Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GOOD morning

This morning I went to say goodbye to TW before heading off to work.  I try to time this for when she just gets out of the shower in hopes that I will get to kiss her feet or pussy.  She was moving right along this morning, looked like I wouldn't get a chance when I noticed that she had been talking to me while sitting on the bed in her robe and had not put her panties on yet. 
I took the initiative and said "Is there a reason you haven't put your panties on yet?" as I pushed her back on the bed and moved in for a kiss.
I moved down pulled open her robe and suckled her nipple.  This always sends a direct message to her clit.  After a few minutes of that I moved down to her pussy and dove in.  Clean and moist.  I gave her a good licking until she urged me to use my fingers and put them inside her.  I gave her a good fingering while licking.  Then I stopped eating so I could focus on finger fucking her with 4 fingers. 
She asked if I had time for her to cum and I said of course.  She got the magic wand and buzzed her clit while I pumped my hand in her cunt till she had a nice gooey orgasm. 
I toweled her off and helped her calm down.  She stroked my hard cock through my cock and I thought she would send me off to work hard.  I wouldn't mind that, but it is April and her goal was for me to come as much as possible and we had no sex over the past weekend.
She got up and started opening my fly and pulled my cock out.  Her mouth felt terrific as she sucked and licked me.  After a few minutes I struggled to pull my pants down so she could have better access to my cock and balls. 
This was feeling too good, too fast and I gasped out a request of "can I come" and took her grunt to be a yes and had a screaming orgasm.  For such a quick time it was an absolute mindblower and left me wrecked and certainly not feeling like pulling myself together and going to work.
But that's what I had to do.
She sent me an email a few hours later and asked if I was extra tired at work.

After the great plans last month of having lots of orgasms in April, with lots of them in the last 2 weeks of March, there has only been 4 so far in April and only a week left.  TW is taking the girls on a trip this weekend so there will be no sex then.

She was teasing me tonight about April being orgasm month and how I will look forward to it in the future.  Then she hinted about only cuming then.  Would I want to have all the orgasms I could manage in one month and then have none for the rest of the year?   I like tease and denial and have read of men who have gone a year or more in denial so I suppose I could do it. 
TW really likes it when I come though, so I probably won't have to worry about it.
Hot fantasy anyway.

This evening I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes and TW came up behind me and asked if I was fantasizing about being tied by the balls to the cabinet.  I told her I always think of that while at the sink and she said yes and how about if I were whipping your ass for splashing so much water out of the sink.  At that I intentionally splashed water on the window sill.  She spanked my ass hard about six times.  She said how can I discipline you if you like it?  I told her she needed to do it harder and I wouldn't find it so fun.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

GOOD Vibrations!

We were settling in to bed a few nights ago and TW used her Hitachi Magic Wand for it's vanilla purpose of trying to work a stiff spot out of her shoulder.  After she got done she placed it in my crotch.  I was almost asleep at that point and didn't really think she would get much reaction, but it did feel good.  She put it in my hand and I worked on developing a stiff spot down there.  Damn, that thing really does feel good, and I was moaning and groaning which got TW aroused.
She took the vibrator back and used it on her crotch.  She had her period and was wearing a super, huge extra thick maxi pad and I didn't think she could even feel anything through it, but apparently the pad just distributed the vibes around more.  She was getting very worked up and I helped out by fondling her nipples.  She then had what sounded like quite a good orgasm.

She turned off the magic wand and handed it to me.  I had been grinding on her leg as she built up through her orgasm so I was still hot and horny.  I applied the magic wand to my cock and balls. Damn, that thing is relentless and I hoped that she would let me come, because I don't know if I could stop.  She was talking sex to me now and said something about me coming on her leg, then she mentioned me coming in her hand and that got me thinking.  She said it was ok for me to come and I managed to groan out a request that she make me eat my cum.  She gave an affirmative answer and I had a mind blowing orgasm.  Somehow TW had got ahold of the wand and kept using it on my cock.
This was the most intense, unbearable post orgasmic torture I ever felt.  I didn't want to tell her to outright stop, but I was sort of pleading and actually said ow, ow ouch.

