Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pretty toes, shaved legs and bound whipping.

Since T shaved me from nipples to toes last fall, I have kept myself shaved entirely. We knew that I had a doctor appointment coming up in January and there was some mention of letting my hair grow.
T did not tell me to stop shaving and I felt that I was up to being exposed to a medical professional when my legs were hairless. They would not see that my pubic hair was also completely cleaned off.
As expected, there was no indication that anything was amiss during the exam, even when the practitioner pulled the waistband of my jockey briefs down to see a little more below the waist.

T had mentioned the week before that maybe we could paint my toenails after the doctor visit, as that would be a bit much to reveal. We have never done this before. That evening she brought a container of nail polish in the room and told me to take off my socks. She rarely uses nail polish and the only color she has is very modest, a brownish red. She painted my toenails, which to me was embarrassing due to the nasty condition of my toe nails after years of rough outdoor work with heavy boots on.
Nonetheless, I was very happy that she did this to me and it was all her idea! Maybe next time we can get some bright red or sissy pink.

The following weekend, she mentioned that now that my doctor appointment was past, it would be okay to leave marks on me. I said, yes please! She gave me a quick whipping with the riding crop that left red stripes but unfortunately did not last long.

The next morning I told her that I had been dreaming of being bound to the bed and whipped. I was surprised that she told me to pull out the underbed restraints and get out the flogger. I did so and left the handle of the new quirt that I bought recently sticking out from under the mattress where she had to notice it. She did not know that I had bought this. I was looking for something more harsh that would leave marks.
T fastened my wrists and ankles so I was spread eagle on the bed, bottom up, cock and balls pulled down in view and access.
She started with the flogger, warming me up well, then switched to a small flogger, which is quite stingy. The flogger was used from my neck to knees, including my cock and balls.
She then tickled my ass crack with something that I realized was the tassels on the end of the quirt. She really enjoys tickling and teasing me much more than whipping and hurting me. After getting her kicks out of tormenting me, she did give me a good whipping with the quirt. Not quite enough, unfortunately to leave any lasting marks, but satisfying. She then got out her magic wand vibrator and drove me crazy using it on my sensitive cock head and grinding it against my ass hole. She brought me to a writhing edge of orgasm and left me denied. I don't expect to have a chance to cum until maybe next week when we are at a hotel for a few nights.
T then released me and had me give her a fucking for the short time that I was able to do without cuming. My poor sissy cock can't give her a good fucking now since she keeps me under orgasm control. I love it!

She soon replaced me with the vibrator and brought herself to an orgasm.

Monday, January 02, 2017

New Year chastity

Happy New Year!
Although we did not accomplish what I had hoped for this year, that being renewing our wedding vows for our 30th anniversary with a FLR twist, it was a good year for gradual advancement.
T is feeling more confident and more accepting of things that used to be out of the picture.  She is more skilled and willing to whip me and her control of my orgasms (very rare) is common.
She has gone from acceptance to occasionally enabling my cross dressing and feminization.

This weekend, after taking advantage of my morning wood for some intercourse, T actually said that she wanted to have me wear the chastity device.  I was very surprised since she had little interest in it when I first bought one. I put it on and offered her the lock. She still thinks it is fairly ridiculous, too much effort and that I have a screw loose, but she did lock it. I wore it all day while doing some fairly physical work. I also requested that she put my leather collar on my neck.  I then slaved for her all day.
That evening she unlocked it and took the device off even though I would have been willing to wear it all night. She asked if I was okay to wear it the next day, of course I was.
This morning, she had to work and I had the day off, so I slept in and we did not put the chastity device on me before she left. She only worked half a day and we did some more heavy house work (digging and carrying buckets of dirt).  After that we showered before I made dinner. I have two different devices and I put the other one on, or was struggling to get it on when she entered the room.
She remarked that she thought that I was crazy to put it on since I still had a sore spot from the previous day. "But this one fits differently", I reasoned, as I tried to squeeze my balls through the ring.
I got it on and offered her the lock. She snapped the lock on and tossed the keys in the box. "There's the keys if you have to get out while I am working this evening". I told her that if it wasn't the first full day wearing it I would request that she take the keys with her.
It is my idea to wear the device so she is certainly not worried or even concerned at all about whether I take it off my self.  I am already in a state of self control of masturbation and request that she not allow me to orgasm for extended periods so that I can serve her better. I also have learned that sex is better for me with fewer, much better orgasms.
I don't know if she will have me wear the chastity device again any time soon, but feel that her telling me to wear it this weekend is progress.
She also said that she would reward me for working so hard for her this weekend and mentioned that after my doctor appointment this week, perhaps we could paint my toe nails.  That sounds very exciting.  During intercourse this week, she was whispering fantasies to me and talked about going someplace for a week where I could spend the whole time dressed up female and paint my finger nails too.  Sometimes those fantasies eventually become a reality!
She also whispered about telling other women about me scrubbing her kitchen floor while naked on my hands and knees. That would be so humiliating, but incredibly exciting.  Her fantasy was about telling her best friend and then having her come over to see me at work. That is one of my hottest fantasies, being dominated by my wife and her friend.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Your boy is my slave

