my come from her. I also knew that our daughter was home, hopefully asleep, but I couldn't have a roaring orgasm. I asked if I could come. TW said yes and I came up into her, pumping nearly 9 weeks of frustration into her, yet still frustrated as I came silently, with a whimper, not a roar.

She didn't give me much time to recover, pulling her pussy off my throbbing cock and plastering it with a vengeance onto my face. Now I was licking up not just cherry life saver, but cherry cum. That is the way to eat your own come! Yummy! I licked and sucked and did my best to clean every drop of my come out of her pussy.

The wedding was the following weekend and we discussed what our week should be like. My opinion was that I should be teased and denied to encourage my service to TW. She agreed, and I was teased to arousal all week.
The morning of the wedding, I had a morning erection which she welcomed into her warm pussy. It had been less than a week since my orgasm, but I was ready to come in less than a minute. I struggled to maintain control, pulling out a few times. But, that wonderful woman was spinning more incredible fantasies. She was talking about what our vows could be now if we did them over again. How I could love, honor, cherish, obey, worship, serve, and be ruled, controlled, teased, denied, punished, tortured and abused. Then she talked about the kinky wedding we could have, dressed in kinky black leather lingerie. Me collared and cuffed. AS I struggled not to come she talked about how my nipples would be pierced prior to the wedding and now I would have rings in them, connected by a chain. All the women would see what a good submissive I was and want their men to be like that. Then I would be bent over the altar with a weight attached to the chain pulling my nipples up as it hung over the other side. My ass would be flogged, whipped and cropped. My back and my thighs too would be beaten red. Then I would be turned over and the front side would be whipped from my chest to my cock and balls and down my inner thighs. I would be taking all this as a tribute to my new wife and my love and devotion to her.
I was edging constantly now, desparate to come as she talked about the receiving line at the back of the church. All the women would be allowed to touch and fondle me as they passed, squeezing my cock, tugging my balls, tweaking my pierced nipples, but they couldn't kiss me, as that was reserved for my love. My cock spasmed as she said this and I pulled out of her. But it was too late, the cum was flowing. I tried to catch it in my hand, but it was too much and made a big mess on the sheets. I tried to not let her know that it happened, but she could tell by the noises I was making. I was so frustrated as I did not want to come. I wanted to go to the wedding on an orgasm denial peak, and be on my best submissive behavior all day. It was a silent, ruined orgasm and I was disappointed in myself.

We talked afterwards and TW said that from now on if I can not stop my self that she wants me to let go and enjoy my orgasm. I suppose with my orgasms as few and far between as they are that I should enjoy it when I can, although my submissive side wants to go without and be denied the pleasure if I don't have permission.

TW wants me to learn to beg for my orgasm. If she would enjoy that, then I will be happy to cut short my orgasm denial marathons and beg for her to let me come as often as she likes.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Months!

Yes, I haven't had an orgasm in two months.  That doesn't mean I haven't had any sex, in fact we have been have lots of great sex and my loving wife is having more orgasms than she ever had before and is loving it.  I am loving it too.  Like I said, we are having more, better sex than ever while I am not coming for months now.
Recent highlights included 3 orgasms in one day for her, unheard of in the past.  During one of these she had total release including her bladder and she peed in my mouth as she came and I drank her nectar.  As we were having loving intercourse the other night she had me writhing on the edge of orgasm as she told me tales of what she would do to me in the future.  One of these was putting something up my urethra.  A few months ago she slid a chop stick deep into my hard cock and it was one of the most incredible things we have ever done.  She said she plans to put a catheter in me all the way into my bladder.  She is a nurse with experience in doing this with patients, but I never thought she would allow it to be a sexual activity.  She said that she will use one with an inflatable balloon at the end which will keep it in and prevent me from peeing.  She said that she would make me depress the syringe that inflates the balloon myself.  Then she will lead me around by my "leash" and make me drink lots of water so that I am desperate and begging to be allowed to pee.  The thought of her having such intimate control of my body is very arousing.
After we finished our lovemaking I found out that this is not just a fantasy as she showed me the catheter that she had stashed under her pillow.  She said I can anticipate that when I least expect it she will use it on me.

We also had a good talk the other night about our sex life and my desire for a wife led marriage.  I was happy to hear that she is enjoying her end of it, particularly the many orgasms and my serving her.
She said that at first it seemed like a big responsibility and a lot of work, but that it really isn't.  I am so relieved to hear that this is a positive thing for her and she is not just going through the motions to please me.  She is feeling more like it is ok to cause me pain and knows that I like it.
I told her that I would enjoy if she spanked or flogged me on a regular basis, a maintenance spanking, as I crave it so much that I do it to myself.  I also told her that I would enjoy having some ritual adoration of her including kneeling before her at least once a day and kissing or licking her pussy daily if she allows it.

She is encouraging me to communicate more, which is difficult for me, but I am so glad that she is willing to talk about these things since I think about it all the time!

Edit: Upon reviewing my orgasm calendar a week or two later, I find that I was prematurely celebrating my milestone.  This post was actually made at the 7 week mark.  I have since reached 8 weeks and 5 days and it is now Labor day weekend.  I just finished scrubbing the kitchen floor, naked with my balls weighted, nipple suckers on, at T's request.  There is still a full day of the holiday weekend. I don't know if she will grant me permission to orgasm or keep me denied and at her service for the whole weekend.  I have struggled so hard to not cum as we have intercourse and she tells me nasty stories of things she could do to me just to make me even more on the edge.

Monday, August 12, 2013

6 weeks

Yes, as of tomorrow, it will be six weeks since my last orgasm.  A new record for me.  It's been a busy summer with scout camp, family reunion camping week, weekend at the shore.  Many times we have thought that if I didn't get to cum that day it wouldn't happen till after the upcoming event, pushing it off for another week.  Sometimes that was incentive to deny me, knowing that not coming today would stretch it out another week.
Sometimes I have been extremely horny and eager to come, especially when we were having sex and I was hanging on the edge and trying so hard not to orgasm.  I think that T generally doesn't care too much about denying me, so it is my own struggle to not cum.  There are some times that she does intentionally not allow me to when she wants me to be attentive to her in the following days as she has learned how attentive I am to her when I have been aroused and left unsatisfied.
I actually prefer to stay in that state and I think I am getting to the point where I prefer to go much longer periods of time without orgasm.  Everyone has there own feelings on this, but I am at the point where 1 week is the minimum time I feel I need to go and with some trepidation I yearn for once a month or less.  2 or 3 weeks is now common.
I have read of some more extreme tease and denial couples who have gone a year without letting the man orgasm.  So if I am at a month and a half now, could I get to that point in a few years?  Maybe, if T continues to learn to enjoy dominating me and enjoying the state that my orgasm denial keeps me in. I don't think it would ever get to that point because she enjoys my orgasms as much or more than I do now.  I mean, I love to orgasm, but I am usually the one who chooses not to.

