Thursday, December 18, 2014

Candlelit afternoon delight

We were getting ready for bed on Saturday night and I knelt, naked, before my wife and took her socks off. I rubbed her feet, then kissed them. I started to become erect as I sucked her toes. She told me to stand in front of her and she fondled my cock and balls. As she was doing that she was gently scratching me with her finger nails. She began scratching my chest and was enjoying making long red stripes from my neck to my thighs. I was enjoying this too! She told me to turn around and she stood behind me and scratched my back. Of course that led to scratching my ass, leaving what I am sure was a very interesting pattern of red stripes. She reached around in front and scratched my belly, then my hard cock.
She sat on the end of the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She pinched my scrotum and I was thankful that she knows I really enjoy torture and pain to my balls.  I was surprised when I looked down and saw clothespins attached to my sack! That felt sooo good and she quickly laid back and spread her legs. I put my hard cock right where she wanted it. I was so aroused and hadn't had an orgasm in about 4 weeks, so I was ready to cum in less than a minute. I didn't have permission to come and I wanted to maintain my hormone level so that I could be of good service to her the next day so I pulled out. She got the Hitachi magic wand and put it to good use. I put several fingers inside her hot pussy as she brought herself to a great orgasm. Then she was ready to settle down to sleep, while I settled down to bed with a hard throbbing cock, but that was okay because I planned to serve her and hopefully be dominated the next day while we had the house to ourselves.

Next day, my wife was busy all day. No dominance, no sex while we were home alone. By the time we went to bed late that evening I was frustrated, disappointed and pouting. I did mention that I had hoped to do something that day and was feeling very frustrated that she didn't have any time for me.

The next day she called me at work and asked if I wanted to get some take out and bring it home for lunch. I didn't want to get my hopes up as we ate lunch. After we ate she asked if I was interested in some play. Oh Yes!!!

We went to the living room and I stoked up the wood stove so we could get naked comfortably. She undid my pants and pulled them off me. She played with my cock some, then told me to bend over the wood trunk/coffee table. She started spanking ass and I was happy. She then told me to stay right there and went to get something. When she came back she used a wet wipe to clean my ass hole well. It was cold and wet and this was something very new as she had never wiped my ass before. It was rather embarrassing as I was bent over with my ass up in the air.

I didn't know why she was prepping me like that, but found out soon enough as a hot spot hit my upper thigh. Hot wax dripping from a candle! This was totally unexpected, but she is always surprising me.
The drips of wax proceeded up my ass crack and really stung when the first few hit right on my wide spread ass hole. After the first few though it felt wonderful and it felt like she was completely coating and filling my puckered hole. This was a long held fantasy of mine, to have my ass plugged with hot wax. She was only using a tea candle, so the wax supply was limited. After the candle was all dripped on my ass she had me stand up and feel what it was like to have the wax spreading my ass.

My cock was dripping precum and she wanted a fucking. She took my place bent over the trunk and I slid my hard cock into her hot, wet cunt. It felt soo good and she told me to fuck her hard. This time I managed to last a few minutes at least before she told me to cream her pussy as I pounded her.
I had a roaring climax and pumped a months worth of cum into her.

The tough part after that was putting my clothes back on and trying to stay awake after I went back to work. It was certainly a great candlelit afternoon delight!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Tie me up and fuck me

Quick recap on a recent evening.  We were home alone and I was hoping for, but not expecting, some sexual activity.  T called me to the bedroom and asked if I was interested.  Of course I was! She told me to strip. I stood before her naked wondering what she had in mind.  She produced a hank of thin rope and tied it around my chest, framing my nipples. Then my hands were tied together and she had me hold my arms over my head. Another hank of rope was pulled from under the bed covers and she tied it very tightly around my waist. I was surprised that she had another hank of rope, this one was tied around the base of my cock and balls, then up my ass crack, finishing up in a way that kept my ass spread open nicely.  Yes, she had more rope that was tied in a daisy chain fashion down my thighs.
She told me to sit on the floor, that really pulled the ropes tighter!  She grabbed my ankles and dragged my bare ass across the carpet. Very interesting with my ass cheeks spread open.
My knees were tied together, my balls behind my thighs and my erect cock standing up.  She couldn't resist that and sat on my cock, taking me into her hot, wet pussy.
I was already extremely aroused at this point but thought I could hold off for a good fuck.  I was doing pretty well until I started to think about how I was not feeling like I had to cum.  Just thinking about it brought me to the brink immediately.  I tried to let her know that I had to stop, but it was too late.  I came hard, but in an agony of desperation at my failure to not be able to stop.
I had no time to even recover my senses when T was suddenly straddling my face, then planted her hot wet pussy on my open mouth.  I was very surprised, but happy that she was making me eat me cum from her.  I licked and sucked and swallowed and tried to clean every bit of my cum from her.
Her knees soon gave out and she got up and staggered to the bed.  She left me lying there tied up on the floor and went for her magic wand vibrator.

I managed to get up on my knees and shuffle my way to the bed.  I jammed my face into her pussy below the big vibrator and licked her till she squirted in my mouth.

Now, that is a meal to be thankful for!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pleasant Surprise

You never know when life's little surprises will appear. Especially if you have a spontaneous spouse.
After a long day of work, my loving wife wanted to relax with her quilting rather than make dinner right away.  She did the tough part of meal prep, coming up with an idea of what to make.  I told her I would be happy to get supper going and went to the kitchen.
A few minutes later I heard her calling to me and went to the sewing room.  She said "Just because I have my period and am sewing doesn't mean you should not be dressed properly for making dinner for me.  Would you like to be dressed properly?"  I assured her that I would and we went to the bedroom.  I took off my pants and underwear while she went to her lingerie drawer to pick out a pair of panties for me.  She told me to put them on, then present myself for inspection.  She liked what she saw since my cock was hanging out of the large opening in the front of the panties, which was supposed to be in the back, but I knew to wear them backward.  She played with my cock and balls and then began to kiss and suck on it.  I was enjoying this very much when I smelled meat cooking.
"The meat is on the stove!" I exclaimed.  She immediately stopped pleasuring me and I ran to the kitchen.  Fortunately nothing had burned yet.  I went back to the sewing room to report this and she said that I should be punished for leaving food on the stove.  She took me into the bedroom and grabbed a leather belt.  I bent over the end of the bed and she began to gently whip my ass.  I truly enjoy having my ass whipped and she knows it.  She told me to stand up and gently whipped my erect cock.  She was having trouble with her aim and I told her she needs to practice more often. She then got our "cock swatter".  It is a leather fly swatter shaped like a rooster on a wood handle.  It packs a whallop and she swatted my cock and balls with that. She paddled my ass to a nice rosy red. Then a few solid smacks to my nipples.  About then I noticed a wasp crawling on the floor towards me.  I said "There's a bee on the floor". Funny thing is she thought I said I was gonna pee on the floor!
The bee was squashed and so was the fun and games as I dashed off to the kitchen to make dinner.

