Sunday, January 18, 2015

HAPPY New Year!

New Years eve we visited with our neighbors after T had me dress for the occasion in a small pair of burgundy panties that I had bought “for her” as a Christmas gift, planning that I would hopefully be wearing them.

We had a pleasant evening including some time in their outdoor hot tub in the 19 degree cold. It was actually very comfortable and pleasant looking up at the full moon and star studded sky while fondling each other under the water. We didn't think we would stay up till midnight, but managed to make it till the new year.

Next morning we slept late and woke up ready to have some follow up on the arousal we had built up the night before. I won't go into all the details of the great sex we had, but there were some memorable highlights. After getting me hard by sucking my cock, she had me fuck her for a while. Of course I was trying me best not to come without permission and she was doing her best to tease me into being on the edge. She asked how I would like to come when I was allowed to. I replied that I love being in her pussy it's always so great that I want to come right away and always have a great orgasm, but that coming in her mouth is a very rare treat and is an incredible mind blowing orgasm. I told her that coming in her mouth, then having her spit my come into my mouth for me to swallow would be the ultimate. This talk was enough to put me dangerously close to coming and I had to pull out.

T directed me to lay on my back. She then straddled my face and planted her hot, wet pussy on my mouth. I licked and sucked and reveled in eating her. I felt totally submissive as she had my head pinned between her thighs. I wasn't going anywhere and there was no place I would rather be. I licked her clit, then stuck my tongue as far up her vagina as possible. She was enjoying this greatly, but wanted an orgasm, so she got the magic wand and used that on her clit as I licked and sucked her labia.
She soon started having an orgasm and squirting her juices in my mouth. I have had her squirt when I was eating her before, but not when she was riding my face. She started gushing and I panicked a bit when it went up my nose. Drowning in cunt juice would be a hell of a way to go! I drank it down as quickly as possible as she came right in my mouth. This was such an incredibly intense experience. Finally she began coming down from her peak and pulled away from my mouth. She collapsed on the bed beside me and I also felt just as spent as if I had cum myself.

After a few minutes T got up and rummaged in her bed side table. I was hopeful that she was going to do something more for me and expected that she was getting out the locking cock strap. She tossed a pair of thigh high stockings on my face, “Put these on” she said. Then she was searching in her lingerie drawer as I began carefully pulling the stockings up my legs. She pulled out a red lace camisole and a pair of red and black tap pants style panties. “You want to dress up pretty, I want you to wear these for the rest of the day”. I put on the lingerie and she told me to stand in front of the mirror and look at myself. I felt somewhat silly and embarrassed, but did so.

T then got a leather belt off the hook and started lightly whipping the back of my thighs. She found it amusing to watch the lace at the legs of the panties fluff up when the belt hit my thigh. Then she had me bend over and gave my ass a nice little warm up. But that it for now, since our daughter was home there would be no prancing around in lingerie all day. I put my clothes on over top of them, but was very aware all day of being dressed as her feminized hubby.

I don't know when I will get to come, but she has hinted that I may get some ass play when we are at a hotel in three weeks. She has stated that I can only expect to be pegged when we are away and that is not something that is likely to ever happen at home. I am hopefully looking forward to our time away!