Thursday, December 18, 2014

Candlelit afternoon delight

We were getting ready for bed on Saturday night and I knelt, naked, before my wife and took her socks off. I rubbed her feet, then kissed them. I started to become erect as I sucked her toes. She told me to stand in front of her and she fondled my cock and balls. As she was doing that she was gently scratching me with her finger nails. She began scratching my chest and was enjoying making long red stripes from my neck to my thighs. I was enjoying this too! She told me to turn around and she stood behind me and scratched my back. Of course that led to scratching my ass, leaving what I am sure was a very interesting pattern of red stripes. She reached around in front and scratched my belly, then my hard cock.
She sat on the end of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She pinched my scrotum and I was thankful that she knows I really enjoy torture and pain to my balls.  I was surprised when I looked down and saw clothespins attached to my sack! That felt sooo good and she quickly laid back and spread her legs. I put my hard cock right where she wanted it. I was so aroused and hadn't had an orgasm in about 4 weeks, so I was ready to cum in less than a minute. I didn't have permission to come and I wanted to maintain my hormone level so that I could be of good service to her the next day so I pulled out. She got the Hitachi magic wand and put it to good use. I put several fingers inside her hot pussy as she brought herself to a great orgasm. Then she was ready to settle down to sleep, while I settled down to bed with a hard throbbing cock, but that was okay because I planned to serve her and hopefully be dominated the next day while we had the house to ourselves.

Next day, my wife was busy all day. No dominance, no sex while we were home alone. By the time we went to bed late that evening I was frustrated, disappointed and pouting. I did mention that I had hoped to do something that day and was feeling very frustrated that she didn't have any time for me.

The next day she called me at work and asked if I wanted to get some take out and bring it home for lunch. I didn't want to get my hopes up as we ate lunch. After we ate she asked if I was interested in some play. Oh Yes!!!

We went to the living room and I stoked up the wood stove so we could get naked comfortably. She undid my pants and pulled them off me. She played with my cock some, then told me to bend over the wood trunk/coffee table. She started spanking ass and I was happy. She then told me to stay right there and went to get something. When she came back she used a wet wipe to clean my ass hole well. It was cold and wet and this was something very new as she had never wiped my ass before. It was rather embarrassing as I was bent over with my ass up in the air.

I didn't know why she was prepping me like that, but found out soon enough as a hot spot hit my upper thigh. Hot wax dripping from a candle! This was totally unexpected, but she is always surprising me.
The drips of wax proceeded up my ass crack and really stung when the first few hit right on my wide spread ass hole. After the first few though it felt wonderful and it felt like she was completely coating and filling my puckered hole. This was a long held fantasy of mine, to have my ass plugged with hot wax. She was only using a tea candle, so the wax supply was limited. After the candle was all dripped on my ass she had me stand up and feel what it was like to have the wax spreading my ass.

My cock was dripping precum and she wanted a fucking. She took my place bent over the trunk and I slid my hard cock into her hot, wet cunt. It felt soo good and she told me to fuck her hard. This time I managed to last a few minutes at least before she told me to cream her pussy as I pounded her.
I had a roaring climax and pumped a months worth of cum into her.

The tough part after that was putting my clothes back on and trying to stay awake after I went back to work. It was certainly a great candlelit afternoon delight!