Monday, September 16, 2013

I finally came, why am I not happy?

Almost nine weeks, I went 8 weeks and 6 days without orgasm.
I was hoping that my first O would be after a hot monkey sex session. Or maybe after a strict session of domination with spanking, bondage and CBT. Or one of those fantasy sessions that TW whispered in my ear as I was desperately trying not to come and she was doing her best to keep me right on the edge.

TW went to a bridal shower over the weekend and gave an anonymous gift of a bag of cherry life savers and instructions to use them as a vaginal suppository before her man goes down on her.
Ever since she did that she was thinking of doing the same.
While she was at the shower she had given me instructions to clean the kitchen floor. Naked. Balls weighted. Nipple suckers on. On my hands and knees. She did not tell me to use her wide leather belt to whip myself, but I did. She did not tell me to wear the belt around my waist, in case I needed to be punished for spilling water, but I did and I was. I vacuumed my nipples, my cock and balls and the floor. Then I scrubbed the floor as I crawled around with a full bottle of soda dragging from my bound balls. Once again, I was left hot, horny and denied any relief.
So the next day after 8 weeks and 6 days of not coming, TW put a cherry life saver in her pussy and bade me to go down on her. If you have never tried this, it certainly provides extra incentive to eat that pussy when it tastes so sweet.
I licked and sucked and ate and ate. It was great and I couldn't get enough.
Eventually she used her magic wand to give herself an orgasm.
But my love does enjoy getting fucked too, so she pulled me up and had me give her a fucking. I was of course very hard and ready. In no time I was ready to come and she was not helping as she told me tales of how she would make me eat my come out of her pussy. Then she had us roll over and she was on top, fucking me. I wanted so badly to come after all the weeks of arousal and denial. I wanted to wait one more day and make that 9 weeks, but I knew that I wanted even more to come in her pussy and eat my come from her. I also knew that our daughter was home, hopefully asleep, but I couldn't have a roaring orgasm. I asked if I could come. TW said yes and I came up into her, pumping nearly 9 weeks of frustration into her, yet still frustrated as I came silently, with a whimper, not a roar.

She didn't give me much time to recover, pulling her pussy off my throbbing cock and plastering it with a vengeance onto my face. Now I was licking up not just cherry life saver, but cherry cum. That is the way to eat your own come! Yummy! I licked and sucked and did my best to clean every drop of my come out of her pussy.

The wedding was the following weekend and we discussed what our week should be like. My opinion was that I should be teased and denied to encourage my service to TW. She agreed, and I was teased to arousal all week.
The morning of the wedding, I had a morning erection which she welcomed into her warm pussy. It had been less than a week since my orgasm, but I was ready to come in less than a minute. I struggled to maintain control, pulling out a few times. But, that wonderful woman was spinning more incredible fantasies. She was talking about what our vows could be now if we did them over again. How I could love, honor, cherish, obey, worship, serve, and be ruled, controlled, teased, denied, punished, tortured and abused. Then she talked about the kinky wedding we could have, dressed in kinky black leather lingerie. Me collared and cuffed. AS I struggled not to come she talked about how my nipples would be pierced prior to the wedding and now I would have rings in them, connected by a chain. All the women would see what a good submissive I was and want their men to be like that. Then I would be bent over the altar with a weight attached to the chain pulling my nipples up as it hung over the other side. My ass would be flogged, whipped and cropped. My back and my thighs too would be beaten red. Then I would be turned over and the front side would be whipped from my chest to my cock and balls and down my inner thighs. I would be taking all this as a tribute to my new wife and my love and devotion to her.
I was edging constantly now, desparate to come as she talked about the receiving line at the back of the church. All the women would be allowed to touch and fondle me as they passed, squeezing my cock, tugging my balls, tweaking my pierced nipples, but they couldn't kiss me, as that was reserved for my love. My cock spasmed as she said this and I pulled out of her. But it was too late, the cum was flowing. I tried to catch it in my hand, but it was too much and made a big mess on the sheets. I tried to not let her know that it happened, but she could tell by the noises I was making. I was so frustrated as I did not want to come. I wanted to go to the wedding on an orgasm denial peak, and be on my best submissive behavior all day. It was a silent, ruined orgasm and I was disappointed in myself.

We talked afterwards and TW said that from now on if I can not stop my self that she wants me to let go and enjoy my orgasm. I suppose with my orgasms as few and far between as they are that I should enjoy it when I can, although my submissive side wants to go without and be denied the pleasure if I don't have permission.

TW wants me to learn to beg for my orgasm. If she would enjoy that, then I will be happy to cut short my orgasm denial marathons and beg for her to let me come as often as she likes.