Monday, June 08, 2015

First caning

A few hours home alone, but T was busy gardening so I didn't have my hopes up for any fun. She called to me across the yard and I responded “What?” She told me to “come here”. Well, she either did not want to yell, unlikely, or she was being controlling and telling me what to do!
I went to her and she asked if I knew whether there were any spare twist ties by the trash bags, or had I thrown them out. I dutifully went and found them for her.

She had purchased some thin bamboo sticks, about 3 feet long to stake some of her flower plants up. I immediately recognized the potential of these to be used as a cane and we did joke about it briefly. I helped her stake up the plants. When she got all done, there were 3 left and she told me to come with her as she led me around the corner of the house to a more private area.

T told me to drop my shorts and gave me a few test hits with the cane. She was starting out easy, but I was getting very excited quickly. She had me bend over a retaining wall and began caning my ass. She said, “you like it when I mark you, right? Well this should leave some nice marks.” The rate at which she built up the force of the hits was perfect as it felt wonderful to me. She caned the back of my thighs and I had visions of neatly spaced red stripes appearing. We were going to a wedding the next day and she said this should leave something nice for me to wear to the wedding. She had me stand up and present my front as I thought with glee about wearing T's marks at a wedding and how this made me feel owned by her.

She caned my belly and the hollows where my belly meets the thighs. She knows that I crave being hit there hard and having red marks on my soft white flesh. She caned the front of my thighs and I again fantasized about being caned hard and left with brutal bruising stripes. The cane marked the outsides of my thighs too, then she told me to pull up my shirt and she laid down some stinging stripes right across my eager nipples. I thanked her and encouraged her to leave her marks on me.
She finished up with a few slashes to the top of my cock, then a couple real stingers right on the cock head. A few gentler ones struck my balls from below, then one last wicked slash right on the head of my cock. I groaned and nearly crumpled at that one, this I think is the closest I have been to my limit and asking her to stop. She knows me well though and she finished with that.

I was so incredibly aroused and submissive at this point, that I sunk to my knees before her and hugged her around the hips as I nestled my head against her chest. She said, “that's enough for now, get up and finish your chores, maybe we can play with this again later”.

We didn't get to play later, but the next day after I finished packing the car she asked if the little princess was upstairs. I said yes, as she picked up one of the canes from the shelf by the door and told me to drop my pants. I was very happy to do so and she gave my four stripes across both ass cheeks to remember her by during the hour and a half drive and the over an hour wedding ceremony.

This was the first time that she has caned me and from what I have read, caning seems to be one of the more severe methods to inflict a beating on your loved one. Due to that it was a little scary at first, but I totally enjoyed it and hope that she will become comfortable with caning me often in the future.
The only disappointment was that by time I used the men's room after the wedding ceremony, the marks on my ass had nearly completely faded. There were a few red stripes on the outside of my thighs that lasted till the next day. I dream of a day when I may be whipped on a regular basis and required to always bear some marking of my submission and T's ownership of me.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

boy toy

Recently, T mentioned to me that she was becoming more interested in playing with my ass, but that she wanted me to be very clean. Since she is a nurse, clean is like sterile. She indicated that I should strive to be clean at all times, just in case she decided to play that way. Since then, I have been very happy to have her play with my ass three times. This is amazing since she had said before that would only happen when at a hotel. Okay, maybe she meant that pegging would only happen at a hotel.

Last night, after coming home from the neighbor's hot tub, we had a little necking in the yard which included her pulling down her bathing suit top so I could suck her tits and pulling down my swim trunks so she could give me some great oral. We headed for the bedroom in the child free house!

We got naked and she laid back on the bed and told me to start by eating her pussy. I was only too happy to do so as she said she had not had an orgasm in quite a while. I ate her for a few minutes, then she asked if I was hard. I was, as kneeling before her usually gets me going. She wanted me inside her and I was happy to fuck her. During this she was teasing me by talking dirty. I got so close to coming but she told me I was not allowed to come. She had me going as she talked about controlling me and making me do all her chores the next day. The more she controls me, the more I love her.

She said “that's enough of that for now” and pushed me away. She told me to get a belt and as I presented it to her, she told me to kneel on the bed before her and put my hands behind my neck.
The first strike to the belt was to my left nipple. Since we had already warmed up well, she started out hard and asked if I planned to go without a shirt the next day. I told her that I loved when she marked me and encouraged to whip me hard. She whipped my chest and belly, leaving many long red stripes. Then she whipped my hard cock. I spread my legs wide and she whipped my balls, though not hard.

She told me to turn around and began whipping my ass. She was hitting more to the top of my ass, with no sign that she would whip my back, so I bent over to encourage her to whip the lower portion of my ass. She did so wonderfully and I bent over more exposing my ass crack for the belt. The belt fell on my wide spread ass hole and I repeatedly thanked her.
T stopped whipping and I felt her moving behind me. I was surprised when she began to finger my ass hole. She was toying with it like I would her pussy lips. To my delight, she started pushing her finger in and gradually shoved the whole length into my asshole. I thrust my ass back and spread my cheeks as wide as possible. It felt so good, but she really blew my mind when she reached between my legs and grabbed my hard cock. I was moaning and groaning and quickly at the edge of coming. It didn't help that she was talking dirty to me. I was surprised to hear her say that she was fucking my man pussy and fondling my clit. I moaned in agreement with her at this, as this was precisely what I was feverishly thinking. She recognized that I couldn't hold out any longer and released my clit and pulled her finger out of my tight man pussy.

T said “my turn” and had me turn around and eat her pussy again. This time she got the magic wand vibrator going on her clit. I put three fingers in her pussy and finger fucker her until she had a wonderful squirting orgasm. I was literally drinking her nectar as it gushed out and I slurped it up.

After she had a few minutes to recover, she had me kneel before her while she played with my cock and balls. She got me hard and had me fuck her again. I was able to hold out much longer without coming after all this action. When did pull out she stroked my cock hard while pulling my balls with the other hand. She told me I was not allowed to come as she pulled my balls harder. It was such glorious pleasure and pain! T stopped before I came though and we both collapsed together. This was such a great sex session that I truly felt like I must have come, even though I had not.

Later as we talked in the afterglow, I thanked T for treating (or mistreating) me so well. I told her that having her dominate and control me made me very happy and I thanked her again for being willing to go along with my kinks. She had to admit that she got some good benefits from it, like great orgasms and a very helpful, dutiful husband. She said that she did enjoy the power that she felt, particularly when she kept me from coming when I was desperately on the edge. I enjoyed hearing that she felt that way.
She also said that she had been thinking of something very dirty. She admitted that she had thought about peeing on me and thought it was nasty, but arousing. Earlier that evening as we had walked home from the hot tub, T had to pee really bad and squatted along the dark path and peed. I had thought briefly at the time about her peeing on me while I was laying on the grass. I told her that this was something that I found arousing too and indicated that it would be fine with me if she wanted to do this sometime. She talked about a time when she sat on my back while I was on all fours and she masturbated until she squirted on me and her juices ran down my ass. She and I both found that to be very hot. The fantasy talk then lead to her talking about me being staked out on the ground as she pees on my chest. I groaned in agreement as she described the pee splashing onto my face and my mouth. I was thinking about having her pee in my mouth, maybe someday!

We are both looking forward to more opportunities to be uninhibited at home when our youngest goes to college at the end of the summer. T said the other day that she can't believe that 2 years ago she said that she was getting old enough that she really had no interest in sex anymore. Now she is having great orgasms and our sex life is better than ever!