Thursday, June 27, 2013

Be careful what you wish for, ouch that hurts!

Saturday afternoon at home doing chores. TW asked if I would like a snack. I joined her on the screen porch for an uneventful snack. All the time I was lusting for some sexual activity as I was wearing a large steel ring around the base of my cock and balls and a small brass ring just below the head of my cock. After we finished eating I commented that it was warm enough to be naked out there and took off my shirt and shoes. Then I went in the house and stripped and put on the leather ball stretcher and went out to collect eggs from the hen house with the basket hanging from my nuts.
I returned to the screen porch, naked with the basket of eggs swaying from my balls. This was quite a surprise to TW who unhooked the basket and fondled my cock and balls.
We didn't have much time to do anything as I needed to leave soon to pick up our daughter but I would take anything I could get. And I got it.
TW picked up some sash cord and tied two lengths of it to the straps of the stretcher, then positioned me in front of the window and tied off the strings in opposite directions as she talked about tying a horse in the barn with cross ties. This was a very long held fantasy of mine, to be put in cross ties like an animal. Then she tied a string to each wrist and tied those off so my arms were spread out and up.
She left me like that and said she would be back. Since I had to leave soon I expected she would be back very soon, but maybe she forgot about that.  It was a hot day and I thought she was getting some ice to torment me with.

TW did return in a few minutes holding her wide leather belt. She said “ I know you like my belt”.
Then she began whipping my chest with the belt. She was using the whole length of the belt, and the tip really gave a smart whap. It felt like she started whipping hard quickly, with little warm up. The first few direct hits on my nipples really stung.

She moved down to my lower belly, where I really love to get whipped hard. She didn't disappoint there and then starting whipping my hard cock. She really beat my cock hard that day and I was soon feeling like that was enough already when she started in on my bulging balls. Now I really got to feel like I was getting pushed to the limits as I gasped and groaned as she hit them again and again. A series of strikes on my right nut felt like agony, but then I realized that this is what I have wanted from her and she was giving it to me. What used to be the precious delicate “family jewels”, we have both discovered can take a lot of abuse. Now she was abusing them the way I had craved and I better well learn to get through it. Then she stopped.

TW untied my wrists and the crossties to my ball harness and told me to turn around. Then she used that wide leather belt to whip my back and ass. She was swinging hard and it really hurt. I remember at one time having my face pressed up against the screen window as she beat my ass and thighs.

When she stopped she pulled me down to my knees in front of her. She spread her legs and I plastered my mouth against her wet cunt and ate for all I was worth. TW managed to get her foot up on my shoulder and used the belt to give my back and ass more lashing while I gave her as much pleasure as I could. When it feels good, hit me harder, is the thought swirling through my mind at times like this.
As I said though, we didn't have much time and she grabbed my hair and pulled me away. I wrapped my arms around her hips and hugged her in a submissive swoon.

She pulled me to my feet and bent over the table in front of me. “I want that hard cock, now!” she said and I happily sunk it in her. I fucked her hard for a short time and was really on the edge of coming.  She asked if I wanted to come now, but I really didn't want to because I wanted to stay on my submissive plane all the next day so I could happily serve her.  She told me to stop then and get going to pick up our daughter. I hated to pull out, but I did and when I looked at my cock there was a big purple bruise forming on the side. TW was shocked to see it and went to get some ice to put on it immediately. Apparently one of the hits must have burst a small blood vessel. I was still wearing the steel ring and the ball stretcher and things were kind of swollen.
When I went upstairs to get dressed I checked out the belt marks all over my body.  They looked like radiating flower petals on my chest.  My ass was glowing red and my belly was striped. 

Later we talked about the experience. She said she was going to get a flogger, but didn't know where I keep it. I'll have to make sure she knows where all the toys are from know on. It had taken her a few minutes to get the belt and she said that she had gone to pee during that time. She said she had thought about a golden shower since we were on a concrete floor that could be hosed out, but she didn't know if that was something I would be in to. This is not the first time that she has mentioned peeing on me and while it is not one of my hottest fantasies I think the submissive aspect of having it done to me would be very exciting and I look forward to trying that someday. I am kind of surprised that as a nurse she would even suggest doing something like that, but then again, she is always coming up with new surprising things to do.
She said that she enjoyed tying me up like livestock to be bred. What a lucky man I am.
Three days later I had my annual physical exam. We talked about how I would explain the bruise on my cock. Got caught in the toilet seat, stuck in the door, hit by a golf ball. This was also the first time that I continued shaving when I was getting ready for the annual check up. I am only shaving my cock and balls, not my pubic mound, so it's not too obvious.
My doctor checked my testicles for hernia, then had me bend over and used his very big finger up my ass to check my prostate, but said nothing about the bruise or shaving. He may not have seen it since he was sitting off to the other side.