Return of the Spanking Marriage blog

I am happy to see that one of my favorite bloggers, Susan at A Spanking Marriage ( has returned to blogging.  I always greatly enjoyed her blogs in the past and wished and hoped that someday I would have a spanking marriage like theirs.
Her most recent post was about the rules in their relationship and I posted a loooong response.
It was so long that I decided to copy it here for posterity:

This set of rules is very much in line with my goals for our flr. My wife and I have a loose, playful form of flr right now, without any real "rules". There are things that I do on a regular basis, but it is really on my own volition and there is not a punishment for not doing so.
Several years ago I had masturbated during my morning shower and then found my wife in bed, very much aroused and ready for sex. I was appalled to find that I could not do that for her because I had just cum. After that I vowed to not ever ruin the opportunity to have sex with her and have pretty much entirely stopped masturbating, other than rare occasions when she is away for a few days and even then I often don't cum, saving that for her. I also have encouraged her to not let me cum without permission when we are together. The tough thing about that is trying to provide her with pleasing intercourse when I am bursting to cum after weeks of denial. She has learned that it is in her best interest to deny me orgasm and keep me in a state of arousal for extended periods as I am very attentive to her then.
I made it my own rule to always sit while using the toilet. She has found that the toilet area stays much cleaner without a male splashing around.
I keep my cock, balls and ass shaved at all times, with her permission. She has recently stated that she does like me that way, so I hope to make this a permanent state.
I do enjoy the occasions when she has me wear panties, but it is not a regular thing, hopefully someday!
I do enjoy when she gives me play spankings, floggings and belt whippings and she seems to be enjoying that more too as she sees how much I enjoy it. I don't think she has ever given me a real punishment spanking. I don't know if I am that good of a husband to never need one.
I do enjoy when she is in control and would appreciate having actual rules and perhaps some required ritual behaviors like kneeling before her at least once a day.
The one thing that she would likely punish me for and I do really need to be controlled from is internet use. I have a very long standing porn addiction and I know that she does not like me viewing it as she sees it as a form of cheating on her.
I truly wish that she could see fit to join me in reading such well reasoned and well written blogs as your to learn that this can be a wonderful, loving lifestyle.
But in her own time, I hope and believe that we will find our way to our mutually happy place.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Birthday Beating

Our journey into kinky sex started many years ago with giving each other mutual birthday spankings each year. I always looked forward to giving and getting these spankings. As the years progressed of course the number of spanks increased. Even the yearly increase was not enough and I usually went for the standard count applied numerous times over various body parts, or numerous counts with different implements. Sometimes there was an uncounted warm up spanking before the hard ones started to be counted.
As my birthday drew closer this year my wife and occasional mistress asked what I wanted for my birthday. She knew of course that all I wanted was a good spanking session. I was fantasizing about variations on the spanking that I would like to request such as those mentioned, but thought that would be topping from below and would be best to leave it to her. She usually surprises me in some delightful way! It worked out very well this year that she had the day off and I was able to come home for a long lunch on my birthday.

We made some personal sized Boboli pizzas and put them in the oven. I had recently confessed to T during a hot sex session while I was on the brink of coming that I sometimes came home for lunch and tortured myself. I told her that I would get naked, put a stretching harness on my balls and nipple stretchers on my nipples. Then I would eat lunch that way and maybe whip my ass before going back to work. She told me that while the pizza baked I should go and dress myself the way I do when home alone for lunch. I quickly stripped and put on the stretchers along with a toy that cinches around the cock head with two short chains dangling from it. I put my robe on as it was chilly and put several brass rings and hooks in the pocket.

We had lunch while I got stretched, then went to the bedroom and I took off the robe. She told me to get out the implement to be spanked with. I got out a small flogger, large flogger, riding crop and a heavy wide leather belt. I placed them on the bed and said I couldn't decide which one, so maybe she would have to use them all (hint hint) T went to my toy drawer and got out the over the door cuffs and a tie. She put the cuffs on my wrists and put them over the door and shut it, so I was strung up against the door. She then tied the tie around my head as a blindfold. This was very unusual and exciting as I couldn't see what she was doing anymore.
We often tell fantasies to each other while having sex. Recently I was talking about tying her up and had mentioned tying rope all over her body including her toes and tying knots on the soles of her feet so she couldn't get away. To walk she would have the knots digging into the delicate soles of her feet.
T brought my slippers over and had me put them on since I was standing on the tile floor. Surprisingly, there was rope knotted in them and I was now standing on the knots. Be careful what you tell your Mistress! She apparently also got the brass rings out of my robe pocket and hung those from the ball stretcher.

Now she started stroking the flogger over me, then began with light swishes of the flogger. We were both very aroused already so it didn't take her long to start flogging me in earnest. Apparently she was flogging my chest to knock the suckers off my nipples. She flogged my belly and my cock and balls. She flogged my sides and around to my ass. I thrust my hips forward so she could get both sides.
Being blindfolded, it was hard to tell sometimes what she was using to beat me with, but she did beat and whip me wonderfully. After a while she opened the door enough to release the cuffs and turn me around so she could do my back and ass in earnest. I believe she stripped during this time too.
She was whipping my ass and thighs hard when we heard a car come down the driveway. She had been expecting a delivery and she said it probably would not be left without her signing for it. She slipped on some clothes and opened the door. She closed the door behind her, leaving me helplessly hanging from the door, red assed and hard cocked. It was very interesting to be there like that, knowing that she was talking to the deliveryman while her husband was bound and naked in the middle of a beating. I suppose in an emergency I could have released myself from the velcro cuffs, but at the moment I felt very helpless as I waited for her to return. When she did, she stripped and had me turn around again so she could pay attention to my front. My cock was very hard and got more so when she belt whipped my nipples. Then she slapped my cheeks and told me to put my tongue out. I held my tongue out for her and she whipped my tongue, very lightly at first, then harder and harder. I was moaning and groaning and squealing when the belt hit my lips. Ouch, that really smarts and not in a good way.
Then T focused on my cock and whipped the hard head with the riding crop. I was so into this and thrust my hips forward as I arched my back and stood on my toes. She whipped my thighs hard and beat my white belly, leaving long red stripes. My balls were still in the stretcher and bulging tight and shiny as she hit them with the belt. I groaned out “Thank you Mistress”. My cock was incredibly hard when she took a piece of ice from her glass and placed it on my cock head. It felt incredible as the ice melted from the heat. She then told me that she was placing the slender piece of ice into the hole in the end of my cock. I could only imagine it as she said it looked like an icicle sticking out of my cock. This was very exciting for her and T was ready to have some pleasure herself.

