Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dressed for dinner

After a rough day at work, T told me I needed to dress for dinner.  She came to the bedroom to "help" me.
She pulled out a black garter belt and thigh high stockings that she has had for a long time and never wears.  I have worn them within the past year.
I had a bag of clothes that I grabbed out of things she was sending to Goodwill.  She pulled out a mid calf length dress and gave me that to wear.  It is very silky, with a dark floral print. It felt delightful as I slipped it over my head and it shimmied down my naked body. She sprayed some of her perfume on my neck, then told me to pull the dress up.  She sprayed it on my little tuft of pubic hair and told me to turn around.  I did so and reached back and spread my ass cheeks.  A cool mist of perfume made my asshole tingle.
She then told me to close my eyes and open my mouth.  I was happy to obey, not knowing what she was planning to do.  I was very surprised to feel lipstick being applied.  Wow!  I didn't think she would encourage me that much!
We went to the kitchen and made dinner together.  The dress is quite straight and narrow and I was surprised a few times to find my long steps or side steps to be effectively hobbled by the dress.
It was a pleasant reminder of the limitations imposed on me by being feminized.
At one point T said that by dressing me up she was dominating me.  It was interesting to hear what her opinion of cross dressing me is.  She does seem to becoming more accustomed to it.  Perhaps someday I will be her sissy maid of my dreams.
We had a lovely dinner together, then of course I cleaned up.  When we went to bed, T said that she thought I should keep the garter belt and stockings on to sleep in.  Everytime I woke during the night I felt them on my legs and smiled.  When I went to the bathroom I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror as the garters and the stockings framed by genitals.  I hated to take them off in the morning and look forward to being dressed up again.

Cage time

Last Sunday I put the purple chastity device on my cock and presented myself to T.  "I took the liberty of taking my liberty away.", I said to her as I handed her the keys and asked her to lock me up.
She did and kept the keys.  I wore the cage all day.  Being the first time I wore it for so long was interesting.  First time peeing with the cage on.  I had to sit of course, but I am already to trained to do that all the time.  It wasn't bad, although it's strange being wet in the tube all day.  I put one of T's shields in my pink panties to catch the drips.
In the evening she unlocked my cock and played with it. She got me hard and on the edge, then left me that way.  She said that she doesn't really like the device because it doesn't let her play with my cock.  Not like she is doing that all the time!  She said she finds the device "intimidating".
Perhaps we won't make it a regular thing.  After fantasizing for years about it, this was somewhat disappointing.
Well, I want her to be in control, so if she doesn't like me wearing it, I won't.
There are many other things she does for me.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Locked up at last

As my wife's surgery and our period of abstinence drew near we enjoyed our last chance and I actually began to anticipate the required chastity. I have been interested in male chastity devices ever since reading a blog called “The key is on my nipple ring” years ago. The blog has long since disappeared, but the introduction to enforced chastity along with the alluring thought of a woman keeping the key to her husband's cock attached to her body in such a location was exciting.
I began to think that maybe our chastity period might be the time to try out a device and I finally ordered not one but two on Amazon. One was suggested by Hannah at
This is a entry level silicone model. Nice and cheap to try this stuff out. The other one is also a cheap silicone model, slightly more secure by design. One is pink, the other purple. Very feminine colors.
On Valentines day, T asked what I was planning to do that day. I said “What ever you tell me to do”.
So I was hoping to be her subbie for the day. Fortunately, she started by taking me to the bedroom to dress me appropriately. I presented her with a bag containing the two boxes of chastity devices.
She was quite surprised, since she had never even seen such a thing before. We opened them and checked them out, then fitted the pink one on to my cock and balls. I was thrilled when she snapped the lock shut and kept the keys.
This was several weeks ago and I don't remember all we did that day. I did get her an ice cream cake with “I'm Yours” on the top.
We did finish the day by going to bed early and releasing me from the cage and having some great sex including orgasms for both of us.

Potentially the last time for at least 6 weeks.