Saturday, March 24, 2012


After a long working week, we were both quite tired on Friday night.  The LP was at a friend's house overnight though so we really felt we should do something sexy.  We go in bed naked and had some nice foreplay, but we were both so mellow that we finally just decided this wasn't the time and we should just go to sleep.  During the foreplay there was some whispering about last weekends really hot sex.  This included T biting my nipples really hard, at my urging, leaving me with hickies and bruises.  I told her this night that I really enjoyed it a lot and thought it would be really hot if she kept some sort of mark or reminder of her on my at all times.  I suggested the aforesaid bruises, spank or whip marks, wearing something on my genitals or even wearing her panties.

Saturday morning we slept late and mentioned the panties again.  After we got out of the shower she went to her panties drawer and asked which I would like to wear.  WE decided upon a pair that was somewhat of a girdle, very tight and with short legs with lace on the ends.   I squeezed into them, my cock and balls were quite flattened out.  Then I spent the morning stacking firewood, every time I bent over was a strain with them being so tight.  At lunch time we went to the bedroom to swap into a pair of silky royal blue panties.  I chose them because they would really show up the wet spot from my pre-cum.  I wore them the rest of the day as we teased each other.  She squeezed into the panty girdle that I had worn for the morning.

Finally we went to bed, I modeled them for her, then she asked where the locking strap was.  I told her of course it was in her bedside table since it is hers to use.  She got it out and I wrapped it tightly around my cock and balls and she snapped the lock on.  She may not quite understand this, but I consider myself, including my orgasms, under her control when locked.  We continued to have some great sex play, unfortunately I don't remember now exactly what we did.  She really does enjoy being fucked so I really don't have to fear being denied intercourse as some men in chastity games are.  She soon had me get in positions to insert my cock into her while the lock bumped her clit as we fucked.  As I said, I was locked and craved to be denied, somewhat so that we would be inspired to continue again the next day.
She started to spin some fantasy stories out loud, including talking about me being dominated including some pony play like having her riding me while I crawled on all fours, putting a bit in my mouth and binding my body tightly in a leather harness.  I actually thought I was coming once as I had some spasms, at which I stopped pumping, probably having a "ruined" orgasm. I was having a tough time maintaining control by then and totally lost it when she talked about making me run in circles around  her on a lead line while she whipped me along to keep it up.
I couldn't hold back then and came, and exclaimed "shit, shit, shit" as I did so.  I couldn't really enjoy it because I was so disappointed to have come when she didn't tell me to.  Of course she hadn't really told me not to come, but as I said, when I was locked I don't want to come until she tells me to and crave having her deny, at least till the next day.

You would think that with my interest in denial that we must be doing it every day, but as with many people, life is too busy, we're too tired, and once a week is usually normal.  The thing is that the rest of the week is not a week of denial, it's just a week of Nothing.  I've tried to encourage some play now and then and told her that getting me a little aroused does not mean we will need to go all the way.  For years we tended to not get started with anything if we weren't in a position to finish it and she still hasn't quite got used to the idea that I would love to be teased, aroused and left that way till next time!