She untied the blindfold and released me from the cuffs. She laid back on the bed and told me to put my hard cock in her. It felt so good to sink into her wet hotness. Unfortunately, I was way too worked up to give her a fast, hard fucking for more than a minute without risking coming and I pulled out. I pulled her magic wand vibrator out of the drawer and began eating her hot wet pussy while she applied the vibrator to her clit.
I started fingering her and put one, two then three fingers in her wet pussy. She said she wanted more and told me to get out her dildo. I put the small plastic one in her while I put her glass dildo in my mouth to warm it up. I gave her a good show of me sucking that glass cock. I then fucked her with the glass dildo while she brought her self to a squirting orgasm. I pulled the dildo out and she told me to lick her. I gently brought her down from her high while licking up her juices. We rested for a few minutes, then she told me I needed to get dressed and go back to work. My cock was still half erect as I followed her directions and got dressed, washed my face, kissed her goodbye and took my sexual frustration to work for the rest of the day.
What a great birthday beating!

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Saturday morning arousal leads to Sunday play

Saturday morning I woke to feel T spooning me from behind. I wriggled against her and she pulled up her knee and pushed her thigh into my ass crack. I pushed back some more to encourage her. She then reached around front and fondled my cock which was rapidly getting hard. I started alternately humping her thigh and thrusting my cock into her hand. She said this was really getting me going, I must be imagining some good things. Well, then I did start imagining being fucked from behind by a woman with a strap on while I was fucking T with my cock. I was seriously thrusting back and forth now as I imagined the strap on driving up my ass as I pulled out of T. I began groaning and breathing very heavily, then T let go of my cock, rolled away from me and announced that it was time to get up and start our day as we didn't have time to play. I was sooo hot and erect, but she makes the rules and tells me when I can have sex.
After our shower I was lingering around the bedroom and not getting dressed. T asked if I couldn't decided what to wear and I said yes, I was trying to decide what underwear I should get out, hint, hint.
She went to her lingerie drawer and pulled out a pair of purple lace thong style panties and tossed them to me. I don't think I have ever worn panties like this before, the inch wide lace that goes up the back was right up my crack all day, the lace scratching on my ass hole constantly. T said “that's what women have to put up with all the time, wearing clothing designed by men!”. Maybe I would not want to wear them every day, but for this day, I certainly enjoyed the stimulation and the constant reminder that I was wearing pretty purple lace panties for my wife.
It was a busy day, with no further sex play. I hoped that we would have some fun the next morning when our daughter would be away for a few hours.
I slept in those lace thong panties all night. When we awoke I waited to see what might transpire. I hoped T was also thinking about play this morning and wondered if we would shower first and feel free to lick everywhere on our clean bodies. She got out of bed and went for her robe. I was very surprised when she instead took a bunch of her belts off the hooks on the wall. She told me to get out of bed. I hurried to stand before her. She buckled 2 belts tightly around my chest, one above and one below my nipples. Then 2 more as tight as possible around my belly as I sucked in as much as possible. The last was around my hips, pinning my hardening cock in the purple lace. My balls were separated by the thong and bulging out between my legs as she pulled the thong even deeper into my ass crack.

She then picked up my leather belt that I had conveniently left out next to the bed and started gently whipping my belly with it, then whipping my nipples as they bulged out between the tight belts cinching my rib cage tight.
She moved down and whipped my lower belly. She knows I love to cover my soft white belly with red stripes and she gave me many. Next was some lighter strikes on my cock as it bulged against the purple lace, then a few on my balls hanging free from the thong.

Then she told me to turn around and started whipping my ass. After warming up my ass she told me to bend over. That was an interesting feeling with the belts tightly constricting my waist, made even tighter as I bent over and offered up my ass for her to stripe with the belt. After a good bent over beating she had me stand up and come stand by the bed as she sat down. She gave my cock a few more swats, then released the belt pinning it down. Much to our surprise a spurt of pre cum came out right through the lace and we both laughed out loud at the sight. She scooped up the dribble with her finger and placed it at my lips. I dutifully licked it up. She pulled the thong down and released my cock then and licked up the pre cum. It felt wonderful and I hoped she would take it into her mouth. She laid back and took it into her pussy instead. She does love to be fucked and I did just that.
I was soon ready to come and pulled out while she reached for the magic wand vibrator. I got down on my knees by the bed and licked her pussy as she used the vibrator to bring herself to a moaning, squirting orgasm.
After she had recovered from her orgasm, she placed the vibrator on my cock head and turned it on. That sure turned me on and I thought she was going to make me come. I asked for permission to come and she said “No, I don't think you've gone long enough yet, maybe later.” and turned of f the vibrator.

I was denied orgasm, but it had been great sex anyway I look at it. I was happy, yet still aroused and sexually frustrated, just the way we both like me to be.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Here to serve and she likes it

I am here to serve, and she is liking it. It is becoming more common for T to have me do things for her intentionally. Tonight she came in the house talking on the phone. I was in the kitchen and she gave me the come here gesture with her finger. I went to the dining room and she sat down on the chair with her slippers on the floor. I quickly realized that she expected me to take off her shoes. I knelt before her and unlaced her shoe. I gave a her a quick foot rub and put on her slipper. Then switched to her other foot and did the same. We had both worked a long day, but I began preparing dinner as she continued talking on the phone.
When dinner was prepared I told her it was ready. She enjoyed the meal and thanked me for making it, then she went back to her sewing and TV watching in the living room, leaving her plate on the table for me to clear and with no mention of dishes. It was clear that I was to do the cleanup. 

I went to the bedroom and changed out of my work clothes and put on a pair of sweat pants. But first I put a brass ring around the base of my genitals. Before I went back to the kitchen I presented my self before T and told her that I was dressed for dish washing and pulled the pants down in the front to show her the ring. Wearing this ring helps me feel subservient and servile when doing house work. She told me that she might do something with my cock if she didn't have a cold and couldn't breathe through her nose. She approved of me showing her the ring as she has instructed me to let her know when I am wearing anything like that on her cock and balls. She said that a man's place is at the kitchen sink.

Later that evening she grabbed my cock through my pants and gave it a few strokes to get me firming up, then she left me half hard and went to bed.

