Monday, September 19, 2016

My Queen

My wife and I are planning a special trip for our anniversary in October (a few weeks after the actual date) and I have suggested that we renew our vows. I of course am thinking heavy on the obey part and based on what I have read here I suggested that my role could become that of slave wife. She is opposed to the term from a feminist standpoint, but she also does not feel ready to accept the role of dominance that I am asking of her.
However, she continually makes progress in becoming more comfortable with being in control of me including alluding to it in front of others, whether I am there to be humiliated in person or not. Yesterday she was with her sister and family and she told them “jokingly” that her name was spelled Q-U-E-E-N or I-N-C-H-A-R-G-E.
She also enjoys teasing me sexually, making me beg to cum and then denying me.
I am wondering if my period of denial will last till our trip in October.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Welcum home

My wife and daughter took a week long trip to Europe together.  I haven't been yet and she has been twice now.
I had expected that we might get a good sex session before they left, but that did not happen.
While they were gone, I thought about sex even more than when she is here with me to keep me from obsessing.  Every evening was spent naked or in lingerie. I had dress up sessions, bondage sessions, naked gardening, vegetables up my ass, hot wax all over my body, numerous spankings and whippings, nipple torture, cock and ball torture and way too much time viewing porn.
But I did not cum.
Though I wished that she had, my wife did not give me any instructions on what to do, or not do, while she was gone.  It is my own honor system that kept me from orgasm while she is not with me.
The morning after her return, I woke up and was getting out of bed when I decided that a quick cuddle was needed.  I snuggled up to her and pressed my balls into her knees. She responded favorably and soon rolled onto her back and pulled me on top of her, hard cock and all. I thought she wanted me to enter her, but she said that she needed lube as she grabbed me by the hair and pushed my head down to her pussy.  I was only too happy to eat her.  After she got good and wet she pulled me up and told me to put it in her.  We had a nice fuck for a while and she said that she needed to cum before I could. I got her magic wand along with a waterproof pad for the bed.  She used the wand on her clit while I fingered her g spot to a great, wet orgasm.  I went down on her and ate up all that good goo!
Then she had me enter her again.  As we fucked I told her about seeing a rainbow the day before and running in the rain wearing just a pair of panties.  I told her, with some anxiety, that I made a wish upon the rainbow. That wish was that she would be accepting and willing to feminize me and make me her slave wife, with my purpose being to submit to her and serve her.  She said that she wants me to be happy.  I told her that I want her to be happy too and that I believe that she would benefit from my service and submission to her.

More small steps to FLM

This past weekend we traveled nearly 8 hours roundtrip in the car together.  I had thought this would be a good to time to talk about our relationship and present my hopes for our upcoming 30th anniversary trip.  My dream is to renew our wedding vows.  My hope would be that the vows would be at least an acknowledgment of making our FLR a serious part of our marriage commitment.  At best, this would be a ritual collaring wherein T would take me as her slave.
This would be a big jump from where we are now, but the thought of it makes me so excited.

A few days ago T sent me a shopping list by text.  I did not get one of the items and I assured her that it was not on the list.  I was wrong, it was on the list. I told her that she was right and that I deserved to be punished for arguing when I should know that she is always right. She forgave me, so probably won't punish me, though I wish she would.

Last night we were talking about communication in our marriage, which did not exist for many years. This was after she had mentioned a couple she knows who just broke up.
This was right after I released her bra and scratched her back. I was on me knees and she turned around to face me and placed her hand on my throat and pulled my head upward, as if putting a collar around my neck.

I confessed that I had hoped to talk during our long drive about plans for our anniversary trip and my hopes to renew our wedding vows.  She said "What do you have in mind?, Something like me dragging you out on the beach by a leash and collar?"  I told her that since she brought it up first, yes, I had thought about a collaring ceremony.  She asked if that's what that was called and I said yes, a collaring is when someone becomes a slave to their dominant and that is what I would like to be.

Unfortunately, it was getting late and we were both very tired, so we kissed good night.  I turned off the light and pressed my balls hard against her knees and drifted off to sleep.
Sweet dreams.

Monday, June 06, 2016

Thank you

Thank you to my wonderful wife/queen/mistress this weekend for:
Finding me erect Saturday morning and rolling over to allow me to fuck you from behind
Telling very dirty stories while we were fucking
Getting me very excited talking about making me carry pails of stones hanging from my balls
Making me too excited so I had to pull out
Making me too excited to stop and cause me to have a ruined orgasm
Appreciating my washing the sheets
Having me work for you in the garden
Telling me to fetch the cane
Telling me to drop my pants as you sat on the porch bench
Telling me to get down on my knees, head down, ass up, turn to face the side so you can swing
Whipping my ass with the cane
Whipping my thighs and occasionally hitting my balls
Whipping me hard enough to break the cane
Placing the broken cane between my teeth
Having me turn and bend over so you can inspect the marks you have left
Using your foot to fondle my cock and balls
Making me feel so incredibly submissive and thankful
Briefly sitting on my face with your hot wet pussy which I love to lick
Having me confess to you what I am wearing when I do the dishes, 2 brass rings on my cock and balls
Hearing my confession that I am embarrassed to show you that
Hearing my confession that being embarrassed by you is very exciting
Having me wear your long red dress with the buttons on the "wrong" side while I fold your laundry
Letting me crush my balls against your knees and throb for a few minutes until I fall asleep
For loving me.

