Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little pleasures

Last week we had a few minutes quiet time at home.  TW mentioned that she would really like some chocolate.  She has been dieting and exercising a lot, but I was happy to offer her some chocolate, always trying to please. She said she wanted something soft and gooey, like Nutella.  I got the jar out of the cabinet and knelt before her and asked where she wanted it.  She told me to stand up and take my pants down.
She took the spoon I provided and smeared some on the head of my rapidly rising cock.  I thought she would just put some on the head and lick it off, but as it got harder she kept on smearing more on and coating the whole thing right down to the base.  Then the delightful licking off!  It was sooo good for me.
She is a naturally talented cock sucker and loves to deep throat me.  I wanted to come in her mouth so bad, but she said, no, not time for you to come yet.
She grabbed hold of my pants and I thought she was going to pull them up, but she removed my belt.  Oh yes!  This is what I crave most of all, to be aroused, denied orgasm and then for her to inflict some wonderful pain.  She told me to bend over the counter, then whipped my ass with the belt.  After a good warmup she told me to stand up and used the belt on my cock and a few on my balls.  I was holding my shirt up and she whipped my belly and gave my nipples some wonderfully painful strokes.
Then she told me to get dressed and get on with my day.

This morning she had me put her belt on her. Nice tease. A little later she had me put on her socks. I knew she was in a hurry to leave this morning  so I didn't kiss her feet.  She said "no seduction" and I told her that my service to her was seduction for me.  I started getting hard just doing that, then she stood up as I knelt before her and told me to kiss her belt.  She said maybe she would use it on me later.  May not happen, but I am happy for whatever attention I get.