She mentioned the other day that I might now be thinking that I should have been careful what I wished for when I requested this lifestyle and I thought, no, I am not regretting anything.

Friday, October 10, 2014

No sex for me, doesn't mean none for her

No sex for me, that doesn't mean none for her, that's what T told me after a quickie in the shower the other day.  We were showering together and I got hard when she lathered me up for my shaving, then spanked my ass.  I am pleased to see that she has been shaving her pussy too.  She said she keeps up with it to prevent itching.  I like to think she is keeping it ready and easily accessible for me to eat her.  Anyway, she had her period over the weekend, just when we had the house to ourselves, so not much sexual activity except in the shower.  She let me put my penis in her and fuck her for a few minutes during which time I took a chance and spanked her ass.  After a half dozen good smacks she said that was enough, besides I hadn't been given permission to do that.
Then she had me kneel down in the tub and eat her pussy.  Knowing she had her period I didn't eat too low down.
After we got out of the shower she told me that she had considered making me eat her while out of the shower and her menses was flowing but she took pity on me and didn't.  I told her that when it comes to having me do things like that, don't take pity on me, make me do it!
I am thrilled that she would consider making me do this just because she can and knows that the humiliation would be exciting to me.

A few weeks ago she was away for an overnight and I slept in a pair of her old pantyhose.  I was completely surprised when, a few days later, she told me to put on the pantyhose.  She had no idea that I had worn them a few days before.  After I got them on and she got me as hard as I could be while encased in them, she got a small utility knife and told me to stand still as she cut hole for my cock to pop out through.  I trust her implicitly, but I was a little anxious as she cut right next to my penis.

Another day recently she was verbalizing some fantasies while we were having some casual sex about dressing me in tight female underclothes to conceal my male parts "like a eunuch".  She mentioned making me wear her tight panty girdle.  A couple days later, she presented that to me and told me to put it on.  I squeezed into it and then she had me put on a tight fitting sports bra.  Then she gave me a list of chores to do.

I enjoyed that so much that the next time she was away for a day and I was doing chores for her I wanted to dress as her maid. I lubed up a small butt plug and put it up my ass.  I needed something to hold it in so I put on an old pair of panty hose with the panty girdle over that. Then I put one of T's old bras over my nipple suckers.  I thought that a maid uniform would be nice and did the best I could by wearing her short black skirt and a sleeveless red and white checked blouse.  Then I cleaned and vacuumed.  Later I took off the skirt and blouse and wore sweat pants and shirt over the bra, panties and stockings while I went to the trash transfer station and the hardware store.  Butt plug and nipple suckers still in place.

No orgasm for me for 4 weeks now, none until I catch 10 mice, I am at 6 now.  Four weeks is nothing now, I've gone twice that long in the past.  I'm just always aroused!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

No Sex for you until then!

No Sex for you until then!

My loving wife was sitting on the couch talking on the phone with her sister when she discovered a mouse dropping. We live in a 100 year old house in the country, it happens. But she hates mice after they have destroyed so many things and she called out to me that I must take care of them. Then she said there would be no sex until I caught 10 mice. She told her sister this and she thought it was very funny. She did eventually suggest that it would sound nicer to say I could have sex when I caught them, more positive attitude. I was very surprised that she would mention something like no letting me have sex to her sister.  She assured her that she has gotten many things done around the house using this method. This is as close as she has come to sharing with anyone that she controls my sex and orgasms.
So far I have only nailed one today after setting out 6 traps. I am a little concerned that I didn't get more the first day. This may take a while!
She gave me the same challenge a year or so ago and that time she offered the reward that she would torture my cock and balls with clothespins, the same number of pins as mice caught. I eventually earned 14 pins to be worn on my balls, nipples and erect cock while she had an orgasm and I moaned in pain and denial.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Don't know when she'll let me cum

It's been a very busy summer, we haven't both been home on a weekend for a month now.  The last great lovemaking weekend was when I got whipped twice and was allowed to come.  That was a super hot weekend, but be assured, life is rarely like that.

Last week I was home from work for a few hours to help my dear wife with a home project.  We took a shower afterward, then finding ourselves naked in the bedroom without a child in the house, took advantage of the opportunity for her to pull my head between her legs and eat her yummy pussy.  My cock was hard and dripping as I ate her while she wrapped her leg around the back of my head and ground my face into her wetness.  She was ready for an orgasm and grabbed the magic wand vibrator.  She loves that thing, but it is so big that it is difficult for me to lick her when she uses it.  Such is the life of a subby hubby, pushed aside by something bigger and better.  I continued to eat her as best I could, gradually moving down to her ass crack.  She was making approving sounding moans so I began licking her asshole.  I was eating her ass with vigor as she came, she came with a gush and I drank her nectar as quickly as I could swallow as it ran down her ass crack and into my mouth.

I licked her pussy clean as she recovered from her orgasm.  I was still hard and she told me to put my cock inside her and give her some fucking.  I did give her a good fucking that day and was impressed with my ability to keep from getting too close to the edge of coming.  I gave her some hard, pounding fucking, which she really enjoyed, but that drove me close to the edge and I had to stop.  She said "that's right, you aren't allowed to come until I say so."  It was great to hear her acknowledge that she controls my sex.  Then she said that I had done something to annoy her, but she couldn't remember what it was, however she didn't know when she would let me come because of it.
I was thrilled to hear that she was "punishing me" by controlling me.  Even though I love to come, I prefer to be kept in a state of arousal and long term denial, so not allowing me to come isn't really a punishment.
I was just happy to hear that she meant to control me and of course send me back to work with my softening erection, still horny and denied, with my face smelling like her cunt.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Whip it, Whip it good!

My last post, quite some time ago, talked about enjoying the little things in our occasional FLR. Not much has happened recently that was special enough to write about, until last weekend.

I had been feeling frustrated with the lack of activity in our relationship, probably also tired and crabby at the end of the work week. I know that I had read some great posts by some of my favorite bloggers like Mistress Marie and Strict Julie. I would love to be used the way they treat their men. Mistress Marie has made her boyfriend into her feminized shemale slave.
Strict Julie takes great pleasure in humiliating and harshly spanking and whipping her husband.
How I yearn to be abused so, especially when I feel that nothing is happening. But then my wonderful wife will totally surprise me and do things I never would have expected, like sounding my cock with a chopstick, or inserting a catheter into it. This weekend was very satisfying.