During the past month we have had some hot quickie sexual encounters where we didn't go to orgasm, usually because we needed to keep quiet or T did not have her vibrator.  No O for her in my mind means no O for me. During those times we have had some good sex talk though.
One time she was talking about dominating me including shaving me.  She did some fantasy talk about shaving me from my nipples to my knees.  I was struggling very hard not to come as she teased me with talk of taking me to the small local beach in a small bathing suit after that shave.  Then she said that she would have to whip my ass first so that my red cheeks were showing, also have me wear nipple suckers right up to the time we got to the beach so that my nipples would be sticking out with red rings around them.  Then she would show me off at the beach so that any women there would know that she owned me and used me.  This was soo hot.
Another day she talked about peeing on me. I don't remember the details or how the topic came up, but I told her that I would be okay with that.  She is a nurse and it goes against her grain to do something like that, which makes it even hotter to me that she would do that to me.
I told her about a couple I read about.  The wife made her submissive husband kneel down with his face near her crotch while she peed.  THen she said that she didn't need toilet paper since she had him there to lick her pussy clean.  She pulled his mouth to her crotch and he licked up the droplets of urine.  She held his face to her crotch and squeezed out a few more squirts into his mouth.
That went over well, so the next time she just pissed on him from the start, from his cock to his face and in his mouth.
I related this story to T hoping that she would recognize my approval of this activity and maybe take these ideas to heart. She indicated that sometime she might likely surprise me with this.  I love to eat her pussy when she comes.  Sometimes she squirts and apparently she sometimes releases urine when she comes and I lap it all up.  Recently I was eating her early during her monthly period and licking very deep in her cunt and tasted her menses.  Maybe someday she will use me by making me lick her when she is in the middle of her period.  Not something I really find attractive right now, but in the right state of mind I might think differently.

Although she does occasionally whip me with a belt or flogger briefly, I do wish that would become a more common activity and hope that she will continue to become more comfortable with inflicting more pain on me as that is something I deeply crave.  If she doesn't do it, I will even whip myself, though it is much better when she does it to me.  I also crave more bondage and to be made to either wear something to remind me of her and my submission or to be kept marked in some way.
I would also love to establish some sort of regular devotional rituals, be it kissing her pussy daily or kneeling before her at least once a day or being spanked regularly.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maintain submission

We have had some super hot sex in the last few weeks, including a big fantasy enactment of a bondage, whipping and torture session in the shed.  But no orgasm for me for 3 weeks now.  I'm not complaining, just keeping tracking.  Maybe bragging, certainly enjoying and encouraging my continued denial.
Last night my sleep was broken by the sudden placement of TW's knees very close to my crotch.  I wasn't sure if it was accidental or an offering and request for response, but I dutifully jammed my balls against my love's knees.  I was immediately swept up with the feelings and was throbbing with lust.  Heavy breathing from me occurred as I fantasized about my submission.  Soon enough heavy breathing indicated that TW had drifted off to sleep.  She finds it so relaxing to have my balls grinding on her knees.

Later in the night I awoke again to what appeared to be offered knees and I hastened to respond.  I'm not sure what was where, but I ended up with what felt like her leg against my belly and my balls grinding something else.  Having something pressed against my belly was a new sensation and surprisingly arousing.
I pressed my belly harder as I fantasized about her pinning me down with a shin to the belly.  It was all very hot until she rolled away.

I woke this morning as TW thrust her ass in my direction.  Her bare ass at that and I know she was wearing panties last night.  I thankfully was sporting morning wood and immediately began fondling that naked ass and grinding my hard cock into her crack.  Obviously she wanted some fucking, so I wet my cock with saliva and made haste to get it in her pussy.  We had a nice fucking session as we talked about upcoming events and whether I would get to come in the near future, like today.

We are going on a weeklong family reunion camping trip in two days and she talked about how subservient I would be to her if I didn't come before then.  I tried to encourage her without appearing too eager.  She talked about practicing knot tying and having me wear a sailors bracelet on my wrist and on my cock as a constant reminder to both of us that I was her servant.  She talked about making me kneel in front of her to put her socks on while the whole family was there to see.  This was really bringing me to the edge of coming so I had to pull out.

The thought of more openly demonstrating my submissiveness to TW is scary, but I hope that she will push me to do it.  I am so happy since I opened up and talked with her about this and she has taken an active role in making my submissiveness be real.  She has really enjoyed my service to her and I love serving and worshipping her.  I think all the couples in our family should try female led marriage and I hope to lead by submitting to my wife.

I was now happily licking and sucking her pussy.
"Time to get ready for work", said TW as she pushed me away.  I rolled back on the bed with my hard cock waving in the air and silently thanked her for once again not letting me come.  Four weeks sounds great.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be careful what you wish for, ouch that hurts!

Saturday afternoon at home doing chores. TW asked if I would like a snack. I joined her on the screen porch for an uneventful snack. All the time I was lusting for some sexual activity as I was wearing a large steel ring around the base of my cock and balls and a small brass ring just below the head of my cock. After we finished eating I commented that it was warm enough to be naked out there and took off my shirt and shoes. Then I went in the house and stripped and put on the leather ball stretcher and went out to collect eggs from the hen house with the basket hanging from my nuts.
I returned to the screen porch, naked with the basket of eggs swaying from my balls. This was quite a surprise to TW who unhooked the basket and fondled my cock and balls.
We didn't have much time to do anything as I needed to leave soon to pick up our daughter but I would take anything I could get. And I got it.
TW picked up some sash cord and tied two lengths of it to the straps of the stretcher, then positioned me in front of the window and tied off the strings in opposite directions as she talked about tying a horse in the barn with cross ties. This was a very long held fantasy of mine, to be put in cross ties like an animal. Then she tied a string to each wrist and tied those off so my arms were spread out and up.
She left me like that and said she would be back. Since I had to leave soon I expected she would be back very soon, but maybe she forgot about that.  It was a hot day and I thought she was getting some ice to torment me with.

TW did return in a few minutes holding her wide leather belt. She said “ I know you like my belt”.
Then she began whipping my chest with the belt. She was using the whole length of the belt, and the tip really gave a smart whap. It felt like she started whipping hard quickly, with little warm up. The first few direct hits on my nipples really stung.

She moved down to my lower belly, where I really love to get whipped hard. She didn't disappoint there and then starting whipping my hard cock. She really beat my cock hard that day and I was soon feeling like that was enough already when she started in on my bulging balls. Now I really got to feel like I was getting pushed to the limits as I gasped and groaned as she hit them again and again. A series of strikes on my right nut felt like agony, but then I realized that this is what I have wanted from her and she was giving it to me. What used to be the precious delicate “family jewels”, we have both discovered can take a lot of abuse. Now she was abusing them the way I had craved and I better well learn to get through it. Then she stopped.

TW untied my wrists and the crossties to my ball harness and told me to turn around. Then she used that wide leather belt to whip my back and ass. She was swinging hard and it really hurt. I remember at one time having my face pressed up against the screen window as she beat my ass and thighs.

