Saturday, March 28, 2015

A happy submissive

There have been a few times in the last couple months when I was frustrated and disappointed when what seemed like a great opportunity for sex play was “wasted” T and I would be home alone on a weekend and she would spend the whole day on the computer or sewing. I don't expect a huge scene every time we are home alone, but even just a little attention. I have hinted that she doesn't even have to actively do anything, just instruct me to do something, even dressing up or being naked. I would even enjoy sitting at her feet while she watches TV.
This past weekend she surprised me when she was in her sewing room and she called me in and asked if I wanted to “help” her in a way that hinted at fun. I said yes of course and she told me to get undressed. I stripped as fast as I could. She told me to get the vacuum cleaner and clean up the snips of fabric on the floor. When I was done she asked if I had got them all. I really hoped that she would inspect and find that I had missed some leading to punishment. That did not happen, but I found a few hanks of parachute cord and commented upon them. She took interest and used one to tie a chest harness on me. She used another hank to add more ropes in a Shibari style to frame my nipples. Then another length was tied around my hips, and up my ass in a way that held my ass crack open and the ropes bisected my ass cheeks. It looked and felt really great. T then turned on the vacuum and sucked my nipple with it. This is a new powerful vacuum. We have played like this before with the old one and could let the hose hang from my nipple. If this one was left on for any time I am sure it would leave a bruise. Unfortunately she did not leave it on long enough to do that.
T told me that my ass looked like it needed a whipping and told me to get the crop. She had me bend over and present my ass, then she cropped it. She told me to put my hands on the floor, not easy for me as I am not too flexible. Then she said “get down on the floor on your knees, ass up”. I got down on the floor, feeling extremely submissive. She whipped my ass with the crop, including right on my wide spread ass hole and my dangling balls. She told me to put my face on the floor and I groveled before her and offered my ass and balls for whipping.
She told me to stay there and left the room. I didn't know if she was just leaving me there to think about my position or if she went to get something. She knows that I love it when she leaves me bound and naked, not knowing how long I will be left alone.
She returned shortly and I gasped as I felt something cold and wet being dribbled on my ass hole. My forehead was still planted on the carpet and I could not see what she was doing. She used her finger to smear the lube around, then slowly put her finger into my ass. I was loving this as she finger fucked me for several minutes while I moaned and groaned. I was certainly in my happy space as my loving wife gave me a wonderful experience, as I sprawled naked on the floor, surrendering my self to her as she probed inside my body. I felt intense love for her at that moment as I groaned “thank you” to her.
She pulled out her finger and wiped my ass with a chilly wet wipe. She told me to get up and I struggled to stand and follow her into the bedroom. Sometime along the way she had stripped naked and she now lay back on the bed and spread her legs wide. I dove in face first and licked and sucked her hot wet pussy. After a few minutes she pulled my face away and told me that she wanted my cock. I was very happy to stuff it in her and give her a good fucking. She told me to fuck her hard and fast.
After a couple minutes of that, at which I was proud not to have an orgasm without permission she had me pull out and get the magic wand vibrator. I knelt between her legs and she told me to do to myself what I do when she is not home. I grabbed a small black flogger out of the cabinet and began flogging my crotch. I flogged my cock and then held it out of the way and flogged my swollen balls. She was getting close to coming now and I flogged my cock mercilessly hard as she exploded in her orgasm.
As she came down from the intensity of her orgasm I gently licked her pussy. I felt like I had an orgasm myself. But happily for me, no I hadn't and I would continue to lust for my queen for at least the next whole week as she will be traveling.

The following day, T asked if I would come to the bedroom and help her choose clothing for her trip.
She told me to close the door and take my pants off.  She pulled the belt from her pants and started whipping my ass with it.  I was struggling to get my shirt off quickly so it wouldn't impede her actions. After a nice warm up on my ass, she told me stand in front of the door. "Hands up", she said.
I raised my hands and she said that I apparently could not do that properly as she got out the over the door cuffs.  She cuffed my wrists, hung the straps over the door and shut it behind me.  Now I found myself naked and secured to the door.  T already had her shirt off and now removed her pants and proceeded to try on different pants and tops.  I offered helpful and complimentary advice.  During this time our daughter returned home and the good girl came to our room to tell us she was home. T told me to be quiet as she harshly pinched my nipples.  I gritted my teeth and held my breath.  My playful wife kept up the conversation with our daughter who was on the other side of the door I hung from naked.  She teasingly fondled my cock and balls.  After the conversation ended, T knelt down and sucked my cock.  Oh, that felt so good.  She got me right to the edge, then left me hanging in more ways than one as she returned to clothes packing.  When she was done, she released me from my bonds, gave me some panties to wear, and told  me to put those on with my clothes over them and go make dinner.  Yes, I love this woman so much!

The night before, I took off her socks and kissed her feet. I got hard and she had me fuck her, then she had her orgasm while I knelt on the bed and gave oral sex to her foot, stuffing it deep into my mouth.

Now she is away for 4 days and she left me 4 pairs of pretty panties to wear, one each night to bed.

Today I cleaned the kitchen floor by hand, crawling on my hands and knees naked with a ball harness hanging from my nuts, a 16 oz water bottle dangling from the chain.I sent a text to my wife to tell her that the floor had been cleaned.  She would know what that meant.