Like I said, I was tired and crabby on Friday, but I wanted to make dinner for TW. Things weren't going well with dinner preparation, it was getting later and I was more hungry, tired and frustated. I was basically having a temper tantrum, which is unusual for me. TW asked if she could help and I hinted that she could use a wooden spoon on me. A few other times, I made suggestions of that nature, and much to me frustration, they were ignored.

Later, as we were undressing for bed, she pulled her belt from her pants and gave me a playful smack with it. A few more and she told me to bend over the end of the bed and proceeded to whip my ass well. I was loving every painful stroke and stripe she laid on me. She told me to stand up and started whipping my front, including my soft white belly, thighs and my hard cock. She whipped my cock hard as I moaned in pleasure. I told her once that as long as it was hard, she wasn't hitting me too hard.
She had me sit on the bed and whipped my inner thighs and gave some lighter stroke to my balls. I really love when she abuses my balls. Then she knelt down and took my hard cock in her mouth and soothed the pain, oh what heaven. She even licked and sucked my balls, one of my favorite things ever.

She told me to get up then and she laid down on the bed and spread her legs. I dove right in and started eating her pussy. I love to lick and suck her pussy so much. Since we have started controlling my orgasms, I can reach near total satisfaction just eating her as my hard cock waves in the air with no orgasm forthcoming.

I had recently bought some new sex toys and asked her if she would like an early birthday present. I got out the chin dildo and strapped it on my face. Now I could eat her pussy and fuck her at the same time!
I slowly inserted the dong into her pussy. It is bigger than my cock and when I have my mouth plastered against her the thing is really too far in. She started using the Magic Wand vibrator on her clit and brought herself to a great orgasm. I ripped the dong off my head and licked up all her juices. Then I rested my mouth on her wet pussy lips as she calmed down. I really felt totally satisfied at that point and almost thought that I had come since I felt so good. But no, no orgasm for me this day.
I actually prefer not to orgasm at the beginning of a weekend as I want to maintain a good servient attitude for the weekend.

The next morning I placed a brass ring around the base of my cock and balls to ensure my service to TW. I spent the day doing chores for her. During the afternoon we were working on the garden fence with plastic zip ties. She told me to drop my pants and placed one of the ties around the base of my cock and balls along with the brass ring. I have always thought that zip ties could be good sex toys, and that's why I bought the great big container of them.

That evening when we went to bed, I had left some clean laundry on the bed. TW said “look at the mess you left, you should be punished” and picked up her belt. I was happy to bend over the bed and receive my punishment. After she had reddened my ass she had me stand up. She said that this whipping was for punishment and surprised me by whipping my back and shoulders. It hurt so good and I hoped that she was leaving lots of nice red stripes. I told her that I had recently been fantasizing about being whipped all over my body and being covered with red marks. Then she had me turn around and whipped my chest and belly, all the way down my thighs and even a few on the tops of my feet. She then whipped my cock into a rock hard redness.
She laid back on the bed and told me to put my hard cock in her. I happily shoved it into her hot, wet cunt. After a short time of fucking she told me to go to the kitchen and get two hot dogs. I ran off and got them, rinsed them off well and brought them back in a bowl of warm water.

I shoved the first one in and she moaned and asked me what it looked like. I told her it looked like she had a little cock. Then I pushed the other one in along side and fucked her with both. It didn't take long before she told me go for some more hot dogs. I brought another six and gradually stuffed 3 more into her. The last one stuck half way out and I sucked it like I was giving her a blow job. After fucking her with the dogs for a minute she told me to put one of them up my ass. I gladly shoved that hot dog up my tight ass hole. It felt so good as I pushed it inside myself and began fucking my ass with it.
TW wanted to get fucked with my cock now. I pulled the hotdogs out of her cunt and began fucking her, but the dog popped out of my ass as I thrust in to her. She took one of the hotdogs that had been in her cunt and pushed it in to my mouth.
As I fucked her, she fucked my mouth with that hot dog and vibrated her clit. She was working up to an orgasm and I sure was too. I knew that I wasn't allowed to cum without permission, but it was hard to ask when my mouth was full of hot cock dog. I tried to whimper my request and presumed that she was implying that I could as I launched into a gut wrenching orgasm, all the while holding the dog in my mouth with my teeth and trying not to bite it in half.

What a great weekend, whipped twice, hot dogs up my ass and down my throat, and an awesome orgasm. I have no reason to complain.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Little pleasures

Last week we had a few minutes quiet time at home.  TW mentioned that she would really like some chocolate.  She has been dieting and exercising a lot, but I was happy to offer her some chocolate, always trying to please. She said she wanted something soft and gooey, like Nutella.  I got the jar out of the cabinet and knelt before her and asked where she wanted it.  She told me to stand up and take my pants down.
She took the spoon I provided and smeared some on the head of my rapidly rising cock.  I thought she would just put some on the head and lick it off, but as it got harder she kept on smearing more on and coating the whole thing right down to the base.  Then the delightful licking off!  It was sooo good for me.
She is a naturally talented cock sucker and loves to deep throat me.  I wanted to come in her mouth so bad, but she said, no, not time for you to come yet.
She grabbed hold of my pants and I thought she was going to pull them up, but she removed my belt.  Oh yes!  This is what I crave most of all, to be aroused, denied orgasm and then for her to inflict some wonderful pain.  She told me to bend over the counter, then whipped my ass with the belt.  After a good warmup she told me to stand up and used the belt on my cock and a few on my balls.  I was holding my shirt up and she whipped my belly and gave my nipples some wonderfully painful strokes.
Then she told me to get dressed and get on with my day.

This morning she had me put her belt on her. Nice tease. A little later she had me put on her socks. I knew she was in a hurry to leave this morning  so I didn't kiss her feet.  She said "no seduction" and I told her that my service to her was seduction for me.  I started getting hard just doing that, then she stood up as I knelt before her and told me to kiss her belt.  She said maybe she would use it on me later.  May not happen, but I am happy for whatever attention I get.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Not a record, but oh what an O!

Eight weeks since my last orgasm and I am really very horny. We have had some great sex in the past two months and TW has had quite a few orgasms. I think back to the line I first heard regarding male orgasm control and denial, “Be careful what you wish for.” When you get to 3 or 4 weeks you think no way could I go two months. I am really feeling ready for or an orgasm now, but still enjoying this and not regretting at all getting started with orgasm denial, even as I approach my record time of 8 weeks and 6 days.

