Monday, January 23, 2006

Christmas wrapping

Time flies when you're having fun. I better get something posted before I miss a whole nother month. It's been so long since this happened that I'm forgetting the details, but I'll try.
A week or so before Christmas, we had set up the tree and decorated it that day. Had a fire in the fireplace and it was time to send the kids to bed. They left with the premise that we were going to wrap gifts and they better not come back and peak.

We spread an afghan on the floor in front of the fireplace and started necking. Soon we were stripping down. As we continued to kiss and fondle and get hot, my wife broke away and went to close the kitchen door, hoping it would provide a slight warning if a child approached. We usually only have sex these days behind a locked bedroom door or when the kids aren't home. I'm amazed that we continued with them awake and able to interupt at any time.

T mentioned that there was a small branch from the tree that had been trimmed off, with the hint that it might be interesting to play with. I hadn't even seen it and was impressed that she was thinking that way. I got the branch which was about 16" long and started gently stroking it over hips and thighs. I didn't know what it felt like so I was careful not to rub too hard. It didn't take long to start spanking her with it. Again I wasn't sure how stiff the needles were so I took it easy. After a while I had her roll over and lean up with her back to the fire so I could use the branch on her tits. First stroking up and down then moving on to whipping her tits with it. We were both very aroused by now and certainly had no thoughts at all about the kids.

After I had warmed her up well, I said that I was getting cold and needed to warm up by the fire. I handed her the branch and faced the fire and leaned on the mantle. She knew what to do and started stroking the branch up and down my back and thighs. Fortunately she had already had a feel of it and knew she could be rougher than I had. To my delight she started spanking me with it quickly. After a few minutes I told her I needed to rotate and warm my back by the fire. I turned around and offered up my chest and crotch. She gave me a short warmup of stroking the spruce branch over my chest and cock, then began smacking me with it. I enjoyed it, but I must say I was disappointed that it really didn't hurt that much. I wanted something more and reached down and pulled the leather belt out of my jeans and handed it to her. I guess she could tell I wanted it hard and she gave it to me. She whipped my chest and my inner thighs, my cock and balls and my belly.

I arched my back and offered my belly to her. I wanted it right at the tender spot where the belly meets the thigh. I reached down and held my dick out of the way so she could hit there. I asked her to whip my belly hard. She did so as the belt repeatedly hit the same spot. When she stopped, I was ready to turn around and have her whip my ass, but she had other ideas. She lowered herself to the afghan and pulled my down. She wanted a fucking and wanted it now. So thats what I gave her, pumping hard and fast, it didn't take long at all till we both came.

After we recovered and got up off the floor, she looked at the belt marks on my inner thighs and my belly. She was concerned that she had left marks, but I assured her that it was a sign that she had done well.

The next day, the belly marks were becoming a bruise. When I showed her that, she was worried and I had to reassure that it was ok. She has a hard time with the thought of hurting me, but I'm trying to convince her that I cherish the mark she leaves on me. Within a few days the brown bruise faded to yellow and I hated to see the reminder of our passion disappearing.