When she stopped she pulled me down to my knees in front of her. She spread her legs and I plastered my mouth against her wet cunt and ate for all I was worth. TW managed to get her foot up on my shoulder and used the belt to give my back and ass more lashing while I gave her as much pleasure as I could. When it feels good, hit me harder, is the thought swirling through my mind at times like this.
As I said though, we didn't have much time and she grabbed my hair and pulled me away. I wrapped my arms around her hips and hugged her in a submissive swoon.

She pulled me to my feet and bent over the table in front of me. “I want that hard cock, now!” she said and I happily sunk it in her. I fucked her hard for a short time and was really on the edge of coming.  She asked if I wanted to come now, but I really didn't want to because I wanted to stay on my submissive plane all the next day so I could happily serve her.  She told me to stop then and get going to pick up our daughter. I hated to pull out, but I did and when I looked at my cock there was a big purple bruise forming on the side. TW was shocked to see it and went to get some ice to put on it immediately. Apparently one of the hits must have burst a small blood vessel. I was still wearing the steel ring and the ball stretcher and things were kind of swollen.
When I went upstairs to get dressed I checked out the belt marks all over my body.  They looked like radiating flower petals on my chest.  My ass was glowing red and my belly was striped. 

Later we talked about the experience. She said she was going to get a flogger, but didn't know where I keep it. I'll have to make sure she knows where all the toys are from know on. It had taken her a few minutes to get the belt and she said that she had gone to pee during that time. She said she had thought about a golden shower since we were on a concrete floor that could be hosed out, but she didn't know if that was something I would be in to. This is not the first time that she has mentioned peeing on me and while it is not one of my hottest fantasies I think the submissive aspect of having it done to me would be very exciting and I look forward to trying that someday. I am kind of surprised that as a nurse she would even suggest doing something like that, but then again, she is always coming up with new surprising things to do.
She said that she enjoyed tying me up like livestock to be bred. What a lucky man I am.
Three days later I had my annual physical exam. We talked about how I would explain the bruise on my cock. Got caught in the toilet seat, stuck in the door, hit by a golf ball. This was also the first time that I continued shaving when I was getting ready for the annual check up. I am only shaving my cock and balls, not my pubic mound, so it's not too obvious.
My doctor checked my testicles for hernia, then had me bend over and used his very big finger up my ass to check my prostate, but said nothing about the bruise or shaving. He may not have seen it since he was sitting off to the other side.

Monday, June 17, 2013

fuel on the fire

After a weekend away from home separately, we were both eager to reconnect. TW got home late Sunday night and I was already asleep with a leather strap velcroed around the base of my cock and balls. I barely awoke enough to see that she got in bed apparently nude. The next morning I woke aroused and ground my nuts against her knees for a few minutes before getting up. After she got out of the shower I was there promptly to dry her feet. She invited me to move to the bedroom “if you have some time”. I was making time for sure!
She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, inviting me to dive into her wide spread pussy with my eager tongue. I ate her out with three days of absence having made my heart and lust grow fonder. After several minutes she rolled to the side and presented her ass for me to kiss. I love kissing her ass and my cock was getting super hard doing it. I gave her a good ass licking, but had to get going to work. I stood up and she fondled my hard cock, getting it super hard before sending me off to work. I had taken the leather strap off during my shower and I now took it out of my pocket and presented it to her. She strapped it on me tightly and I staggered out of the room and off to work, with hopes of carrying on at lunch time.

I did come home for lunch. I had high hopes as this was the last day of school and therefore maybe the last good chance for some afternoon delight with our daughter at school. TW told me that after I left for work in the morning she did have herself an orgasm. I'm very happy to hear that she is not going without while I am “enjoying” my orgasm denial.
We had a very normal lunch and I was standing up to prepare and leave, wondering if this was going to be it, when TW pulled me to her and fondled my crotch. I started getting hard very quickly as she opened my fly and pulled my pants down. She pulled out my erect cock and started licking it, then giving it some wonderful deep sucking. I can't describe all the wonderful things she was doing to me, but I don't know how I was able to stay on my feet for it. Along with the great cock sucking she was fondling and tugging my balls along with sucking them into her mouth and biting them.

Fortunately she does love intercourse and she got up, pulled her pants off and bent over the kitchen table. I fucked her there, sprawled across the table for as long as I could hold out. I was still wearing the strap and she was enjoying the way it held my balls out and they bumped against her ass with each stroke.

I was very ready to come and pulled out a few times and humped her ass crack. Then a few more pumps inside and quick pull out before pulsing cock back in her ass crack. I think I caught it in time. No, looking a little wet, there. Is that come? I get down on my knees and lick her ass crack. Oh yeah, that tastes like come. Not much of it, apparently a ruined orgasm as I didn't feel much.

I licked her ass clean, then moved down to lick her pussy. Not a good angle so I pulled her up from the table as I turned and leaned my head back on the kitchen and pulled her pussy down on to my face.
Her sloppy pussy was plastered on my face as I licked and sucked. As I gasped for air, TW grabbed my cock and balls. When she started slapping my cock I was overwhelmed. I have been reading recently some other blogs in which the men had their balls slapped, usually just as they were on the brink of coming. I really wanted to see what it would feel like to have TW slap my balls so I thrust my hips forward and hoped she would get the hint.

Yes, she did slap my balls. Fairly light, then back to slapping my cock, alternating back and forth. Slapping my cock really hard now as I struggled for air as she sat on my face, pinning me to the chair.
She has been learning to be much more aggressive with my nuts as she sees how much I can take. At times like this I am rather amazed at what we do to my nuts compared to the coddling they have received in the past.
Then a series of harder smacks to my right nut, oh, that is really smarting now, and I'm really having a tough time breathing. My sounds of distress cause her to stop slapping and rise up off my face. I take a huge breath and then slump in what feels like post orgasmic bliss.
There I am sprawled out on the kitchen floor with my pants around my ankles in the middle of the day.
My cock is extremely hard and red. Neither of us has come, but we both feel spent. I struggle to me feet and she says I better wash my face before I go back to work.
She blows my mind yet again when she says if I wasn't going back to work and she was worried about leaving marks that she would have slapped my face too!!!

As some of my fellow bloggers have stated, she is learning to be more mean!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

mind blower

One day this week I caught TW in the morning right after her shower and she let me go down on her pussy. I gave her a good eating out although she was trying not to get too carried away and pushing me away. Finally she decided to just go for it and got the magic wand. She used that on her clit while I finger fucked her to a nice long orgasm. I went to wash my face before work. I came back in the room and her bare ass was up, so I kissed it, and kissed some more, then spread her cheeks and gave her fresh clean asshole a complete eating out. By time I came up for air to go to work I head a huge hard on tenting my pants. Off to work I go.

