Friday, December 21, 2012

You said you want to wait till....

Browsing around a few tease and denial oriented blogs I see that there are at least a few men looking forward to the possibility of a long delayed orgasm over the holidays, be it a Christmas gift or a New Year, "wait until next year" goal.

Some are waiting anxiously, maybe feeling desperate in their countdown, and there are some who seem to have the attitude of maybe not wanting the end, and ironically perhaps looking forward to holding out even longer.

As I said to TW last weekend, the anticipation is so great, what is left to enjoy after it is all over.  Just like those long awaited Christmas gifts of your youth, will the opening of that big box be all it was hyped up to be and will that long denied orgasm be as mind blowing as you hoped for.

I've only gone three weeks as of this coming weekend and I truly feel that is a minimum time for me to strive for.  Bring on the new year, yes, make it a full month.

Last night as were getting in bed she said "you weren't expecting anything were you?".  "Because you told me you didn't want it yet".  Well I must have had a very shocked look on my face as I mumbled about not wanting orgasm yet but any other level sex was very good. There was none of that either.

 I think TW misses my orgasms more than I do.  Good thing or I might be in big trouble.
When I lust for a month of denial and think that if I did that all year long I would only come 12 times a year that sounds crazy.  TW thinks I am crazy to want this at all.  But then she also can't see how I find pleasure in crushing my nuts against her knees, being spanked and belted or being tied up and left to suffer in the closet.  Fortunately she seems to have come to accept that is the way I am and is willing to accommodate my kinks to a certain extent as a way to please me.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

All I want for Christmas is hot kinky sex.

All I want for Christmas is hot kinky sex.

That's what I told TW and she provided some over the last few days.
Friday night we got in bed and she offered up her knees for me to grind against. She does this a few nights a week. It facilitates my masochistic activities of grinding my balls against her knees and getting my jollies without her having to take an active part in “hurting” me.
I was really grinding hard when she began fondling my cock. It was getting hard and she said she wanted that inside her. I got on top and we had some good screwing, although I felt that I was ready to come after about the fourth stroke. I managed to regain my control by thinking about work and other mundane things to keep from coming since I certainly was no where near having permission to do so.

She apparently was looking forward to our both being home the next day and the benefits of my being aroused and denied. She told me it was time to stop fucking as we didn't want to ruin our arousal for the next day. She included herself in this orgasm denial which was interesting since my goal and usually hers is for her to orgasm as often as possible while I don't.
I had at one point this evening been assuring her that I liked being denied and staying horny for long periods of time and related it to looking forward to Christmas when you are a kid, anxiously awaiting the moment when you can open your gifts, but then having the huge let down when it is all over. Just like how it feels after orgasm. So deny me please!

I mentioned to her recently that maybe for Christmas I could have an orgasm, hinting that she might deny me till then. While we were fucking she was talking about how I could not come then and said maybe she wouldn't let me till after New Years. “Yes, I think maybe you won't come till next year” she said. That really makes it sound like a long time!

After I rolled off her I again humped her knees with my swollen balls. She played with my cock again and began using her fingernails to pinch my foreskin and cock head, really hard! I don't know if she realized how much pain it was causing, but if it did she has really come a long way. She did mention some time over the weekend that she had become less worried about hurting me since she saw how much I could take and that I seemed to enjoy it so much. She also used her nails to pinch my nipples hard. She seemed to enjoy the dents that left in my skin. Eventually she said it was time for us both to go to sleep frustrated and save it for the next day.

Next morning I woke her by fondling her naked ass. We had a little morning sex then had to get up and shower since she had to meet someone. Before I got dressed she surprised me by placing the locking leather strap around the base of my cock and balls. I love it when she snaps that lock shut and claims her ownership and control of my sex!

We didn't get much chance to tease and play all day. In the early evening she called me into the downstairs half bath. She said it was time to change what I was wearing and had me drop my pants and she unlocked the strap. She pulled a pair of her panties out her pocket and told me to put them on for a holiday decoration. They were small and red plaid with lace and red bows. I told her I would be her little sexy slut with them on.

Finally late that evening I was leaning against the mantle warming my ass by the woodstove and pulling my sweatpants down to reveal the panties. That finally got her attentions and we started making out there. WE gradually pulled our pants down and played with each others parts. I stuffed 4 fingers in her cunt as the front of her body got very hot by the fire. It was dark in the room and she told me to get a candle off the table. I wasn't sure what she had planned for it but I took the lead and slowly inserted in her hot wet cunt. I fucked her with that long candle and rubbed her clit. I thought for sure she would come. Then she told me to get the other candle. She took it from me and lit it. Then she held it over me and dripped hot wax on my belly, then proceeded down and dripped it up my hard cock.
It was really fucking hot! I moaned, gasped and breathed very heavily. She then dripped it on my nipples, ouch! She took the candle out of her cunt and gave it to me to lick her juices off. Then she lit that candle while it was in my mouth. I leaned back and let the wax drip on my nipples. It was literally very hot to be doing that to myself at her bidding. I dripped it on my cock as well as I could, but eventually my legs were cramping from doing a back bend.
She handed me the candle and offered her breast to me. I held her tit from the underside and dripped the wax on it. I held the candle much higher than she had, knowing that her pain tolerance was not like mine. I put about eight drips around and on her nipple when she said that's enough.
TW then said that she wanted me to go outside in the cold to let the wax get hard so it could be flaked off and not make a mess in the house. I went out naked while she was dressed again and she scraped the wax of my nipples and hard cock.

Then we dashed to bed to get warm. She immediately got her magic wand vibrator and used it on her clit while I finger fucked her. She had a great, squirting orgasm after which I went down on her and licked up her juices.

Then we slept, her satisfied and me hot and horny.

Friday, December 14, 2012

"you asked for it"

Yes I suggested that perhaps an orgasm for me would be a nice Christmas gift.  It's been almost 2 weeks since my last one so that would be just over 3 weeks if we go till Christmas.  I've gone that long before, but I'm really starting to want it now and who KNOWs really if I will get to come then or with all the holiday buzz going on if it may just easily extend to the new year.
You know what the saying is: "be careful what you wish for"!