Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Boat Striping

Yes, putting new waterline stripe on the boat inspired very hot sex this time. T was helping me for a while with the project and dropped a few hints including sticking some small sections of tape to my jeans. I worked to get done as soon as possible, both to escape the ravenous mosquitoes and to have time for a hot sex before LP got home. T
T went in to "clean up" while I was finishing with the tape and I found her in bed with a book. I got naked and hopped in too. We kissed and necked for awhile, then talked about the first time we used bandage tape while having hot hotel sex. That time I shaved a patch of her pubes, taped her labia shut, then we went out to dinner. Soon we were both ready to try some tape and she got a few handy rolls off the dresser. She taped me first, beginning with my chest, tearing the tape down the middle, then placing the two halves of the tape on each side of my nipple and curving in above and below to push my nipple up into a nice little mini tittie.
Then she used some longer pieces of tape to tape across from the top of one thigh to the other, folding the tape sticky side together in the middle to minimize the amount of pubic hair removal.
Last, she taped from the inside of my ass cheeks, up through my crotch and attaching to my belly, again with a twist in the tape so that it wouldn't stick (too much) to my pubes on the way by. This created sort of a tape jock strap that was firmly stuck to me front and back.

Now it was her turn. I used the same method of split tape around her nipples, taping up high to give her breasts lots of lift. Then I took a long piece, split at each and and taped across both breasts, using the tape to pull them together. A very nice tape bra, with her hard nipples sticking through for tonging and sucking.

I wanted to do something with her ass, so had her get up on her hands and knees and ripped off two pieces of tape. I put a split in one end of each and taped them down on each side of her crack, taping out to a v around her asshole, then pulled the other end as tight as possible to tape out to her ass, spreading her cheeks as much as possible.

We played with each others taped bits for a while then I licked her pussy from the back. I had visions of her smothering me with that spread ass, so I laid down on my back below her and began eating her pussy from below. I was really getting into this and grabbed the tape on her ass and tugged her ass open. She said " I bet you wish you could see what that is doing". I did, but was enjoying the face sitting as I grabbed her hips and pulled her down hard on my mouth.

We were both loving it and I was fantasizing about her sitting on my face after I had come in her and making me eat my come out of her pussy. It was something I really wanted to do before I came, but I knew I wouldn't be so enthused after I had come and the reality set in. That made the fantasy of her making me carry through on my commitment even more exciting in my mind.

But anyway, time was running short and she DOES like to get fucked. So she slid off my face and I slid up on the bed so that she could sit on my cock instead. T was riding my cock like a cowgirl while played with her taped tits. She reached for the Hitachi Magic Wand, saying she needed some pleasure with the pain. I was playing rougher with her tits, having pulled some tape loose so I had something to pull on as I bounced them around. She soon was approaching orgasm and told me to pull the tape off fast. I ripped it off one tit and she screamed with orgasm, squirting all over me. This was too much for me and I ripped off the tape from the other tit and had a screaming orgasm myself, she kept squirting a small pond on to my belly. I was wet all the way up to my armpits!

We both felt like we had died and gone to heaven. As we recovered, she said it's amazing, we just keep finding new and more exciting things to do together, after all these years. Oh Yeah!