That night I was pressing my balls into her knees and TW started fondling my cock to hardness. She said she wanted it inside her so I climbed on top of her and slid it in her warm cunny. It felt very good but I was controlling myself really well as I had no plans to come. That all started to fall apart when she started talking about some of our recent hotel sex. Then as she talked about her toes in my nose she started putting her fingers in my nose. I was starting to feel that I couldn't hold back after all. TW said I had treated her well that morning and deserved to come. I wasn't sure I wanted to, it had only been a few days since my last. But when she started to spank my ass I asked if I could come. She told me yes and started stuffing fingers in my mouth along with my nose. I was overwhelmed with sensations and had a mind blowing orgasm! Wow! What a woman!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

hot hotel monkey sex part 2

The next day we needed to get going fairly early so there wasn't much sex play in the morning. It was a very busy day ending with dinner out with our college kids. I usually don't drink when I am hoping for a big sex night, but it was a drinking type of place and I was not planning on much that night since I knew that TW would be tired, so would I, and I was looking forward to the really big sex marathon to be the next morning, so I did have a beer.

I did mention someplace along the way as we were driving that I had brought something of hers to play with, and it wasn't her panties, but I would show her when we got back to the hotel. That something was her wide leather belt which I showed her when we got back to the room.
She got in bed and said she wanted me to lotion her legs again. I gladly did so, but it only got me hornier and her more relaxed. Eventually she was ready to go to sleep and I asked if it would be okay if I put on some bondage. Of course she didn't care as long as I didn't bother her. I put on the gates of hell, tied a rope harness around my chest, leather wrist cuffs, a chinese bondage rope tying my hands together and put on the nipple suckers. I got out all my whipping implements and set them in easy reach, just in case. Then I crawled into bed with my head under the covers as close as I could to her crotch. After a few minutes she rolled over and placed her ass by my face, which actually worked better. She fell asleep soon and after about half an hour I was feeling rather claustrophobic under there and crawled out. I slept all night with all that on, although the nipple suckers did get rubbed off eventually.

The next morning I got up and prepared breakfast in bed for TW and served it while naked. After we finished eating she asked me for the belt. I placed the handful of belt, floggers and crop on the bed. She said “Wow, you are really ambitious!”. She took the belt and told me to stand with my back to her. She said that I needed to be punished for bringing her belt without permission. It wasn't much of a reason for a whipping, but it would do! She whipped my ass quite well, then told me to turn around and spread my legs so she could whip my thighs. She belt striped my thighs, then started whipping my cock and balls. She was using an up swing to catch my balls and cock on the same stroke, then on my cock head on the down stroke. It was the hardest she had ever beat my cock and balls, the pain was delicious but it was just about all I could take then.

She was feeling rather dominant now and had me kiss her feet. I was thinking about what she had talked about the day before and just had to put her toe up my nose. This really got me going and I was frantically licking and sucking her toes, then managed to get a toe up each nostril while I sucked on her big toe. This basically cut off my breath and I kept it up until I was desperate to breath and took a gasping breath. So I was bringing this on my self and the only thing keeping me from breathing was opening my mouth, but it was still hot thinking I was being suffocated by her toes as I fantasized about her plugging my nose with her toes and planting her foot firmly across my mouth. The ultimate control, that of my breathing. What incredible trust that entails. Maybe someday, she will do that to me.

I'm not sure now what happened next but TW fixed the ropes tied around my chest since they had gotten loose. She did a much better chest harness, nice and tight that left red marks when it came off later. Then she had me lie on my back on the bed and checked to see what I had in my “toy” bag. She pulled out a vice I made with 2 two foot long dowels that clamp together with a bolt and wing nut at each end. She also got out the Aneros prostate massager and a handful of clothespins. She asked if I was up to some anal and I said “oh Yes!”. She also got another length of rope which she used to tie my hands spread up to the headboard and my feet spread wide to the foot of the bed. I don't know if she has ever tied me spread eagle like this before, but this was really hot and I told her I liked it a lot.

She put a couple clothespins on my scrotum, then started using the floggers on me from my chest to my thighs, with plenty of time in between flogging my cock and balls.

She then untied my feet and had me pull my legs up so she could get at my ass. She stroked the plug around my ass hole for a while then lubed me up and slowly inserted the plug. It felt terrific and I moaned with pleasure as she slowly stroked it in and out.
She got the riding crop and used that on me, knocking one of the nipple suckers off and giving my balls some good swats as she knocked the clothespins off them. She placed a clothespin on my nipple and I groaned in pain.
Now she put the vice on the base of my cock and balls and tightened the screws. I told her she could make it as tight as she wanted to as she put it on me in a vertical direction between my legs. My cock and balls were hard and swollen sticking out from the clamp. She pulled and twisted it from side to side. TW is so creative, she continues to surprise me after all these years. Now she took a rope and tied it to the nub at the end of the aneros, tied it around the vice at each and then put the loose end in my mouth for me to hold between my teeth. I could pull my head up and yank my cock and balls and tug the plug in my ass. This was mind absolutely mind blowing, but my wonderful wife then managed to climb on top of me and bury my engorged cock in her wet hot pussy. I was so far gone, I don't think anything could have topped that moment as she told me to come now as she rode me like a cowgirl. And I came like I have never come before. Absolutely incredible!

I don't know what happened next, but somehow TW managed to climb off me and we got all the ropes disengaged and the vice off my parts. Of course she had not come yet and she got started by putting her tits in the vice, looking very good I might add. Then she got the magic wand humming and I finger fucked her to her well deserved orgasm.

And THAT is what I call Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!!!!

very nice

Started this Saturday morning sleeping late, then humping T's knees. After she went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her when she came back she started fondling my cock and asked if I had enjoyed my knee riding. I had placed a large steel ring around my cock and balls last night and slept naked with that on. I was eager to have some fun this morning. When she started talking about what were my favorites parts of the past weekends hotel sex, I got hard and ready to go. She rolled over into spoon position and encouraged me to enter her. The talk about last week's hotness had me ready to come in no time at all and I had to mentally distract myself as I knew I couldn't come this soon and certainly not without permission.

We continued fucking until we both were both too close and took a little break. Then changed position and screwed some more. Finally she pushed me away and I used my fingers on her but after a few minutes she stopped me and said she was not going to come either. During the screwing she asked if I had written about last weekend's sex and I told her I was only half done. She said that maybe after I got done writing about it I could come, in fact she wanted to read it and make sure I hadn't missed anything, then have me read it to her while I was coming.

As we were dressing after our shower I admired the silky blue panties she was putting on. “You're just jealous that you're not wearing them.” she said. Then she dug through her drawer and pulled out a pair of panties for me to wear. The rear and sides are burgundy with white polka dots, the front and crotch are white with pink and burgundy flowers with lace inserts in between the front and sides along with lace trimming the legs and waist finished off with two red bows. Very femmy, not so comfy. I've been wearing them all day along with the steel ring. Now I better finish writing about last weekend if I want any chance to cum this weekend.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Prelude to HHMS (Hot Hotel Monkey Sex). (Thanks to Mr MD at Over 40 Married Sex  for that term) Wednesday night we got in bed and TW requested I spoon her to warm her up. My cock was warm already from working up my Mothers Day entry. She soon asked me to put it inside her and we had a quickie fuck as she talked about what she would do with me at the hotel. She talked about having me sleep with my face at her crotch. She said that would put my cock by her mouth where she could suck me any time. She could also have her hands on my balls to rub and squeeze them hard. I said yes they are yours to use however you wish. This was all getting me very close to the edge, so she made me pull out so she could go to sleep.
This morning I woke up with morning wood which TW discovered when she presented her knees for me to plant my balls against. She rolled over and offered up her ass for me to enter her pussy with my hard cock. We had a really good fuck and she was very wet with her fertile phase. We both needed to get up for work so we had a good reason to cut me off this time. That and I am on strict orgasm denial until sometime this weekend.
We are now at our hotel, actually one of those suites with a kitchenette and a separate bedroom. TW cranked up the heat when we got in the room, all the better for me to be naked. We'll see what happens tonight and tomorrow morning. I packed a whole bag full of toys, ready for anything!

