Monday, July 17, 2017

Owned and whipped and marked

This past weekend we attended a family wedding at which I was wearing a pair of peach colored panties under my slacks. I had brought numerous “toys” with which I asked if T would like to attach anything to my cock and balls. She said maybe later.
The wedding was lots of fun and we danced all night. Several times we went out to the restrooms together and one time T told me that I must sit like a girl when I pee. I loved hearing her refer to me in a way that related me to being a girl!
Another time she told me that I should do my Kiegel exercises while I waited for her, so the whole time I waited I was concentrating on contracting the muscles in my groin, at her direction.
The next morning we were at her families camp and she said that she was going to boss me around all morning. I told her that I loved being under her control. She told me to get out my “toys” so that she could pick something to put on me while I worked for her.
She put on a leather strap around the base of my cock and balls that has a small lock. She put the key in her bra and I just swooned. How I love the concept of her locking me up and making me her property.
Speaking of, I had purchased a temporary tattoo that says “Property of T__” and placed it on my chest just over my left nipple. Right over my heart.
After she put the strap on my parts, she had me stand in the lean to and hold on to a couple ropes that hung from the rafters. “Pretend you are tied up there”, she said.
I had left about six various lengths of parachute cord with the other toys and she used them to tie all around my waist and chest, creating a rope corset. I told her that I had been looking at corsets on line and thought one would help me be very womanly.
She went outside and came back with two dead sticks, about 3 feet long. Then she started hitting me with the sticks on my thighs. After a number of smacks she had me turn around and whipped my ass and the back of the thighs. It was not too painful and I was getting warmed up when she suddenly said “oh my God, you're bleeding!”.
Apparently there were some sharp little points on the sides of the sticks that had poked me a few times.
It did not really hurt and there were just a few drops of blood, but it caused her to call a complete halt to that action. I was so disappointed.   She told me to pull up my panties (hot pink) and pants and help her with a few chores.

A short time later she had walked up the driveway into the woods without me. I followed after her and took off my shirt  before I caught up to her as I still had the rope corset on. She said that she wanted me to carry some stones back to our campsite. As I looked for a sizable stone, she cut a small limb off a live tree and trimmed the leaves and branches off. It was about 3 feet long and the tip was very slender. She then began to whip me anyplace she liked including my ass, thighs, back, chest and belly. She told me to pick up the rock and start walking. She encouraged me along in my walk carrying the rock by keeping up a regular whipping on my bare skin or on my ass which was covered by my shorts.

When I bent over to put the rock in the place she indicated she whipped my ass. I stayed bent over longer than necessary so she could whip my ass more. Then she told me to go back and get another rock. Whipping me all the way there and back. That little tip really stung when it wrapped around and stung my sides. After that rock was placed she told me to pull down my shorts and panties and lean against a big tree, ass out. She then whipped my ass, thighs and back. After a few good stingers she had me turn around and lean my back against the tree and whipped my chest and belly. She even gave my hard cock about a dozen strokes. She finished off by having me grind my chest and cock into the tree as she whipped my ass. I was definitely gasping and squirming with some of those hits. It was very stingy and raised some wicked welts. These marks were going to last more than a few hours.

She said that was her limit and stopped. I have fantasized about being whipped long and hard to find and exceed my limit. After this whipping, she said “be careful what you wish for” and I really had enough for then.

She then instructed me to kneel in the dirt and stones before her and thank her. I did thank her very gratefully for loving me enough to be willing to do this for and to me. I told her that having her dominate me is the absolutely most exciting thing in the world to me.

30 hours later, I still have sprays of red marks on my hips and ass. I love it! I told her when she finished that I would love for her to keep me marked in some way at all times.   