Friday, June 03, 2016

Blue balls

I haven't posted in some time, of course just so busy.  Though nothing extraordinary, there have been some things happening that were worth posting about.
Just a few days ago, T strung me up on the screen porch and used a bamboo stick to cane my ass and thighs.  With a little encouragement in the hot shower the next day, I have some nice bruises on the front of my thighs to remember my caning for while.

She has belt whipped me a few times as "punishment" for leaving the lid open on the wipes container.
With the warm weather I would love to be able to go naked in the evening or wear skimpy feminine wear, but the Little Princess is home from college, so our private time is again limited.
She is attending a college in the next town, living on campus, so we did see her often during the school year.  One such occasion was about a month ago. We were having some fun in the kitchen and T had me sitting on the kitchen counter, shorts down, as she sucked my cock.  I was trying desperately to not come with out permission when the dining room door burst open and Little Princess entered!  I leaped across the kitchen with erect cock waving.  I think she will make more noise before entering the house unexpected in the future.

T makes Ukranian Easter eggs with bright colors and recently was talking about needing to make up some new batches of dye.  Somehow we both got the idea of coloring my eggs.  The next morning after our shower she had me fetch the blue and red dye and a couple small paint brushes. She proceeded to paint my cock red and my balls blue! Now I literally did have blue balls.  I had no idea how long it would stay that way.  She presented me with a pair of lace panties to wear along with a panty liner.  The red did stain the panty liner, especially when I dribbled pre-cum.  The next day, she washed the dye off and sad to say it came off quite easily.  I really hoped it would last a week or more.

T does continue to appreciate having me do chores for her.  I tell her often that I don't mind and in fact enjoy when she tells me what to do.  I love to serve her and be owned by her.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I want to be a bride

T told me that she missed tugging on my pubic hair so I had started growing it in nearly a month ago. Two weeks ago she also said that it was time to start letting my leg hair grow back. I have regained a short pubic puff and my legs are covered with short hairs. She says it is like I am going through puberty. I think it is more like going from girl to man and already am saddened by the change.

T recently “discovered” her wedding dress which had gone missing in storage. She decided to try it on and see if it still fit. The zipper would not go up the back, but she still looked lovely. Of course, I was secretly yearning to try it on too and she surprised my by telling me to put the dress on! How exciting it was to get naked and pull the layers of lovely lace over my head and down my body! She was able to zip it up and it looked quite lovely on me. This certainly fueled my fantasy of renewing our wedding vows with me being taken as her slave wife.

That evening, T pulled out the sheer white, ankle length, negligee that she received as a bridal shower gift. She gave it to me to put on to wear to bed. How exquisite this felt as I snuggled in to bed with her, feeling like her blushing bride! I have been wearing it for the past three nights now.

After our recent talk, I am determined to either wear what she tells me to for bed, wear something feminine of my own choosing, or go naked.

I have started reading chapters from a book called “My husband is my maid” to T and she certainly appreciates the part about me doing the dishes and cleaning.

She said that she really enjoyed all the service she received during her medical leave and I told her that I did not intend to stop. She does appear to be getting more comfortable with the idea of having me do things for her and telling me do them. Last night she told me to put her socks on her feet, then jokingly chided me for not kissing her feet. She said “I'm getting used to telling you what to do, you don't mind do you?”. I assured her that I did not mind at all and that I am here to joyfully serve her.   

Friday, April 01, 2016

Dress me up

I brought my wife home from the hospital after surgery six weeks ago. She had a hysterectomy including removal of the uterus and cervix. The surgery went well as did the recovery eventually.
We knew that she would be out of work for six weeks and there would be no intercourse for that long either. I did hope that there would be some sexual activity during that time and there has been including some oral for me, a few belt whippings, some anal probing of me, and some cross dressing.
I have not been allowed an orgasm during this time, although she just had her first two days ago.
I noted previously that I had shaved my legs and would be keeping them shaved for the six weeks. I have enjoyed doing so, but yesterday she said it was time to grow the hair back before shorts season.
I feel that if she wanted me to keep them shaved I would have done so, even though someone, at least my doctor, would have to notice. She does not want anyone to know what we do in the bedroom. Well maybe someday that will change and she will wish to out me as a shaved cross dresser.