Thursday night we got naked and TW put some lotion on her legs and requested that I rub it in. I did so and eventually ended up with her feet in my crotch grinding against my cock and balls. She had me sit leaning against some pillows at the head of the bed and she did the same at the foot and had me continue lotioning her legs. I got distracted from that when she put her feet in my crotch and ground them against me. Since I wasn't doing her legs anymore she came up with something new to do.
She stood up on the bed and had me hold my arms straight in front of me while I was laying down. I really didn't know what she was planning on when she put her hands in mine and placed her foot on my cock. Wow! I have seen photos and video of trampling but never mentioned it to her and now she was placing more and more of her body weight on my cock and balls. Have I said before that she is the most amazing woman in the world? Or that I am the luckiest man?

After a few minutes of this wondrous act she stepped aside and said she would have to do that again sometime when on a more secure surface where she didn't feel like she was on a rocking boat.
Then she knelt over my head and plastered her sopping wet pussy on my face.
She ground hard on my face and I licked and sucked like a man possessed. Eventually she even slid forward and placed her asshole against my mouth. I always enjoy kissing her ass and it makes me feel very submissive, especially when she is on top and sitting on my face. She ground her ass hard on my face and I pushed my tongue as far into her asshole as I could.
When she eventually rolled off me my cock was sticking up super hard. I had just shown her a picture the day before which was a graphic of a silhouette of a woman riding a man's face while he was sporting a big erection and I mentioned that was just what we were looking like.
She loves having my cock in her pussy and she sat on my cock then and rode me for a few minutes all the while telling me nasty things to tease me towards coming. I was so close to doing so and it was such a struggle not to. She pulled off me before I could of course and rolled over and asked for her vibrator. I got it for her and finger fucked her as she used the magic wand to bring her to a hot orgasm.
She was ready to sleep then and once again I was left to try and go to sleep as I lay there hard and horny. I am a lucky man!
To be continued.....

Mothers Day service

Mothers Day was a wife led relationship day this year. When TW asked me what I planned to do that day I responded “Whatever makes you happy”.
I did feel that I owed her since I had a whole day of me time the day before. I went to a meeting in the north country on Friday morning and stayed over that night. This was in an area which we have been often in the past and I revisited several memorable spots. This was while kayaking along a river that we have camped along in the past. I went to our favorite spots and had some solo sex play as I remembered what we had done, masturbating to at least an erection at each place and sometimes some nasty kinky play. Some of which is a little more extreme than I will detail here.
The memorable times that TW and I shared in the past included the time I had her tied up with ropes in the tent when we heard a motorboat cruising slowly along the shoreline and panicked when we thought for some reason somebody might come ashore to check on things. The other memory was when we beached our canoe at a very small island and she was on her knees sucking my cock when we noticed the tour boat coming up the river at the same time we realized our canoe was drifting away. TW was a great sport about going right in the water to retrieve it while I got my cock back in my pants.
So I had several masturbation sessions during the day and that night I did some cock and ball torture and bondage. Of course there would be no satisfaction for me since I have put myself on the honor system and will not come with out TW's permission. So I had lots of pent up desire when we got to Mothers day.
When I got home late Saturday night we had a little cuddle session but were looking forward to the real deal the next day when the little princess would be away for a few hours.

After she left, TW and I finally got some time alone together and she asked if I would like to clean the kitchen floor for her. “Naked?” I asked. She smiled and said “Of course, but first get the vacuum cleaner and use that. I got the vacuum and cleaned the floor. When I was done and coiling up the cord she said that I wasn't done and to plug it back in. “Now drop your pants” she ordered. I couldn't get them off fast enough. She started the vacuum and slowly started running it up my leg. I pulled my shirt off and she approached my nipples and sucked them up with the hose. It looked hot and felt great, and she let the hose hang from my chest held in place with the suction. It left a red mark which unfortunately didn't last very long.
Next she sucked my cock head with the hose. She even used her finger to shove my whole cock head in to the hose, which was very hot. Then she sucked the hose on to my nuts one at a time. That is pretty intense. The first time we used the vacuum it was actually kind of scary, but now that I have found it to not be too painful I wish the thing had more suction, particularly when used on my nipples.

So enough playing, it was time to get to work. TW instructed me to go get some restraints on first. I returned with the ball stretcher harness with the gates of hell and 3 other rings hanging from it. She could sure hear me coming down the stairs with all those rings clanging together between my legs as I walked very awkwardly. For good measure I also had the nipple suckers on.

I got down on the floor and began scrubbing with a rag. The whole time I worked on my hands and knees the rings were dragging on the floor sounding like slave chains. By the time I got done it was almost time to go get LP, but after I took off the ball harness TW rewarded me with a quick cock sucking, leaving me hard and frustrated.

That evening I went down on her pussy and she used the magic wand to bring herself to a Mothers Day orgasm. Then she said I could try and go to sleep as I ground my nuts against her knees.

The next evening she told me she had worn special panties all day and had been thinking about sex. She got in bed before me so I didn't get to see them. She left her feet sticking out from under the covers and told me to change her socks for her. I pulled off her day socks and massaged her feet. I was getting hard and horny just doing this and couldn't resist kissing them and then making my way up her leg. I did find out what the panties looked like before eating her pussy. I finger fucked her as she used the wand to have her orgasm. I went to sleep hard and horny.

The next day I came home for lunch and after we ate we went up to the bedroom. She had worn a see through black blouse with a sweater over top of it on Mothers Day and I told her I really liked it and would love to see her braless. WE had spun a fantasy of her wearing that blouse with her tits tied and having her go someplace public. She was now wearing that blouse braless and used some strings to bind her breasts up into nice muffin tops. Her tits looked so hot like that with her nipples straining through the sheer fabric. I spent a lot of time playing with her tits and nipples, eventually using another rope to tie her bulging tits down. She had matching black panties on and we got them off and somehow she ended up bent over on the bed in front of me with her pussy spread and ready for her cock. I started fucking her, but her ass was so tempting that I started spanking it as I fucked her. I gave her a good long hard spanking, her ass becoming nice and rosy red as I spit into her ass crack to provide extra lube for my cock. It was feeling great, but we had talked about whether I should hold off on coming till the next weekend when we would be having some great Hot Hotel Monkey Sex!!!!
So, no coming for me and the pent up frustration keeps building. Writing this is not helping either.
After she came she said she wanted to send me back to work with her panties to smell. I asked if she would like me to wear them and she said she would and that she would also wear my jockey briefs for the afternoon. She put them on and they did look good on her, the crotch was tight and the ass was yummy. I put on her little black panties and went back to work.
That evening when we went to bed I was still wearing them along with a velcro strap around the base of my cock and balls. She was reading and showing no interest, but did peek under the covers before settling and upon seeing what I was wearing she rammed her foot into my crotch and let me grind against it as she drifted off to sleep.

