Friday, February 24, 2012

Locked for love

I”ve been reading about male chastity along with tease and denial for awhile. The blogs I have read have generally presented this activity as being an overall positive experience for the couples involved, although one well known writer on the topic warns to “be careful what you wish for”.
Many people, including my wife, don't understand how a male who generally strives to achieve orgasm as often as possible would wish to be denied this pleasure. I am sure that some of the attraction to this activity is gained with age. We learn that it is more enjoyable to prolong the pleasure over time rather than rushing to the finish.

We have had a few scenes recently that included some orgasm denial play and I have really enjoyed it. One night I told her that I would find it very sexy to have her enjoying her orgasm while I was receiving no pleasure, or even suffering some pain in contrast to her pleasure. She obliged me by tying my hands together, placing several clothes pins on my scrotum and then enjoying her magic wand vibrator while I was lying next to her naked and in pain. After she was done she teased me about whether or not I should come then. I kind of wanted her to say that I couldn't and would have to go without till at least the next day but she thought I had suffered enough. I say too much is not enough!

On our anniversary trip to an out of town hotel I was determined that she would come before me and do so at least 3 times before I would. In the past she would many times not orgasm at all during a sexual scene and 3 times might take awhile this time. I started by saying that I really would like to relive our island vacation where she tied me up to the bathroom door and shaved my pubes. She thrilled me by doing just that. She gave a very clean shave while I watched in the mirror. When she was done I said that she should go masturbate while I “hung out” in the bathroom. She left me strung up there to listen while she had a noisy orgasm on the bed with the Hitachi wand. After she let me down I ate her out to another orgasm before we went out to dinner. Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well after dinner so I was chaste till the next day when we took care of her orgasm and didn't have time for mine until after breakfast. But then I had a few more during the next few days and she had none!

Locked at Last!
She joined me for an overnight at a hotel this week where I was attending a conference. Yeah, time for some hot hotel monkey sex! I brought along a bag of “toys”, just in case. The first night I did some kinky solo play, but refrained from orgasm so I could save it for her.
When we finally got to the room the next night she was feeling tired, I was feeling very horny, but resolved to not press on the kinky sex if she was not interested. She mentioned whether I had any new toys and joked about the first time she said “show me something new” during our dating days and I pulled a rope out of my bag. I did have some new toys including a leather cock and ball strap complete with a small lock. It was the one thing I had really wanted to present to her, hopefully earlier in the day so she could have put it on me before we went to dinner. I went and got the strap from my bag and brought it to her, showing her the lock after she had seen the rest. I said this is for locking up “your” cock and balls. When the lock is on they will belong to you. She did seem to find this rather appealing and had me place the strap on so that nothing would get pinched in the process. She put the lock on and we kissed lovingly. Then she said she knew what she wanted and spread her legs. I said that I love your pussy and want to kiss it all the time. I ate her like a man possessed, just could not get enough of having my face in her wet snatch and giving as much pleasure as possible.
While I was pleasuring her she talked about what she could do while I was locked up including making me wear it while we went to breakfast in the morning. After she came she said she was ready to sleep and that I would have to wait till morning. She did tell me to take off the strap for the night since it was pretty tight, but I was to replace it as soon as I woke in the morning.
I was very aroused, but it was late and I did get to sleep soon. When I woke up in the morning I retrieved the strap from under my pillow and locked it on. T woke up and found me already locked and ready. Unfortunately I had to go to a meeting in the morning so we didn't have time for prolonged play.
She got me good and hard and headed for the shower. I asked if I could take the strap off before showering since the water wouldn't do the little lock any good. I was planning on putting it back on for breakfast, but that great big shower stall was too much fun and we ended up fucking in there and she let me come then. It was very hot, but I was really hoping that she would be keep me aroused all day in hopes of a release that evening.