Monday, August 27, 2012

4 weeks

After several runs of 2 weeks of orgasm denial, I'll be at 4 weeks without orgasm tomorrow.  WE just got past two weeks this time when I sent a quote from a chastity website to my wife.  That evening she inquired as to whether I was spending time at work looking at this like this.  I sheepishly admitted that I was and that it really is a problem that I needed help with.  THe next day she gave me a reminder in the morning and then gave me a small padlock from my cock collar to carry in my pocket as a reminder.  She told me if I was tempted that I should take the lock out and switch it to a different pocket and get back to work.  I did quite well for the next few days.  I happened to read a magazine article on day 4 about the problem of porn addiction.  It recommended that the woman work with her man and help give him extra attention to keep his mind off the porn. It also indicated that it would take at least 2 weeks of effort to make a change.  That was at two and a half weeks and she was ready to reward me for being good at the end of the week.  But I thought that I should really wait till at least the end of 2 weeks of behaving on the computer before my reward.  So here I am at a month of orgasm denial.  Some times I am crazy horny and occasionally I think this may be what it is like when we just don't have sex much anymore.
Right now, I really want it, but it has been a challenge that I feel proud of making it to this point of.

Later Edit:  Wrote the above in a hurry last night.  My loving wife has unfortunately got her period right now and she is looking forward to a good fucking when she is done.  That means no orgasm likely for me today on the 4 week date.  She hinted that maybe I will get a reward this weekend if things aren't too busy.  We are going away on a long weekend together on Sept 8.  Great time for some hot hotel sex!  She warned that she might make me wait until then which would put me out to  almost six weeks.  Yikes!  Be careful what you wish for!  She reminds me that this was all my idea and yes I do love it.  Thanks for the comment and I'll see if it gets easier after 1 month.  Last night she promised to tease me and keep me aroused every day this week.  Started off last night after a few sexless days by her telling me to "put something" on my balls and place the suckers on my nipples and then give her a backrub.  While I massaged I brought up the topic of some photos that she found on my camera that I had taken while at the beach last week.  Several were of a very tan young woman in a bikini.  They weren't close up but it was obviously the subject of the photos.  I apologized for doing this and suggested that this might be something I should be punished for.  I told her that I thought corporal punishment would be in order, hoping for a serious spanking or whipping.  She thought I might enjoy that too much and that not allowing me any attention from her would be more punishment than doing something physical. Darn!  AFter a while she rolled over and had me give her a front rub.  I admit that it was difficult to rub anyplace other than her breasts.  During that I was grinding my cock and balls against her feet.  She got out her magic wand and had a great orgasm while I humped in vain.
Then she rolled over and offered her knees for me to grind against as she drifted off to sleep.
This morning she again rolled over towards me with her knees up and I accepted this as an invitation to grind.  Eventually I got to the point of really crushing my balls against her knees and reveling in the pain.  I told her this was an effective method for a masochist to get their pain. As I got out of bed, I knelt down and kissed her knees in appreciation.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fantasy berry picking

So, it's been a week and a half and we've been traveling and camping for half that time.  Not too conducive to sex games with the youngest daughter and friend along and sleeping close by.  A few teases, some knee humping during the night.  One night as I ground my balls against her knees, TW spun a quick fantasy about the berry picking we would be doing the next day.  She said imagine that you are picking blackberries (very thorny bushes) wearing chaps with your naked cock and balls exposed to the thorns.  The next day as we toiled in the patch, sweating with long pants and sleeves, she said "imagine you are wearing just chaps".  As the backs of my hands were all scratched up it was an interesting thing to imagine.  When we got done, TW showed me her forearms and said that at one point there were trickles of blood on them from the thorns.  I thought of my upper thighs, cock and balls and white ass scratched and bleeding like that.  Pretty intense, then I thought of her soft white breasts subjected to the same, yow!.  That night she mentioned whipping me with a slender branch, "what do they call that" she asked.  "A switch" I replied and thought of those stories I've read years ago of the Victorians and the birches they used to inflict brutal whippings.  Yes, some interesting fantasies.  For now.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

2 weeks - howling at the moon

Is this the new standard?  2 weeks between the orgasms that I am allowed.  Oh, I have gone that long before, but this is 2 weeks of teasing, hot sex including intercourse, without being allowed to come.  I love it.
Yes, after that last post I did not come that night.  She was tired so nothing happened. But the next night we played and the whole following day was one long tease session and I finally was granted release on Sunday.
Then another two weeks including some super hot sex sessions before I got to come again a few days ago.
After being permitted orgasm during intercourse on Tuesday morning we had some really hot sex that evening.  I did dishes while my balls were tied to the kitchen cabinets. Then TW lead me by my ball harness outside naked and attached my ball harness to the dog run and made me stand with my back pressed into the rough bark of a large tree while she went back inside to take a shower. There was a full moon shining and she said I could bark or howl if I liked what I saw through the bathroom window.  It was hilarious when I barked at her bare ass (a full moon) and our dog in the house started barking back at me!
After her shower she came out and used a small flogger on my body front and back. It was dark enough that she couldn't see if I was getting red and she gave my ass a good hard flogging.  Then she lead me to the dog house and bent over it and told me to fuck her.  She pulled up her shirt in the front and let her nipples grind on the roof shingles.  After I had fucked her for a few minutes she changed places with me and bent me over the house and ground my hard cock and my nipples into the shingles as she flogged me then pressed down on me with her full body weight.
Then we went into the house and up to bed where she had me eat her pussy.  Finally she used the magic wand vibrator to bring herself to a squirting orgasm after which she finally released my bound balls and went to sleep with my balls crushed against her knees.