Tomorrow we go to the hotel and we have fantasies of some sex play during the 5 hour drive up. But she is enjoying my attentiveness and lust for her during my tease and denial and I don't expect to be allowed release for another 2 or 3 days.
I have found that the extended period of arousal is better than orgasm and truly enjoy when I am not allowed to come through numerous sex sessions.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GOOD morning

This morning I went to say goodbye to TW before heading off to work.  I try to time this for when she just gets out of the shower in hopes that I will get to kiss her feet or pussy.  She was moving right along this morning, looked like I wouldn't get a chance when I noticed that she had been talking to me while sitting on the bed in her robe and had not put her panties on yet. 
I took the initiative and said "Is there a reason you haven't put your panties on yet?" as I pushed her back on the bed and moved in for a kiss.
I moved down pulled open her robe and suckled her nipple.  This always sends a direct message to her clit.  After a few minutes of that I moved down to her pussy and dove in.  Clean and moist.  I gave her a good licking until she urged me to use my fingers and put them inside her.  I gave her a good fingering while licking.  Then I stopped eating so I could focus on finger fucking her with 4 fingers. 
She asked if I had time for her to cum and I said of course.  She got the magic wand and buzzed her clit while I pumped my hand in her cunt till she had a nice gooey orgasm. 
I toweled her off and helped her calm down.  She stroked my hard cock through my cock and I thought she would send me off to work hard.  I wouldn't mind that, but it is April and her goal was for me to come as much as possible and we had no sex over the past weekend.
She got up and started opening my fly and pulled my cock out.  Her mouth felt terrific as she sucked and licked me.  After a few minutes I struggled to pull my pants down so she could have better access to my cock and balls. 
This was feeling too good, too fast and I gasped out a request of "can I come" and took her grunt to be a yes and had a screaming orgasm.  For such a quick time it was an absolute mindblower and left me wrecked and certainly not feeling like pulling myself together and going to work.
But that's what I had to do.
She sent me an email a few hours later and asked if I was extra tired at work.

After the great plans last month of having lots of orgasms in April, with lots of them in the last 2 weeks of March, there has only been 4 so far in April and only a week left.  TW is taking the girls on a trip this weekend so there will be no sex then.

She was teasing me tonight about April being orgasm month and how I will look forward to it in the future.  Then she hinted about only cuming then.  Would I want to have all the orgasms I could manage in one month and then have none for the rest of the year?   I like tease and denial and have read of men who have gone a year or more in denial so I suppose I could do it. 
TW really likes it when I come though, so I probably won't have to worry about it.
Hot fantasy anyway.

This evening I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and TW came up behind me and asked if I was fantasizing about being tied by the balls to the cabinet.  I told her I always think of that while at the sink and she said yes and how about if I were whipping your ass for splashing so much water out of the sink.  At that I intentionally splashed water on the window sill.  She spanked my ass hard about six times.  She said how can I discipline you if you like it?  I told her she needed to do it harder and I wouldn't find it so fun.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GOOD Vibrations!

We were settling in to bed a few nights ago and TW used her Hitachi Magic Wand for it's vanilla purpose of trying to work a stiff spot out of her shoulder.  After she got done she placed it in my crotch.  I was almost asleep at that point and didn't really think she would get much reaction, but it did feel good.  She put it in my hand and I worked on developing a stiff spot down there.  Damn, that thing really does feel good, and I was moaning and groaning which got TW aroused.
She took the vibrator back and used it on her crotch.  She had her period and was wearing a super, huge extra thick maxi pad and I didn't think she could even feel anything through it, but apparently the pad just distributed the vibes around more.  She was getting very worked up and I helped out by fondling her nipples.  She then had what sounded like quite a good orgasm.

She turned off the magic wand and handed it to me.  I had been grinding on her leg as she built up through her orgasm so I was still hot and horny.  I applied the magic wand to my cock and balls. Damn, that thing is relentless and I hoped that she would let me come, because I don't know if I could stop.  She was talking sex to me now and said something about me coming on her leg, then she mentioned me coming in her hand and that got me thinking.  She said it was ok for me to come and I managed to groan out a request that she make me eat my cum.  She gave an affirmative answer and I had a mind blowing orgasm.  Somehow TW had got ahold of the wand and kept using it on my cock.
This was the most intense, unbearable post orgasmic torture I ever felt.  I didn't want to tell her to outright stop, but I was sort of pleading and actually said ow, ow ouch.

Finally she turned the wand off.  Then she brought her hand up to my mouth.  I have asked her before, during pre-orgasmic bliss, to make me eat my cum, but she doesn't follow through.  This time she certainly did and I licked and sucked my cum out of her palm and fingers.  I licked between her fingers and she told me I missed some and I sucked them clean.  It wasn't the best stuff I've tasted, but I probably eat and drink some things that might be considered unpleasant by some, so what the heck.

It was a wonderfully surprising evening and I hope it happens again.  Having read enough fem-dom blogs, I now fantasize that any time I am allowed to come that I would be made to eat it, whether from her hand, pussy, mouth, feet, ass or  my hand,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well Worth the Wait

So it's been four weeks since my last orgasm.  TW has decided to play a game of telling me that the next time I can come it will be when she is giving me oral. So she has been teasing me more often than previously, but she is also giving me more oral as part of the tease!  That's ok with me!
Friday evening the little princess was going on her first real date.  She was very nervous and excited. I was excited too since we would have the house to ourselves for a few hours.  I picked up some fresh flowers and take out Chinese food on the way home.  I was hoping to have some chopstick play.  Little did I know how that would work out.
Before we had our dinner, TW said she was going to change into something more comfortable so I chimed in that I would change into something uncomfortable.  I stripped naked, put nipple suckers on and the gates of hell harness on my cock and balls.  Then went to dinner wearing my robe.  TW got out some nice lacquered chop sticks and we enjoyed our Chinese, although without any sex play considering what I was wearing. 
While I was cleaning up from dinner she told me to open my robe so she could check on my condition.  She pulled her leather belt from her pants as she approached me and proceeded to give me a nice belt whipping. She whipped my ass, then had me turn around and did my front including lots of cock whipping and a few swings from below onto my bulging balls. 
After all that, she wanted to keep me waiting and went to watch a movie.  I put on some sweatpants since our daughter would be home soon.  I kept the suckers and gates of hell on though.  By time I took them off later I had them on for about 3 hours.

When we went to bed TW took her little black panties off and tossed them to me with instructions to keep them close at hand so I could immediately show her where they were during the night.
We did wake during the night to go to the bathroom and when we got to bed we had a quick fuck, but no coming for me since I can't come until she gives me permission during oral sex.

When I woke up in the morning I put the black panties on my head covering my face and waited for TW to wake up and notice.  She thought it was amusing.

