Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Strapon sex

A week after the hotel weekend and we are at it again.  I had a  busy day out sailing and was fairly tired by time we got to bed.  We had some foreplay and were getting very horny when TW suggested I get out the strapon dildo that she had seen in my bag.  She thought maybe I could strap it on my head and use it to fuck her with my face.  That sounded great, but before I got too hard I wanted to demonstrate for her the way it was designed to be used as a sheath over my penis.  She liked that a lot and I fucked her to a great orgasm with the help of her magic wand.  Then we both went to sleep.
Next morning I made breakfast for her. Naked. Before I started she suggested that I restrain my balls, and I put on a ball harness.  Then she told me to put a butt plug in my ass too.  THis is very unusual for her. WE ran out of time and both had to start our day hot and aroused.  THat evening we had another round with the strapon, this time with her in the doggy position.  This thing is a few inches longer than I am, quite firm too and she got fucked deep and hard.  She was sore for a few days after this.  I confessed to her that I looked forward to the day when she would strap it on and fuck me.

In the week since that time, we have both been very busy.  We did have a very ordinary fuck this past weekend.  It was like sex in the past, regular intercourse, I came, she didn’t. 
The next day I was not horny, did chores all day and didn’t come on to her, pamper her or show any physical interest.  A day later she commented on this and indicated she kind of missed my attentions, even my puppy dog attempts to get her attention.  I told her that was what happens when I get to come and have a hormonal slump.  Will I get denied orgasm now?  I do crave sexual attention with orgasm denial but unfortunately it will more likely be just life as usual, with no hint of FLR.  I better start pampering her more!

Hot hotel monkey sex

Ah the long awaited weekend away.  I always pack numerous sex toys for such rare occasions and this time TW had even talked about doing so, therefore I packed a lot of toys.  At the last minute I spotted a package of hot dogs and cocktail franks in the cooler we were taking and went back to pack a separate bag with my dildos.  I recently bought a unisex strapon which has a hollow dildo for the man's penis to be placed in (prior to erection!).  I hopefully brought this and of course TW's magic wand vibrator.

After settling in to the hotel in the late afternoon we decided to take a quick shower to freshen up before going out for some dinner.  After the shower TW had me eat her pussy for a few minutes, then she indulged me with some flogging with the small flogger.  This was a nice start, but I really wanted more and offered her my belt and bent over.  She gave me a wonderful whipping on my ass and back, then had me stand up and worked over my chest including a long series of whips on my lower belly.

It was fairly dark in the room with the curtains closed and she couldn't see all the wonderful red stripes she was leaving.  She was somewhat shocked when she saw them in the light, but I loved them.
She had me put on a ball strap and get dressed before we went to dinner.  Dinner was good, but uneventful, although the long walk down the street after dinner was interesting with my balls all trussed up.  We found an ice cream shop with amazing flavors and had a dish of ice cream.  We sat toward the back of the shop near the bathrooms and ate our ice cream. 
They had a very interesting mural on the wall with some provocative drawings.  TW came up with a little fantasy story about taking the candle from the table into the bathroom and dripping it on me.  Several minutes later she went to the bathroom.  I had my back to the shop and was wondering if she gestured for me to come how I could sneak the candle with me.  It was a heady thought and I didn't know if I could follow through but secretly hoped she would as a test of my obedience.  Unfortunately, she didn't like the conditions of the loo well enough to want to have any sex games and she didn't call me in.

When we got back to the room, she cleaned up while I laid out the contents of my toy bag, but not the ass toys.  There were a lot of things from cuffs and ropes to nipple clamps, floggers, crop and nipple suckers. She chose a pair of over the door cuffs and strung me up from the closet door.  She also had me put on a ball stretcher harness.  She flogged the front of me, then used the crop, but was nervous about the slapping sound being heard.  Eventually she took me down.  It had been less than a week since my last orgasm, but after all the hours of foreplay I was ready to come soon.  When she used the majic wand on my cock I totally lost it and came unintentionally.  It was a fairly intense orgasm, even if I did not want it to happen yet, and felt like it was somewhat ruined since I couldn't really let loose and enjoy it.

The next morning we slept late, then had some leisurely sex.  I had been looking forward to being denied and horny all weekend, but since I had already got mine the night before I wasn’t as inspired to have TW deny me.  She wanted to have me come in her with a good pounding fuck and that’s what I did.
Then we went sightseeing for the day.  It was a long busy day and we were too tired to do anything that night.   WE had lots of great sex plans including shaving her pubes, ass play with the hot dogs and cocktail franks and all the other toys.  Unfortunately it was a very busy weekend and there was no more sex.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fifth week and finale finally

Yes, five weeks of orgasm denial.  I could have had my release sooner, but after 3 weeks, it was only one more week for a full month, and then would only be another week until we are going for a long weekend away at a hotel and that means some hot hotel monkey sex.  Worth waiting another week for at this point and go for 6.  But no, during a hot sex session on week 4, day 6, things got too exciting as were fucking, I tried to pull out and stop, but it was too late.  Ejaculation was happening and it was not the roaring orgasm I had planned on to cap off my five weeks of tease and denial.  "Oh shit" I said, " That's not how this is supposed to happen!".
T was understanding and the next morning we had a long leisurely morning, including some more great sex. I was nearing the edge and she was telling stories about the hot things we would do at the hotel.  It was all too much.  I didn't quite ask for permission to come, but did ask if she wanted it, and with her affirmative answer, I had that roaring orgasm.  That was more like it.
So, that was the great orgasm denial marathon, I never would have thought six months ago that I would willingly go that long without coming and enjoy repeatedly being brought to the edge in the meantime.  Does this set the new standard to attain after formerly going 2 weeks?  I think this next period will only be a week.
There hasn't been any sex play in the few days since then, only some talk about what fun we will have this weekend and that we will need to pack some special toys.  Should be fun!!!