Thursday, November 03, 2016

Happy Birthday

IT's my birthday!
Okay, not a big deal.  I thought perhaps my month or so of orgasm denial might be released for my birthday.  But T surprised me 3 days ago and told me to come while we were fucking.
It was a great orgasm as she covered my mouth with her hand to try and keep me from being too loud as our son was home.  I think I was loud anyway, it was sooo good!

Hoping for a birthday spanking soon, but we are traveling to visit in laws this weekend, so won't have a chance for a while.

T did tell me that it would be up to me whether I kept my legs shaved through to the upcoming Dr. appointment.  Then she said maybe she would "make" me keep them that way and have me go with shaved legs.  That sounds so scary yet exciting.  It's kind of like cross dressing, if someone is making you do it, it's okay, because it wasn't my choice.  I know that medical professionals have probably seen nearly everything and could not care less about a nearly 60 year old man who shaves his legs.
Well, I guess it would not be too bad if I'm not wearing pretty panties at the time, now that would be embarrassing!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Anniversary island vacation

Last week was our long anticipated anniversary trip to an island retreat. Unfortunately I don't have time to give a detailed narration but I do want to at least make an outline of most of the things (sexually) that we did.
One of my top goals was to be shaved and T used her tiny crochet scissors to cut off all my pubic hair and painstakingly snip the hair from my legs. It took forever and I give her great credit and much thanks for doing so. After that, I got in the shower and she shaved me. The visibility was poor so there was a bit of clean up to do the next day, including shaving the tops of my toes, which I have never done before. So girly! I love the look and feel of my smooth legs and going out in public in shorts that way was really not a big deal after all.

The first night in the hotel, T presented me with a gift of a nighty and a pair of black lace panties. The nighty is black and brown print like leopard skin, so animal! It has lace at the top of the chest and all the way around the hem. It is mid thigh length, rides up just to my crotch when I pull my legs up in bed. I love it and wore it every night.

She also gave me two pairs of nylon panties, one is black to be worn as a bathing suit and the other hot pink. I wore the swim suit when we were swimming off the boat in private, unfortunately I did not get a tan line that showed what I had been wearing. I brought the white crochet bathing suit, but never did wear it.

T found a palm frond stem on the ground outside of our cottage. It looked a lot like a riding crop and she put it in the cottage for later use.

T decided that she needed to buy a pair of cheap flip flops to wear to the waterfront and we went to the local K-Mart.  She found a pair that had a black woven style toe strap and a white and black pattern on the top of the foot pad.  She had me try on a pair there in the store and decided that we should have matching flip flops.  At first glance they don't look too feminine, but they certainly are women's, and I delighted in wearing them out in public.

One day in the boat, she used a whole pack of clothes pins on my cock and balls. After she took them off, I playfully put one on her labia through her bathing suit. She didn't tell me to stop, so I put a few more on. She pulled down the suit and let me place the whole pack of them on her labia with one on each nipple and the last right on her clit. Then I took them off one by one and kissed and licked each spot that was revealed.

One afternoon on the boat she was licking my cock. I was getting very hard and worked up. I have not come in a month, so it does not take much to get me to the edge. I also really needed to pee. Suddenly, I felt like something was letting loose and I frantically pulled out of her mouth and grasped my cock hard and said “I really have to pee!”. I was surprised to see that the few drips that escaped were not pee, but cum! I certainly did not cum, so maybe it was a ruined orgasm.

The last night there, I dressed up in garter belt, thigh high black stockings, bra and black women's flat shoes. I did the dishes and packed some of our luggage. T then took me into the spare bedroom and had me take of the bra. I don't remember exactly the sequence of events, but she used velcro straps to secure me to the bunk bed ladder and used the palm stem to whip my ass and thighs. She inserted a jewelled metal plug up my ass, then had me sit in a chair and tied my wrists and ankles to the chair.
She put the clothes pins on my cock and balls, with two on my nipples. Then she placed the palm stem whip in my upturned bound hands and said she was going outside to look for meteor showers.
She left me there tied to the chair, covered in clothes pins and grinding on the plug up my ass, for however long she wished. She came back in five minutes, I really hoped she would leave me there to suffer for even longer. She untied me from the chair, put me up against the ladder and whipped my ass and thighs again. Then she had me turn around and beat the front of my thighs, my inner thighs, my cock and even a few smacks to my balls that had me groaning and writhing.

The next day I had numerous red welts on my thighs; back, front and inner. Not a mark on my leather ass though, darn! She was appalled to see what she had done to me, but I was thrilled to see that she had left her marks on my body and thanked her profusely. In a few days, they were big, dark bruises.