Monday, June 17, 2013

fuel on the fire

After a weekend away from home separately, we were both eager to reconnect. TW got home late Sunday night and I was already asleep with a leather strap velcroed around the base of my cock and balls. I barely awoke enough to see that she got in bed apparently nude. The next morning I woke aroused and ground my nuts against her knees for a few minutes before getting up. After she got out of the shower I was there promptly to dry her feet. She invited me to move to the bedroom “if you have some time”. I was making time for sure!
She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, inviting me to dive into her wide spread pussy with my eager tongue. I ate her out with three days of absence having made my heart and lust grow fonder. After several minutes she rolled to the side and presented her ass for me to kiss. I love kissing her ass and my cock was getting super hard doing it. I gave her a good ass licking, but had to get going to work. I stood up and she fondled my hard cock, getting it super hard before sending me off to work. I had taken the leather strap off during my shower and I now took it out of my pocket and presented it to her. She strapped it on me tightly and I staggered out of the room and off to work, with hopes of carrying on at lunch time.

I did come home for lunch. I had high hopes as this was the last day of school and therefore maybe the last good chance for some afternoon delight with our daughter at school. TW told me that after I left for work in the morning she did have herself an orgasm. I'm very happy to hear that she is not going without while I am “enjoying” my orgasm denial.
We had a very normal lunch and I was standing up to prepare and leave, wondering if this was going to be it, when TW pulled me to her and fondled my crotch. I started getting hard very quickly as she opened my fly and pulled my pants down. She pulled out my erect cock and started licking it, then giving it some wonderful deep sucking. I can't describe all the wonderful things she was doing to me, but I don't know how I was able to stay on my feet for it. Along with the great cock sucking she was fondling and tugging my balls along with sucking them into her mouth and biting them.

Fortunately she does love intercourse and she got up, pulled her pants off and bent over the kitchen table. I fucked her there, sprawled across the table for as long as I could hold out. I was still wearing the strap and she was enjoying the way it held my balls out and they bumped against her ass with each stroke.

I was very ready to come and pulled out a few times and humped her ass crack. Then a few more pumps inside and quick pull out before pulsing cock back in her ass crack. I think I caught it in time. No, looking a little wet, there. Is that come? I get down on my knees and lick her ass crack. Oh yeah, that tastes like come. Not much of it, apparently a ruined orgasm as I didn't feel much.

I licked her ass clean, then moved down to lick her pussy. Not a good angle so I pulled her up from the table as I turned and leaned my head back on the kitchen and pulled her pussy down on to my face.
Her sloppy pussy was plastered on my face as I licked and sucked. As I gasped for air, TW grabbed my cock and balls. When she started slapping my cock I was overwhelmed. I have been reading recently some other blogs in which the men had their balls slapped, usually just as they were on the brink of coming. I really wanted to see what it would feel like to have TW slap my balls so I thrust my hips forward and hoped she would get the hint.

Yes, she did slap my balls. Fairly light, then back to slapping my cock, alternating back and forth. Slapping my cock really hard now as I struggled for air as she sat on my face, pinning me to the chair.
She has been learning to be much more aggressive with my nuts as she sees how much I can take. At times like this I am rather amazed at what we do to my nuts compared to the coddling they have received in the past.
Then a series of harder smacks to my right nut, oh, that is really smarting now, and I'm really having a tough time breathing. My sounds of distress cause her to stop slapping and rise up off my face. I take a huge breath and then slump in what feels like post orgasmic bliss.
There I am sprawled out on the kitchen floor with my pants around my ankles in the middle of the day.
My cock is extremely hard and red. Neither of us has come, but we both feel spent. I struggle to me feet and she says I better wash my face before I go back to work.
She blows my mind yet again when she says if I wasn't going back to work and she was worried about leaving marks that she would have slapped my face too!!!

As some of my fellow bloggers have stated, she is learning to be more mean!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

mind blower

One day this week I caught TW in the morning right after her shower and she let me go down on her pussy. I gave her a good eating out although she was trying not to get too carried away and pushing me away. Finally she decided to just go for it and got the magic wand. She used that on her clit while I finger fucked her to a nice long orgasm. I went to wash my face before work. I came back in the room and her bare ass was up, so I kissed it, and kissed some more, then spread her cheeks and gave her fresh clean asshole a complete eating out. By time I came up for air to go to work I head a huge hard on tenting my pants. Off to work I go.

That night I was pressing my balls into her knees and TW started fondling my cock to hardness. She said she wanted it inside her so I climbed on top of her and slid it in her warm cunny. It felt very good but I was controlling myself really well as I had no plans to come. That all started to fall apart when she started talking about some of our recent hotel sex. Then as she talked about her toes in my nose she started putting her fingers in my nose. I was starting to feel that I couldn't hold back after all. TW said I had treated her well that morning and deserved to come. I wasn't sure I wanted to, it had only been a few days since my last. But when she started to spank my ass I asked if I could come. She told me yes and started stuffing fingers in my mouth along with my nose. I was overwhelmed with sensations and had a mind blowing orgasm! Wow! What a woman!