Saturday, May 27, 2017

behaving myself

Home alone equals free time to abuse my body. T is away for two nights and she told me to behave.
She did not say to behave well. She did give me a short list of things I am not to do including burning or piercing, both of which I have done when alone in the past. I confessed both of these to her. I would be very happy to have her do them to me and much more.  

I had placed a cock and ball restraint on last night and slept with it. The morning erection was painful as my cock could not grow and pulled on my balls. Nice. White cloth bandage tape pulled my chest up around my nipples and made them stand out while.  Lit a small red candle and poured hot wax onto the under side of my cock head, filling my slit with a plug of  molten wax, then pulled the hardened plug out of the weeping red eye of  my useless cock.
I had also put a red jeweled butt plug in my ass and slept with that in.

I took the butt plug out this morning and put vacuum suction devices on my nipples after removing the tape.
Rope tied to the cock ring tied my cock back between my legs and pulled my balls up in front, nicely twisted situation.

Tied my feet together with rope and pulled my feet to a ring over my head. I flogged my ass with a small flogger, my cock was flogged as well.
Feet still tied together I rolled off the bed onto the floor. Ass up and head down I whipped my ass brutally with a heavy leather belt. Rolled on my back and whipped my thighs and belly.
Put a worn pair of T's panties over my head and tied them in place with a rope that wrapped around my head through my open lips, under my nose and across my eyes.
Gagged and blindfolded I whipped my ass for another 60 hard strikes.

Crawled blindly around the room to get a towel, bottle of lube and glass butt plugs.
Took the panties off my head, lubed the first plug and shoved it up my ass. This one is thin with ridges and I pumped it in and out. Next plug is smooth with a bulb at the end. Milked my prostate with that and watched my cock streaming a steady flow of fluid.
Got out a big clear glass plug with a ring on the end. Had to work very hard to get that one in, but eventually it popped inside me. Tied it in place with a rope through the ring, though I don't think it can come out without being pulled.
Placed a pink chastity device on my cock and locked it on with the goal of keeping it on until T comes home and unlocks it.

Took off the nipple suckers that had been on for an hour. Put a pair of nipple clamps with big silver rings onto my plump nipples. They have been on for an hour and a half now as I write this.
I am sitting on a chair now with the glass plug up my ass, grinding on the loop holding it in. I am wearing my favorite leopard patterned nighty and T's silky light blue robe.

What else will I do to myself while “behaving” today?

Friday, May 26, 2017

no, no, no don't make me cum

We recently went for a short vacation. This included a hotel stay, which I am always hopeful will include HHMS, hot hotel monkey sex. This was a very busy tourist type vacation, so we did not have much time or energy for sex play. The last morning there we had an hour or so to spare and that was the time! T wanted to take a shower before sex, so we got in the shower. I was already half erect in anticipation. She soaped up my cock and started stroking it. I was getting very aroused when she rubbed the bar of soap over my asshole. This was getting way too good. It had been nearly 3 months since my last orgasm and she was making it feel too good. I did not want to cum as that would likely put an and to any more sex play that morning. “You are going to make me cum”, I moaned, but she kept up the action on my cock and stroked my ass hole more insistently. I lost it, “no, no, no” I sobbed, practically crying in my desperation and disappointment in the way my body was betraying me.
Worse yet was that my cum was mixed with soap and getting washed down the drain. The last time I had cum, we discussed making it a new “rule” that if I came I would eat my ejaculate. This was to be the first time since then and now I had literally blown it.

We got out of the shower and dried off. The sex was done with for the day.

fingering and fucking

A few weeks ago, we had a little session that began, as is becoming more common, with me bent over the foot of the bed as T whipped my ass with her belt. This time though, after whipping me for a minute or so, she stopped and went to get something. I thought it was a different implement to whip me with, that would be fun. Then I realized she was getting latex gloves and the bottle of lube.
She dripped some lube on my upturned ass, then stroked my ass hole. This was a pleasant surprise since she finds anal play less than appealing, but she knows I really like it. Then she put a finger in and began stroking in and out. This progressed to two fingers.
With her other hand she was stroking my hard cock. After a couple minutes of this bliss she stopped an removed the glove. She laid back on the bed and told me to use that hard cock in her. I moved up and put it in her hot pussy. I was so aroused that I was on the edge in no time and had to pull out for fear of having an orgasm without permission. She said, okay, we're done, go clean up. That was it for that session. Nobody needed to or got to have an orgasm and it was just very delightful.