I mentioned in my last post the great time I had when she dressed me for dinner. After wearing the garter belt and stockings to bed, the next morning the stockings got a hole. I shopped on Amazon for new thigh highs and found some nice ones, also bought a garter belt that has an attached crotchless thong. The package arrived when I wasn't home so I had to confess to T what was in the package, then wait for the right time to try them out.

Two nights ago, T saw an e book that I had open on my tablet and started reading it. It was the very last chapter of “My husband is my maid”. I had hoped that she would read it someday, but not to start at the last chapter and scare her off. I then read the prologue to her. She didn't have much to say about it although she was already okay with me doing some crossdressing and doing most of the household duties.

The next night when I got home from work she told me to change work clothes, do my outdoor chores, then change into what she had put out for me on the bed. I was so excited to see that she had laid out the new garter belt and stockings, a grey sparkly tight fitting sweater of hers and a knee length flowing black skirt.

It was with some anxiety that I presented myself to her for inspection in my feminine attire. She smiled and had me turn to show her. My hard cock was tenting the skirt. Then she sent me to finish preparing dinner. We had a lovely dinner together, her in sweats and me in sweater and skirt.
After dinner she said I could clean up the kitchen, but first she pulled the skirt up and tucked it into the waistband so that it was mini skirt length and she could see my stocking tops and garters.

I cleaned up and then reported to her assignment of a few chores. After doing them I went to her with my tablet in hand. She asked if I wanted to read to her. I said yes, if she would like to hear more.
She said she would listen while looking at a craft catalog. I read her another chapter about becoming a submissive maid to your wife. When I got up from the couch I left a drop of precum which she told me to lick up.

We went up to bed then. She found that I had left the box of moist wipes open earlier. She took a leather belt off the hook and told me to bend over the bed. I did so, pulling the skirt up to my waist.
She whipped my ass, the first six moderate, then much harder for the next few. I don't know if they were that much harder than she has done before or if I was just not warmed up yet, but they hurt!
She said that might teach me to do better. I agreed that I needed lots of training and thanked her for punishing me.

I went to bed then wearing my garter belt and stockings. It was a restless night, but every time I woke I thrilled at my sexy lingerie.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Dressed for dinner

After a rough day at work, T told me I needed to dress for dinner.  She came to the bedroom to "help" me.
She pulled out a black garter belt and thigh high stockings that she has had for a long time and never wears.  I have worn them within the past year.
I had a bag of clothes that I grabbed out of things she was sending to Goodwill.  She pulled out a mid calf length dress and gave me that to wear.  It is very silky, with a dark floral print. It felt delightful as I slipped it over my head and it shimmied down my naked body. She sprayed some of her perfume on my neck, then told me to pull the dress up.  She sprayed it on my little tuft of pubic hair and told me to turn around.  I did so and reached back and spread my ass cheeks.  A cool mist of perfume made my asshole tingle.
She then told me to close my eyes and open my mouth.  I was happy to obey, not knowing what she was planning to do.  I was very surprised to feel lipstick being applied.  Wow!  I didn't think she would encourage me that much!
We went to the kitchen and made dinner together.  The dress is quite straight and narrow and I was surprised a few times to find my long steps or side steps to be effectively hobbled by the dress.
It was a pleasant reminder of the limitations imposed on me by being feminized.
At one point T said that by dressing me up she was dominating me.  It was interesting to hear what her opinion of cross dressing me is.  She does seem to becoming more accustomed to it.  Perhaps someday I will be her sissy maid of my dreams.
We had a lovely dinner together, then of course I cleaned up.  When we went to bed, T said that she thought I should keep the garter belt and stockings on to sleep in.  Everytime I woke during the night I felt them on my legs and smiled.  When I went to the bathroom I enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror as the garters and the stockings framed by genitals.  I hated to take them off in the morning and look forward to being dressed up again.

Cage time

Last Sunday I put the purple chastity device on my cock and presented myself to T.  "I took the liberty of taking my liberty away.", I said to her as I handed her the keys and asked her to lock me up.
She did and kept the keys.  I wore the cage all day.  Being the first time I wore it for so long was interesting.  First time peeing with the cage on.  I had to sit of course, but I am already to trained to do that all the time.  It wasn't bad, although it's strange being wet in the tube all day.  I put one of T's shields in my pink panties to catch the drips.
In the evening she unlocked my cock and played with it. She got me hard and on the edge, then left me that way.  She said that she doesn't really like the device because it doesn't let her play with my cock.  Not like she is doing that all the time!  She said she finds the device "intimidating".
Perhaps we won't make it a regular thing.  After fantasizing for years about it, this was somewhat disappointing.
Well, I want her to be in control, so if she doesn't like me wearing it, I won't.
There are many other things she does for me.