Saturday, April 22, 2017

New nightie

It was about 18 months ago (Oct 2015) that I wrote about T getting fabric to make me a new nightie. That was a very exciting scene wherein the fabric was wrapped around my cock and balls and then pins were stuck into the fabric and me.
Last week, T decided that it was time to get a pattern and make the nightie. She started out by checking the size by pinning the paper pattern pieces to the shirt I was wearing. There were a few slight pokes t the pin to my skin that reminded me of the last time she used pins on me and some ended up stabbed into my hard cock. I was really hoping that she might stick me good this time, but she didn't.

She is a skilled seamstress and in short order she had the fabric pieces cut out. I helped by running some of the edges through the serger. Once it was mainly put together she had me try it on. She wanted to cut it to length and she decided to match the V at the plunging neckline with a reverse V at the crotch, leaving that area peeking out. She decided the length to trim, then I think she cut it five inches shorter. The V in the front left my cock, balls and pubic mound completely exposed at all times. My ass cheeks were just peeking out of the hem at the back when I stood up straight and the slightest bend over showed my ass. Very slutty. I love it!

She liked it so much that she made one for herself with a more modest fabric and a looser, longer fit.
Mine is mainly sheer with a pattern of velour fabric that doesn't cover much, so it's basically see through.

I slept in it that night and the next morning she had me bend over the bed and she whipped my ass with her belt. After a few minutes my legs were shaking, so she had me get up on the bed on my knees and bend over. She got a riding crop out and started to use that on me but the leather slapper on the end flew right off. That would not do so I got the leather rooster for her. I guess it is supposed to be an Amish fly swatter. It is heavy leather cut in the shape of a rooster and firmly attached to a 18 inch long wooden handle. It can really pack a wallop and she gave me a serious ass warming with it. I have told her that I really crave being beat long and hard enough to leave marks. I long to have her make lasting marks on my body and she gave it a good attempt this time. I was left with a hot red ass, but it must be a tough ass since there were no bruises there the next day.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Beat me

I just returned to work from lunch at home.  I knew that T was home today so I went home hoping maybe we would get to take advantage of the empty house.  We had a nice lunch and chat during which I mentioned that I had been checking my blog and found that I had been posting to it for over 10 years now. Wow!  I also mentioned that some of the earliest posts were about coming home for lunch and having sex along with blogs about spanking.  Mainly me spanking her.  I don't know when I last spanked her. I know very well when she last whipped me.

As I was getting ready to head back to work T asked if I was interested in a little something like a spanking while there.  Of course I was!  She told me to go upstairs and wait for her in the bedroom.
I wasn't sure if I should just wait or be prepared.  I decided to go ahead and drop my pants and bend over with my belt draped on my lower back for her .
She seemed to be happy with that and began a warm up with gently strikes with the belt, building up to a fairly hard whipping that had me gasping on some hits to sensitive spots.  I went back to work with a rosy red ass after kneeling before her and saying thank you.

I think that was my third belt whipping this week. She said yesterday that I should be careful what I wish for as she told me to drop my pants in the garden before using my belt to administer a very stingy whipping with no warm up.  So far I am not at all sorry that I wished for this.