Finally she turned the wand off.  Then she brought her hand up to my mouth.  I have asked her before, during pre-orgasmic bliss, to make me eat my cum, but she doesn't follow through.  This time she certainly did and I licked and sucked my cum out of her palm and fingers.  I licked between her fingers and she told me I missed some and I sucked them clean.  It wasn't the best stuff I've tasted, but I probably eat and drink some things that might be considered unpleasant by some, so what the heck.

It was a wonderfully surprising evening and I hope it happens again.  Having read enough fem-dom blogs, I now fantasize that any time I am allowed to come that I would be made to eat it, whether from her hand, pussy, mouth, feet, ass or  my hand,

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Well Worth the Wait

So it's been four weeks since my last orgasm.  TW has decided to play a game of telling me that the next time I can come it will be when she is giving me oral. So she has been teasing me more often than previously, but she is also giving me more oral as part of the tease!  That's ok with me!
Friday evening the little princess was going on her first real date.  She was very nervous and excited. I was excited too since we would have the house to ourselves for a few hours.  I picked up some fresh flowers and take out Chinese food on the way home.  I was hoping to have some chopstick play.  Little did I know how that would work out.
Before we had our dinner, TW said she was going to change into something more comfortable so I chimed in that I would change into something uncomfortable.  I stripped naked, put nipple suckers on and the gates of hell harness on my cock and balls.  Then went to dinner wearing my robe.  TW got out some nice lacquered chop sticks and we enjoyed our Chinese, although without any sex play considering what I was wearing. 
While I was cleaning up from dinner she told me to open my robe so she could check on my condition.  She pulled her leather belt from her pants as she approached me and proceeded to give me a nice belt whipping. She whipped my ass, then had me turn around and did my front including lots of cock whipping and a few swings from below onto my bulging balls. 
After all that, she wanted to keep me waiting and went to watch a movie.  I put on some sweatpants since our daughter would be home soon.  I kept the suckers and gates of hell on though.  By time I took them off later I had them on for about 3 hours.

When we went to bed TW took her little black panties off and tossed them to me with instructions to keep them close at hand so I could immediately show her where they were during the night.
We did wake during the night to go to the bathroom and when we got to bed we had a quick fuck, but no coming for me since I can't come until she gives me permission during oral sex.

When I woke up in the morning I put the black panties on my head covering my face and waited for TW to wake up and notice.  She thought it was amusing.

AFter showering I made breakfast while nude and wearing the ball stretcher harness.  I set the table with an assortment of clasps and weights to be added to the rings hanging from the stretcher.

AFter we finished eating TW had me stand in front of her and added the weights to my balls as I stood in front of her.  She played with my cock and got me hard, hot and horny.

Then she picked up a couple of the chop sticks from last nights dinner and used them to tweeze and tease my cock.  This was fun and got better when she starting probing around the hole.  This was looking like cock torture!  She really surprised me when she started to push the chopstick inside, carefully inserting about an inch inside my hard cock.  She looked at me to see if I was ok, was I ever!  She pulled it out and had me lick off the precum and inserted it again, this time slowly shoving it into me almost to the base.  I really didn't know how far in it was until she held the stick and pulled it out so that I could see how long the section was that had been in me, about 5 inches.  The base of my cock was constricted by the ball harness or she may have been able to go deeper.  She then put the chopstick in my mouth and gave me the same depth.  I gave it my best effort to keep it in that full depth, holding it in place with my teeth as she took my cock into her mouth.  She sucked me wonderfully and I was soon feeling a huge urge to come.
It had been a month and I was getting the required oral sex, would she let me?
I gasped out "can I come?" and she managed to give me a yes around her mouthfull of cock.
And come I finally did, filling her mouth to overflowing as several gobs dropped to the floor.
What an orgasm that was and the wonder of it was that I somehow managed to stay standing through it. 

After we recovered and cleaned up, TW said she thinks that this month she will see how many times I can come in a month.

The next day I woke up with a hardon and we fucked, I came. 

That's twice, two more were to come during the following week.

As I add this last bit 3 weeks later I can say, it did not keep up at that pace.
I loved that out of this world orgasm, well worth the wait, and now I crave the denial again.