My wife had the day off and suggested that I might come home for lunch and clean the kitchen floor while she was home.  Of course I went home for lunch.
After we ate she sent me to the bedroom to get properly undressed for floor scrubbing.  She suggested that my ball stretcher was typical for this job.
I put on the stretcher and also wore a short little dress that she has set aside in a "some day it may fit again" stack.
It was rather small for me, but it buttons up the front, so I left it unbuttoned from the waist down.
I also brought my leather collar and a riding crop.  She put the collar around my neck and put me to work.
I brought the vacuum cleaner as directed and vacuumed the floor first.  I put the machine away and went to get the wash bucket.  T asked if I had moved the table out of the way when vacuuming.  "no".
For that she told me to lift my skirt and bend over the table. She then used the crop on my ass.

After I had finished vacuuming the floor to her standards I put water and cleanser in the bucket and got a rag.
I have lots of rags now since my loving wife and Mistress gave me a whole stack for Christmas.
T also sent me to put a red jewelled butt plug in my ass.
I got down on the floor and started scrubbing.  I quickly realized that the small dress was cutting into my armpits a lot.  This was limiting my ability to scrub and might leave some lasting marks.  I would not mind but I have a doctor appointment next week.  I asked permission to take it off and got back down on the floor naked on my hands and knees to continue scrubbing the floor, while she was fully dressed.
T got on the phone and called her mother.  I could only imagine what she might be thinking as she talked with her mother and watched her husband naked on the floor with his balls bound, plug up his ass and scrubbing her floor.  A far cry from the way her mother's marriage was.

After I finished the floor, T told me to dump the bucket outside and report to her.  I took the bucket outside, naked in the winter cold and dumped the dirty water.  I reported back to her in front of the nice warm wood stove.  She had the crop in her hand and told me to lean on the mantle over the stove while she warmed me up.  She cropped my ass, warming it up.
While she was whipping my ass she was talking about calling her mother. Then she said maybe she should call my mother too while I was in this state.  "Maybe tell her that her little boy is my slave now", she said.  I groaned with arousal and humiliation as she said this. She pulled my balls back with the stretcher and smacked them with the crop.  She finished with four hard smacks to my ass.

"Time to get dressed for real work now and get back to the office" she said.  I knelt before her and relished my submission.  She put the crop in my mouth, put a clothes pin on each nipple and sent me on my way.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas panties

I have bought fancy panties for my wife for Christmas for many years. This year she bought panties for me for our anniversary.
When I went Christmas shopping for her I bought a pack of "boy short" panties and a six pack of standard cotton panties in pastel colors. I included a note "from Santa" when I wrapped the six  pack stating that she may feel free to "sentence" her subby hubby to a full week of panty wearing with this gift.
She tried on the boy short panties and did not like they way they fit, so she told me to put a pair of those on for Christmas day.
I hope she does not forget about the panty week. We are going to a business conference in January, perhaps that will be an opportune time for my panty clad week.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Please whip me

Last month was my birthday. We don't do parties, cake, cards or gifts. What we have done since early on in our adventures into more kinky sex, was birthday spankings. It started out mainly me giving spankings to T, but then I started receiving too. That's really all I wanted for my birthday was a spanking, well maybe a whipping or beating. Didn't get anything. I was bummed.

Last weekend, I woke up and T was still sleeping. I got up and showered, dressed and then T woke up.
She asked why I hadn't woken her up, or snuggled up with her. I didn't have an answer and she was somewhat annoyed that we had missed out on an opportunity to do something sexy while the house was empty of kids. So was I until our daughter drove up. So much for getting anything started.

Later that morning, daughter has left. We are talking about that morning and T asks what I would like to do. She complains that I don't talk to her and tell her what I am feeling. So I get up my courage and tell her what I want. “Would you please whip me?”, I ask.

She tells me to go get undressed and to “dress” myself for housework including attaching something to my genitals if I want. I hurry to obey. She calls from the next room, “Femmy or Subby?”.
“Subby”, I reply as I struggle to attach the ball harness. It is a leather strap that buckles around my scrotum, two dangling straps with D rings on the ends with spring clips attached. It is buckled very tight and my balls bulge tightly.