Had some great sex yesterday while we had the house to ourselves, gave TW some great oral, fucked her then she used the magic wand to bring herself to orgasm while I used a glass dildo to fuck her.
This morning we were lucky enough to have the house to ourselves again and I was really looking forward to some hot sex. TW had me wear an old ripped T shirt and a torn pair of her panties to sleep in last night. I had to take LP to sports practice this morning and TW told me to wear the ripped undies under my clothes and hurry back to her. She was running on the treadmill when I got back so I had some breakfast after she told me that I should get out some toys on the bed for her when I was ready to clean the kitchen floor.
I put out two floggers and a riding crop on the bed. I put on the leather ball stretcher harness, strapped on as tight as possible, a leather belt around my waist and a set of tweezer style nipple clamps attached to my nipples through holes I ripped in the old t shirt. She was finishing in the shower by then so I went to present myself for inspection. She inspected me, then pulled my erect cock over the tub and soaped it up. “I don't know where this thing has been.” she said. She sucked my cock, then my shiny tight balls. I knelt on the floor and dried her feet, kissing and worshiping them. She stood and grabbed my hair, “follow me” she said. I crawled on my hands and knees behind her, my face right up against her ass. She stopped when she was one step up the stairs and bent over, pulling my face into her ass crack. I kissed her ass, then nuzzled in deep and kissed and licked her asshole. She went up another step and I kissed her wet pussy. She stood up and said the heck with cleaning the floor, get in the bedroom.
She came in the room and told me to get down on my hands and knees and show her how I would be scrubbing the floor. I got down on my knees and stretched my hands out in front of me, thrusting my ass out. She ripped the back of the t shirt to shreds and ripped the back of the panties into ribbons. I soon felt the flogger gently brushing over my ass. Gentle for a moment, then the welcome flogging began. She must have been feeling hot because she starting flogging me nice and hard. I was totally enjoying this “funishment”. After a few minutes she told me to roll over and I laid on my back so that she could flog my front. She flogged my nipples and one of the clamps slowly and painfully pulled off.
She sucked the nipple as the blood flowed again and left me writhing in delicious agony. She told me to take off the ball harness as my nuts were turning purple.
Then she flogged my cock and balls and inner thighs. I spread my legs and pulled my knees up so that she could have unhindered access. The flogging of my cock stopped and she put the handle of the flogger in my mouth for me to hold took my abused cock into her warm wet mouth. I thought sure I would come then. She wasn't letting that happen and let my throbbing cock out and took the other nipple clamp off, oh damn that hurt! She sucked the blood back into that nipple. Then she stood over me and flogged my cock and balls. She asked if I wanted to come today. I was so conflicted because I knew that if I held out another week I would break my record but I really really wanted to come. I moaned that I didn't want to, but I just wanted to do what ever she wanted. Next I felt her foot on my balls, grinding into them while she flogged by cock. That was sooo hot. She got me hard, then she sat on my face with her sopping wet pussy. She ground on to my face as I licked and sucked for all I was worth. Then she pulled off my face and dragged her pussy all the way down my chest and belly, leaving a wet trail and slid my cock into her. It felt soo good, I thought I would come immediately. She knew I was on the edge and she fucked me hard and deep. Then she started flogging my nipples and I totally lost it. I was nearly incoherent as it was and I had the most intense, roaring, screaming orgasm that I have ever had. Many times over the years I have said “that was the most incredible orgasm ever” and I have to say this was once again, the best I have ever had. I groaned and moaned for several minutes and she didn't let me off easy, continuing to hump me and clench her pussy on my spasming cock. I was completely wasted and just wanted to curl up in a ball and pass out. Eventually her knees gave out and she rolled off me onto the floor next to me.
She said she thought about letting me come in her mouth but decided she wanted to have me come in her whether I wanted to or not, so she fucked me. I totally felt fucked at that point.
I didn't break my orgasm denial record this time, but I didn't mind at all. This was some hot fuck!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Valentines forked

We made a wonderful seafood dinner for valentines day.  Just the two of us and a long,  dinner that we made together.  Toward the end of the meal TW brought up the topic of the previous weekend when she and our daughter came home while I was making dinner while dressed in slave attire, including being nude with a carrot up my ass and plastic wrap wound around my lower torso to hold the carrot in place.  Fortunately, TW came in the door first and I dashed upstairs without being seen by the little princess.  Whew!  That was too close and TW was very upset with me.
She had been giving me the cold shoulder all week and it was time to get it out in the open.  I knew that I should have gotten dressed sooner and all I could do now was apologize and promise to not let it happen again.  She told me that there will be no more activity of that nature that is not behind locked doors.

We also discussed honesty and my feelings that I felt that I could't talk about things that I knew she didn't agree with.  This came about when she expressed concern that I was still blogging and her concerns about that somehow becoming public knowledge.
I told her that everything was very anonymous.  I told her that I blogged initially just as a way to journal my sex life without storing it on my personal computer.  Although a few people have commented, it's not like I have a social life on line.
For some reason TW has a jealous streak and she worries that I will strike up an on line relationship.  I told her that it is difficult not to be able to talk to anyone about what is a very important part of my life now.
She encouraged me to talk with her more, which would be the best for our relationship.

We took our desert to bed with us, cherry cheesecake, with lots of cherries.  We ate our cake, both saving some cherries for later.  After some foreplay to warm up, T used her fork to spread some of that sweet, sticky cherry on my cock and licked it off.  She used the fork to hold my cock as she sucked and licked.  I was getting very excited to see and feel her poking the tines of the fork into the side of my cock. Then she smeared some cherry on my nipples and licked it off.  She dragged the fork over my nipples then. I made happy sounds to encourage more of that and she poked at my nipples and raked the tines across my chest.
She gave me the fork and I scooped some sticky cherry filling and capped it on her breast and licked it off.  Then I took another scoop and smeared on the other breast, then sucked it off her hardening nipple.  Years ago I had read a Penthouse magazine letter where someone had used a fork on a woman's nipples and I always thought it was one of the hottest things ever. I was so excited to use the fork on her nipples now. I raked the fork down the upper slope of her soft white breast, leaving pink stripes. The tines stopped at the top of the nipple and dug in, causing the nipple to tilt upward as if it were asking to be forked. The fork climbed up the hard nipple, catching on the nubbly bumps, causing her to gasp in response. I pulled up on the top of her breast as the fork raked down the delicate underside.  This was repeated several times, then I switched to the other breast and tortured that one with the fork, finishing each with jabbing the fork time straight into the nipple. She said that she wouldn't have done it so hard on me if she knew what it felt like.  I assured her that my nipples could happily withstand much  more abuse.  Hers had enough though and  she wanted me on top and fucking her. We rolled over and I slid my hard cock into her very wet cunt.  She had both forks now and raked them down my chest and over both nipples.  I was really ready to come and asked if I could. TW said I could and she stabbed both forks hard straight into my nipples.  I yelled out "Pierce my nipples!" and came with a roar.

