Thursday, November 04, 2010

No Happy Birthday this year

So my birthday is getting to be the only date all year when I can expect a spanking. T can rationalize that it's ok to "hurt" me then and I love it! Well, I don't expect crazy kinky sex on a Wednesday night after work and with child in house, but I was hoping for at least some sex. But nooo, just like the foiled plans of MR MD of Over Forty Married Sex blog, she's got her period, again, three weeks after the last time. Seems that as menopause is approaching she is getting it more frequently. Whoopee! So maybe all is not lost and I'll be dreaming of having some hot times this weekend.
If not, I may just have to take matters into my own hands. Did have some fun selfbondage today while in the woods by the creek. Despite the chilly air, I tied my naked crotch to a tree with a rope. Then tied one end to the tree, the other to my cock and balls and wound the rope tightly around myself as I spun around slowly taking up the 20 feet of rope around and around my hips, managing to get one turn between the nuts, the next over my cock and finishing the last couple wraps around my arms and chest, pinning them to my sides. But despite the enjoyment of this, it just leads to yet more frustration. Fun though.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

veggies are good for you

Well, this is sad, been over a year since I last posted. Too much time spent reading other blogs and not writing my own. I recently found one called Over Forty Married Sex. It is very good, very sexy and also often funny and amusing. I can relate to so much of it too. I was encouraged by the author, Mr MD to get my blog active again, so here's a start.

Recently I woke up on a lazy Saturday morning to find that T was out of bed before me. Unusual. Youngest daughter was away at a friend's and we had the house to ourselves.
T returned to bed and snuggled up to me with her butt against my crotch. I realized that there was something hard protruding slightly under her panties. I rubbed it and tried to figure out what it was. Turns out that while downstairs she had carved a zucchini squash to shape and placed it in position for fun. Now this was a while back so I don't remember the details too clear. What happened then was I grabbed hold of that long hard veggie and ground it between her pussy lips.
It didn't take long for me to start shoving it inside. As I begin to fuck here good with that long greenie, she got out the Hitachi magic wand and began to work her clit with that. She had a a glorious loud climax as I pumped that squash in and out like mad.

We took a few minutes to calm down, then she told me that she had one for me if I was interested. Was I ever! She reached over and got another zucchini and a pocket knife. She carved one end down to a reasonable size for my tight ass, including a notched ring at the extent of the insertable portion which was about four inches. It was so exciting to think that was there to help hold this inside me. The rest of the squash stayed full thickness to be used as a handle. I imagined that big fat hard thing hanging down from my asshole between my legs.

First she had me lube it up with my mouth, which was very kinky. Once I had it sloppy wet, she told me that I had better put it in since I could feel what was happening and take the pace accordingly. I was laying on my side and pulled one leg up and reached back to my ass and rubbed this cold hard thing against my asshole. It went in fairly easily and felt really good. After a few minutes of getting going, she had me roll partly on my back so she could suck my cock. I was really fucking this thing into my ass hard now when the "handle" snapped off at the ring. She said she was afraid that might happen, but had been thinking that it would be rather interesting if it did and I spent the next few hours with it lodged inside my ass. The thought of that, along with the knowledge that T was thinking that way, was very arousing. She continued giving me terrific head and I did the best I could to fuck my ass with what was left of the squash.
Usually when I come, it builds gradually, I know it's coming. But not this time, I was flying so high, I wasn't sure that I had come in her mouth until after I did.
It was amazing and I hope to repeat this again soon.