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Misbehaving and eating it

After I wrote my last post about “behaving” myself I went to the bedroom before showering. I took off the screw vacuum suckers off my nipples. The were plump and red and I could not resist putting some nipple clamps on while the were so big. The lead to applying every pair of clamps that I had to some part of my body. I also attached a pair of clover clamps to the ring of the glass butt plug, then attached a chain leash to that. I pulled the leash up my back and wrapped it around my neck. I had clamps on my scrotum, my cock head, two pair on my nipples, one on my lower lip and one on my tongue. I arched my back and shook all the chains hanging from the clamps. Oh what a naughty boy! I had to be punished and I whipped my lower belly and my thighs with a leather belt. I looked to have left some nice welts. Of course, despite all this arousal, I could not have an orgasm, so I took everything off, pulled the big plug out and took my shower.
After the shower I put a pink chastity device on my penis, put the red jeweled plug up my ass and waited for T to get home, still wearing the white cloth tape on my chest and ass.
She did not get home until about 5 pm and she promptly went for a walk in her gardens. I followed along, waiting for the moment to tell her what I was wearing. I finally broke the ice and told her about the pink panties I had on and the other objects that I had on besides. She of course was very tired after her trip, but I did not expect anything from her, I just wanted her to know what I had on.
That evening, she sat on the bed and had me kneel before her naked and instructed me to tell her what I had done while she was gone. Of course this was embarrassing and humiliating, but very exciting to me. I did my best to give her all the details. When I was done she asked if she should remove the device from the cock. I told her that she had the key and it was her choice. She chose to leave it on for the night, which I was very happy about.

The next morning she removed the device from me and played with my penis till it was erect. Then she told me to lay on my back as she climbed on top of me and sat on my cock. After all the arousal I had put myself through in the past two days, I could not last long. She told me that if I came I would be required to eat my cum. This only made me want to even more and I begged her to let me cum and make me eat it from her. She said that she would sit on my face and let it drain out into my mouth, then she told me that I could cum. I had a roaring climax.

As I tried to recover from the orgasm, she told me to get up out of her spot on the bed. Then she laid back, spread her legs and told me to clean up my mess. Of course, my enthusiasm for doing so had drained out with my orgasm, but I dutifully began licking and swallowing. T then got her Magic Wand and used that on her clit. As she orgasmed she totally released and I drank her piss as quickly as I could. I am happy that I can help her have the most pleasure possible by not having to feel inhibited about completely letting go while I am licking her.

Interestingly, one morning this week T got up and said she had to pee and made a comment to the effect that she could just stay in bed and take care of it. This was as she went out the door and it took me a moment to realize that she meant that she could have me drink it for her. I have told her that I would be interested and willing to drink her nectar when she was not having an orgasm. I think she may do that someday and I wonder when and where it will happen. In the shower, outside in the garden, in bed?

Saturday, May 27, 2017

behaving myself

Home alone equals free time to abuse my body. T is away for two nights and she told me to behave.
She did not say to behave well. She did give me a short list of things I am not to do including burning or piercing, both of which I have done when alone in the past. I confessed both of these to her. I would be very happy to have her do them to me and much more.  

I had placed a cock and ball restraint on last night and slept with it. The morning erection was painful as my cock could not grow and pulled on my balls. Nice. White cloth bandage tape pulled my chest up around my nipples and made them stand out while.  Lit a small red candle and poured hot wax onto the under side of my cock head, filling my slit with a plug of  molten wax, then pulled the hardened plug out of the weeping red eye of  my useless cock.
I had also put a red jeweled butt plug in my ass and slept with that in.

I took the butt plug out this morning and put vacuum suction devices on my nipples after removing the tape.
Rope tied to the cock ring tied my cock back between my legs and pulled my balls up in front, nicely twisted situation.

Tied my feet together with rope and pulled my feet to a ring over my head. I flogged my ass with a small flogger, my cock was flogged as well.
Feet still tied together I rolled off the bed onto the floor. Ass up and head down I whipped my ass brutally with a heavy leather belt. Rolled on my back and whipped my thighs and belly.
Put a worn pair of T's panties over my head and tied them in place with a rope that wrapped around my head through my open lips, under my nose and across my eyes.
Gagged and blindfolded I whipped my ass for another 60 hard strikes.

Crawled blindly around the room to get a towel, bottle of lube and glass butt plugs.
Took the panties off my head, lubed the first plug and shoved it up my ass. This one is thin with ridges and I pumped it in and out. Next plug is smooth with a bulb at the end. Milked my prostate with that and watched my cock streaming a steady flow of fluid.
Got out a big clear glass plug with a ring on the end. Had to work very hard to get that one in, but eventually it popped inside me. Tied it in place with a rope through the ring, though I don't think it can come out without being pulled.
Placed a pink chastity device on my cock and locked it on with the goal of keeping it on until T comes home and unlocks it.