Friday, March 20, 2015

All dressed up

Last week T mentioned that she planned to do some house cleaning over the weekend. “You can be my maid”, she said and I hinted that a maid should be dressed for the part. I was looking forward to the weekend and hoping something would happen.
Saturday morning we slept late and when we got out of bed, T dug through her dresser looking for something. She pulled out a black lace bustier and handed it to me. She dug some more and tossed my a black garter belt and a pair of black stockings. “Time to dress as my maid”, she said.
I needed a little help getting the bustier pulled over my shoulders, but I sure enjoyed my feminine outfit. T enjoyed my erection and had me fuck her, then eat her pussy while she brought herself to an orgasm with the magic wand. She needed me to be submissive and servile, so no orgasm for me, as it should be!
She had another orgasm after she showered. It was chilly in the house, so I wore sweats over my lacy lingerie and two brass rings around the base of my cock and balls. I spent the day cooking, doing laundry. I did strip and clean the kitchen floor on my hands and knees in my maid's outfit. Unfortunately, T was working on her laptop in the living room and she never did come out to check on me.
That night as we got ready for bed, she had me take off the black lingerie and gave me a short pink baby doll nightie to sleep in. First she had me kneel before her and eat her pussy, leading to her third orgasm of the day.
I am so happy that she is taking the lead at times in having me wear feminine clothes. I recently bought a new batch of jockey briefs and threw out all my old tightey whiteys. I told T about this and mentioned that some women threw out all their husbands male underwear and replaced them with panties so that was all they had to wear, all the time. She doesn't understand why a man would want to wear uncomfortable women's undies. I don't understand it, I just know I want to!

Last night as we got ready for bed T pulled me over her lap and began spanking my ass. She gave me some nice hard ones as I moaned in pleasure. I thanked her and she said sleep well as I ground my balls against her knees.

Ride her, cowboy!

It's been difficult to find a free moment to keep up with this blogging, but I do want to keep up with some of this great sex before I forget it.
I had recently mentioned that we were planning a few days in a hotel and that T had hinted that I might get some anal play. A night in a hotel always makes me hopeful for hot, hotel monkey sex, aka very kinky. Unfortunately it is more likely to lead to a tired wife with a migraine, but she surprises me too.
It has been a while so I won't go into detail ( can't remember them anyway). T asked me what I was hoping to do at the hotel. I told her I didn't want to top from the bottom but was hoping that it might include a good whipping, being tied up in the closet while she pleasured herself and of course I hoped to get fucked in the ass. She is a wonderful wife who did whip my body wonderfully, tied me up naked in the closet to listen as she used the Hitachi magic wand to bring herself to orgasm while I hung there in the dark closet with numerous painful objects on my body.
Yes, then she did put on her strap on, bend me over the bed and fuck my ass. Then she laid down on her back with her hard red cock pointing at the ceiling and told me to ride her. Having her fuck my ass was very exciting, but it was humiliating and exciting to spread my ass and sink down on her hard erection, forcing it up into my ass. I think she wanted me to fuck it so I could take it at my pace, which soon became fast and hard. Then she started to use the magic wand on my hard cock. This was just too much for me and I had a mindblowing orgasm as I humped her cock hard. It felt like I was having a seizure as my arm flailed in the air uncontrollably.
Yes, hot hotel monkey sex

bound to the bed

Another evening at home with no kids in the house and T asked if I wanted to watch a movie. Not really I said, seems like a waste of good alone time. Last weekend was the same, great opportunities and nothing happens. I admit I was feeling frustrated and a little cranky. I can happily go for weeks and months without orgasm, but total lack of any activity leaves me feeling very unfulfilled.

So, I apparently let on that I wanted some sex play and T suggested watching some home videos we had made many years ago. I jumped up and ran to get my laptop! The first was one that she made for me while I was not home and included her playing with her breasts and nipples, very aggressively!! She scratched, pinched, pulled, bound, clothespinned, slapped, whipped and finally dripped candle wax on her breasts and nipples. The video ends as I walked in the door to find her dripping wax on her bound breasts. The next one I returned the favor and did a cock and ball torture session including lots of bondage and clothespins.

After watching these we were both in the mood for some real sex and moved to the bedroom. We cranked up the heat and got naked. I had bought a set of under mattress restraints a few months before. I had introduced them to T by cuffing myself to the bed before she entered the room. Turns out she had other things in mind and was annoyed that I had done this myself and that I was spending money on sex toys. I had hoped since then that just maybe she would let us use them and was very surprised that she now told me to get the restraints out from under the mattress. She told be to lay down with my head toward the foot of the bed and cuffed me spread eagle on the bed. I was anxious to see what she planned to do then and was very happy when she sat on my face and placed her hot, wet pussy on my mouth.

What happened then we are wondering?  I don't know.  This was a little over a month ago and that's all I had time to write. That's one of the reasons I started this blog, to keep a journal of these great sex acts that I would otherwise forget.  
I am sure that great sex ensued, she likely had an orgasm, I most likely was not allowed.
I do remember now that I spent the night with at least two of the restraints binding my arm and leg to the bed. I didn't want to disturb her during the night when I got up to pee, so released myself and them tethered myself to the bed upon my return.
It was great!