Tuesday, January 09, 2007

lunch at home

Well, I guess we have both been building up some sexual frustation lately, having had sex dreams several nights, so planned to have "lunch" at home today while the kids are away. I arrived home and we really did eat a nice lunch, but that cut down on the available time before the kids came home. It's always kind of strange to just jump into sex play in the middle of the day, but you've got to take advantage of the opportunity. We went to the bedroom and started a little making out. T pulled out one of her Christmas presents that I got at a sporting goods store. Elastic straps with velcro closures, supposedly to use for attaching gear, etc. The package was labelled "outdoor bondage", I had to buy it! I removed them from the package and used two to strap her legs together at ankle and knee. I used another to connect my right and her left wrist toghether and pushed her back on the bed and kissed her. WE were trying to fondle each other and quickly found out that the wrist strap was more hindrance than kink and removed it. I used one of the longer straps to go around her leg, really high up, like across her ass cheek and down through the crotch, holding her pussy lip open. I fondled her clit, which was rapidly engorging with the pressure of the strap. T complained that the straps were keeping her from spreading her legs , so I took them off, then removed her black panties too.
I couldn't resist diving in and eating her pussy. After a few minutes, she used a strap on the other side of her pussy to hold it the same way. As I licked and sucked, she opened the wrapper on a tootsie pop and began sucking it. She gave me the pop and I ran it up and down her wet slit, then licked up the sweet chocolate. I swabbed her pussy again, then shoved the pop in her vagina. She liked that and moaned and groaned. I gave her the pop so she could lick off her juices as I licked her cunt. I took the pop back and ran it all over her pussy, down to her taint. She was rubbing her clit by now as I fucked her with the pop. She got really hot when I smeared it all around her asshole. I sucked the pop off, then put it up her pussy again. As I fucked her with it and worked her g-spot, the whole inside of her vagina was swelling up incredibly. As she came I thought her whole pussy was going to turn inside out as she squirted all over me. I rubbed that tootsie pop around the outside of her pussy as she gradually came down. She asked me to lick her again, so I did, enjoying that sweet chocolate taste all over her pussy.
I knew our time was limited so I moved up to prepare to fuck her, but she said wait a minute, you're not done. She had chewed a chunk of the tootsie pop off and stuck it on her nipple. I licked and sucked her nipple until that chocolate was all cleaned off. She took the pop and said it was my turn. She had me lie on my back and used on of the straps to put my hands together over my head and another to attach my ankles together. Then she used that pop on my nipples and licked them clean. She plunged it my navel and swabbed it around, then licked it out. I have a very sensitive spot right at the top of my thigh, and she enjoyed teasing me with lots of licking there. Then she ran that tootsie pop all over my cock and balls, covering my balls with sticky chocolate. I was thinking, that's going to be a job to lick off with all the hair, but she proceeded to do an amazing job of it after putting the tootsie pop in my mouth to hold it for her.
Well, I was loving the blowjob, but we had to get done soon, so she rolled off me. She asked if spanking her bottom would do anything for me. Would it ever! I couldn't get the straps off my wrists and ankles quick enough as she knelt on the bed, bottom up. She still had the elastic straps wrapped across her ass cheeks and pussy lips. I roughly fondled her ass, trying to warm her up quickly for the spanking. Then I started spanking her ass. After about a minute, she encouraged my to spank till my hand was sore. I had started to fuck her as I spanked, but pulled out to concentrate on spanking before I might come. She was talking about going to a meeting that evening with a hot ass, and how she would be the only one at this prim and proper group with a glowing ass. I loved the look of the straps, but they were in the way, so I pulled them down. I was spanking hard now, determined to leave a lasting red glow and she was gasping out loud. I inserted my cock in her pussy and started alternating thrusts with spanks, quickly building to a roaring climax, with the tootsie pop still in my mouth.
That was a lovely sweet dessert!