Took off the nipple suckers that had been on for an hour. Put a pair of nipple clamps with big silver rings onto my plump nipples. They have been on for an hour and a half now as I write this.
I am sitting on a chair now with the glass plug up my ass, grinding on the loop holding it in. I am wearing my favorite leopard patterned nighty and T's silky light blue robe.

What else will I do to myself while “behaving” today?

Friday, May 26, 2017

no, no, no don't make me cum

We recently went for a short vacation. This included a hotel stay, which I am always hopeful will include HHMS, hot hotel monkey sex. This was a very busy tourist type vacation, so we did not have much time or energy for sex play. The last morning there we had an hour or so to spare and that was the time! T wanted to take a shower before sex, so we got in the shower. I was already half erect in anticipation. She soaped up my cock and started stroking it. I was getting very aroused when she rubbed the bar of soap over my asshole. This was getting way too good. It had been nearly 3 months since my last orgasm and she was making it feel too good. I did not want to cum as that would likely put an and to any more sex play that morning. “You are going to make me cum”, I moaned, but she kept up the action on my cock and stroked my ass hole more insistently. I lost it, “no, no, no” I sobbed, practically crying in my desperation and disappointment in the way my body was betraying me.
Worse yet was that my cum was mixed with soap and getting washed down the drain. The last time I had cum, we discussed making it a new “rule” that if I came I would eat my ejaculate. This was to be the first time since then and now I had literally blown it.

We got out of the shower and dried off. The sex was done with for the day.

fingering and fucking

A few weeks ago, we had a little session that began, as is becoming more common, with me bent over the foot of the bed as T whipped my ass with her belt. This time though, after whipping me for a minute or so, she stopped and went to get something. I thought it was a different implement to whip me with, that would be fun. Then I realized she was getting latex gloves and the bottle of lube.
She dripped some lube on my upturned ass, then stroked my ass hole. This was a pleasant surprise since she finds anal play less than appealing, but she knows I really like it. Then she put a finger in and began stroking in and out. This progressed to two fingers.
With her other hand she was stroking my hard cock. After a couple minutes of this bliss she stopped an removed the glove. She laid back on the bed and told me to use that hard cock in her. I moved up and put it in her hot pussy. I was so aroused that I was on the edge in no time and had to pull out for fear of having an orgasm without permission. She said, okay, we're done, go clean up. That was it for that session. Nobody needed to or got to have an orgasm and it was just very delightful.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

New nightie

It was about 18 months ago (Oct 2015) that I wrote about T getting fabric to make me a new nightie. That was a very exciting scene wherein the fabric was wrapped around my cock and balls and then pins were stuck into the fabric and me.
Last week, T decided that it was time to get a pattern and make the nightie. She started out by checking the size by pinning the paper pattern pieces to the shirt I was wearing. There were a few slight pokes t the pin to my skin that reminded me of the last time she used pins on me and some ended up stabbed into my hard cock. I was really hoping that she might stick me good this time, but she didn't.

She is a skilled seamstress and in short order she had the fabric pieces cut out. I helped by running some of the edges through the serger. Once it was mainly put together she had me try it on. She wanted to cut it to length and she decided to match the V at the plunging neckline with a reverse V at the crotch, leaving that area peeking out. She decided the length to trim, then I think she cut it five inches shorter. The V in the front left my cock, balls and pubic mound completely exposed at all times. My ass cheeks were just peeking out of the hem at the back when I stood up straight and the slightest bend over showed my ass. Very slutty. I love it!

She liked it so much that she made one for herself with a more modest fabric and a looser, longer fit.
Mine is mainly sheer with a pattern of velour fabric that doesn't cover much, so it's basically see through.