Wow!  Happy Valentine's day!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taking charge

Timing my arrival for just after TW had gotten out of the shower, I walked into the bathroom with my hard cock sticking out of the leg of her pretty camisole pj set I had been sleeping in.  She took notice of my state and said "Go get a box of tissues out of the closet."  Woah, that was not just a request, that was a command.
I brought back the tissues as she was finishing drying off.  She commented that she had told me what to do, "That's the way you wanted it, right?".  She held her hand up to me, I was clueless for a moment, then realized she wanted me to put her robe on her.  I helped her get it on, then she sat and offered me a foot to dry as I knelt before her.  I finished one foot, placed her slipper on, and switched feet.
"What, no kissing?", she asked.  I guess I was not awake yet.  I tried to explain that I wasn't thinking about kissing her lovely feet because I was thinking about whether she would want lotion this morning.
She stood up and pulled her robe open, inviting me to give her pussy a good morning kiss.  I joyfully did so, then she pushed me away and told me I was not to wear her jammies again since they needed to be washed before I got them all yucky from wearing them too many times. Yes, please control me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty little sub used for wife's pleasure

I slept in her pretty little pajama set again last night.  I don't know how long I should wear these, but I guess I will continue to until TW tells me to wear something different. She has teased me about looking pretty in them.  I'm sure she is just saying that to give me a little charge, and it works.
This morning she rolled over and presented her knees so I dutifully planted my balls on them and pressed hard.  I'm sure that nobody could understand why I would want to painfully crush my nuts on my wife's knees like this.  TW probably doesn't know why I do it, but I grind them as I moan in pain and pleasure.
She usually just let's me do this with no response from her, today however she apparently decided that since I was dressed as the wife I should get some attention from the husband.  Her hand found it's way to my side of the bed and stroked my nipple through the silky camisole I was wearing.  After a very brief warmup (about all a man would typically provide) she pushed my shoulder, rolling me on my back, and straddled me.  I helped my cock find it's way and she took it into her pussy.  She was warm and wet.  She began fucking me as she told me that this is how the wife gets taken.  No foreplay, just fucked when her husband wants it, used for his pleasure.  I tried to react like a willing wife, spreading my legs so she could fuck me deep, then pulling my knees up as I imagined myself being spread open wide and taken.  Of course after not having cum for over seven weeks I was ready to do so quickly and she had to pause for me to calm down.  She brought me to the edge several times, then rolled off me, leaving me hard and frustrated.  "That's what the wife feels like when her husband get's his satisfaction and leaves her wanting more", she said.  Of course, with my requested orgasm denial I am used to that feeling, but it was interesting to have it presented in this context while wearing her cute pajamas.
After her shower, I dried and kissed her feet.  I hugged her waist as I knelt before her.  I thanked her for fucking me like a pretty wife.  She said something to the effect of that is way it is now.  I don't know if she was "throwing me a bone", or if she really means that.  She has been doing lots of teasing and giving me attention that she knows I like and I really appreciate that.  She does seem to be enjoying some of it too, and I find that exciting and a little scary.  I'm sure that my long term denial and ramped up dopamine level makes me a little irrational at times, but I really like the way things are going in our relationship and hope that it is a true and lasting path that we continue to follow.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Sleep well dressed

Last night TW hinted that if we went to bed early she might develop interest in "doing something".  I couldn't shut off the lights and get up the stairs fast enough.  I stripped and got ready for bed before she came in the room.  I didn't want to be too forward so I got out a pair of silky boxers and a t shirt to sleep in rather than starting out nude.  TW eventually came to bed wearing just panties.  Looking good!  She was chilly though and asked me to get her flannel nightgown out of her dresser.  I got it for her and helped her put it on.  Then she told me to open the other drawer on her dresser and get out one of her summer pjs for me to wear.  Silky, loose shorts and a camisole style top.  I put them on and modelled them and my stiffening cock for her, then got in bed.  I cuddled up with her to help her get warm and stroked her back.  She said that she was Aunt Jemima and I was Fifi.  Sounded good to me!  She was feeling comfy and drowsy now and apologized for giving me false hopes.  I told her that it was perfectly okay, when we have sex is up to her and I thanked her for tossing me a bone.

Monday, April 07, 2014

lunch at home and then some

Just finished lunch at home. I live close to work, so often go home for lunch, but usually alone and today TW was home.  I have blogged in the past about some wonderful "lunches" when we have the house to ourselves and have some great sex then.  I was hopeful, but not expecting anything today.
After lunch, we talked about taxes, what a lust killer that is.

  We had seen a movie last night wherein the knight told his lady that he vowed to protect, honor and obey her.  As I stood before my wife today she grabbed my waist and pressed me down to my knees before her.  "What did that knight vow to his lady?", she asked.  I told her all that I would do for her, stressing the obey part as I knelt before her.  She told me to stand and she felt the growing erection tenting my pants.  "So kneeling before me still makes you hard?", she asked. "Show me how hard it is." she said.  I unzipped and pulled down my pants as my semi erect cock popped out.  She pulled it to her mouth and lightly kissed it.  "I bet you would like me to take this into my mouth" she said. I moaned a yes. "What would you offer to do for me if I did?" she asked.  I tried to think of something to do that I was not already doing; dishes, laundry, cooking.   She said that I could build a fire for her in the woodstove, while I had no pants on, as she took my cock into her warm mouth.  She got the fire going in me and left me with a hard wet cock and told me to go get the fire going.  I went outside with my cock flopping in the cool breeze and brought in wood.  I got the fire going and warmed my cock and balls in front of it.  I reported back to her, "My Lady, I have started the fire, as you commanded."

She leaned against the kitchen counter and told me to pull her pants down and start her fire.  I pulled them down and knelt before her once again, this time to kiss her pussy as well as I could with her standing with her legs together.  She wasn't going to let me get her too far along.  She grabbed my ears and pulled me away from her pussy.  I looked up at her with love told her that I was happy to obey, but I had been thinking about one thing that I needed from her.  I told her that for me to obey I need her to command me.  She commanded me to stand and pull her pants up.  My cock had swelled again and she told me to put my pants on and get back to work.  As I kissed her goodbye she asked if, by commanding me, that meant she didn't need to say please.  I told her that she can certainly say please, but without a "would you".  Be nice about it, but tell me what to do.  Be the boss, not necessarily bossy.  Don't have to be a bitch, but control me, please.
I love her so.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Small steps

As we were getting in bed last night TW said that she has been thinking about my requests that she control me and that she has an idea for a method that would give us both what we want.  She said that rather than me doing housekeeping chores, she would prefer that I do home improvement projects.  She would reward me with sexual activity.  She said that we could work together on some of these, giving us more time together and possibly providing opportunities for dominant activities while we are working together.
Okay, this is not exactly what I had in mind for serving her.  Being a submissive house maid in panties is more exciting than a typical husband doing home repairs in jeans.  She prefers that I behave more manly though, and although she sometimes indulges me by making me sleep in panties, she isn't really interested in feminizing me.  At least not now, maybe we will get there eventually.