AFter showering I made breakfast while nude and wearing the ball stretcher harness.  I set the table with an assortment of clasps and weights to be added to the rings hanging from the stretcher.

AFter we finished eating TW had me stand in front of her and added the weights to my balls as I stood in front of her.  She played with my cock and got me hard, hot and horny.

Then she picked up a couple of the chop sticks from last nights dinner and used them to tweeze and tease my cock.  This was fun and got better when she starting probing around the hole.  This was looking like cock torture!  She really surprised me when she started to push the chopstick inside, carefully inserting about an inch inside my hard cock.  She looked at me to see if I was ok, was I ever!  She pulled it out and had me lick off the precum and inserted it again, this time slowly shoving it into me almost to the base.  I really didn't know how far in it was until she held the stick and pulled it out so that I could see how long the section was that had been in me, about 5 inches.  The base of my cock was constricted by the ball harness or she may have been able to go deeper.  She then put the chopstick in my mouth and gave me the same depth.  I gave it my best effort to keep it in that full depth, holding it in place with my teeth as she took my cock into her mouth.  She sucked me wonderfully and I was soon feeling a huge urge to come.
It had been a month and I was getting the required oral sex, would she let me?
I gasped out "can I come?" and she managed to give me a yes around her mouthfull of cock.
And come I finally did, filling her mouth to overflowing as several gobs dropped to the floor.
What an orgasm that was and the wonder of it was that I somehow managed to stay standing through it. 

After we recovered and cleaned up, TW said she thinks that this month she will see how many times I can come in a month.

The next day I woke up with a hardon and we fucked, I came. 

That's twice, two more were to come during the following week.

As I add this last bit 3 weeks later I can say, it did not keep up at that pace.
I loved that out of this world orgasm, well worth the wait, and now I crave the denial again.

Monday, March 18, 2013

breakfast of champions

Had a few moments of balls grinding against her knees last night after a weekend of home alone. That means Lots of arousal between hours of surfing the web and hours of solo play including bondage, ass whipping and doing chores while suitably trussed up. But we were both tired and went to sleep quickly.
This morning I was just saying goodbye before running off to work and TW mentioned my ball grinding of the previous evening. She said she thought of it as a little good boy reward. This got me going right away and she noticed the bulge in my pants. She said she was tempted to have me kneel down and kiss her pussy right then but was worried that I might fall down the stairs that we were standing at the top of. I thought about that for one moment and made a very dominant move for a submissive by pushing her towards the bedroom. She was quite willing to go and laid back on the bed as I got to my knees and began kissing her knees and up her thighs.
I started kissing her pubes and wondered if that might be all when she pulled her feet up and spread her knees. I dove into her widespread cunt and buried my face in her wetness. It was wonderful!
I licked and sucked and she moaned and groaned. After a few minutes she pulled her legs up higher and I was delighted to see that see was offering up her asshole for me to lick. I love eating out her ass, it makes me feel so submissive and I just find it really enjoyable to lick, suck and stuff my tongue as far up her asshole as I can. She was enjoying it too and moaned her approval.
Eventually she directed me back to her pussy and I stuck two fingers up inside her and gave her a finger fucking. All this time I had a super hard erection tenting my pants and I thought someone should be getting an orgasm.
I grabbed her thighs and pulled her body towards the head of the bed. She was confused at first but when I pulled her magic wand out of the drawer she knew what I had in mind. I turned it on and applied it to her clit and she gave out a huge groan. I rammed my fingers back up her cunt and massaged her g-spot. Within a few minutes she had a huge squirting orgasm. As the orgasm subsided, I turned off the vibrator and went down on her again, licking up all her juices with big lapping licks up and down her pussy. My face was wet from my chin to my eyebrows, but I was very happy. I rested my head against her thigh and swooned in a total state of love and submission as she stroked my head.
Finally TW looked at the clock and said “Wow, it's late”. We both needed to get to work, so I struggled to my feet. My cock was still huge in my pants and TW stroked it and said I deserved a reward. My first thought was that I didn't want to come, I wanted to be spanked. She said that she better stop before I got a wet spot in my pants, but it was too late, as my precum had already soaked through. She said that now she owed me an orgasm, unless I was still considering that I owed her for all the orgasms I had in the past 21 years while she went without. Yes, that is fine with me. I washed my face and brushed my teeth again and went to work horny and frustrated, just the way I love to be kept.

ps  Three weeks since my last orgasm.  Perfect

Sunday, March 10, 2013

tied and denied again

A few scattered FLR moments lately. We were at the bathroom sink and apparently I left quite a few splashes when TW grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head down to show me the splashes. That got my attention!
One evening we had gotten in bed and I was just starting to grind my nuts into her knees when she suddenly pulled away, rolled over, and planted her cold feet into my crotch.

Last night we had just gotten to bed after TW had been walking on the treadmill. TW said she really didn't have energy to do anything but when I said my feet were still chilly, she told me to get some socks on as she had something in mind. I was already nude and jumped up and got the socks on and got back in bed. She told me to get my head under the covers. I wriggled my way down and placed my cheek on her thigh, my feet now sticking out by my pillow. I had noticed a thin rope on the bed earlier and she then tied my wrists together with about a foot of cord between. Then she tied the other end of this 4 foot cord around my cock and balls. It felt like one of my balls slipped away before being tied and I thought of telling to her not let it have any mercy, but I was busy licking her pussy. She gave me a quick blowjob, and I had a slim hope that might lead to my getting to come since she most recently said that the next time I am allowed to come it will be oral
Alas, TW pulled me up and said she wanted me inside her. We had some great fucking while she pulled the rope attached to my cock and balls. She had fun using the rope to drag it over my nipples.
After a few minutes she pushed me away and said she wanted to sleep now. I think she wouldn't have minded getting fucked a little longer but I appreciate that she was willing to stop me before I could work up to orgasm and kept me denied.
I slept fitfully through the night with the rope still tied to my cock and balls and my hands. I woke up once to take a leak and pulled my other ball down into bondage.
She jumped up quickly in the morning as she had places to go, so no fun then.
When I got up later and took a shower, I did so with the ropes still tied. A little challenging to shave and shower with your hands tied a foot apart. I had some masturbation fun using some hair conditioner for lube, looks just like cum. I almost did come when I put a finger deep into my ass hole. I finally managed to get 3 fingers in, though not too deep. I was careful not to come though, that must be saved for when TW tells me that I may, in her mouth.
I hope that she will think to share it with me with a deep wet kiss and make me swallow my come.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

All and nothing

Quick update on recent happenings.
Last weekend I managed to have 2 orgasms in one day. Quite out of character for someone with a lack of orgasm calendar. Had a quickie fuck with orgasm in the morning, then that evening while home alone had a very kinky session of self bondage, flogging, and eventually masturbation with orgasm.
That doesn't happen much anymore, basically not at all. Usually if I do get a chance for a self kink session like that I still don't let myself come, saving myself for TW. This time it was just too much as my cock and balls were bound as I lay on my back with my legs pulled up and used a sharp point to poke at my bound sack. I came and then was shocked to find that there were numerous bloody spots on my scrotum. I cleaned up the blood and put on some antibiotic and hoped I wouldn't get an infection.
It was all good the next day.

