Wednesday, August 21, 2013

2 Months!

Yes, I haven't had an orgasm in two months.  That doesn't mean I haven't had any sex, in fact we have been have lots of great sex and my loving wife is having more orgasms than she ever had before and is loving it.  I am loving it too.  Like I said, we are having more, better sex than ever while I am not coming for months now.
Recent highlights included 3 orgasms in one day for her, unheard of in the past.  During one of these she had total release including her bladder and she peed in my mouth as she came and I drank her nectar.  As we were having loving intercourse the other night she had me writhing on the edge of orgasm as she told me tales of what she would do to me in the future.  One of these was putting something up my urethra.  A few months ago she slid a chop stick deep into my hard cock and it was one of the most incredible things we have ever done.  She said she plans to put a catheter in me all the way into my bladder.  She is a nurse with experience in doing this with patients, but I never thought she would allow it to be a sexual activity.  She said that she will use one with an inflatable balloon at the end which will keep it in and prevent me from peeing.  She said that she would make me depress the syringe that inflates the balloon myself.  Then she will lead me around by my "leash" and make me drink lots of water so that I am desperate and begging to be allowed to pee.  The thought of her having such intimate control of my body is very arousing.
After we finished our lovemaking I found out that this is not just a fantasy as she showed me the catheter that she had stashed under her pillow.  She said I can anticipate that when I least expect it she will use it on me.

We also had a good talk the other night about our sex life and my desire for a wife led marriage.  I was happy to hear that she is enjoying her end of it, particularly the many orgasms and my serving her.
She said that at first it seemed like a big responsibility and a lot of work, but that it really isn't.  I am so relieved to hear that this is a positive thing for her and she is not just going through the motions to please me.  She is feeling more like it is ok to cause me pain and knows that I like it.
I told her that I would enjoy if she spanked or flogged me on a regular basis, a maintenance spanking, as I crave it so much that I do it to myself.  I also told her that I would enjoy having some ritual adoration of her including kneeling before her at least once a day and kissing or licking her pussy daily if she allows it.

She is encouraging me to communicate more, which is difficult for me, but I am so glad that she is willing to talk about these things since I think about it all the time!

Edit: Upon reviewing my orgasm calendar a week or two later, I find that I was prematurely celebrating my milestone.  This post was actually made at the 7 week mark.  I have since reached 8 weeks and 5 days and it is now Labor day weekend.  I just finished scrubbing the kitchen floor, naked with my balls weighted, nipple suckers on, at T's request.  There is still a full day of the holiday weekend. I don't know if she will grant me permission to orgasm or keep me denied and at her service for the whole weekend.  I have struggled so hard to not cum as we have intercourse and she tells me nasty stories of things she could do to me just to make me even more on the edge.

Monday, August 12, 2013

6 weeks

Yes, as of tomorrow, it will be six weeks since my last orgasm.  A new record for me.  It's been a busy summer with scout camp, family reunion camping week, weekend at the shore.  Many times we have thought that if I didn't get to cum that day it wouldn't happen till after the upcoming event, pushing it off for another week.  Sometimes that was incentive to deny me, knowing that not coming today would stretch it out another week.
Sometimes I have been extremely horny and eager to come, especially when we were having sex and I was hanging on the edge and trying so hard not to orgasm.  I think that T generally doesn't care too much about denying me, so it is my own struggle to not cum.  There are some times that she does intentionally not allow me to when she wants me to be attentive to her in the following days as she has learned how attentive I am to her when I have been aroused and left unsatisfied.
I actually prefer to stay in that state and I think I am getting to the point where I prefer to go much longer periods of time without orgasm.  Everyone has there own feelings on this, but I am at the point where 1 week is the minimum time I feel I need to go and with some trepidation I yearn for once a month or less.  2 or 3 weeks is now common.
I have read of some more extreme tease and denial couples who have gone a year without letting the man orgasm.  So if I am at a month and a half now, could I get to that point in a few years?  Maybe, if T continues to learn to enjoy dominating me and enjoying the state that my orgasm denial keeps me in. I don't think it would ever get to that point because she enjoys my orgasms as much or more than I do now.  I mean, I love to orgasm, but I am usually the one who chooses not to.

During the past month we have had some hot quickie sexual encounters where we didn't go to orgasm, usually because we needed to keep quiet or T did not have her vibrator.  No O for her in my mind means no O for me. During those times we have had some good sex talk though.
One time she was talking about dominating me including shaving me.  She did some fantasy talk about shaving me from my nipples to my knees.  I was struggling very hard not to come as she teased me with talk of taking me to the small local beach in a small bathing suit after that shave.  Then she said that she would have to whip my ass first so that my red cheeks were showing, also have me wear nipple suckers right up to the time we got to the beach so that my nipples would be sticking out with red rings around them.  Then she would show me off at the beach so that any women there would know that she owned me and used me.  This was soo hot.
Another day she talked about peeing on me. I don't remember the details or how the topic came up, but I told her that I would be okay with that.  She is a nurse and it goes against her grain to do something like that, which makes it even hotter to me that she would do that to me.
I told her about a couple I read about.  The wife made her submissive husband kneel down with his face near her crotch while she peed.  THen she said that she didn't need toilet paper since she had him there to lick her pussy clean.  She pulled his mouth to her crotch and he licked up the droplets of urine.  She held his face to her crotch and squeezed out a few more squirts into his mouth.
That went over well, so the next time she just pissed on him from the start, from his cock to his face and in his mouth.
I related this story to T hoping that she would recognize my approval of this activity and maybe take these ideas to heart. She indicated that sometime she might likely surprise me with this.  I love to eat her pussy when she comes.  Sometimes she squirts and apparently she sometimes releases urine when she comes and I lap it all up.  Recently I was eating her early during her monthly period and licking very deep in her cunt and tasted her menses.  Maybe someday she will use me by making me lick her when she is in the middle of her period.  Not something I really find attractive right now, but in the right state of mind I might think differently.

Although she does occasionally whip me with a belt or flogger briefly, I do wish that would become a more common activity and hope that she will continue to become more comfortable with inflicting more pain on me as that is something I deeply crave.  If she doesn't do it, I will even whip myself, though it is much better when she does it to me.  I also crave more bondage and to be made to either wear something to remind me of her and my submission or to be kept marked in some way.
I would also love to establish some sort of regular devotional rituals, be it kissing her pussy daily or kneeling before her at least once a day or being spanked regularly.