In my last post I mentioned a short article called Training Your Man.  It clearly points out that what the man desires and what the woman wants is generally very different and that, as with all good relationships, compromise is what makes it work.

Last weekend I worked all weekend on making a folding shelf for her laptop computer and wiring a new outlet so that she can watch videos while jogging on the treadmill.  There were times that the project was very challenging, but knowing that I was doing it for her made my attitude better.

My attitude adjustment this morning started when TW returned to the bedroom from the shower and planted her warm, moist pussy on my face as I was pinned under the covers by her knees.  I was quickly erect, as she felt when she reached back to check.  She got off my face and pulled the blankets down, then sat down on my erect cock.  It felt so good and she reminded my to keep quiet as our son had come home for a quick visit and was in the next room.  She quickly talked me to the edge of orgasm, but told me I couldn't come as she did not want to have my scent in her all day.  She kept me right on the edge as she described the warm, wet white come dripping out of her.  I told her I could just imagine the taste of it.  She said that I would only imagine it as she hopped off me, leaving my erect cock bobbing desperately in the cool air.  No orgasm today, just like the past five weeks and who knows how many more.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Female Led Relationship?

Last week I had been reading a blog post about maintaining a female led relationship for the longer term, like beyond the initial excitement.  There was also some discussion about whether the wife is really on board with this type of relationship and enjoys it or just does it to make her husband happy.
I had just read this when TW came home early, surprising me.  I was a little flustered since I had come home for lunch, and as is my secret tradition, had trussed up my cock and balls while eating lunch.  TW was surprised to find me home too and apparently she had been thinking about sex too as she grabbed my crotch to see if I was interested.  She knew something was hard, but it was not what she expected.  She has told me in the past that if I put on any cock and ball toys that she wants me to tell her so she can at least appreciate that I am in that state.  So I decided that I should confess and opened my pants to show her the two neoprene rubber straps that were constricting my cock and balls.  My balls were looking fairly purple and she was more concerned about the color than the fact that I was doing this alone.  I ripped them off and she said that if I hurt them and had to go to the doctor it better be one in another town where nobody knows her or me.
The topic from the blog was just eating at me so I had to mention it to her.  I wasn't too clear about what I meant (not sure now what it was either), but she did get the gist of my question as to whether she was getting into the femdom or just doing it for me.  I was disappointed to have confirmed what I thought, my wonderful wife was doing this for me.  Oh well, at least she is making an effort to make me happy in my kinks.
That night as I was going to get a pair of boxers to wear to bed she tossed a pair of lacy panties on the bed and told me to wear them. I was amazed and delighted as I put them on. I gave her a nice backrub then and bought flowers for her the next day.  She asked if the flowers were due to the panties and I said yes and thank you.
I recently found an article on the website, called Training Your Man. I thought it was really excellent and I related to it completely. I hand wrote the first paragraph *(see it below) and left it on TW's bedside table. She went to bed before I did since she had to get up early the next day. She asked me to bring up her jeans when the dryer finished and I forgot. I woke up in the morning after her shower and she asked if I had brought up her jeans. I said no and jumped out of bed and went to get them. She said I didn't have to, unless I really wanted to, which she guessed I did. She told me that she found my note, read it twice and still wasn't quite sure what it was about. She said something like “I guess you will get me into this yet”. I hope so. Later, I found a list of things for me to while she was gone. I mentioned to her yesterday that I needed guidance and being told what to do. She is good at that anyway!

Saturday morning after her shower she sat at the foot of the bed and spread her legs for me to give her a quick pussy worship.  I ate her till I was hard, then she told me to give her a quickie fuck.  Just a quickie, though, she didn't have time for an orgasm and I didn't have permission.  Seems that lately we have sex on weekend mornings, I am kept denied to maintain my submissive, servant state for later in the day, then we never due have any sex later.  So my period of orgasm denial continues, five weeks now.

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, TW had just taken off her shoes and socks.  She wears socks to bed and she directed me to put them on for her.  I was wearing a brass ring around the base of my cock and balls and a pair of silky panties.  I gave her a nice foot rub and put her socks on. It was late and we went to bed.  This morning I had just gotten out of the shower and she directed my to put on her running shoes so she could hit the tread mill.  I knelt before her naked and put her shoes on as my erection swelled.
Seems like she is making an effort to have me do things for her.

*Train your man
In order to train your man you will need to establish an agreement of the things you want him to learn, the rules you want him to practice and eventually stick to. Unless your only ambition is part-time bedroom play, if you have no ‘female led relationship’ agreement or relationship strategy you are not ready for training or creating profound changes in your relationship. Fact is, the more you demand, the more you will eventually receive. Your regular and playful, but firm acknowledgement of him as the submissive party in your relationship will very quickly encourage your man to become far more service-oriented than you could ever have imagined.

Monday, January 27, 2014

She makes it hot

Haven't posted in ages, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been having some great sex at times.  Just not time or inclination write about it.
Last two memorable experiences were:
At home on  a lazy Sunday morning.  T had me eat her while she was sitting at the edge of the bed. Then she had me stand in front of the mirror, whipped me all over with her belt.  Blindfolded me and placed 11 clothespins on my cock and balls.  Had me get down on my knees, then bend down in slave position with my hands extended out on the floor in front of me.  She then sat on my upraised ass and used the Hitachi magic wand to bring herself to orgasm, her pee running down my ass crack as she came.
AFter that she used the vibrator on my balls, then ground it into my wide spread ass hole. No coming for me though.

Two weeks later at a hotel where I was looking forward to hot hotel sex. She didn't feel good and it didn't happen till the last morning.  I put the ball stretcher on my nuts, she used the vibrator to bring herself to orgasm, then used it on me.  That thing is just relentless and I knew I couldn't stop from coming.  I asked if she wanted me to come and she asked how did I want it?  In her hand? I said yes, in your hand and make me eat it.  It was a mind blowing orgasm and I licked my cum from her hand as she smeared it over my face.