I present her with my leather collar, two brass rings for ball weights and a riding crop. She puts the collar around my neck and buckles it. I sigh with joy at being her submissive. She sends me to fetch the vacuum cleaner. She has me vacuum her sewing room, then sends me to fetch a bucket, cleanser and rags.

When I come back she takes me into the bedroom and has me bend over the end of the bend. She whips my ass with the crop till it is nice and pink. I fill the bucket, she puts the rings on the straps weighting my balls and I get down on my hands and knees and start scrubbing her sewing room floor with a rag. When I am halfway through, she puts clothes pins on my nipples. She sits in a chair behind me, fully dressed, reading a magazine. I am crawling on the floor in front of her, naked, collared, rings from my balls dragging on the floor like slave chains as I work for her. I am so happy.
My ass is towards her, my bound balls pressed out between my legs. I think about how my asshole is presented to her and think about how it would look with a jeweled plug. Amazingly she chooses that moment to tell me that my ass needs something, “Go get your jeweled plug, lube it, and bring it here to insert before me.” Wow! “Yes, Mistress!”.

I get the larger of the two plugs. I get down on the floor in front of her, ass up, and rub the cold metal against the soft pucker of my ass hole. She asks what I am thinking about as I do this. I tell her about how I was just thinking about needing the plug in my ass. As I start gently thrusting it in and out, I tell her that I am thinking about her fucking my ass with her strap on. Then the wide part of the plug pops past my sphincter and I gasp and tell her that it feels so good and I am thinking that she should make me put the plug in my ass often.

I finish scrubbing the floor. She tells me to empty the bucket. I go outside, naked in the cold, rings clanging as they sway from my nuts, and dump the bucket. When I return to the bedroom she takes off the clothespins. She says that usually she would lick them to ease the pain, but this time she wants it to last. She takes up the crop and whips me all over my body, ass, thighs, belly, nipples.

Then T plays with my nipples, tugging on the hairs around them. I have no hair on my chest, but a fair number around my nipples. She tugs a few out. When we shaved my legs 2 months ago, we had fantasized about removing my nipple hairs. I really wanted her to do it someday. She left the room and returned with a pair of tweezers. Today was the day as she yanked out every single hair from my nipples. Pulled them slowly, making the pain last and build until each one pulled out from my flesh.
It was delicious torture and so exciting. “A woman does not have hairy nipples”, she said, “ so you need to have these all removed if you are going to dress like a woman”.

Then she warmed me up with the crop again. She cropped my cock, top bottom and tip. I held it up against my belly as she whipped the under side very hard, then whipped the pee hole that was streaming precum. I held the beaten cock out of the way so she could crop my shiny tightly bound balls.

My cock was soo hard as she removed the strap from my balls. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs. I ate her pussy with abandon. She wrapped her legs around the back of my head and held me tight. Then she placed her magic wand vibrator on her clit. I was displaced by a machine. I took solace in kissing her ass. I was happy to lick her ass hole as she had her orgasm.
I did not cum, my cock was not stroked or licked, just whipped and beaten. I was totally satisfied.

The next day, I did snuggle with her in bed in the morning. She pulled her panties down and I eased my cock into her pussy. In less than a minute I was on the brink of coming and had to pull out and calm down. I fucked her for awhile, but nobody would be coming today. It was just a brief interlude of lovemaking, connecting in that special way.

I bought a flowers for T that day. “Thank you for yesterday”, I said. Thank you for whipping me, for letting me be your slave, for sitting and relaxing while I crawled on the floor naked before her like a slave, her slave.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Happy Birthday

IT's my birthday!
Okay, not a big deal.  I thought perhaps my month or so of orgasm denial might be released for my birthday.  But T surprised me 3 days ago and told me to come while we were fucking.
It was a great orgasm as she covered my mouth with her hand to try and keep me from being too loud as our son was home.  I think I was loud anyway, it was sooo good!

Hoping for a birthday spanking soon, but we are traveling to visit in laws this weekend, so won't have a chance for a while.