I slept in it that night and the next morning she had me bend over the bed and she whipped my ass with her belt. After a few minutes my legs were shaking, so she had me get up on the bed on my knees and bend over. She got a riding crop out and started to use that on me but the leather slapper on the end flew right off. That would not do so I got the leather rooster for her. I guess it is supposed to be an Amish fly swatter. It is heavy leather cut in the shape of a rooster and firmly attached to a 18 inch long wooden handle. It can really pack a wallop and she gave me a serious ass warming with it. I have told her that I really crave being beat long and hard enough to leave marks. I long to have her make lasting marks on my body and she gave it a good attempt this time. I was left with a hot red ass, but it must be a tough ass since there were no bruises there the next day.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Beat me

I just returned to work from lunch at home.  I knew that T was home today so I went home hoping maybe we would get to take advantage of the empty house.  We had a nice lunch and chat during which I mentioned that I had been checking my blog and found that I had been posting to it for over 10 years now. Wow!  I also mentioned that some of the earliest posts were about coming home for lunch and having sex along with blogs about spanking.  Mainly me spanking her.  I don't know when I last spanked her. I know very well when she last whipped me.

As I was getting ready to head back to work T asked if I was interested in a little something like a spanking while there.  Of course I was!  She told me to go upstairs and wait for her in the bedroom.
I wasn't sure if I should just wait or be prepared.  I decided to go ahead and drop my pants and bend over with my belt draped on my lower back for her .
She seemed to be happy with that and began a warm up with gently strikes with the belt, building up to a fairly hard whipping that had me gasping on some hits to sensitive spots.  I went back to work with a rosy red ass after kneeling before her and saying thank you.

I think that was my third belt whipping this week. She said yesterday that I should be careful what I wish for as she told me to drop my pants in the garden before using my belt to administer a very stingy whipping with no warm up.  So far I am not at all sorry that I wished for this.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Chair bound and ass fucked

Despite the fact that our joyous empty nest did not last long before our oldest child “boomeranged” back home again, we do still get some chances to have wild sex.

The last time I came was an example. This was at least a few weeks ago so I don't remember the details other than it ended with me standing next to the bed and T giving me wonderful oral sex.
She brought me to the edge and over the top to a stunning orgasm as she crushed my nuts against her knees. I'm not sure how she managed to do that, or how I managed to stay standing through it, but it was great. That was my first orgasm this year, probably about a month to six weeks since my last.

This past weekend, we had an “empty house” on Saturday night. Did I mention that now our youngest has decided to move home from her nearby college after 2 years? So much for my cross dressing lifestyle!

Since we had a rare opportunity, I thought we should make use of it have immediate sex games. That did not happen and I was rather sulky by Sunday morning.
Fortunately, the kids stayed away over night and we had some time for fun the next day. T had been asking me to repair a dining room chair for several weeks and I just did not get to it. She finally did it herself on Saturday and I found the chair very bound up with one of my long sailing ropes. I told her that I had long been coveting that rope with thought of being bound up like that chair was.

Sunday morning she told me to bring the chair and rope to the bedroom. I unbound the chair.
T had me bend over the chair and used her belt to punish my ass for not fixing the chair.
She told me to get out a butt plug. When I got out my jeweled plug she asked if I were sure that was what I wanted. I did not need another invitation to get out a bigger glass plug with nubs the whole length and a loop at the end. She had me bend over the chair again as she put on a pair of latex gloves, she is a nurse after all. She put cold lube on my asshole, then fingered me. I was in heaven as she pushed a finger in me. She filled my ass with her finger and then fucked me hard, slamming her hand against my ass. Then she pushed the plug in me, filling me with the cold hard glass. I moaned and groaned in appreciation.

Once I was full, she had me put a towel on the seat of the chair and sit down, then she used the whole 30 feet of rope to tie me to the chair, finishing up by binding my cock and balls and put the end between my teeth. Then she used her belt to whip my thighs and belly, cock and yes my balls. Then she left me in the chair while she went downstairs. “Don't go anywhere” she said as she left the room.
I certainly could not. I believe she only left me for a few minutes, she knows this is something that I fantasize about, being bound and left and not knowing for how long.

When she returned, she used her Magic Wand vibrator on my cock and balls to bring me right to the edge of cuming, then stopped. She laid down on the bed then and used the wand to bring herself to a squirting orgasm as I fucked my ass on that glass dildo.

After she recovered, she untied me and told me to kiss her feet.  As I did so she whipped my ass with her belt. I felt so incredibly submissive during this and just felt that THIS what I truly wanted to be, her slave on the floor, worshipping my Mistress while she beats me.
When she stopped whipping me she grabbed my hair and pulled my head to her.  I hugged her around the waist and murmured "Thank you".
She told me to clean up and crawl to the bathroom for my shower.