Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dommed, but not denied

Dommed, but not denied

I came home from work for lunch knowing that TW was home. I let her know in the morning that I was planning on it so she could be at least mentally prepared. The delicious aroma of homemade turkey soup awaited me as I entered the kitchen. We had a very nice lunch together after which she asked if I was interested in more that just lunch. I said that I was always interested and she went to “freshen up”. I thought I would make some points, and do some service to her by doing the dishes.

In a few minutes I went to the bedroom, she was done cleaning up and ready to move on. Time is limited so I proceeded to get naked and under the covers. It was a chilly, damp day so she got under the covers too and we snuggled together and tried to get warm. I spooned her from behind, but she said her feet were cold and put them on my legs. I got lower down in the bed and pulled her feet into my crotch and against my cock and balls. This should warm her feet and get me going. As she ground her feet against my balls my cock was starting to get hard.

TW said she wanted to try something she had been thinking about. She asked me if I wanted to do something new to follow her. I had no idea what she had in mind but told her I would be happy to follow her and try anything. She grabbed a towel and lead the way to the next room and put the towel on the floor in front of the couch. She sat on the couch and told me to kneel and take care of her feet.

I knelt down and took her foot in my hands and stroked and massaged it from toe to heel and top to bottom. Then I kissed and licked her toes. I sucked each toe and nibbled the whole bottom of her foot. I sucked her big toe like I was going down on a mini cock, then rubbed the bottom of her foot all over my face. I did the same with the other foot, worshipping her feet like a good submissive husband.

Then she pushed me back with her feet and put them in my crotch, rubbing up and down my erect cock and tumbling me nuts with her toes. She has very dexterous toes and she managed to hold my cock between two toes and slide the toe in between those two up and down my cock. Occasionally she would put her feet back in my mouth so I could lube them with my saliva.

Eventually the toe play made it's way back to my ass and she poked those talented toes all around my asshole. We had talked in the past about her putting a toe up my ass and I was all for it. She suggested I get some real lube so I ran to the bedroom and got the bottle. I wasn't sure how to position myself best for this and tried to spread my cheeks while in a somewhat sitting, leaning back position. This wasn't working too well since she could not see what she was doing so I flipped over on my knees and put my ass up in the air and my head down. Now she put some more lube on and poked her big toe in my ass. Even with short nails I didn't know if I could get it inside, but then she started putting a finger in me and it went in just fine.

I had a solo masturbation session a week before where I had been trying some ass play with my fingers and managed to get 3 and almost 4 fingers inside, so I knew that one was no problem. AS she worked her finger in my ass it felt terrific. She was stroking in and out, then grabbed my cock with her other hand and started masturbating me. Her hand was coated with slippery lube and felt amazing. In only a few minutes at most the feeling of being finger fucked up the ass and the smooth stroking of my cock was overwhelming. I told her I was going to come and she told me it was alright and to let go.

I came incredibly hard, spurting on to the towel. Then TW kept on gently stroking my cock and this was really intense. I've read about post orgasmic torture. Usually after intercourse, I like to grind in and out afterwards and enjoy the “aftershocks”, but this was way beyond that. I don't know how I managed to stay in place without being restrained. It was soo good, but such agony of incredible feelings at the same time.

I was ready to collapse and TW went to the bathroom to clean up her hands. I managed to stagger in after a few minutes and took a quick shower. I felt bad about not providing much sexual stimulation to her and not even close to an orgasm. I had to get back to work and left her with a very warm kiss and promises of “I owe you”.