T did tell me that it would be up to me whether I kept my legs shaved through to the upcoming Dr. appointment.  Then she said maybe she would "make" me keep them that way and have me go with shaved legs.  That sounds so scary yet exciting.  It's kind of like cross dressing, if someone is making you do it, it's okay, because it wasn't my choice.  I know that medical professionals have probably seen nearly everything and could not care less about a nearly 60 year old man who shaves his legs.
Well, I guess it would not be too bad if I'm not wearing pretty panties at the time, now that would be embarrassing!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Anniversary island vacation

Last week was our long anticipated anniversary trip to an island retreat. Unfortunately I don't have time to give a detailed narration but I do want to at least make an outline of most of the things (sexually) that we did.
One of my top goals was to be shaved and T used her tiny crochet scissors to cut off all my pubic hair and painstakingly snip the hair from my legs. It took forever and I give her great credit and much thanks for doing so. After that, I got in the shower and she shaved me. The visibility was poor so there was a bit of clean up to do the next day, including shaving the tops of my toes, which I have never done before. So girly! I love the look and feel of my smooth legs and going out in public in shorts that way was really not a big deal after all.

The first night in the hotel, T presented me with a gift of a nighty and a pair of black lace panties. The nighty is black and brown print like leopard skin, so animal! It has lace at the top of the chest and all the way around the hem. It is mid thigh length, rides up just to my crotch when I pull my legs up in bed. I love it and wore it every night.

She also gave me two pairs of nylon panties, one is black to be worn as a bathing suit and the other hot pink. I wore the swim suit when we were swimming off the boat in private, unfortunately I did not get a tan line that showed what I had been wearing. I brought the white crochet bathing suit, but never did wear it.

T found a palm frond stem on the ground outside of our cottage. It looked a lot like a riding crop and she put it in the cottage for later use.

T decided that she needed to buy a pair of cheap flip flops to wear to the waterfront and we went to the local K-Mart.  She found a pair that had a black woven style toe strap and a white and black pattern on the top of the foot pad.  She had me try on a pair there in the store and decided that we should have matching flip flops.  At first glance they don't look too feminine, but they certainly are women's, and I delighted in wearing them out in public.

One day in the boat, she used a whole pack of clothes pins on my cock and balls. After she took them off, I playfully put one on her labia through her bathing suit. She didn't tell me to stop, so I put a few more on. She pulled down the suit and let me place the whole pack of them on her labia with one on each nipple and the last right on her clit. Then I took them off one by one and kissed and licked each spot that was revealed.

One afternoon on the boat she was licking my cock. I was getting very hard and worked up. I have not come in a month, so it does not take much to get me to the edge. I also really needed to pee. Suddenly, I felt like something was letting loose and I frantically pulled out of her mouth and grasped my cock hard and said “I really have to pee!”. I was surprised to see that the few drips that escaped were not pee, but cum! I certainly did not cum, so maybe it was a ruined orgasm.

The last night there, I dressed up in garter belt, thigh high black stockings, bra and black women's flat shoes. I did the dishes and packed some of our luggage. T then took me into the spare bedroom and had me take of the bra. I don't remember exactly the sequence of events, but she used velcro straps to secure me to the bunk bed ladder and used the palm stem to whip my ass and thighs. She inserted a jewelled metal plug up my ass, then had me sit in a chair and tied my wrists and ankles to the chair.
She put the clothes pins on my cock and balls, with two on my nipples. Then she placed the palm stem whip in my upturned bound hands and said she was going outside to look for meteor showers.
She left me there tied to the chair, covered in clothes pins and grinding on the plug up my ass, for however long she wished. She came back in five minutes, I really hoped she would leave me there to suffer for even longer. She untied me from the chair, put me up against the ladder and whipped my ass and thighs again. Then she had me turn around and beat the front of my thighs, my inner thighs, my cock and even a few smacks to my balls that had me groaning and writhing.

The next day I had numerous red welts on my thighs; back, front and inner. Not a mark on my leather ass though, darn! She was appalled to see what she had done to me, but I was thrilled to see that she had left her marks on my body and thanked her profusely. In a few days, they were big, dark bruises.

It was a great trip altogether. I got shaved, wore panties all week, got a new nighty, dressed up like her slave wife one night, got my ass whipped, wore a little monokini to swim in and got clothespinned.
A few things I had hoped for that did not happen: I did not wear the white one piece crochet bathing suit and I did not get whipped with her leather belt.
Months ago, I had hoped that we might renew our vows and take new vows of my submission to her and her ownership me, but we did not do that. Maybe someday. Considering what we are doing now compared to a few years ago, who knows what we will be doing a few years in the future.

ps:  While she was whipping me she was telling fantasies about me being tied to the post at the end of the pier, naked, and being whipped in public, including allowing other people to whip me. What a hot fantasy! Then she also told a fantasy about using a fish hook and piercing my nipple with it. Wow! That is a very hot fantasy for me, maybe someday it will happen. I would so love to have her put hooks in my nipples, then pull them up with a fishing line.