It was a great trip altogether. I got shaved, wore panties all week, got a new nighty, dressed up like her slave wife one night, got my ass whipped, wore a little monokini to swim in and got clothespinned.
A few things I had hoped for that did not happen: I did not wear the white one piece crochet bathing suit and I did not get whipped with her leather belt.
Months ago, I had hoped that we might renew our vows and take new vows of my submission to her and her ownership me, but we did not do that. Maybe someday. Considering what we are doing now compared to a few years ago, who knows what we will be doing a few years in the future.

ps:  While she was whipping me she was telling fantasies about me being tied to the post at the end of the pier, naked, and being whipped in public, including allowing other people to whip me. What a hot fantasy! Then she also told a fantasy about using a fish hook and piercing my nipple with it. Wow! That is a very hot fantasy for me, maybe someday it will happen. I would so love to have her put hooks in my nipples, then pull them up with a fishing line.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Panty whipped

Last night my wife asked me to bring some clothes hangers from the bedroom.  I forgot.  Shortly after she called me to the bedroom to "prepare" for doing dishes.  This usually means I either place some type of implement on my genitals or dress feminine.
I presumed that I needed to put something on and dropped my yoga pants as I realized she was getting a belt off the hook. Apparently I was getting a punishment for not getting the hangers.  I bent over the foot of the bed and immediately received a stinging strike of the belt.  She was using it full length rather than folded over and it was very stingy.  She could tell that I was feeling it more than usual.  After a good number of whippings to get my ass red I made some comment about being like a girl.  Maybe we had mentioned my hair and shaving my legs next week.
She said "speaking of being girly, I bought something for you".  She pulled a pair of turquoise colored lace panties out of a bag and handed them to me.  The back is completely lace and the front has a cute bow.  She told me to put them on and model for her.  I did so, then knelt before her and handed her the belt, "Please whip me with my panties on", I asked her.
She had me bend over in front of the mirror so I could see my pantied ass being striped with the belt.
Afterwards, she had me sit on her lap, facing away from her as she fondled my panty encased cock and balls and reached up my shirt to tweak my nipples.  I did create a wet spot in the panties that she teased me about.  Then she told me to go do the dishes.

This was a very moving occasion as it is the first time she has actually bought something feminine for me to wear.  She has had me wear things often in the past, but I feel that buying something for me goes beyond tolerating my cross dressing to endorsing it. We have talked about our vacation trip next week and she has talked about having me be naked or dressed feminine including stockings, shoes and a cute little dress while in the cottage. And of course, bring a belt!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Tropical dreams

My wife and I will be going to Florida at the end of this week. We will be staying at a nice cottage on the island with a sailboat there to use whenever we wish.
Last night as I was doing my evening stretches, which included her spreading my legs wide and high, she mentioned going skinny dipping while out sailing.  Then she said it would be fun to have me wearing one of her bathing suits.  I replied that was just what I had been fantasizing about that morning.  I actually salvaged a white crochet one piece bathing suit that she was getting rid of and kept it to wear myself someday.  Maybe this will be the time.  I dream of getting some very feminine tan lines!

I have also been looking forward to the cooler weather and end of shorts season when she has indicated that she may shave my legs again.  This trip has been loosely identified as when that may happen.  But we will be in Florida with temps in the 80s (F), so I will likely be wearing shorts and revealing my shaved, womanly legs. OMG, I am so excited at the thought of being exposed like that!

I have been allowed to keep my cock and balls shaved all the time, but not my pubic mound.  A few days ago while shaving, I shaved the small amount of hair growing from my belly to waist band.  When I told T about this she was disappointed as she wanted to be the one to remove that hair in an area that would be visible if I went without a shirt.  Several years ago, when she shaved my pubes, it was very exciting when she went "above the line".  She checked out my shave job while stretching me and found that I did a lousy job anyway, so she can certainly still shave there.

I will definitely be packing the electric hair clippers so she can make me as clean shorn as possible.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Queen

My wife and I are planning a special trip for our anniversary in October (a few weeks after the actual date) and I have suggested that we renew our vows. I of course am thinking heavy on the obey part and based on what I have read here I suggested that my role could become that of slave wife. She is opposed to the term from a feminist standpoint, but she also does not feel ready to accept the role of dominance that I am asking of her.
However, she continually makes progress in becoming more comfortable with being in control of me including alluding to it in front of others, whether I am there to be humiliated in person or not. Yesterday she was with her sister and family and she told them “jokingly” that her name was spelled Q-U-E-E-N or I-N-C-H-A-R-G-E.
She also enjoys teasing me sexually, making me beg to cum and then denying me.
I am wondering if my period of denial will last till our trip in October.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcum home