During the week we were having a little grope session when we first got in bed. I was enjoying it but my cock was just not getting hard. That tends to be more of a problem as I get older and by time we get to bed I am just too sleepy. TW said “This isn't working, I think you need to kiss my ...” and my mind was already racing ahead and thinking that yes I'm always happy to eat your pussy, “...knees.”, she said.
That's okay too and I got under the covers and worshiped the knees that give my balls such welcome pain and discomfort on a regular basis.

After loving her knees for a few minutes, they began to spread and I made my way up her thigh to her pussy and ate her out. I did start to get hard when I was grinding my balls on her foot. TW grabbed my hair and pulled me up. I knew she wanted her cock inside her pussy and worked it in. We had a good fucking during which she said that I had been coming too much lately and that I was not allowed to come tonight. However since I had been so good swallowing her juices the last time she would let me come in her mouth the next time I came. That means no coming in her pussy till then and even if she does grant me the rare treat of putting my cock in her mouth, it may just be a tease as she will tell me when I may come.

I love this woman!

Had some great fucking this morning in which I was able to hold off for a very long time while continuing the thrusting. We finally got in a crossed position where she had one leg pulled up in front of her and I was almost perpendicular to her. I could really grind in to her this way. Somehow she managed to get her foot against my balls and grind them. Then she put her foot against my ass and spread my cheeks and ground her heel into my ass. The crowning achievement was as she somehow managed to probe my ass hole with her big toe. That was so hot as I felt like she was trying to fuck me while I fucked her. We didn't have time to carry on much more so she made me stop without either of us coming. Of course I was not allowed to come anyway.
WE were hoping for some afternoon delight while the daughters are out at the store but TW came down with a migraine headache and is out of action.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Caught and Punished

We were just getting ready for bed when T dumped a load of laundry on the bed. “let's get this folded before bed” she said, “and take your clothes off first”. This was sounding like more fun than chore as I quickly stripped. She turned to me with the locking leather strap. “Put this on”. I fumbled with it as I was already starting to get hard. After I finally got it buckled in place she told me to put the nipple suckers on too.
I did a nice job of folding her panties making sure to kiss each one. She gave me reinforcement by spanking my bare ass each time I kissed a pair. She had pointed out in the past a time that I had left a pair inside out and I was a bad boy this day as I intentionally left one pair like that this time. I wondered what she would think when she found that pair, hoping it might earn me a punishment.
By the time we got done folding the spanks had resulted in my having a nice erection which she thought should be put inside her. I obliged by doing just that and giving her a good fucking. Somewhere along the way the strap came off. T apparently thought I was deserving an orgasm and gave me permission to do so and I enjoyed a good one.

A week later we had just gotten showered in the morning when I entered the bedroom to see T with a shirt on but no panties yet. This was unusual so I sort of waited to see if I might get to kiss her pussy good morning. Then I noticed the inside-out panties on the bed along with her wide leather belt. Could it be that she intended to punish me for my transgression? “What do you see there?”, she asked.
“Inside-out panties?” I said, “and your belt”.
“Bend over the bed”. I did so and she gave me about a dozen smacks with it. I stood up and told her I was sorry for doing her panties improperly. Then I confessed that I had done it on purpose to see if she would notice and punish me. I admitted that I enjoyed the “punishment” that I had brought upon myself. “Bend over again, you haven't had enough”. She gave another dozen stripes on the ass, then told me to stand up. My cock was hard and streaming pre-cum. She used the belt to whip my cock about 20 times. Then she wiped the precum off on me.
“I really would like to come now” she said, but our daughter was downstairs and she was worried that she might come up. I offered to go make sure that she stayed there so T could enjoy her time with the magic wand. I did and she apparently made the most of it.

The next day she asked me to put lotion on her legs when we got in bed. I did so and noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties. That got me started but I was also just getting aroused stroking her legs and fondling her knees. My erection was growing and finally she spread her legs and told me to put that thing inside her. It felt great to be inside her sweet pussy. I told her that I had enjoyed my “punishment” the day before. She started talking about different little scenes related to laundry and punishments and general kinky play including some really hot ones with me hanging her laundry on the line while naked. She really got me going when she mentioned the time she had me outside naked and laying over the doghouse with my nipples grinding on the shingles as she flogged me ass. I was really having a tough time holding off from coming as she fantasized about sending me out to hang her panties on the clothesline with the necessary clothespins attached to my body. I would certainly be hanging them up as quick as I could to get the pins off.
Then T said that I had been good lately and that she wanted me to have a good come. I did just that and had a roaring orgasm.
After I recovered somewhat though I mentioned that she hadn't come, but she said she didn't need to come every time, and that it was more my goal than hers. So true, but still I owe her one or 2 or ...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hot hotel sex

For the last four or five years TW has been joining me at my annual professional conference.  I always look forward to this opportunity for some HHMS, hot hotel monkey sex. 
This year I was fighting a bad cold and didn't really feel too much like having sex, even though I brought along a toy bag. 
We slept late one morning and had some sex play; but decided to not let me orgasm so we could have some suspense for the evening.  TW had a squirting orgasm while we fantasized about her domming me at the banquet that evening.  She was on top of me at the time and I got down there and pulled her dripping pussy down on to my face and ate her like a wild man.
The banquet was very nice although other than getting her a drink there was no service or dom happening. 
We went back to the room and got ready for bed. 
TW sat on the edge of the bed and asked if I would take off her panty hose. She wasn't wearing any panties under them and I had been hot for her ass since she put them on. I knelt by the bed naked and took them off her, then worshiped her feet.  She then got up and lit some candles and produced an eye mask like you use for sleeping and slipped it over my head.  Wow!  She does surprise me.
Then she had me get up and led me over to the full length mirror.  OF course I couldn't see anything.   Then she stroked me with something cool and smooth and asked if I could tell what it was.  "YOur leather belt?"
A belt stroke across my ass was my answer.  She gave me a quick whipping but couldn't do it too hard without making too much noise.  We could clearly hear people walking down the hallway on the other side of the door.  Then she took a clothes hanger and clipped it on my nipple.  Unfortunately the other hook on the hanger was not the right distance to clip it on my other nipple.  This was a lightweight plastic hanger from home.  Perhaps the next time she will feel bold enough to use one of the heavy wooden hotel hangers with the vicious metal alligator clamps.

TW then led me to the bed and knocked me over backward onto the soft bed.  She sucked my cock then straddled my face and had me eat her pussy.  AFter while she rolled over and got the magic wand and brought herself to an orgasm. Then she used the magic wand on my cock and I almost came right away.
After I gained my composure she had me mount her.  She pulled the blindfold down over my mouth like a surgical mask to try and keep me from spewing germs on her face.  She told me she wanted me to fuck her hard and come like I wanted to.  I did just that, the hotel neighbors be damned, I had a roaring orgasm, finally getting my release from five weeks of pent up need.