Saturday, September 26, 2015

Bound, beat and buggered in the garage

After a refreshing swim, my wife and I returned to the house and found that the dog had peed on the floor. I got some rags to clean it up and she noticed that the spot I wiped up looked very clean compared to the floor in that region which is just inside the door. She told me to take off my bathing suit and keep on cleaning that part of the floor. I got down on my knees, naked, and cleaned the floor. She was doing some other chores, but I was not aware of what she did as I was on all fours, focused on my task.

She said that looks good and to come out to the garage as she needed me to do something for her there, clothing optional. I put away my cleaning supplies and went to the garage, still naked.

When I entered the garage, she commented on my being still naked, then blindfolded me with a towel.
She had me move to a different location, then placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles. She had me spread my legs, then I felt her clip a spreader bar to the ankle cuffs. Next she had me raise my arms and attached my wrist cuffs to a spreader and pulled my arms up over head with a rope over the ceiling joist. She fondled my hard cock, then began flogging my body with a small leather flogger.

After she had flogged me everywhere: ass, back, belly, chest, cock, balls and legs, she lowered my arms.
She then tied ropes around my torso in a very tight Shibari style binding. I exhaled as she tightened the ropes around my chest so she could get it as tight as possible. When I inhaled the ropes kept me from breathing fully and cut in to my flesh delightfully. I hoped that I would be left with some wicked rope marks. She removed the blindfold. Not being able to see was exciting, but I had missed not being able to see her and her expressions.
She then placed a ball gag with holes in my mouth and buckled it around my head. I was surprised at how large it felt in my mouth. I didn't know if I could handle having my jaws forced open for long, but knew that I would just have to suffer through it. This is what I wanted, right?
I was then bent over a saw horse covered with rugs and the ends of the shibari ropes were attached from my elbows to the sawhorse, holding me in place.
She then used her leather belt to whip my ass, as the drool from my mouth ran through the holes in the gag and began dripping off my nose onto the floor, pooling below me.
The coolness of lube being dripped onto my ass hole was a strong contrast to the feel of my hot, red cheeks. A finger stroked my puckered rose bud, then was pressed in. I groaned in appreciation of her using my ass. Several minutes of fingering then was supplanted with a small butt plug being shoved deep inside me. I groaned and drooled.
My lovely wife then got out her Hitachi magic wand and used it on her clit to bring herself to an orgasm, as I lay helplessly bound over the horse.
After her release, she thankfully didn't leave me for long, but returned the attention to my ass. The plug had fallen out of it's own accord, but she now pressed a much larger vibrating dildo into my eager ass.
I felt like I was taken, whether I like it or not, unable to get away or voice any objection. Of course she could tell that I wanted this, craved it and welcomed it. If I could have spoken, I would have been saying “Yes, please, fuck my ass!”. And she did, fucked me deep with that fake cock. She then managed to use the magic wand with one hand while fucking me with the dildo with the other. Unfortunately, she did not know where the strapon is stored hidden away. I will have to make sure she knows where to find it in the future.
She placed the magic wand against my cock and I knew that I was a goner. I had not come for 11 weeks and there was no way I could ask for permission to come now with the gag in. Not coming was really more my own enforced denial, though I will not cum without asking her permission. She was not giving me a chance to hold off, she was going to make me come whether I wanted to hold off or not. I screamed though the gag as the orgasm ripped through my body, my ejaculate pooling on the floor beneath me, just like the puddle of drool. I was done, but she kept the wand buzzing against my cock in post orgasmic torture. I writhed and groaned and tried to get away, but of course I could not.
It was terrible, it was wonderful.
I collapsed on the saw horse. She untied me, but I still felt like I couldn't move. The ball gag was thankfully pulled from my mouth, the drool wiped from my face and I gratefully kissed my wonderful wife and domme for the day.

“You have some cleaning up to do”, she said, and left me naked in the garage to pick up the toys and clean my mess from the floor.

Over the knee

I have made a ritual of stretching both before getting in bed and first thing in the morning. Simple, four sets of bend at the waist for 30 seconds, then stand up arms overhead for 10. I try to do these nude or nearly so and hope to catch my wife's attention when she enters the room and sees me bent over bare assed.
Recently she did and called me over to the bed as she sat down. She had me get over her knees and gave me a wonderful spanking. I don't know if she has ever given me an over the knee spanking before and it was emotionally very exciting. It was physically exciting too when she spread my cheeks and spanked my ass hole. I was doing my best to spread my legs and afford her most access.
She then had me stand up, then lay down on her lap, face up, or rather cock up. She spanked my lower belly and groin, saying “You like to spank yourself here, right?”. She spanked my hard cock, then as I spread my legs she felt free to spank my balls too. It hurt, but I thought to myself, this is what you wanted, so be happy. And I was very happy.

Of course, I wish this would happen on a regular basis, but will take what I can get, when she chooses to give it.