My wife and daughter took a week long trip to Europe together.  I haven't been yet and she has been twice now.
I had expected that we might get a good sex session before they left, but that did not happen.
While they were gone, I thought about sex even more than when she is here with me to keep me from obsessing.  Every evening was spent naked or in lingerie. I had dress up sessions, bondage sessions, naked gardening, vegetables up my ass, hot wax all over my body, numerous spankings and whippings, nipple torture, cock and ball torture and way too much time viewing porn.
But I did not cum.
Though I wished that she had, my wife did not give me any instructions on what to do, or not do, while she was gone.  It is my own honor system that kept me from orgasm while she is not with me.
The morning after her return, I woke up and was getting out of bed when I decided that a quick cuddle was needed.  I snuggled up to her and pressed my balls into her knees. She responded favorably and soon rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her, hard cock and all. I thought she wanted me to enter her, but she said that she needed lube as she grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head down to her pussy.  I was only too happy to eat her.  After she got good and wet she pulled me up and told me to put it in her.  We had a nice fuck for a while and she said that she needed to cum before I could. I got her magic wand along with a waterproof pad for the bed.  She used the wand on her clit while I fingered her g spot to a great, wet orgasm.  I went down on her and ate up all that good goo!
Then she had me enter her again.  As we fucked I told her about seeing a rainbow the day before and running in the rain wearing just a pair of panties.  I told her, with some anxiety, that I made a wish upon the rainbow. That wish was that she would be accepting and willing to feminize me and make me her slave wife, with my purpose being to submit to her and serve her.  She said that she wants me to be happy.  I told her that I want her to be happy too and that I believe that she would benefit from my service and submission to her.

More small steps to FLM

This past weekend we traveled nearly 8 hours roundtrip in the car together.  I had thought this would be a good to time to talk about our relationship and present my hopes for our upcoming 30th anniversary trip.  My dream is to renew our wedding vows.  My hope would be that the vows would be at least an acknowledgment of making our FLR a serious part of our marriage commitment.  At best, this would be a ritual collaring wherein T would take me as her slave.
This would be a big jump from where we are now, but the thought of it makes me so excited.

A few days ago T sent me a shopping list by text.  I did not get one of the items and I assured her that it was not on the list.  I was wrong, it was on the list. I told her that she was right and that I deserved to be punished for arguing when I should know that she is always right. She forgave me, so probably won't punish me, though I wish she would.

Last night we were talking about communication in our marriage, which did not exist for many years. This was after she had mentioned a couple she knows who just broke up.
This was right after I released her bra and scratched her back. I was on me knees and she turned around to face me and placed her hand on my throat and pulled my head upward, as if putting a collar around my neck.

I confessed that I had hoped to talk during our long drive about plans for our anniversary trip and my hopes to renew our wedding vows.  She said "What do you have in mind?, Something like me dragging you out on the beach by a leash and collar?"  I told her that since she brought it up first, yes, I had thought about a collaring ceremony.  She asked if that's what that was called and I said yes, a collaring is when someone becomes a slave to their dominant and that is what I would like to be.

Unfortunately, it was getting late and we were both very tired, so we kissed good night.  I turned off the light and pressed my balls hard against her knees and drifted off to sleep.
Sweet dreams.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Thank you

Thank you to my wonderful wife/queen/mistress this weekend for:
Finding me erect Saturday morning and rolling over to allow me to fuck you from behind
Telling very dirty stories while we were fucking
Getting me very excited talking about making me carry pails of stones hanging from my balls
Making me too excited so I had to pull out
Making me too excited to stop and cause me to have a ruined orgasm
Appreciating my washing the sheets
Having me work for you in the garden
Telling me to fetch the cane
Telling me to drop my pants as you sat on the porch bench
Telling me to get down on my knees, head down, ass up, turn to face the side so you can swing
Whipping my ass with the cane
Whipping my thighs and occasionally hitting my balls
Whipping me hard enough to break the cane
Placing the broken cane between my teeth
Having me turn and bend over so you can inspect the marks you have left
Using your foot to fondle my cock and balls
Making me feel so incredibly submissive and thankful
Briefly sitting on my face with your hot wet pussy which I love to lick
Having me confess to you what I am wearing when I do the dishes, 2 brass rings on my cock and balls
Hearing my confession that I am embarrassed to show you that
Hearing my confession that being embarrassed by you is very exciting
Having me wear your long red dress with the buttons on the "wrong" side while I fold your laundry
Letting me crush my balls against your knees and throb for a few minutes until I fall asleep
For loving me.