Friday, July 03, 2009

Roses, not just for Valentines

I did some shopping on Ebay recently, from my new favorite retailer "Lifestyles in Leather".
I recently bought a ball gag from there and now went shopping for either a better quality crop or a flogger. Well I bid upon one and then the other also was available. Might as well save on shipping and get both at the same time. The crop is red and the business end has a leather rose on it complete with little leaves down the shaft. Nice quality and very attractive. It works well too! The flogger as I remember ( haven't used it yet) is also red, I expected suede but it is more like just thin strips of leather. A little more stingy, but that is ok by me.

So T went on a trip to Europe this week and we just had to have a hot sex scene before she left. Lucky us, all three kids found someplace to spend the night and we have the house to ourselves!!
T went to the bathroom to get prepared and I quickly stripped, got out the rose crop, the Peridise anal toy and lube. I placed a folded pillow on the center of the bed, got myself over it with bottom up and placed the crop between my cheeks with the rose near my rosebud and the handle between my legs and waited anxiously for her return.

She entered the room and said " So, you have been preparing too". She was wearing a satin bustier with gartered stockings and a cute little black bow tie. I told her I had two roses for her, one to use and one to be used. She said, I can't just jump into that right away, lets have some warmup. She rubbed my back and backside, she wanted to use her nails but was worried about leaving marks since I had a DR. appt in 2 days. I told her I didn't mind if I went with scratches, but she said she would be embarrased since they would know who had done it. LIfe in a small town.

She told me to roll over and we kissed and fondled, sucked her nipples and fingered her pussy. She made her way down to my crotch and gave me some awesome head. I then returned the favor and went down on her wet pussy, licking and sucking. She eventually said she wanted something inside her and handed me the Peridise. It is a little small for this use, since it's an anal toy but I used it on her as well as I could. What made the difference is when she pulled out the Hitachi Magic WAnd. I used that on her, vibrating that hard plastic toy in her pussy, her asshole and her clit. She had a roaring, squirting orgasm and I gave her no mercy, holding that vibrator on her and torturing her with a prolonged orgasm that had her writhing, moaning, groaning, screaming out loud and finally begging me to stop.

I let her rest for a few minutes, then she said it was time for me to get mine, but if I wanted the Peridise, I would have to pull it out of her with my mouth. She has such great instincts! I was happy to have her straddle me and plant her dripping pussy on my face. I licked her clean and played with that toy with my teeth. I held it while she pumped up and down on it, I was almost getting face fucked! Finally I pulled it out and managed to turn it around without my hands and took the working end into my mouth, then I sucked that plastic toy deep into my mouth. She finally took hold of the handle end of it with her teeth as we kissed and pulled it out.
"now bend over the pillow"
I quickly complied and presented my ass. She started out stroking my cheeks, then spread them and blew on my asshole, the cool breeze sure made me jump. Then she stroked me with the crop and started lightly cropping my ass. After she warmed me up, she asked if I really was ready for this, I said " OH yes". She dribbled some cool lube on my waiting hole, then rubbed the hard plastic Peridise on there. I tried to just relax and be open to it, then she pressed it in, it was in my very quickly. She worked it in and out a little, then she fired up the Magic WAnd, I knew I was a goner now. She buzzed my nuts with that and I started to fly. She vibrated the Peridise with it and my insides were a-quiver. My cock was pulled behind me on the pillow and she used the crop on it and my balls. Then she cropped my ass and put the wand right on the slit of my cock. I had hoped to make more of a session out of this, but this was too much and I came with a roar. She kept that vibrator on me for longer than I needed, but fortunately she didn't quite torture me as long as I had on her. AFter I had come back to earth some, she gentley tugged the peridise out of my ass and I collapsed on the bed.

I'm anxiusly awaiting T's return from Europe so we can try out that new flogger, oh and that new ball stretcher parachute that just arrived from Lifestyles in Leather!