Wednesday, March 15, 2006

February, cold in more way than one

Cold, wintry February. I'm glad it's over, I spent several weeks with a cold. Tuesdays were always busy, and we haven't had a "date" in ages. I had started thinking of Tuesday as our special day, almost developing an expectation. Time to start making a concerted effort again. I think T is missing our special weekday play. I know I am. Last fall, in an effort to get more action going, or maybe just having a little action of my own if nothing was about to happen between us, I had done some self bondage a few times. I started out putting on some ropes when I knew she was coming home or up to bed soon. One night I said I was going up to bed. She was sort of watching a movie that the kids were watching. She said she would be up soon. So I got ready, tied rope around my waist, through my crotch, up my ass crack, cinched things up tight and waited. Lying there hard and ready, waiting and wondering what her reaction would be, feeling a little anxious, even nervous. Eventually I dozed off, but stirred when I heard her coming up the stairs. She was surprised, and immediately interested. After that, I made it a ritual that if she didn't come up to bed with me, I would bind myself as I waited. One night, she came to bed to find the tail end of a rope draped over her pillow, the other end was wound though my crotch and tightly tied around my waist and thighs. There were several nights that I slept in my bondage unknown to her. ONe Saturday morning, she got in the shower before me (unusual), then I got in a few minutes later, still bound. We had some great shower sex that morning.
During this period she commented that I seemed to be very sexually active, no kidding! So, it's time to resume taking the initiative again, after all, if I don't, who do I have to blame for no action?